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GRM 2011: Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP) portal – Fred Okono


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Published in: Technology, Business
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GRM 2011: Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP) portal – Fred Okono

  1. 1. Integrated BreedingPlatform Portal
  2. 2. The Portal Development site: Crop Information Tools Services Capacity Development opportunities Community interaction
  3. 3. Crop Information Databases Other information
  4. 4. Tools Standalone tools for download Standalone IB CWS Web-based IB CWS Supplementary tools from non-IBP developers
  5. 5. Custom-built IBP Tools
  6. 6. Supplementary Tools
  7. 7. Capacity building opportunities Data & Information Management Data analysis Molecular breeding Intellectual property and policy Tool use eLearning System
  8. 8. Communities Blogs Forums Chat Collaborative work Community specific information
  9. 9. Cassava CoP
  10. 10. Key Issues Ease of navigation Internet access quality Updating tools Data storage/access/management Community participation