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Shale boomeagleandbakken

  1. 1. The Shale Boom Eagle Ford Shale and Bakken ShaleGAS Unlimited Inc
  2. 2. A Quick Review • In 2011, 94% of gas consumed in the U.S. was domestically produced • The U.S. should be in a position to predominantly consume domestic gas for several years • Shale development should boost U.S. natural gas production nearly 29% in 25 years Read more: Shale GasGAS Unlimited Inc
  3. 3. GAS Unlimited Inc Texas EAGLE FORD
  4. 4. Eagle Ford Shale • 400 miles long and 60 miles wide • Spans the Texas-Mexico border out to areas of East Texas • The Texas Railroad Commission released numbers that put drilling permits issued this year (2012) close to 4300 • Last year alone over 43,000 jobs were created from Eagle Ford Shale activityGAS Unlimited Inc
  5. 5. Growing an Economy • South, Texas has often been characterized by high unemployment and poverty • Eagle Ford has generated an “employment boom” in the region • Recently, San Antonio hosted the “Texas Economic Development and Energy Job Fair” • Over 800 job seekers attended the eventGAS Unlimited Inc
  6. 6. Developing Employees • Experienced workers as well as those new to the industry are interested in relocating to the region • The oil and gas industry offers career stability and excellent pay especially in a state ranked as the largest oil- producer in the U.S. • Moreover, the sudden rise in population spurs the growth of other sectors – Road development, increased utilities, housing, and other service related industriesGAS Unlimited Inc
  7. 7. Company Expansion • Several companies have opened operations to accommodate growing activity and investment bringing with them hundreds of jobs – Halliburton: 1,500 workers – Schlumberger: 500 workers • Baker Hughes, Weatherford, and Forest Oil Corp. are all taking steps to ensure productivity in growth in the regionGAS Unlimited Inc
  8. 8. GAS Unlimited Inc Case Study Pleasanton, Texas • 35 miles South of San Antonio • The town has grown over 30% in 2 years • Located in the heart of Eagle – The population is recorded close to Ford Shale the town is a “hub” 8,600, but is estimated to exceed for oil and gas companies 11,500 invested in the shale formation • The town has experienced • In some locations, rent has nearly doubled ($ per sq ft/month) changes indicative of events occurring throughout the entire • RV parks require a 180-day moratorium region • Sales tax revenues for the year so far exceed the 2010 total by over $1 million
  9. 9. GAS Unlimited Inc North Dakota BAKKEN
  10. 10. Bakken Shale • 200,000 sq miles the Bakken Shale stretches under parts of Montana, North Dakota, and Saskatchewan • Drilling activity in North Dakota has been steadily rising for over 6 years • Horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing helped to increase the level of production • Recently, North Dakota surpassed Alaska and became the 2nd largest oil-producing stateGAS Unlimited Inc
  11. 11. Growing an Economy • Unemployment has dropped to under 3% in several counties • Job openings have outnumbered the jobless 10 to 1 in certain areas • The region has to overcome several obstacles (climate and housing shortages) to attract the number of workers needed • Some employers have raised wages and offer other “bonuses” to attract workersGAS Unlimited Inc
  12. 12. Developing Employees • Workers are moving to the region from all over the United States • The region’s growth has been spurred by the use of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling cementing the state’s position within the industry • Employees and development are needed in a variety of industry’s to accommodate the growthGAS Unlimited Inc
  13. 13. Company Expansion • Nakota Development Company based in Jacksonville, Florida has opened its first Value Place in the region • Enbridge has announced plans to build an oil pipeline to carry crude from North Dakota to Superior, Wisconsin • ExxonMobil agreed to buy Denbury Onshore’s assets for $1.6 billion increasing its acreage and production in the BakkenGAS Unlimited Inc
  14. 14. GAS Unlimited Inc Case Study Williston, N. Dakota ‘“We’ve had oil here for 560 years and we’ve had booms and busts. We never had anything as intense as we have now,”...’ Quote source • Williston is located at the center • The population has soared from 12,000 to 25,000 in 5 years of the shale formation • Housing prices have increased and the • The shale play was originally shortage continues despite nearly 4,500 discovered on property owned units being built in 2 years by a Williston farmer, Henry • The city estimates it will need about Bakken $615 million in public works over the next five years • Williston has experience rapid • Employee shortage exits throughout the growth and opportunity due to cities oil and gas industry but extend to Bakken Shale activity other industries including retail and medical
  15. 15. Challenges and Success • Shale development promises to enhance employment opportunities for those interested/experienced in the oil and gas industry as well as a variety of other professions: real estate, retail, service, etc. • The regions most directly affected by shale development experience increased opportunities, but face challenges associated with a rapidly increasing population • Areas where Shale activity is underway or being explored are “hot beds” for professionals and companiesGAS Unlimited Inc
  16. 16. GAS Unlimited Inc Shale Formations Recent News • Eagle Ford: • U.S. Regulators Struggle to Police Shale Energy Boom Report • Bakken Shale: • U.S. Energy Data Delayed by Budget Fight: EIA Report • Utica Shale: • Shale: A Game Changer for the U.S. Economy • Shale Digest: Report • Utica Shale is More Than A Shale Play m
  17. 17. Oil and Gas Career Opportunities Visit and check out the latest job opportunities Resumes can be sent to jobs(at)gasunlim(dot)comGAS Unlimited Inc
  18. 18. Information gathered from: N.Dakota Growing Emerald Oil Acreage Acquisition Enbridge Oil Pipeline ExxonMobil Expands Operations Seeking Workers in the Oil Patch Prosperity and Problems to South Texas Pleasanton: Prime Location Eagle Ford Shale Attracts Job Seekers Eagle Ford Employment BoomGAS Unlimited Inc
  19. 19. GAS Unlimited Inc 15999 City Walk Suite 200 Sugar Land, Texas 77479Visit Us Online: