How to Find, Motivate, and Retain your Top Talent


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How to Find, Motivate, and Retain your Top Talent

  1. 1. How to Find, Motivate, andRetain Your Top TalentPresented by:Dr. Virginia D. Moody
  2. 2. Why Should You Listen to Me?40 years in the industry•  HR career as a volunteer, then as recruiterfor the Department of Defense;•  A Special Emphasis Program Manager forhiring special “groups” of hard to findcareer positions (women engineers,women aircraft mechanics, physicians,American Indian workers, etc. world wide.2  
  3. 3. Open Your Creative Mind…Dare to be different, do different!3  
  4. 4. Why Should You Listen to Me?•  HR is my bread and butter–  Career / Executive / Life Coaching–  Professional Speaker / Seminar Leader–  Change Management / Special Events–  Executive & Employee Development•  My Lifelines–  I have a powerful network of professionalrecruiters and HR Professionals–  I belong to Powerful Mastermind Groups–  I belong to awesome associations4  
  5. 5. So, Let’s Get Rolling…•  There’s tons and tons of informationon this subject, but•  There is nothing new under the sun•  We are going to chat about what youalready know in a “process” formatthat can be easily repeated back atyour desk5  
  6. 6. Let’s Begin with “Facts” …84% of people already hired arelooking for their next best job inanother company.This number is up 60% from theprevious year.(Manpower, January 2011)6  
  7. 7. Let’s Pause here for a Poll…•  Who do we have listening in today?Please share your role/ responsibilityin your organization on line now so Ihave an idea of who I am hanging outwith this afternoon. Examples:Recruiter, Payroll, Employee Relations,Talent Manager, etc.). Thanks!7  
  8. 8. Thank you!So before going further, thank youfor being here with me. Feel free toask questions along the way and I’lldo my best to answer now or if timeruns out, we’ll do it later via email.Let’s get started with the Agenda8  
  9. 9. ENERGY DRIVES PERFORMANCEThe higher your energy level, themore efficient your bodyThe more efficient your body, thebetter you feel and the more youwill use your talent to produceoutstanding results.9  
  10. 10. TODAY’S AGENDAHOW TO (Invest in Talent):•  Attract the Right Talent•  Grow Your “Engaged” Talent•  Retain Your Talent•  Reward Your Talent•  Build/Maintain a Legacy Culture•  Create an Environment of Loyalty•  WoW them … and they will WoW You!10  
  11. 11. FIRST, THINK ABOUT THIS…•  Stop and think about the bestexperience you’ve ever had doingone of the following:– Being “courted” for a new position– Recruiting for an open position– Hiring an employee to fill a position– Planning the Succession Plan with theright talent (people) in mind– Selling yourself to a great company11  
  12. 12. Attract the Right Employees•  Know Your Competition–  Other Companies who what the right employees–  Prior Colleagues•  Sell Your Benefits to match Needs & Wants–  Gen XYZ, QPT (smile)–  35+ers–  50+ers and - 65+ers•  Tell Your Story: Your Culture & Reputation–  Value Alignment (Profiles)–  Care, Respect & Trust12  
  13. 13. Grow Your Talent•  On boarding (Critical)– Organizational History– Culture, Values, and Uniqueness– Standards and Opportunities forCreativity and Innovation•  Personal Learning Opportunities•  “Stretch” Opportunities•  Collaboration and Engagement13  
  14. 14. Retain the WoW Talent•  Right “fit” through individual assessmentsand job match•  Create Opportunities for Success andProgress•  Lifelong Learning (from each other, formaleducation, training & benchmarkopportunities)•  Succession Planning (grow your own)•  Balance “new” blood with “old” blood14  
  15. 15. Reward Great Talent•  Define Rewards (for employees)•  Develop a Fair Reward System– Everyone can be a winner– Everyone can be a teacher– Everyone can reward others they catchdoing great things•  Tie Rewards to Customer Satisfaction•  Tie Rewards to Innovation/Creativity•  Communicate “wins”15  
  16. 16. Clearly Articulate your “Legacy”Culture•  Build/Enhance an Incredible History– Employees participate in “telling thestory”– Customers contribute to the story•  Make it a “Generational” Legacy•  Make What You Do an “Experience” forboth the internal worker and the customer•  Create the image of “Care” & “Trust”16  
  17. 17. Create an Environment ofEmployee Loyalty•  Understand the power of loyalty•  Understand and activate trust inemployee abilities and coach them tosuccess•  Highlight appropriately and coachthem to reflect the good of thecompany•  Provide an “experience” foremployees as well as for customers17  
  18. 18. WoW Them…•  Wow …–  Imagine a work environment….(complete thissentence)–  Imagine great employees …–  Imagine a job title that …–  Imagine a manager that …–  Imagine leadership that …–  Imagine you accepting an award for…–  Imagine employees accepting awards…•  Create the “experience” for success!18  
  19. 19. Now What?A CALL TO ACTION– Regardless your position within theorganization, do your part to help newpeople feel welcomed and a part of thefamily– Engage the hearts and minds in problemsolving and sharing their best … for allemployees– Be a model and a coach19  
  20. 20. So the process, again:•  Know your needs•  Ensure job descriptions are accurate•  Ensure you keep connected to yourorganizational managers “before”they have a need and understandtheir business•  Use Assessment Tools20  
  21. 21. So, the process again (cont)•  Attract the “right people”•  Hire the “right people”•  Provide success opportunities andgrowth opportunities•  Reward (define reward in theemployee’s own language)•  Communicate/highlight success•  Get at the table, stay at the table!21  
  22. 22. Lastly, USE YOUR RESOURCES…•  Outstanding companies designed to assistyou (Like G&A)•  Assessment tools to help you hire, growand retain great employees (Like ProfilesInternational)•  Great coaches, employee developers (likeMoody & Associates…that’s me)•  Your own mentor skills and networks22  
  23. 23. RECOMMENDED RESOURCES•  The Tipping Point (Gladwell)•  7 Habits of Successful People(Covey)•  The Speed of Trust (Covey)•  Leadership Charisma (Haney &Sirbasku)•  Any John C. Maxwell books•  Any Peter Drucker books23  
  24. 24. RECOMMENDED RESOURCES•  National Association of HumanResources; SHRM, ASTD, Recruiters’Associations•  G&A Partners•  Moody & Associates (210.365.2240)•  Harrington Strategies (Profiles)•  Video: Who Moved My Cheese24  
  25. 25. Thank you!25  
  26. 26. Contact InformationDr. Virginia D. Moody, CEOMoody & Associateswww.moody-associates.comPlease send questions toinfo@gnapartners.com26