SetUp A Facebook Page from Scratch


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A portion of the deck created for Small Business Owner's presentation at the Waterloo Regional Small Business Centre

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SetUp A Facebook Page from Scratch

  1. 1. Facebook Business Page Before you begin – What you need to know. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 Your goals Your Audience Your Vanity URL Image Inventory Content Inventory Style and voice
  2. 2. Step 1 – Login and Get Started You Can create your page without having a personal profile, but it‟s not recommended for a few reasons. So your first step is, if you don‟t have one, create a personal profile. This wiki will show you how. © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62
  3. 3. Step 2 – Creating your Page You‟re logged in and have navigated to the Business Page Builder, now what? Review the categories and determine which fits your business best: Click on a box and browse the categories in the drop down. Choose yours. © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62
  4. 4. Categories Categories are not as critical, so avoid spending too much time debating for two reasons. 1. You can change this at any time. 2. They‟ll still help within Graph Search Do take a little time to review each category. For storefronts, the Local Places has the best impact, though you can‟t display your web address in the visible about section. © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62
  5. 5. Add your Company Name. Having keywords in your Page title can be a good idea because the keywords help your Page to come up in Facebook search. You have a limit of 70 characters for your Page name. Unfortunately you can‟t use fancy capitalization like AptiSense, only capital is at the beginning. You can change your page name, up to the point you gather 200 fans. © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62
  6. 6. Setting up your About Section  You have 200 Characters for a short about us.  Add your website  Choose a unique web address – normally your company name. Try not to stray too far from the correct spelling. If not available, you many need to get creative.  Answer the questions – these are mandatory © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62
  7. 7. Add your Profile Picture Your profile picture is the image that will appear as your avatar in all posts, replies and messages. Choose wisely  © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62
  8. 8. Add your Page to your Favorites © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62
  9. 9. Create your first ad – or not As part of your set up – you‟re encouraged to create an ad to get As your name out. It‟s not a bad idea, but I‟d recommend building some content on your page first, getting comfortable with how to navigate and use your page effectively, then invest in paid advertising down the road. You can skip this portion and move on to starting to build your page. © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62
  10. 10. Welcome to your page – let’s get started Your Admin Panel, only you and your admins can see this. You can invite your personal FB contacts from here. What the public sees. Next step, up load your Cover Photo – 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels high. © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62
  11. 11. Your Admin Panel Where you‟ll see activity on your page; such as „likes‟ and „shares‟ If a Fan messages you, here is where it will appear. When you‟re ready to advertise, here is where you‟ll start © 2013 Aptisense Where you invite you‟re personal Facebook contacts #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62
  12. 12. Share Something and build an audience You‟ll find our page here. One of the best ways to share your fan page is to invite your personal friends and family from Facebook and email those that you have a personal relationship with and the authorization to share with. For example, the URL for AptiSense is and you‟ll find our info there. © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62
  13. 13. Share a post with Facebook’s native scheduler You have three options to create a post:  Status  Photo/Video or,  Offer/Event. Most of your work will be within the status or photo. To add video you‟ll need to have it on your hard drive to upload. YouTube videos are shared via the status. © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62
  14. 14. Schedule your Post 1. Write your own comments on the post you are sharing 2. You can change the thumbnail picture to one you like better, choose FB provided or upload your own 3. Change if you like the information in the snippet Facebook creates 4. Schedule your post by using the drop down menu – you can go out quite a way. 5. Click “Schedule” and your post will appear on your page at the appointed time. 1 2 3 4 © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62 5
  15. 15. See your post in the Activity Log Your post is scheduled to go at the time you‟ve selected, what can you do from here? 1. Wait until it‟s posted and share through your personal page 2. Schedule it for a different time 3. Delete the post and start over or replace it. What you can‟t do is edit what you‟ve written. © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62
  16. 16. Add or Change your Cover Photo The sizing is 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels high. FB terms of service notes that the image can have only 20% text. © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62
  17. 17. Edit your About Section Your opportunity to add more information about the page you are building, for the benefit of your audience. You can:  Add more web presences, blog address, etc  The information on the about section, changes by category so explore and fill in as much as you can and are comfortable with.  Then edit your settings, you can restrict who will see you page by age, country, etc. © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62
  18. 18. Admin – Page Info © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62
  19. 19. Admin – Settings/Permissions © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62
  20. 20. Admin – Admin Roles It is highly recommended that you have a second person as an Admin. © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62
  21. 21. Admin - More For the creation of your tabs there are native apps in Facebook for your Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube feeds. I‟d recommend looking at third party apps like ShortStack, TabSite and Allure as well to add more punch and power. © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62
  22. 22. Congratulations – your set up and ready Use your keywords to help you get found in Facebook‟s native Graph Search and in return in SERP‟s for your category . © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62
  23. 23. Resources Facebook‟s: How to Create a Business Page - HubSpots: Create a Facebook Business Page in 5 Easy Steps: © 2013 Aptisense #wrsbrc Presented by: @krcraft & @gdiver62