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Final segement of our three hour workshops for the Brant Early Years Centre.

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  • Housekeeping: Bathroom locations Break Questions Your learning objectivesStyle: Have slides and will link out to the web to show videos and demonstrate techniques Have a free flow session, but if we go too far, will ask you to park your question in the parking lot When I do these, we’ll (which means you) will have some work to do – Any objections to reporting back?
  • Show your human side – go behind the scenes with your peopleShowcase your product in an usual wayAdd text to your imageUse video – 15 seconds is a lot to convey your message, but know what you want to say.Drive lead generation by running a photo contest with your followers
  • Irrelevant – not providing useful information, constantly sending your deals – Use Anthony and Dell – batch and blast (too generic) or their need has changed bought car etcToo many – getting too many in a day/week/month (each users tolerance is different) – Use HubSpotNewsletter
  • Timing – there's less competition, so open rates are higher (as are CTR and revenue per email) for the night owl crowd..
  • ust because you have had a previous relationship with someone doesn't mean you have permission to email them. Permission marketing is anticipated, personal and relevant messaging. The simple measure is this: Would they miss you if you didn't mail them? If not, then you're fooling yourself into thinking you have something you don't.Blaming the tool. There are a wealth of powerful email tools out there (like Mailchimp). If your email campaign isn't working, it's almost certainly not their fault. Don't waste time looking for a better pencil--learn to write better.Your mailmerge is broken. Dear <first name> is far worse than no mailmerge at all. Here's the simple test: if you're not willing to spend fifteen seconds per name reviewing the list and cleaning it up (why did you email me six times?), then don't expect that we have fifteen seconds to read what you wrote. If you have 4,000 names, that's 1,000 minutes. Don't have 1,000 minutes? Don't send the mail.Text is what humans send. Corporations send HTML and pretty graphics. Either can work if expectations are set properly, but if you're a human, act like one.Why are you emailing me? If you can't tell me in six words what you need me to do, it's unlikely I'll be able to guess.The thing you need me to do better be fun, worth doing and generous. If it's not, I'm not going to do it, no matter how much you need me to do it.When does this end? If you're going to send me a series of notes to promote something, does it go on forever? Telling me what's ahead is more likely to earn you permission going forward. "Oh good, the next one!" If people aren't saying that, you've failed.Pinging everyone, at once. Why on earth would you hit SEND ALL? Send 20, see what happens. Send 20 different ones, compare. Send 50. Now send all.If your email promotion is a taking, not a giving, I think you should rethink it. If you still want to take the time and attention and trust of your 4,000 closest friends, think hard about what that means for the connections you've built over the years. There are few promotional emergencies that are worth trading your reputation for.
  • All Activities can & should be evaluated onThe Value-perspectiveThe Customer-perspectiveThe Experience-perspectiveThe Relationship perspectiveThe Network-perspective
  • Sales teams run on specific metrics, while customer service departments operate on an entirely different system. Each department’s success measurements for social media should be based on their specific goals and metrics.In the Kraft story, R&D would be most impacted by number of people who want a real rainbow oreo cookie. Could spawn a line of colouredoreos, even if they cant create a rainbow one.
  • This is what it looks like when someone hands me a report that says, “We have 10 new followers!” They get the stink-eye, grilled endlessly, and I start to rifle my fingers through the stack of resumes on my desk.And I am not alone. You need to arm decision makers with actionable intelligence. NOT empty metrics.
  • Orgs large and small need a framework to help them understand their:Activities:Listening – collecting data, experience and sentimentAnalyzing – identifying and extracting target data setsAct – engage -> content developed. Listen, report, tweak content, engage. Repeat in an ongoing tracking cycle.
  • For small businesses, a CRM system may simply help you put your data in the cloud, making it accessible in real time, across any device. But as you grow, a CRM can quickly expand to include more sophisticated features to help teams collaborate with colleagues and customers, send customized emails, gather insights from social media conversations, and get a holistic picture of your business health in real time.
