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Overview of setting up a LinkedIn company and showcase pages. Sections also include groups, etiquette and more. Devised for a new user to LinkedIn, whether you've just opened your account or have had it for a while. By the end, you'll be able to comfortably navigate the platform, build your initial page, know how to manage it, take advantage of Showcase pages and participate effectively in groups.

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Linkde inwrscb apri14

  1. 1. “LinkedIn for your business" Creating a Company Page, Showcase Pages and building your reputation via Groups Sponsored by: Waterloo Region Small Business Resource Center Presented by: Gordon Diver & Kelly Craft
  2. 2. About Gordon © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 2 Principal at Diverse Achievements, focus on Micro, For Purpose and Solo Entrepreneur companies. Helping these organizations level the playing field with overall business strategies primarily in Marketing, Social Media training/execution, CRM business processes. What we’re not - social media ‘gurus’. I’m an experienced business strategist, having been a worker bee, a manager and a solo entrepreneur. Digital Strategist at AptiSense (Kelly Craft, Founder) focuses on primarily the SMB markets. Helping these organizations build effective strategies, then use proven tactics and business processes to reach their goals as “Social Business” leaders in their industries. We focus on CRM, Social, Digital Marketing and more. We occupy the middle ground: We’re tacticians as well. Image:
  3. 3. Demonstrated Power of LinkedIn © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 3 A survey by Ardath Albee and Jill Konrath discovered (sample 3,100 sellers): • LinkedIn contributes opportunities (4.9% lots, 39.4% several). • 61.4% of respondents were able to initiate offline conversations. • Most valuable activities, sharing relevant content and showcasing personal expertise. • Biggest concerns; Not knowing how to use it (58.0%) and not having time to learn (41.2%).
  4. 4. What we’ll cover © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 4 • The Basics • The new LinkedIn Company Pages • Deeper look at the Search abilities within LinkedIn • How to effectively use LinkedIn to add to your network, using groups. • LinkedIn Etiquette
  5. 5. The Basics – Your Profile © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 5 1 2 3 4 5 Keys to a proper Profile: 1. First and foremost, complete your entire profile. 2. Claim your name “URL” 3. Avoid rewriting your resume, instead focus on key stories that reflect your skills that your prospects and connections will need to know. 4. Take advantage of the “Summary” area to demonstrate your services. 5. Use a professional photo
  6. 6. If you’re just starting out: Go here The Basics – Contact Information © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 6 Know how you want your connections to be able to contact you. There are lots of opportunities for them to reach you. Choose wisely. You can protect who sees want on your profile in your settings. You can connect up to 3 web addresses, all can point to one site. For ex, Blog, Services and FAQ
  7. 7. The Basics – Build your Network © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 7 Now that you’ve built your profile, it’s time to make connections. You’ll note that folks have taken two tactics for the most part being an Open Networker (LION) or being a Trusted Networker. There is a third more valuable way, choose the middle and be strategic about who you connect with. Your success will depend on how much you give, as much as you get.
  8. 8. The Basics – How to add contacts © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 8 LinkedIn is a great way to stay in touch with professionals you know. You may not work with them today, but might be able to help them or they you in the near future – it’s your virtual rolodex.
  9. 9. LinkedIn – Company Page Before © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 9
  10. 10. LinkedIn – Company Page Current © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 10
  11. 11. Company Pages – Build Your Page © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 11 To Create a LinkedIn Company Page you must meet these requirements:  Be an employee of the company  Your position is listed in your Experience section  You have a company email address  Your company email domain is unique to your business  Your profile strength must be intermediate  You have several connections already in place.
  12. 12. Company Page – Build Step 1. © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 12 What you need to know: • Profile Images: 100/60px • Cover Photo: 646/220px • Products/Services your going to Showcase • Images you’re going to use • Content you’re going to share • Who will be admins.
  13. 13. Information © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 13 What you’ll need to fill in:  Company Language  Name and type of company  Company Size  Your company website  Industry  Operating Status  Year founded and,  Locations. The company description is critical, because Google ranks company pages.
  14. 14. Company Page – Step 2 © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 14
  15. 15. Company Page – Publish © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 15
  16. 16. Company Page – Status Updates Groups © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 16
  17. 17. Company Page – Let them know © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 17
  18. 18. Company Pages – Managing Your Page © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 18 What you can do on your company page.
