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Created in Mid-July for my networking group to get them started on LinkedIn - very introductory.

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  • Pull digital marketing in which the consumer must actively seek the marketing content, often via web searches, and push digital marketing where the marketer sends the content to the consumer, as in email. Websites, blogs and streaming media (audio and video) are examples of pull digital marketing. In each of these users have to link to the website to view the content. Only current web browser technology is required to maintain static content. However, additional internet marketing technologies (search engine optimization) may be required to attract the desired consumer demographicOnline Marketing, Internet marketing, also known as web marketing, online marketing, webvertising, or e-marketing, is referred to as the marketing (generally promotion) of products or services over the InternetSocial media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.Who is your target market, what is their consumer profile, what are their “pain points”When is the right time and right placeMessage – what format works best, be creative, and always promote interactionRelationships – you’re looking to build connections and dialogue, more than a static website/brochure.
  • Most of us have problems remembering our first degree connections, never mind who is in their network.Once you’ve uploaded your contacts – they appear as “imported contacts” those with little blue boxes are already on LinkedIn and will likely connect.This can be done from the same menu, just tab over to “Colleagues” and “Alumni”.
  • For example, I’m still a member of financial service networks, belong to a engineers network and have joined professional groups in target Cities. I have the “Basic” version of LinkedIn and you can save up to three searches – if you upgrade there are many more opportunities.LinkedIn is a very powerful tool to help you meet new contacts, grow your business network and advance your career.
  • Thought Leadership – Update your status regularly as it can be a powerful means of sharing your knowledge. Also use LinkedIn Answers – it is a Q&A database where you can follow and post recommendations, suggestions to those business posting questions to serious issues they are facingAround their needs. Questions are usually around, software, financing, business solutions etc. Your not selling a product but offering advise, building your presence.Group – for example there are realtor groups in Woodstock, London, etc., (Century 21 is the only realtor with one in Brantford)Measure your reach, interactions with your groups, track your developing thought leadership and more.
  • Linkedin is it right for you

    1. 1. For: Brant Networking Group Gordon Diver
    2. 2.     How the online world of Marketing converges Audience – The right message, at scale Context – The right time and place Message – Format, be Creative and promote interaction Relationship – ongoing connection and dialogue vs simple exposure Basis for success Gordon Diver
    3. 3. As of July 2013, LinkedIn has 250 Million members globally. Over 5+ Million members in Canada alone 4.3 Million unique visits 200 Million page views, for an average of 16.8 minutes per visit LinkedIn is the largest professional social network online today, with a targeted audience of business professionals. Without a powerful presence on LinkedIn, you are undoubtedly missing valuable opportunities to connect. Gordon Diver
    4. 4.   You must first establish a strong professional profile and presence as your foundation to build your influence, generating introductions and referrals, and uncovering valuable business opportunities. Your checklist for a complete and powerful profile: 2. Upload a professional image. Essential to attracting connections Craft a compelling headline. You have 120 characters at the top of your profile to describe what 3. List your current position and two others. Tie it into your profile with your keywords, ensure to 4. Complete the “Summary” section. This is your chance to position yourself by describing who you 5. Complete the “Specialities” section. Use customer focused keywords, as these are the terms that 6. Give recommendations first. Request recommendations (LinkedIn’s version of testimonials) to be 7. Complete the “Interests” and “Groups” sections. These are hyperlinked and will connect you 1. you do in the world. Use brief descriptive and compelling keywords that speak to your markets so they can easily find you on LinkedIn. be descriptive about what your role was. are and what you can do for people. Tip – write your summary in third person. will help you show up in search results within LinkedIn. A note about keywords, these are not necessarily industry buzzwords, but should be words that your customers would use to try and find someone like you. used on your profile. Best way to get them, give them first. with others in these groups. Gordon Diver
    5. 5.  In setting up your profile we talked about “Keywords”. Optimizing is the practise of defining terms and phrases that will help you stand out. There are additional steps that you can take to fully optimize your LinkedIn profile. Here’s your checklist: 1. Edit your public LinkedIn URL. For example mine is . 2. Customize your “Website” section. Under the website section, you can list up to 3 URL’s. By Customizing your URL will help you show up in search engine results on Google, Bing and more when someone searches your name. This will enhance your personal brand and presence. editing and customizing the information you can take advantage of all three and point viewers to areas that may be specifically of interest to them. For example, two of my links go to one website, but two different landing pages and our Blog. 3. Include a link to your Twitter account. You can have more than one twitter account. For example on my profile you can see both the corporate TDG account and my personal one. 4. Make your whole profile publically visible. You want other professionals to find you and more importantly connect with you, hiding your profile will prevent that from happening. Gordon Diver
    6. 6.   1. LinkedIn's real power is that it helps you find valuable people and allows you to see your 2nd and 3rd degree level connections. The old adage, it’s not necessarily who you know, but who they know that will help you build your business, find your next career or book your next gig. Without saying, this has incredible value. Your checklist to start building your valuable network: Start at the beginning. Connect with the people you know. Upload your contacts from Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, etc from the “Add connections” tab. 2. Write a personal message. There is a default message, but do yourself a favour and personalize 3. Add old colleagues and classmates. Using the information that you’ve already it, you’ll connect with people faster. inputted, LinkedIn can help you reconnect with others that you may have lost touched with. Gordon Diver
    7. 7.   1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The way to build out your network is by making new connections. All of these folks can become new customers, new suppliers, new partnerships or new experts to help you build your business. Here’s your checklist of steps to take to increase your connections: Browse your networks network. Visit the profiles of some of your connections, if you see someone you missed or someone interesting, invite them to connect. Use the “Advanced” search tool. Once you’ve found someone, see if you’re connected through your connections and ask that person to introduce you. Remember at this point your building a relationship, don’t try to sell. Join “Groups” that your market joins. If you service small business owners, search for entrepreneurs and join groups that they might be interested in. Save your people searches and create an alert. If you set up an alert for your searches, LinkedIn will send you a weekly update of new prospects that fit your criteria. Follow your networks updates and contacts interactions. As you notice who your network interacts with, you might be able to identify opportunities to build valuable relationships. Gordon Diver
    8. 8.   1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. There is much more that you can do with LinkedIn, but for today, that is likely enough homework. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to connect with affluent and influencial professionals. The business applications are vast, in fact 3 out of 4 members use LinkedIn for everything business, from keeping up on trends to reading business news. Next steps in the LinkedIn journey: Set up a company page. Develop your thought leadership voice on LinkedIn. Create an effective and engaging Group Add applications to your profile: such as Slideshare, Amazon reader, etc. Use the LinkedIn recommendations feature. Measure your return on investment. Gordon Diver