  • Your customer talked to three people in your organization, do you know all of the key elements of those contacts for the next call.Not only about accountability – how can you help, do you have the right tools to close the deal, who else may they be talking toYou have a meeting coming up with a parent, can you easily look at their history and correspondence with you You’re unable to schedule follow ups, don’t have all the information you need to handle a matter, book an interview etc.You’re not staying in touch when on the roadHow do you know who your best customers are – the squeaky wheel or the quiet ones who have referred othersWhat if the opportunity to open a new space came up – how long would it take you to determine capacity, productivity without draining current sources
  • Marketing for success_p4

    1. 1. Marketing for Success Marketing your Centre in challenging times. Part 4 – E-Mail, CRM and more Brant Early Years Centre Nov. 2013 Presented by: Gordon Diver, Diverse Achievements Gordon Diver - Diverse Achievements -
    2. 2. Agenda • Introductions • Week 3 Questions • Week 4 Objectives • Video • Tools and tips: • E-Mail • CRM • Proposal Writing Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
    3. 3. Week 3 - Review Your Social Channels • Have you tried anything different? • What was your greatest takeaway from the session? Position Statement: • Anyone willing to share • Any questions? Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
    4. 4. Week 4 – Goals • Week Four – Wrapping Up: Adding Video to your efforts; Some tools to make your work lighter. Proposal Writing; Summary. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
    5. 5. Video Have the right equipment: It is possible to do video on a budget, the keys are:  a good script,  a good camera (iPhone even works),  good audio,  proper lighting and,  Good editing software,  A YouTube or other account Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
    6. 6. Why Video is important After watching a video, a prospect will:  66 percent will continue to research a product  46 percent visit a vendor website or contact the vendor for more information  42 percent purchase a product  25 percent add the vendor to their consideration list Source: IDG Research Services, B2B video Jan2013 Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements - Goals for video:  Increasing conversion rates  Improving brand awareness  Giving viewers something useful  Creating social engagements and sharing  Appearing in Google’s SERPS
    7. 7. Starting Your Video To ensure that your video production effort is efficient and effective, be sure to execute these four steps: 1. Prep for the shoot; 2. Create Quality Control; 3. Edit your raw footage; 4. Know how, when and where your are going to share it. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
    8. 8. Various Services Free vs. Paid Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
    9. 9. Optimizing Video Optimize:  Use your keywords  Explore CTA titles  Metadata – add a description of video  Tag your video  Give consideration to the thumbnail  And finally, ensure your channel is optimized as well Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
    10. 10. Video Example that’s easy to do The best of both worlds – James Wedmore is a recognized leader for video marketing – here’s an example Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
    11. 11. Video Best Practices Wistia has an excellent video learning centre. My recommendation is that you create video, take the time to do some on your own and save budget for a professional to do it for you on really important projects. Here’s a quick review of video best practices: ntals-of-concepting Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
    12. 12. Successful Email Marketing Why Email still matters: • It’s cost effective • Easy to build loyal followers • Easy to track success • Higher engagement Proof: • DMA reports a ROI of 4,300% • Direct mail cost approx. 10x Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements - Create an exchange with your readers, your valuable information for their valuable time.
    13. 13. Newsletters – What works Two biggest reasons that people unsubscribe: • Irrelevant emails • Too Many emails What works: • Respect your reader – provide content, relevant to your brand and their needs. • Mix it up, add photos, short quips • Clarity – if you have a call-to-action, make it obvious. Our word today • Have an editor, be free of spelling mistakes and obvious grammar errors • Make unsubscribing easy • Have a post unsubscribe exit survey to improve your offering Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
    14. 14. Email - Timing Send your messages at an optimal time. Experiment with this and try different times to see what your data tells you. Not sure where to start, a recent survey indicated that evenings and weekends are a good time (more time to read). Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
    15. 15. Email – Personalize it Consider dividing your readers into various groups, based on personas that you’ve identified. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
    16. 16. Email – Purpose What is the purpose of your email or newsletter? • Is your reader being engaged? • Do you have a call-to-action? Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
    17. 17. Email – Subject Line How to get your email opened! Give them enough to want more. Put yourself in their shoes – what are they dealing with that if they click on your message they’ll get help. Resources to help you: 5 Star Email – HubSpot Avoid Spam Filters - MailChimp Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
    18. 18. Email – Mobile Optimization Ensure it can be easily read on a smartphone (Responsive Design)! 30% of subscribers will unsubscribe if they can’t read your newsletter on their smartphone or tablet. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
    19. 19. Email – Exit Surveys It will happen, someone will unsubscribe. Here’s what to do! • Thank them. • Ask them for feedback (no more than 3 or 4 questions. • Ask if they’d prefer to follow you on a social platform at their convenience, and provide easy to subscribe links. • Ensure you take them off your list. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
