The Secret To Shedding Your HR Administrative Burdens


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The Secret To Shedding Your HR Administrative Burdens: Outsourcing Provides You the Time You Need to Tend to the Business You Love

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The Secret To Shedding Your HR Administrative Burdens

  1. 1. The Secret To Shedding Your HR Administrative Burdens Produced & Distributed by G&A Partners 1
  2. 2. Position Your Company For Success The Secret To Shedding Your HR Administrative Burdens: Outsourcing Provides You the Time You Need to Tend to the Business You Love Remember back when you started your business. Whether it was twenty months ago or twenty years ago, you started your business because you had a passion and a vision. Chances are that vision didn’t include sitting behind a desk for hours on end managing the tedious tasks associated with employment law and human resource administration. Yet there you are all the same. Worst of all, while you’re tending to those administrative burdens, you aren’t able to focus on the business you love or the role you are most passionate about, whether that’s new product development, sales and marketing, customer service, or management and mentoring. At G&A Partners, a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and HR outsourcer, we recognize that human resources is integral to your company’s business, but it isn’t your core business, nor is it your area of expertise, so why should it occupy an inordinate amount of your time? Outsourcing your administrative and human resources functions can provide you the time you need to tend to the business you love. Administrative Tasks that Burden You and Your Business: • Payroll Processing • Workers’ Comp & Safety • Benefits Reconciliation • State Unemployment Claims 2
  3. 3. Position Your Company For Success Payroll Processing Because you can’t escape payroll, outsourcing pays off. When you have people, you have payroll. There is no escaping it. However, payroll processing is a tedious and time-intensive task that allows little margin for error and is usually well outside most companies’ area of expertise. Not surprisingly, payroll is one administrative burden that most companies are quick to outsource, but when you outsource with some payroll service providers, you spend as much time and effort preparing reports as you would administering payroll itself. Instead, you may want to partner with an integrated HR service provider that can bundle payroll services with a time and labor tracking system. With two compatible systems, you can limit errors and expedite payroll by eliminating the need to input pages and pages of data. Of course, you may prefer an ala carte payroll processing solution. Qualified HR service providers can do that too, pairing highly-trained payroll specialists with best-in-class systems to expertly manage the entire payroll process from start to finish. Employees get paychecks that are accurate and on time, and you get to focus on your passion instead of your payroll. Outsourcing payroll can deliver the following benefits and features: • Automated payroll system • Potential to link payroll directly to time tracking system • Enhanced payroll timeliness and accuracy • Option of paper paychecks, direct deposit or pay cards • Manager and employee self-service application • Ability to allocate dollars by department, project or job • Monitor and manage paid-time-off (PTO) • Process garnishments • Assume responsibility and liability for remitting taxes & tax returns • Prepare W2 & W3 reconciliation • Generate and submit certified payroll Workers’ Comp & Safety The best defense against workplace risk is prevention … and a strong safety net. Employees equate to risk for any company. There is the potential for accidents and injuries on the job, and there is the possibility of mistakes or mismanagement that can lead to litigation. Fortunately, many risks are manageable, especially when you rely on a safety net. When you outsource with an HR service provider, you receive tactical support in the areas of workers’ comp and safety to help your company manage and mitigate its risks. 3
  4. 4. Position Your Company For Success Accidents do happen. An integrated HR service provider, with workers’ comp experts on staff, will be able to manage your employees’ claims and oversee a return-to-work program. In addition, some service providers can also offer competitively-priced, A-rated workers’ compensation coverage that meets the strictest standards required to compete for federal, state, municipal, and Fortune 1000 contracts. And, as an added bonus, because HR service providers can aggregate their clients’ claims, some may even be able to help your company secure and lock in a lower Experience Modifier Rate (EMR), which may help you reduce the cost of your workers’ comp coverage. Of course, prevention is the best defense, so you should partner with a service provider who has highly-qualified safety and risk management professionals on staff to help implement and administer a safety program that ensures that your company complies with federal safety standards. More importantly, you want a partner who can ensure that your employees are familiar with safety protocols and trained to follow appropriate procedures in the event of an emergency or incident. Additional workers’ compensation and safety services could include: • Risk assessments • Safety policies & handbooks • Safety incentive programs • OSHA compliance • Investigation of fraudulent claims Benefits Reconciliation Providing good benefits for your employees is only half the battle – to administer them you need the benefit of a good partner. These days so much effort goes into securing good, affordable benefits that some employers forget that once they’ve line up those benefits, they need to administer them. Yet that’s where things get especially complicated. Effective benefits reconciliation is not for the weak-hearted. To do it right takes knowledge, diligence and keen attention to detail. To do it wrong means unnecessary costs and even potential lawsuits and litigation. You don’t have to fight this battle alone. Most integrated HR service providers have skilled teams of dedicated benefit specialists on staff to oversee and administer your benefit plans and accurately and timely reconcile your employee’s benefit claims. From online benefits enrollment to employee notifications to terminations and COBRA administration, outsourcing can deliver a comprehensive turnkey administrative and reconciliation service – so while your employees are enjoying the benefits of employment, you’re not worrying about the hassles of benefits. 4
  5. 5. Position Your Company For Success Here’s specifically how an HR outsourcer can help with your benefits: • New Hire Enrollments – Sends enrollment materials to eligible new hires and coordinates their enrollment in the plan options they elect. • Terminations – When a worker terminates their employment, executes the necessary steps to terminate the employee’s coverage so your company never incurs unnecessary carrying costs. • COBRA Administration – Manages COBRA activity from an employee’s initial enrollment, though any status and life event changes, and up until termination of their coverage. • State Continuation Administration – Oversees State Continuation activity involving status and life event changes through to termination of employment. • HIPAA – Coordinates and distributes HIPAA initial rights notifications. • Invoice Reconciliation – Oversees the payment and reconciliation of your health benefit invoices to ensure the appropriate collection of employee benefit contributions. • 401(k) – Implements and administers your plan and serves as fiduciary for the plan if necessary. State Unemployment Claims Managing state unemployment claims is a painstaking task. When you outsource the task, the job is done, pain-free. Letting employees go is never easy. It’s difficult for the employees of course, but it can be painful for you as an employer too. Sometimes you can’t help but feel disappointment, guilt or stress. And then there’s the tedious paperwork and painstaking processes associated with state unemployment claims. No one can help you avoid the emotions that accompany a layoff or termination, but an HR service provider can help you avoid the painful process and potential risks associated with unemployment claims. Knowledgeable HR professionals have extensive experience managing and administering State “With continuous oversight and rigorous Unemployment Insurance (SUI) claims, as well as COBRA insurance, attention to detail, experts can ensure and more. They can reconcile the job is done so you can focus on more unemployment payroll taxes and productive, less painful endeavors.” process claims to ensure your company incurs no unnecessary charges. With continuous oversight and rigorous attention to detail, experts can ensure the job is done so you can focus on more productive, less painful endeavors. 5
  6. 6. Position Your Company For Success Conclusion Unless you are passionate about procedures and paperwork, human resources and the administrative burdens associated with it will never be where your heart is. Balancing your core business with your company’s back office processes, however, needn’t be acrimonious. You can create an amicable relationship between the two when you engage an HR service provider. Whether you need turnkey HR operations or merely supplemental support, PEOs and HR outsourcers can deliver the human resources and administrative support your company needs and relieve you of the tedious tasks that keep you bound to your desk. At the end of the day, alleviating your administrative burdens by introducing experienced people and exceptional processes to your business can ensure you are free to spend time doing what you love. 6