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A Deep Dive Implementing xAPI in Learning Games


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A presentation made by Stuart Claggett from Dig-iT! games on the journey to finding a new solution for collecting learning data from serious games. Learn how xAPI became the solution and how Dig-iT! games then took the project global launching an open-source community called GBlxAPI ( for using xAPI in games and creating a profile and deeper vocabulary for K-12 education has yet to embrace xAPI.

The session included references to free tools including an API for use with Unity3D game engine to simplify getting xAPI into games. Other tools include an xAPI design sheet to help you organize your learning data before implementing it in your organization and serious games.

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A Deep Dive Implementing xAPI in Learning Games

  1. 1. A Deep Dive on Implementing xAPI in Learning Games Research Support provided by DEVLEARN 2018
  2. 2. Potential xAPI Benefits Freedom from proprietary formats Transparent learning outcomes Openly exchange data with other educators Easier integration to other systems Very flexible for our industry Decreased training requirements Control over where student data is stored Easily share parent friendly reports Access to real-time reporting Available to any product on any device Vendor agnostic learning analysis & comparisons Track blended learning Standard formats for third party tools Simplified data collection
  3. 3. Prototype - JavaScript HTML5 Game Used existing libraries Reporting only in LRS Promising but not perfect
  4. 4. xAPI Can Become The Wild Wild West
  5. 5. Research Goals Transparent Interoperable Normalized Data Simple To Use FlexiblePrototype A Learning Analytics Platform
  6. 6. Learning Record Store Basic Reports Game 1 User DB SQL Optional API Mobile Web UI Services Layer Workflow/Rules R Interface Alerts/Messaging Widget/Algorithms One Dashboard Custom Dashboard Data Layer (Cubes) Reports and Graphs AI Engine Analysis & Advanced Reporting (optional) Game 2 App 3 GBLxAPI –Hosted or Your Server 1 2 3 Event Capture
  7. 7. Six Core Vocabulary Types xAPI Controlled Vocabulary in GBLxAPI Profile
  8. 8. Domain Extension Published Catalog (GBLxAPI Profile) PERMANENT URIs FOR LEARNING ACTIVITY CONTEXT @ GBLXAPI.ORG2450
  9. 9. Context Example in an xAPI Statement Extension xAPI id – Resolvable Permanent URI Name domain number and operations in base ten history subdomain problem solving skill calculation and computation patterns and relationships topic arithmetic focus addition/subtraction primary sources algebraic thinking action solve problems apply
  10. 10. Documentation on GitHub
  11. 11. Processed xAPI JSON From MongoDB SIMBA Connector via ODBC
  12. 12. Contextual Learning Experiences
  13. 13. Game Demo Join The Community @
  14. 14. xAPI is being adopted by Fortune 500 companies and the Federal Government Absolutely Not – xAPI is the E-Learning Data Specification for the Future
  15. 15. Summary  xAPI is Here– But We Are All Experimenting in Production  Track Learning and Non-learning Events in Games  Create a xAPI Design Document  Context Data – Create A Vocabulary Catalog for Normalization  Use xAPI Profiles Wherever Possible  Prototype – Then Make Continuous Improvements  Use existing reporting software if possible  Have a Data Management Plan
  16. 16. “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Steve Jobs