  19. 19. Showcase Pages © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 19 A sub-page in your company page, that will show up in browser searches. You can create up to 10 showcase pages for your company. You can use for products, services, product launches, and events. Ensures that your followers will get the relevant information that they want and need and you get more traffic and leads. Appear on the right of your company page.
  20. 20. Showcase Pages – Excellent Example © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 20
  21. 21. Showcase Page – Actual Page © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 21
  22. 22. Showcase Page – Examples of Update © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 22
  23. 23. LinkedIn Search © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 23
  24. 24. LinkedIn Save your Search © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 24
  25. 25. LinkedIn Search © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 25 Based on our search results, Scott might be someone I’d like to connect with. What should be the next step?
  26. 26. LinkedIn ReSearch © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 26
  27. 27. LinkedIn ReSearch – Get Introduced © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 27 You’ll see how you’re connected and who is the best person to make a “warm’ introduction for you. What other way could I connect with Scott?
  28. 28. LinkedIn Contact Tags © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 28 Add tags to your connections based on role, industry, how you know them, etc. to make it easier to find relevant people when needed Send email thru LinkedIn or your mail provider
  29. 29. LinkedIn Groups © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 29 LinkedIn allows you to be a member of 50 different groups. Best practices suggest joining industry, alumni, association groups of interest and groups where your prospective customers might be in. When you join a group – it’s to be a friendly and helpful contributor, by starting and sharing in conversations. It’s not about asking for business.
  30. 30. LinkedIn Getting the most from Groups © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 30 Ask questions that everyone can benefit from Don’t sell, be social. You’re goal is to be of service to those in the group. Be passionate but avoid dominating the discussion. Be polite always. No need to boast about your accomplishments, if your sincere, the others in the group will discover them. Keep an open mind, even if you disagree and thank others for their contributions. You‘re looking to be seen as a thought leader, who is helpful and reliable.
  31. 31. What you see for Insights © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 31
  32. 32. LinkedIn Search Free vs Premium © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 32 Basic LinkedIn Account Premium LinkedIn Account Full Profiles of 1st and 2nd degree Full Profiles of 1st and 2nd degrees Profile Summaries of Third degree Full names of network and groups A Maximum of 100 profiles Summaries for out of network profiles Basic Search Filters Premium filters to refine Extensive results – varies by category To Pay or Not to Pay – that is the question!
  33. 33. LinkedIn Etiquette © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 33 Asking someone to connect – Please write a personal message why Recommendations and Endorsements – only ask those who can honestly do so. Avoid “Cat pictures” and overly personalized posts – it’s a professional network; but your humanity should shine through Funny is ok – tasteless, not so good! Use a good, clean professional photo Share relevant and timely information, that will be of interest to your connections.
  34. 34. LinkedIn’s Greatest Pet Peeve © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 34 It’s about making it as easy as possible for the person you’d like to connect with to say yes. To succeed; be succinct, yet personal.
  35. 35. How to add Rich Media © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 35
  36. 36. LinkedIn Case © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 36 In LinkedIn Sales Secrets Revealed, Jill Konrath provides some excellent examples. Read how Robbie Johnson of SPS Commerce landed a $500k contract, 9 months after being told to drop pursuing the company he eventually worked with. The secret to his success, effective networking and the power of LinkedIn to identify the right contacts. He was able to use LinkedIn to determine who might be in a position to help him get a “warm” introduction. By connecting through groups, he built up a relationship with the right – key person that he could help.
  37. 37. LinkedIn Resources © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 37 How to add a Company Page in LinkedIn Building your Company Page – LinkedIn Small Business Help Posting a company status update LinkedIn Marketing video LinkedIn Company Pages – Inspiration for you. Brands doing it well. LinkedIn Company Pages – Best Practices – full of videos and whitepapers to help you. LinkedIn Groups – 10 Tips to get the most from them via Globe and Mail Small Business
  38. 38. Housekeeping / Q&A © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 Connect with us: LinkedIn: Gordon Diver Twitter: @gdiver62 LinkedIn: Kelly Craft Twitter: @krcraft