GRM 2011: Plant breeding at the West Africa Centre for Crop Improvement (WACCI)


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GRM 2011: Plant breeding at the West Africa Centre for Crop Improvement (WACCI)

  1. 1. Training Plant Breeders at WACCI toaccelerate the Green Revolution inWest and Central AfricaEric. Y. DanquahDirector, 2011 General Research Meeting , 21-26 September 2011,Hyderabad, India(GCP Project Number: G40008.37)
  2. 2. The University of GhanaGhana’s Premier UniversityFounded 1948
  3. 3. Outline• Context–The challenge to a Green Revolution in SSA• The PromiseWACCI–Conception & Establishment–Programme Structure–Our Students & Facilities• Looking Ahead–Linkages, Networking & Sustainability
  4. 4. The Challenge to a GreenRevolution in SSA• No. of breeders belowcritical level• Poor Institutional Structures• Brain Drain• Low Yielding Varieties• High Cost of Production• Biotic & Abiotic stresses• Climate Change• Land & Cultural IssuesLow ProductivityFood InsecurityLow BreedingCapacity
  5. 5. Food Crops Development Project (2001-2007)Root and Tuber Improvement Programme (1999-2003)t/ha02468101214Start of projectEnd of projectYield increases in some food cropsin Ghana following investments
  6. 6. Sorghum Hybrid Quadruple Yields in MaliSorghum hybrids developed in Mali to quadrupleharvests following support from AGRA0.8454 0.8392 0.82621.03651.34333.5Local Variety(2005)Local Variety(2006)Local Variety(2007)Local Variety(2008)Local Variety(2009)Hybrid VarietySource: Yields of Sorghum in Mali (t/ha)
  7. 7. 41543012 13175 3501712221765811 13Ghana Burkina Faso Niger Nigeria Mali CameroonBSc MSc PhDNumber of Plant Breeders inselected countries in West AfricaSource: GIPB (
  8. 8. 0.70.93 0.79 0.71 0.79 0.59 0.530.750.5871.0240.494 0.4372.9950.7340.456 0.46Sorghum Maize Millet Rice Yam Groundnut Cowpea SoyabeanFarm Size (Ha) Average Yield (t/ha)Average farm size and yields of eight majorcrops in northern Ghana (Quaye, 2008)3648BSc MSc MPhil PhDHighest DegreeNumber of plant breeders at CSIR, GhanaSource: MIS, CSIR, 2011
  9. 9. A new generation of plant breederstrained in West & Central AfricaPlantBreederWell-trainedStrategicThinkerResultDrivenTeamPlayerFocusOn WACropsNew varieties
  10. 10. The Genesis of the PromiseRockefeller Foundation - Scoping Study, Dr.Eugene Terry, August 2006-to identify universities in West and Central Africa withpotentials to become the nucleus of an Africa-wide plantbreeding capacity program at the MSc. and PhD levels• Recommended a Centre for Plant Breeding at theUniversity of Ghana as the ACCI for W. & C. Africa
  11. 11. Rockefeller Assessment Mission(January 2007)- Dr. Eugene Terry, International Consultant- Prof. Ronnie Coffman, Cornell University- Prof. Vern Gracen, Cornell University- Prof. Mark Laing, ACCI, UKZN, SA- Mr. Stefan Einarson, Cornell University- Prof. Eric Danquah, University of Ghana- Prof. Samuel K. Offei, University of Ghana
  12. 12. The University of Ghana had the necessarycapacity to train a new generation of plantbreeders
  13. 13. West Africa Centre for CropImprovement• Established in June, 2007 to train 40 plant breedersover a 10-year period with AGRA-PASS grant• GCP grant to train 4 students (2008)Inauguration of WACCI, March 12, 2008 (First cohort, 8students from Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali, Niger and Nigeria)UG
  14. 14. THE WACCI PROGRAMMEAn innovative 5-year PhD programmeFirst yearFoundation courses in plant breeding and relatedcourses at the University of Ghana
  15. 15. Pre- Enrollment English Proficiency Coursefor Francophone StudentsListening andSpeaking/Presentation skillsclassReading andAcademic Writingclass
  16. 16. 123 4671210 1391416151185Year 2 - Visiting Scientists(Advanced Modules)
  17. 17. Years III-V• Relocation of studentsto their homeinstitutions for PhDresearch work• Students return to theWACCI 3-6 months tothe end of 5th year tocomplete write-up,submit and defendthesis
  18. 18. Crop focus Cereals - Maize, Sorghum, Millet & Rice Roots and tubers - Cassava & Sweet potato Legumes - Cowpea & Groundnuts Vegetables - Tomato & PepperVegetablesLegumesRoots and tubersCereals
  19. 19. VisionTo become the foremost Centre forthe training of Plant Breeders forAfrica
  20. 20. Enrollment: 36 PhD students12 Female (33%)18 Francophone (50%)18 Anglophone (50%)Kenya8 students to enroll in Jan. 2012
  21. 21. GCP-sponsored studentsJoseph Adjabeng-DanquahDrought tolerance in cassava(SARI)Joseph BatienoDrought toleranceand M. phaseolinaresistance in cowpeaRuth N. A. ThompsonPost-harvest PhysiologicalDeterioration in Cassava(CRI)Sako DramaneQTL analysis of yieldcomponents & paniclearchitecture in sorghum (IER)
  22. 22. Partnership with 15 InstitutionsCSIR- PGRRI, GhanaCrop Services, GhanaGAEC – BNARI, GhanaCSIR – SARI, GhanaCSIR- CRI, GhanaINERA, Burkina FasoINRAN, NigerIER, MaliABU, NigeriaNRCRI, NigeriaIITA, NigeriaNIHORT, NigeriaIRAD, CameroonEmbu Agricultural Staff TrainingCollege, KenyaLAUT, Nigeria
  23. 23. Supervisory visits(Research supervision by in-country and WACCI supervisors)
  24. 24. MentoringDr. Jeffrey D. Ehlers,Cowpea Breeder/Geneticist,University of California, Riverside.Joseph BatienoGCP Sponsored Student, WACCIJefffrey and Joseph have met face-to-face at WACCIon two occasions
  25. 25. Platform for NetworkingMaxwell Asante ,Ghana(Rice)Mamadou Coulibaly(Maize)Oppong Allen,Ghana(Maize)Edgar Traore, Burkina Faso(Rice)2ndCohort1stCohort
  26. 26. Facilities• High speed internet access and a video conferencingfacility• Access to electronic resources (TEEAL & AGORA)and the Mann Library, Cornell University• Access to the Biotechnology Centre, CA&CS, UG• A maize breeding programme with irrigation facilities
  27. 27. A maize Breeding Programme• 1,750 hybrids underevaluation• Arrangement with Seed Co,Zimbabwe to test hybridvarieties in multi-locationaltrials
  28. 28. Looking AheadExploring opportunities for win-win linkagesNARIs & other AIs
  29. 29. A criticalmass ofplantbreedersworking with farmers and seedenterprises to develop improvedvarieties to spark a Green Revolution inWest and Central Africa
  30. 30. Thank youOur first cohort, March 12, 2008
  31. 31. Advisory Board31Dr. Eugene Terry, Senior Technical Advisor, TransFarmAfrica, Washington DC(Chairman)Prof. E.Y.DanquahMemberProf. S. K. OffeiMemberProf. V. GracenMemberDr. R. MadakadzeAGRA Rep.Prof. R. CoffmanMemberProf. M. LaingACCI Rep.