    20. 20. A poor email deconstructed Seth Godin deconstructed an ineffective email effort. The eight areas covered: 1. Not really having permission 2. Blaming your email tool 3. Mail merge – really, still? 4. Text vs. HTML 5. No clear immediate intent 6. What you’re asking for 7. When will this end? 8. Sending all at once, test to be effective See the full post here: Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
    21. 21. Some tools to make it all easier In this section we’ll talk about some of the tools to make your work easier, such as:  Analytics  sCRM Systems  Social Media Management  Screen Capture Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
    22. 22. Analytics • Singular metrics aren’t useful. Metrics should be grouped and compared from multiple pivots. (i.e. channel to channel) • Metrics are rarely static. Have core benchmarks, but tweak, refine and add as you surface new intelligence. • Segment metrics based on use cases and jobs to be done – not just revenue. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
    23. 23. Analytics – Evil vs. Essential • EVIL • ESSENTIAL • Biggest evil of all: most orgs don’t bother to ask customers what they want before planning social strategies. • Customers will measure you by their own set of metrics, which might be far different than your own. Find out what they want. • Mindless measurement: tracking stats without setting goals. • Metrics must be tied to business goals, events, and KPIs. • Metrics without analysis and action aren’t worth tracking at all. • Metrics are rarely static. You can support dynamic changes by implementing a repeatable process for measurement, analysis, & action. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
    24. 24. Analytics – Good vs. Bad POINTLESS ON POINT We got 10 new followers this week! Of the 10 new followers we got this week, 4 of them joined our community after liking post X, and 3 of them shared it along to their followers with positive sentiment. Post shares are up! Post shares are up by 12% over last month. Three key posts contributed to this: X, Y & Z. 3 people commented on that post! Of the three people that commented on the Strategy post, two thought it was smart, and one added further suggestions we can incorporate into additional content. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
    25. 25. Measure what matters! Arm decision makers with actionable intelligence; NOT empty metrics. “WOOT! We have 10 new followers!” just doesn’t cut it. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
    26. 26. Cycle Monitor Start Proper use of analytics will help you make correction in your online marketing efforts to get the most from your budget resources (time and money). Share Feedback Tweak Assign Analyze Action Response Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements - Process
    27. 27. Customer Relationship Management At its simplest, a CRM system allows businesses to manage business relationships and the data and information associated with them. There are many wonderful systems on the market, find the one that fits your needs and budget. A CRM system can serve as a vital nerve center to manage the many connections that happen in a growing business. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
    28. 28. 7 Signs you need a CRM 1. Interactions with your customers are not in 1 place 2. Lack visibility into sales teams activities 3. Reporting and Analysis is time consuming 4. You don’t have all the data you need 5. Your not staying in touch 6. You can’t distinguish your best customers from everyone else 7. You don’t have a plan to scale Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements - Major advantage of CRM: Report your progress internally, and open up channels for transparent collaboration across teams
    29. 29. An Illustration of how it could work Social media is about connecting people and sharing information. The video tells a story of how sharing a single update can spark a larger conversation – between a student, a baker and bank. It also highlights how HootSuite can help you streamline your social media efforts. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
    30. 30. SM Management Tools - Dashboard One place to manage all of your social channels Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
    31. 31. Build Your Network with tools Stephanie and I have just connected on Twitter – we have a few mutual connections in common. We have followed each other and from looking at her profile saw that we had other interests in common. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
    32. 32. Integrated Social with CRM Because of that, it would be worthwhile to develop the relationship by stay in touch with Stephanie’s social activities. As simple as clicking on the “View Nimble Profile”, while still in Hootsuite. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
    33. 33. What the record would be Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
    34. 34. Manage the new contact Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
    35. 35. Add other Social Channels to Record How we first met and how we can extend our connections. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
    36. 36. Productivity tools to assist with social Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
    37. 37. Proposal Writing What to consider: • Read the guidelines thoroughly • Ensure you provide what is being asked for • Use plain clear language, avoid acronyms and industry slang. • Ensure that what you are offering fits with the goals of the proposal – you’re time is valuable, why waste it. Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
    38. 38. Resources: To help you prepare: 1. Wistia’s Learning Centre: Video 2. Email How To’s Constant Contacts Learning Centre 3. Nimble sCRM: – Click Here Free Trial 4. Hootsuite: Free account and upgrade 5. Proposal Writing: Best Practices – From Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition 6. Google Adwords Grants: Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -
    39. 39. Thank You Your invited a 1 hour review. Choose what you’d like to discuss in your hour: • • • • On-line review Web/Social Set up of a social platform Social media audit Copywriting instruction To book your session send an email to: Gordon Diver - Diverse Acheivements -