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Overview of building a successful Twitter account for business. For the neophyte to Twitter, from account set up to overall best practices.

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Twitter wrscb may14

  1. 1. “How to use Twitter to Build you Business" Creating on going and valuable relationships. Sponsored by: Waterloo Region Small Business Resource Center Presented by: Gordon Diver & Kelly Craft
  2. 2. About Gordon © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 2 Principal at Diverse Achievements, focus on Micro, For Purpose and Solo Entrepreneur companies. Helping these organizations level the playing field with overall business strategies primarily in Marketing, Social Media training/execution, CRM business processes. What we’re not - social media ‘gurus’. I’m an experienced business strategist, having been a worker bee, a manager and a solo entrepreneur. Digital Strategist at AptiSense (Kelly Craft, Founder) focuses on primarily the SMB markets. Helping these organizations build effective strategies, then use proven tactics and business processes to reach their goals as “Social Business” leaders in their industries. We focus on CRM, Social, Digital Marketing and more. We occupy the middle ground: We’re tacticians as well. Image:
  3. 3. What we’ll cover © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 3 • The Basics • Setting up your Twitter Page • Twitter Best Practices • How to use Search, and Listening • Lists, • Twitter Resources.
  4. 4. To Twitter or Not to Twitter © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 4
  5. 5. The Basics – Personal vs Business © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 5
  6. 6. The Basics – Types of Business Accts © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 6 The 5 Types of Accounts for Biz: 1. All Biz, All the Time 2. Brand Name Only 3. Blended Personal/Corporate 4. Real Person in real time 5. Fake and Fun Source: {Grow} Blog – Mark Schaefer Read post here:
  7. 7. Building Blocks of a Tweet © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 7
  8. 8. What Your Bio Might Look Like © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 8
  9. 9. The New Twitter Layout © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 9
  10. 10. Your Twitter Public View © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 10
  11. 11. Bio Layout Dimensions © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 11
  12. 12. Develop Your Brand Voice © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 12 Twitter is not formal, it’s a great place to showcase your personal/brand personality. Have fun and remember to be respectful of your audience. Be conversational.
  13. 13. Tone vs. Voice © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 13 Your brand voice, doesn’t ever change. So if you’ve decided to be playful and informal that’s how you remain. However, your tone would take on a different sound if dealing with an irritated customer, who expressed a concern. You’d be more comforting and respectful.
  14. 14. Interact and Respond © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 14
  15. 15. Getting Started – Listen first © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 15
  16. 16. Search Results – SMW (Social Media Week) © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 16 You’re able to refine your search to find what’s relevant to you and your audience.
  17. 17. Advanced Search © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 17
  18. 18. Use Search to Monitor You. © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 18
  19. 19. Frequency – How often should I Tweet © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 19 There is no right answer for this question. It’s what is right for you and your audience. The key is to be consistent. Download the Twitter app to your smartphone to help you. Frequency also means, when you’re on Twitter. We advise, having scheduled times to be on the site and use tech to deal with urgent only matters.
  20. 20. Plan in Advance – 1 Week at a Time © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 20 Plan your week in advance: Monday – Offer a Follower only Promotions (See Westjet Wednesday) Tuesday – Go behind the scenes Wednesday – Provide a helpful tip Thursday – Share a media story about your business, industry or community Friday – Highlight people, staff, clients or vendors.
  21. 21. Tweet Something Sharable © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 21 Items that typically get shared include: • Photos • A question with a link to the answer (ideally your blog) • Videos with helpful tips or just fun – like this ex. ( • Add a quote, that you believe will be of interest to not only your followers, but their followers. • Tweet about Twitter itself to get more followers. Ex. @HubSpot's most-shared content is about Twitter.
  22. 22. Gain Followers by Promoting Your Handle © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 22 Traditional Places: • Email Footer • Blog • On your Website • Your business card • Corporate Letterhead • In-store Signage
  23. 23. Stay Informed with Your Account © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 23
  24. 24. Lists – Why they are important © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 24 Lists are great for: • Staying connected with those your closest with. • Social Prospecting – following industry and future brand advocates to understand their issues/concerns • Public lists or private lists. • A way to see how others perceive you – what lists have they added you to. • You can add anyone to a list, even if you’re not following them.
  25. 25. Social Dashboards © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 25 I personally use Hootsuite to manage not only my Twitter account, but other social platforms. It is a powerful tool to help you stay on top of your activities, lists and much more. Being able to share the workload is a great benefit as well. You can get a free trial of pro here: Get Yours!
  26. 26. Hootsuite Dashboard © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 26
  27. 27. Measure Your Efforts © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 27 You’ll be able to tell how your doing by paying attention to these items: • Are people favoriting and retweeting your posts. • Use Google Analytics to track the traffic coming to your website. • Create follower only promotions to generate return visits and new followers. • Ask your audience. Do they like what you’re doing, what would they like to see more of.
  28. 28. Twitter Best Practices © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 28 Know your goals for your account. Understand how Twitter helps with planning, networking, marketing, and your overall business goals. Post at least once/day or as many times as serves your audience, but be consistent. Maintain a consistent voice, but moderate your tone to fit the circumstances. . Funny is welcome! Your goal is to inform, entertain and promote. Definitely incorporate relevant photos, videos and useful links to additional information Encourage your audience to receive notifications of your posts – give a good reason to.
  29. 29. Twitter Resources © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 29 Don’t have an account, start here and then; Watch This: Set up your account YouTube video. Twitter for Business: How Twitter Can Help…. Twitter “For Purpose Orgs”. Not For Profit Guide The Tao of Twitter – Mark W. Schaefer Book Twitter Glossary Running a promotion – check Twitter Support for best practices. HubSpot’s - Tweetable Twitter Tips Hootsuite and Twitter Guide: Use them together
  30. 30. Housekeeping / Q&A © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 Connect with us: LinkedIn: Gordon Diver Twitter: @gdiver62 Facebook: Business Page LinkedIn: Kelly Craft Twitter: @krcraft This Presentation SlideShare