HR Transformation Through Technology


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This webinar was posted on June 26, 2012 and presented by Evan Tierce, SPHR.

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HR Transformation Through Technology

  1. 1. HR TransformationThrough TechnologyEvan Tierce, SPHRTechnology Implementations Mgr.G&A Partners
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda•  Overview–  The HR technology industry. What’s hot and what’s not?Who’s “winning” with technology and why?•  Desired Outcomes–  Operational & Strategic•  Technology’s Role–  What is it exactly and how does it work?•  Return on Investment–  Show me the money!•  Q&A
  3. 3. Overview“Business transformation throughtalent management technology”•  HR = Organization itself•  Leveraging your greatest asset alsomeans mitigating against yourgreatest liability.
  4. 4. Human Capital Technology•  $140 billion +•  Current trends–  Cloud-based and mobile solutions development–  Social tools and self-service incorporating rapidly–  Integrated platforms expanding (internally/externally,vertically/laterally)–  Analytics are more easily accessed–  Target markets emerging•  State of acquisition–  SAP, SuccessFactors–  Oracle, Taleo–, Rypple–  Cornerstone Ondemand, Sonar6
  5. 5. Utilization•  Who’s using human capital technology?–  Companies of all sizes and industries–  Process and quality-oriented organizations–  Pay-for-performance organizations–  Existing HCT subscribers•  What’s working?–  Phased implementations–  Managed change throughout implementation–  Holistic incorporation–  Consistency•  What isn’t working?–  Technology as the sole solution–  Unilateral implementation–  Data silos–  Too much technology
  6. 6. Operational Outcomes“Begin with the end in mind”•  Increased operationalefficiency•  Strengthened compliance•  Reduced costs•  Increased revenues•  Third-party influencers
  7. 7. Strategic OutcomesAsk yourself these critical questions…•  How will technology help me hire the bestpeople?•  How will technology help translate individualperformance into organizational performance?•  How can technology help employees performtheir jobs better tomorrow than they do today?•  How can technology help my team spend moretime GROWING the business?
  8. 8. Implementation“Measure twice, cut once”•  Existing systems•  Current Resources•  Time-to-Implement•  System Adoption
  9. 9. DefinitionsCloud  LMS  SaaS  ATS  Mul--­‐Tenant  HCM  Integrated  Unified  Talent  Mgmt.  EPM  E-­‐Learning  PEPM  On-­‐demand  Self-­‐service  
  10. 10. Vendor SampleSAP  Cornerstone  On-­‐Demand   Peoplefluent   Kronos  SumTotal   Kenexa   bSwiI   HireRight   HR  Toolbench  Vana   Sapien   TalentWise   Oracle   SuccessFactors  Taleo   Ceridian  Ul-mate  SoIware  Workday   TALX  Visier   Saba   Ascen-s   HR  Smart   Silk  Road  
  11. 11. G&A MethodologyRecruit  Onboard  Track  Perform  Reward  Develop  
  12. 12. G&A Sample Solution Set•  Technology Solutions:–  Applicant Tracking System–  Onboarding System–  Time & Labor Management System–  Performance Management System–  *Learning Management System–  *Benefits Management System–  >>HRIS
  13. 13. Applicant Tracking (ATS)•  Automates and standardizes thesourcing, recruiting, assessment, andhiring processes.•  Capabilities•  Create, manage, and store jobrequisitions•  Distribute internal and externaljob postings•  Perform detailed candidatesearches•  Customize job applications•  Assign candidate questions andranking•  Manage interview scheduling•  Conduct candidate assessments •  Run custom reports
  14. 14. ATS Features
  15. 15. Onboarding•  Automates new hire data capture,form management, andcommunications•  Capabilities•  Web accessible •  Capture E-signature•  Manage Form W-4 and I-9 •  Send automated notifications•  Real-time data validation •  Customize form workflows•  File forms digitally and securely •  Leverage systems integration
  16. 16. Onboarding Features
  17. 17. Time & Attendance (T&A)•  Replaces manual processes related tocapturing, managing, and reportingtime•  Capabilities•  Multiple time capture options •  Employee self-service•  Track PTO, vacation, and sickleave•  Track overtime•  Manage job costing •  Create and distributeschedules•  Track and notifycertification / skill cycles•  HRIS integration
  18. 18. T&A Features
  19. 19. Performance Mgmt. (PM)•  Automates and standardizes themanagement of job competencies,goals, and performance evaluations.•  Capabilities•  Create SMART, company-alignedgoal plans•  Administer tailored performancereviews•  Conduct 360 multi-rater reviews •  Track performance withfeedback tools•  Use writing assistant andcoaching support tools•  Customize review workflows•  Utilize succession planning tools •  Create organizational charts
  20. 20. PM Features
  21. 21. ROI factors to consider…•  Applicant Tracking–  Reduced labor costs, expenses, and process leaks–  Improved quality of hire–  Reduced time-to-fill–  Reduced turnover•  Onboarding–  Improved first impressions = reduced 90-day turnover–  Reduced paper, printing, and mailing expenses–  Less data entry and opportunity for manual error•  Time & Attendance–  Reduced labor expense relating to time collection, calculation,and payroll preparation–  Eliminated time card fraud / time theft–  Reduced unauthorized overtime expense–  Eliminated PTO policy abuse
  22. 22. PM ROI•  Goal alignment•  High potentials /succession•  Employeeengagement•  Employmentdecision support
  23. 23. Summary•  HR technologies are providing practicalsolutions to modern workforce issues.•  Small and mid-sized companies areincreasingly utilizing technology toimprove their bottom line and maximizeworkforce productivity.•  Technology selection and implementationbest-practices are keys to success.•  Significant ROI’s are being achieved.
  24. 24. More Information•  Resources:– Gartner– Bersin & Associates– The Aberdeen Group– Nucleus Research– Towers Watson– Aon Hewitt– Vendor whitepapers and researcharticles
  25. 25. Q&AWhat questions do you have?
  26. 26. Thank YouG&A Partners is a Houston-based HR and administrativeservices company that manages human resources, benefits,payroll, accounting and risk management for growingbusinesses. G&A maintains offices in Houston, Dallas, SanAntonio, Austin, College Station, Corpus Christi, Arizona andUtah. For more information about the company, or call 713.784.1181Please send questions to