Energy sectorjobs


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Energy sectorjobs

  1. 1. GAS Unlimited Inc
  2. 2. The Energy Sector Wants YOU! Math, Science & ComputersGAS Unlimited Inc
  3. 3. Technology • The Energy Industry has been reshaped! – Streamlined operations, increased production, and improved distribution • The oil and gas industry is no longer “lumbering and old school” – Energy companies have invested in improved technology capabilities ArticleGAS Unlimited Inc
  4. 4. Employees • Over the next few years, the oil and gas industry will need skilled and unskilled works in the field • Engineers, scientists, and technicians will also be sought throughout the industry • Technology-related energy jobs will continue to grow – Math, science, and computer backgrounds will remain in high demand ArticleGAS Unlimited Inc
  5. 5. Job Growth • If the U.S. successfully begins taking advantage of domestic resources, energy opportunities will be generated • Estimates are that a majority of U.S. domestic job growth will develop from the production of shale ArticleGAS Unlimited Inc
  6. 6. Growth Projection • The Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that from 2010-2020 oil and gas extraction jobs will increase by 23,000 • However, electric and natural gas utilities are expected to decrease by 47,000 jobs – While new technologies require more workers in the oil and gas industry, newer and larger facilities have improved utility plants – Nonetheless, the automation of energy grids will generate new jobs specifically in the area of information technology ArticleGAS Unlimited Inc
  7. 7. Oil and Gas Demand • Domestic oil and gas exploration and production generates a need for information technology specialists – An example of positions that company’s will be looking to fill include: petroleum, reservoir, and software engineer; database administrator; field service technicians; wireline operators; geologists, geophysicist and geoscientist • Some predict that demand will be highest for skilled labor: drill-rig operators; mechanics; welders; and unskilled labor ArticleGAS Unlimited Inc
  8. 8. Training Opportunities GE: Oil & Gas Technical Training CWC School for Energy Training Courses North Central Texas College PetroSkills - Worlds Leading Petroleum Training Alliance Oil & Gas Production for Non Technical Managers John M. Campbell & Co. - Provider of PetroSkills facilities training UT - Global Learning Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry, PETEX Energy Training Resources Oil and Gas Training: On-Demand E-Learning Eagle Ford Oil & Gas Training and Education: List of services and colleges Next: Oil and Gas Technical Training and Career DevelopmentGAS Unlimited Inc
  9. 9. Oil and Gas Career Opportunities – Visit – Click on Job Opportunities – Be sure to sign up for job alerts ArticleGAS Unlimited Inc
  10. 10. Information gathered from “Math, Science, and Computer Students: The Energy Sector Wants You” by David Hatch To read more, click hereGAS Unlimited Inc