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Portion of an overall deck for the Waterloo Small business group - specifically on setting up your LinkedIn Company Page

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Linked in company page creationdec13

  1. 1. LinkedIn – Company Page © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62
  2. 2. Company Pages – Best Practices To Create a LinkedIn Company Page you must meet these requirements:  Be an employee of the company  Your position is listed in your Experience section  You have a company email address  Your company email domain is unique to your business  Your profile strength must be intermediate  You have several connections already in place. © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 What you can do on your company page.
  3. 3. Company Overview 4 Steps to get started: 1. Choose Company under the Interests section of the main page. 2. On the next page, choose Add a company 3. On the next page, fill in your company and info (Company name and email address), check the confirmation box 4. Receive the confirmation email from LinkedIn and go to your page to start building © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62
  4. 4. Information What you’ll need to fill in:  Company Language  Name and type of company  Company Size  Your company website  Industry  Operating Status  Year founded and,  Locations. The company description is critical, because Google ranks company pages. © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62
  5. 5. Images The Banner is what people will first see when they visit your company page. Requirements Banner: Either .jpeg, .png, or .gif format 646 x 220 pixels and a max of 2MB in size. Requirements Logo: After you’re finished – click Publish and your home page is completed. © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 100 x 60 pixels and a max of 2MB in size.
  6. 6. Products and Services 1. Go to main company page and choose “Products” 2. Click Edit Page and then choose “add a product or service” 3. After you fill it all out, click publish and your good to go. It may seem daunting, but it is really worth your time and effort © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62
  7. 7. Product/Service Page – Why it’s important A great opportunity to show your product in action, if you have a demonstration video (Imaging exploding cakes). But what if you’re a service? How about a powerful testimonial from your best customers? Include a powerful call to action – for us that will be a complimentary one hour review of their CRM systems perhaps. Tip: You can order your product or service in any way – but your 1st one is the most important as it shows in your Overview Once done - Publish © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62
  8. 8. Ask for recommendations Shows your viewer, their contacts that have recommended you. From your product page, click “request recommendations”. The form is prefilled but you can and should personalize your request. © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62
  9. 9. Careers and Insights © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62
  10. 10. What you see for Insights © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62
  11. 11. New Showcase Pages A niche Company Page that your followers can opt in to learn more about a certain product or sub-brand. You can create up to 10 showcase pages for your company. Great for brands with distinct customer personas. Ensures that your followers will get the relevant information that they want and need and you get more traffic and leads. © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62
  12. 12. LinkedIn Resources LinkedIn Marketing: Introducing LinkedIn showcase pages. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions: Indepth look at showcase pages LinkedIn Marketing: Targeted Updates Overview help LinkedIn Status Updates Best Practices © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62