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CloudLuxe Voice over IP


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Published in: Technology, Business
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CloudLuxe Voice over IP

  1. 1. ®MAXIMISEYOUR BUSINESSCOMMUNICATIONS CloudLuxe VOICECloudLuxe Voice is a versatile and cost effective solution that deliversthe benefits and cost savings of VoIP, enabling you to leverage yourexisting network for both voice and data.
  2. 2. MAXIMISE YOUR BUSINESS CloudLuxeCOMMUNICATIONS VOICE GCOMM provides enhancements for your business communications, by delivering voice services over an IP network at an economical CLOUD price on our CloudLuxe Voice gateway. LUXE CloudLuxe Voice helps you connect Not long ago, “business communications” only meant calling somebody. Or, maybe mingling at an industry awards party. Today’s business communications includes voice, data, Internet, and all kinds of applications. With these tools, it’s easy to connect to your employees, partners, and customers, whether they’re around the corner or on the other side of the world. CloudLuxe Voice is a versatile and a cost effective solution that delivers the benefits and cost savings of VoIP, enabling you to leverage your existing PABX and network for both voice and data. GCOMM’s turnkey solutions for your business communications include voice servicesCloudLuxe Voice is right at an economical price through our CloudLuxe Voice gateway.for you if you: How does it work?1. want to leverage your WAN investment to CloudLuxe Voice allows for calls to be made over GCOMM’s national network using deliver call cost savings business grade connectivity to achieve significant cost savings without compromising call quality. Businesses can make all of their calls via CloudLuxe Voice and considerably2. want to reduce total cost reduce their business call costs. of ownership (TCO)3. reduce your call costs by up to 50%4. need to increase or decrease your phone lines on demand MAXIMISING YOUR INVESTMENT SIP Licenses must be installed on your PABX, these licenses allow you to connect to the GCOMM CloudLuxe Voice gateway. Your business calls will then be routed via GCOMM’s network for significant cost savings without any call quality degradation. For more information call: 1300 221 115 or visit© 2011 GCOMM Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. 1
  3. 3. MAXIMISE YOUR BUSINESS CloudLuxeCOMMUNICATIONS VOICE Northbuild takes the advantage of cost-effective CloudLuxe Voice solutions Northbuild started using GCOMM’s CloudLuxe services in 2010. The company previously had problems with their interoffice network, which prevented them from using cost-effective Voip solution. GCOMM’s solution provided the new network with guaranteed bandwidth, private IP and failover. The network also enabled Northbuild to take advantage of cheaper calls through the CloudLuxe Voice service. Read More High Voice Quality SIP – the end of expensive calls We guarantee that customers receive the highest voice quality VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. The best-known example of a VoIP application with unprecedented reliability. is SIP or Session Initiation Protocol. SIP refers specifically to a language that allows computers or PABX’s to communicate to one another for the purpose of voice calls. Cost Savings It has become vitally important in recent years as the preferred way of making voice calls up to 50% for all call charges across the internet. VoIP & SIP are rapidly growing in popularity as millions of businesses with CloudLuxe Voice. seek to reduce their telephone bills by substituting their PSTN or ISDN services with lower call costs made using SIP. Easy to Use & Support SIP can be installed on a PABX via SIP trunks (often called a VoIP Line Card), and then SIP is simple and fast connected to the GCOMM Business SIP Service. Businesses can then make all of their to configure on your PABX. outbound calls via the SIP service and considerably reduce their telephony call costs. Reliability Features: We do not use the Internet to transport your calls like many IP only Voice trunks using the SIP standard From 1 line to 100’s of lines ‘retail’ VOIP providers do. No flag fall, Per second billing Utilises private network links Local, National, Mobile or International call New numbers available Scalability types supported The CloudLuxe Voice allows Business grade call quality Inbound and Outbound services you to use as many SIP trunks or lines as is required for your business. About GCOMM Established in 1996, GCOMM is highly experienced in the IT industry, with a proven track record of outstanding service and long term customer relationships. Specialising in the 1300 221 115 delivery of managed, enterprise grade cloud-based IT services to medium and large sized enterprises with multiple office locations, GCOMM is a multi-award winning technology company headquartered in Queensland, Australia. Get 7 days No Obligation Trial Seven days no obligation trial of CloudLuxe VOICE. Try the service Sign up now now and see the call savings for yourself. Sign up for this special offer.© 2011 GCOMM Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. 2
  4. 4. ®Address Phone 1300 221 115 Learn MoreGround Floor, Gateway Building, To find out more about how CloudLuxe50 Appel Street, Surfers Paradise, Voice can benefit your business, visitQueensland, Australia For Sales Enquiries please email 1300 221 116 a-service/voice-over-internet© 2011 GCOMM Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.