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Skills and training

  1. 1. The Energy Industry
  2. 2.  The Energy Industry is expanding throughout the United States bringing substantial job growth Since 2002, over 2.7 million jobs throughout the country have been created due to the exploration of natural gas deposits and oil drilling For this year alone, the shale boom has accounted for the creation of 33,000 new jobsFor more information
  3. 3.  While engineers remain the top need in the industry, the infrastructure requires the support of a variety of skilled workers Over 30 states experienced increased oil and gas employment numbers in the supply and service sector Moreover, transportation and manufacturing jobs have increased in order to meet the growing demands of the industryFor more information
  4. 4.  South Texas – Eagle Ford Shale • Learn More Western, North Dakota – Bakken Formation • Learn More Eastern, Montana – Bakken Formation • Learn More Pennsylvania, Marcellus Shale • Learn More
  5. 5.  The recent growth in job opportunities currently outnumbers skilled workers However, many professionals are looking for the chance to break into the oil and gas industry • The industry offers good pay and a long career PetroSkillsoffers comprehensive training for a variety of highly sought oil and gas skills
  6. 6.  Texas • UT’s PETREX offers oil and gas training in Houston and Odessa • Eagle Ford Shale compiled a list of locations where one can get oil and gas training Pennsylvania • ShaleTEC Shale Training and Education Center
  7. 7.  In early October, the University of Phoenix and the American Petroleum Institute announced an agreement to provide educational opportunities for current and potential oil and gas workers • The agreement is a further attempt by the University to align with the efforts of the workforce development arms of national industry association A recommendation guide has been developed including the API University’s Mechanical Maintenance, Electrical Maintenance, and Industrial Math and Science Certificates Both entities have welcomed the advice of industry leaders in order to develop programs where additional training is needed For more information
  8. 8.  Throughout the United States Oil and Gas careers are booming More people are moving to certain areas in large quantities The sudden influx in population requires even more help outside the oil and gas industry especially in service and retail
  9. 9.  To locate oil and gas career opportunities visit