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Business of Mobile Apps


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Learn the basics of Mobile Apps Business. This presentation was from GBG Mumbai's event on Feb 22nd around the same topic.

Presentation by @sree_raman

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  • Mobile apps are the best tool to assist the business to any level of remote extent. This can be applied to any verticals and make the stream to be more successful.So this presentation provide us the complete picture about the mobile apps and its application and emergence in to the business.
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Business of Mobile Apps

  1. 1. The Business of Mobile Apps Feb 22nd 2014 @sree_raman | @shauryaBT #GBGmumbai | @GBGmumbai
  2. 2. The scope Apps for Business • Build and Bill Apps as a Business • Ideate, Build, Promote, Generate Revenue
  3. 3. Apps for Business
  4. 4. Apps for Business - The ‘Build & Bill’ Model • Reach your existing clients • Leverage your exiting design & programming team • Scale up from building simple apps to dynamic apps • Add further skills to deliver apps for all OS/Devices • Ancillary revenue through updating the apps as technology progress Press the right button! Apps for business are to be seen as a marketing expense, and not as a revenue generator.
  5. 5. Apps for Business – Mantra 1 1. Make customer’s life easy 2. Put a modern face to your business
  6. 6. Apps for Business – Mantra 2 1. Increase brand loyalty 2. Increase customer retention
  7. 7. Apps for Business – Mantra 3 1. Make employees life easy 2. Promote collaborated work possible 3. Leverage BYOD to your advantage
  8. 8. Apps for Business – Mantra 4 1. Fancy & Novelty apps – A virtual catalogue 2. Utility & Service
  9. 9. Apps as a Business
  10. 10. The basics of Apps ! n app for that There’s a Business
  11. 11. The fundamental Be it your time, money or resources
  12. 12. The need “Everything that can be invented has been invented” Charles H. Duell Commissioner, U.S. patent office, 1899
  13. 13. The need “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” - Henry Ford Don’t ask. Observe.
  14. 14. The need PC Reboot Handle Make it bulls#!t proof Poop Log Baby cry decipher
  15. 15. The problem Can I Imake Can make the cars the cars faster? faster? Enzo Ferrari Can I Iship Can ship stuff stuff overnight? overnight? Frederick W. Smith What’s the problem here? How to How to organize the organize the world’s world’s information? information? Larry Page & Sergey Brin Can we go Can we go beyond beyond SMS? SMS? Brian Acton & Jan Koum
  16. 16. The solution Solve one problem at a time, differently
  17. 17. The build 3 immutable laws • Is the problem completely solvable? • Is it practical? • Does the cost benefit make sense for the customer?
  18. 18. The build Get moving, that’s equally important
  19. 19. The marketing mantras • Getting listed in the app store is not a marketing strategy! • Social media, SEO & ASO are mere hygiene factors • Don’t wake up to marketing someday, practice it everyday. • Follow the 1-1-1 rule (Message, TG, CTA) • Tell a great story • Target influencers & get WOM • Think globally
  20. 20. The purpose Are your customers happy?
  21. 21. The monies • Who’s paying your bills? – Users or Advertisers • Challenge the existing systems • Look for ancillary revenues
  22. 22. Summary • Identify a need & provide a realistic solution • Match benefits to costs • Fail fast, get started and keep moving • Marketing is a commitment, not just a campaign • Have a purpose & think global • Money matter, think who’s paying your bills
  23. 23. Q&A Thank You! Sreeraman Thiagarajan @sree_raman