Nhrdn talent engagement and retention conclave


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  • Many different things are happening. With global economies, events across the globe are become inter-connected.In India, we have moved to a recovery phase and hence talent acquisition is back. However, some of the other economies are still struggling on the various economic indicators. Similarly, for different sectors, different dynamics lie- this is visible in demand supply situations in manufacturing, insurance, IT etc – it differs. Apart from different avenues other than the traditional GTM (Go to market) strategy. Many companies are expanding operations in developing economies thru acquisition and M&A route, which have their own challenges.Social and People changes are many and life time employment is no longer the one solution.
  • It may be short sighted to assume that other aspects of Talent Strategy don’t have an impact on the talent acquisition process.
  • Nhrdn talent engagement and retention conclave

    1. 1. Talent Edge- A Strategic Edge to Talent AcquisitionDr. Ritu Anand<br />January 20, 2011<br />
    2. 2. Diverse Challenges<br />- 1 -<br />Social and People Changes<br />Emerging Alternate Opportunities<br />Economic<br /><ul><li>Economic recovery
    3. 3. Different economies on different economic path
    4. 4. Industry and sector dependant people demand and supply
    5. 5. Global Growth avenues like M&A etc
    6. 6. Developing economies and their complexities
    7. 7. Demographic shifts
    8. 8. Global movement of talent
    9. 9. Social customs
    10. 10. Generational differences
    11. 11. Employment opportunities improve
    12. 12. Education as a lucrative employment option
    13. 13. Entrepreneurial practices
    14. 14. Non Traditional Work arrangements</li></li></ul><li>The Buck doesn’t stop at Talent Acquisition<br />- 2 -<br />A Framework for Attracting & Retaining Talent<br />Purpose<br /><ul><li>Guiding Mission & Values
    15. 15. Global Citizenship
    16. 16. Committed to the Region</li></ul>Brand<br /><ul><li>Known for Excellence
    17. 17. Leading Global Company
    18. 18. Inspirational Leadership</li></ul>Culture<br /><ul><li>Authenticity
    19. 19. Metrocracy
    20. 20. Connection
    21. 21. Talent-Centracity</li></ul>The <br />Talent <br />Compact<br />Promises Made<br />Promises Kept<br />Opportunity<br /><ul><li>Challenging Work
    22. 22. Accelerated Career Track
    23. 23. Continual Training/ Development
    24. 24. Competitive Pay</li></li></ul><li>- 3 -<br />Talent Acquisition Strategy- Develop the last block<br />Attract <br />Talent<br />Branding and Advertising<br />Interface with Institutes<br />Visibility on Newer Online Forums<br />Different Talent Segments<br />Source Talent<br />Internal People Planning<br />External Market Intelligence - Functional and Category<br />Heads up on Market Trends and Movements<br />Pipeline Management<br />Select and Hire <br />Talent<br />Effective Screening Methods and Tools<br />Branded End-to-End Hiring Process<br />“Wow” Induction and quick scaling up to make new hires productive<br />Career Management<br />Transaction Management<br />Testimonials Flow Back into Source Pool on the “Wow” Experience<br />Adding a non conventional Thinking…Retain Talent<br />
    25. 25. - 4 -<br />New Recruiting Tools<br />Social Networking<br />Direct sourcing<br />Mobile technology<br />Re-Hiring<br />Attracting the employed<br />
    26. 26. Thought Leadership Themes<br />
    27. 27. Customizing Talent Acquisition for Different Segments<br />- 6 -<br />Talent/People<br />Tapping the Pool<br />Value Proposition<br />What's on Offer – Compensation & Benefits<br />Money<br />Power<br />Higher<br />Meaning<br />Different <br />Triggers<br />Challenge<br />Connect with Brand Ambassadors from a Similar Pool<br />Work <br />Life <br />Balance<br />Work<br />Content<br />Save the<br />World<br />Ease of Interaction<br />Lifecycle Needs<br />Multiple Employee Value Propositions & Solutions<br />
    28. 28. Whats your company’s online social footprint<br />- 7 -<br />Internal –Facilitate internal social networking<br />What’s your web presence and how is it being leveraged?<br />Do you have a stated policy on employee and social networking interface?<br />Articulated strategy to increase web presence<br />
    29. 29. Engaging Current Pool to Fit Gaps<br />- 8 -<br />Direct <br />Benefits<br />Multiple Competencies<br />Alternate <br />Solutions<br /><ul><li>Expansion of pool
    30. 30. Cost Effective
    31. 31. People Engagement
    32. 32. Enriched Careers
    33. 33. Employees as Brand Ambassadors
    34. 34. Global Acumen
    35. 35. Multi Cultural Fluency
    36. 36. Technological Literacy
    37. 37. Entrepreneurial Skills
    38. 38. Ability to Manage and Inspire People
    39. 39. Reskilling
    40. 40. Upskill</li></li></ul><li>- 9 -<br />Evolving Role of Technology<br />Employer <br />Branding<br />End to end <br />Program<br /> Mgt<br />Improve <br />Candidate interface<br />Integrated <br />Talent <br />Acquisition<br />Career <br />Portals<br />Attractive Formats <br />For Info download<br />Social Networking<br />
    41. 41. Thank You<br />