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Building a Facebook Business Page from scratch. Prepared for a small business workshop.

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Fb wrscb may14

  1. 1. “Build Your Facebook Business Page" Creating a business page that connects with your audience and provides value to them. Sponsored by: Waterloo Region Small Business Resource Center Presented by: Gordon Diver & Kelly Craft
  2. 2. About Gordon © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 2 Principal at Diverse Achievements, focus on Micro, For Purpose and Solo Entrepreneur companies. Helping these organizations level the playing field with overall business strategies primarily in Marketing, Social Media training/execution, CRM business processes. What we’re not - social media ‘gurus’. I’m an experienced business strategist, having been a worker bee, a manager and a solo entrepreneur. Digital Strategist at AptiSense (Kelly Craft, Founder) focuses on primarily the SMB markets. Helping these organizations build effective strategies, then use proven tactics and business processes to reach their goals as “Social Business” leaders in their industries. We focus on CRM, Social, Digital Marketing and more. We occupy the middle ground: We’re tacticians as well. Image: diverseachievements.com
  3. 3. Demonstrated Power of Facebook © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 3 Welcome to the Ontario Museum Of Archaeology: • June 2012 – 200 followers • 0 engagement • Limited volunteer resources.
  4. 4. What we’ll cover © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 4 • The Basics • The Facebook Pages • Creating your Page • Best Practices • Facebook Resources.
  5. 5. The Elephant in the room. © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 5 WHY!
  6. 6. The Basics – Personal vs Business © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 6
  7. 7. First things First © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 7 Before you begin – What you need to know. 1. Your goals 2. Your Audience 3. Your Vanity URL 4. Image Inventory 5. Content Inventory 6. Style and voice
  8. 8. Timeline Photo Sizing © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 8 Image source: Jon Loomer Digitial
  9. 9. Can you have just a Business Page? © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 9 You Can create your page without having a personal profile, but it’s not recommended for a few reasons. So your first step is, if you don’t have one, create a personal profile. This wiki will show you how.
  10. 10. Creating Your Page © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 10
  11. 11. Picking a Category © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 11
  12. 12. Choose your Industry/Type © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 12 Categories are not as critical, so avoid spending too much time debating for two reasons. 1. You can change this at any time. 2. They’ll still help within Graph Search Do take a little time to review each category. For storefronts, the Local Places has the best impact, though you can’t display your web address in the visible about section.
  13. 13. Setting up your Page © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 13 Having keywords in your Page title can be a good idea because the keywords help your Page to come up in Facebook search. You have a limit of 70 characters for your Page name. Unfortunately you can’t use fancy capitalization like YourCompany, only capital is at the beginning. You can change your page name, up to the point you gather 200 fans.
  14. 14. Add to your Favorites Section © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 14
  15. 15. © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 15 Publish Your Page
  16. 16. Your first Ad – or Not © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 16 As part of your set up – you’re encouraged to create an ad to get your name out. It’s not a bad idea, but I’d recommend building some content on your page first, getting comfortable with how to navigate and use your page effectively, then invest in paid advertising down the road. You can skip this portion and move on to starting to build your page.
  17. 17. Welcome to Your Page – Let’s Get Going © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 17 Your Admin Panel, only you and your admins can see this. You can invite your personal FB contacts from here. What the public sees. Next step, up load your Cover Photo – 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels high.
  18. 18. The Admin Panel © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 18 Where you’ll see activity on your page; such as ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ Where you invite you’re personal Facebook contacts When you’re ready to advertise, here is where you’ll start If a Fan messages you, here is where it will appear.
  19. 19. Within the Admin Panel © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 19
  20. 20. Building An Audience © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 20
  21. 21. Insights: Your Pages analytics © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 21
  22. 22. Status Updates © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 22
  23. 23. © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 23 Status Updates
  24. 24. © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 24 Inspire a Theme Unbounce created their successful Marketing Fails posts, based on the response to their blog post – note #hashtags.
  25. 25. © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 25 Event Update
  26. 26. © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 26 Click Thru for Events
  27. 27. © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 27 How to Stay Ahead - Schedule
  28. 28. © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 28 Scheduled Notification
  29. 29. © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 29 Scheduled Posts in Activity Log
  30. 30. © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 30 Scheduled Posts best practices 1. Write your own comments on the post you are sharing. 2. You can change the thumbnail picture to one you like better, choose FB provided or upload your own. 3. Change if you like the information in the snippet Facebook creates. 4. Schedule your post by using the drop down menu – You can schedule from 10 mins up to 6 months. 5. Click “Schedule” and your post will appear on your page at the appointed time. 6. If you’ve posted something controversial and circumstances change, you can delete or edit your post in the Activity Log.
  31. 31. © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 31 Changing Your Cover Photo
  32. 32. © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 32 Great Tools to create beautiful Covers
  33. 33. © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 33 Great Tools to create beautiful Covers
  34. 34. © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 34 Editing Your Page - General
  35. 35. © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 35 Edit Your Page – Page Info
  36. 36. © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 36 Edit Your Page – Admins and Roles
  37. 37. © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 37 Edit Your Page – More you can do.
  38. 38. © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 38 Reply To Comments
  39. 39. © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 39 Now the Bad News/Good News
  40. 40. Facebook Best Practices © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 40 Tell people about your page, in-store/office notices, email footer, newsletter and website. Be sure to share what they’ll get from following your page. Post at least once/day or as many times as serves your audience, but be consistent. Avoid excessive “Cat pictures” and overly personalized posts – those are for your personal profile. Funny is welcome! Your goal is to inform, entertain and promote. Use a good image. Avoid stock images and use your own as much as possible. Photos, videos, Offers and questions are the most engaging posts. Encourage your audience to receive notifications of your posts – give a good reason to.
  41. 41. How to stay current. © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 41 One of the challenges of Facebook for Business is staying current on best practices and the terms of service. Successful brands, don’t preach or sell to their base, they engage and provide valuable information and make attempts to understand what their “fans” really want from their brand. A great resource is: https://www.facebook.com/business/pagesb estpractices Where this photo came from.
  42. 42. Small Trick of the Trade – Be Human © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 42 Source: Buddy Media Used sparingly and appropriately, can be very powerful and show your personality.
  43. 43. Encourage your Fans to Participate © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 43 A great way to build your audience, is to encourage your fans to get involved. This quick 5 minute video from Mark Schaefer and Jesse Desjardin (Tourism Australia) might generate some ideas. Watch it here: The world’s largest Facebook Team
  44. 44. Facebook Resources © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 44 Choose Your Page Type: Categories. Why a Business Page is superior to a Personal Page for Business. Page Admin Roles Add Impressum to your Page. More here. Facebook’s: How to Create a Business Page - https://www.facebook.com/business/build. How to Set up a Facebook Business Page – Social Media Examiner. Facebook New Time Line – Facebook for Business
  45. 45. Housekeeping / Q&A © 2014 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 Connect with us: LinkedIn:Gordon Diver Twitter: @gdiver62 Facebook: Business Page LinkedIn:Kelly Craft Twitter: @krcraft This Presentation