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Tempo Social Communities for Business


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Social Business

Social media from the consumer world is driving profound change in the business world. It’s changing the way employees engage with each other and with customers, supporting collaboration and knowledge sharing that crosses boundaries and enabling organizations to become more productive and innovative. “Social business” is one way to describe this new environment, which replaces static intranet or extranet sites with social communities and collaborative team sites, supplanting linear processes with spontaneous innovation.

Add social capabilities and applications to your current business processes in a safe and compliant way

Cultivate a collaborative culture that fuels productivity and innovation by bringing people and ideas together in online communities that can extend beyond the enterprise

Tap into your company’s collective knowledge, locate experts and expertise, and automatically record lessons learned for future projects

Enable online conversations between your user and your customers – whether in a B2B, B2E or B2C environment

Measure the impact of your marketing and social media efforts and use that feedback to readjust strategy and processes

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Tempo Social Communities for Business

  1. 1. Tempo Social: A Better Way to WorkCreate connections in the enterpriseFlatten barriers of information sharingDramatically improve collaboration 1
  2. 2. Tapping into the collective intelligence in theEnterprise to develop new ideas and solutions forincreased profitability and growth.
  3. 3. Breaking down the silos to encourage and equipcollaborative decision-making across the Enterprise.
  4. 4. Inspiring a better way to work by moving themonologues in emails to dialogues in a communitysetting.
  5. 5. Shifting the communication method from top down tomany to many, facilitating more participative andcollaborative communications.
  6. 6. Connecting teams and their skills on a global scale toimprove and enhance collaborative businessrelationships.
  7. 7. Creating a system of engagement to increase valueand adoption, tied to a system of record that is secureand governed.
  8. 8. Scaling not just to how many users but how it fits intowhat they do. 8
  9. 9. Social Collaboration now in the Cloud!Enabling and improving social collaboration andaccess to information, while reducing the IT resourcesnecessary to maintain and serve up information. 9
  10. 10. Tempo Social Features
  11. 11. Tempo Social | A Better Way to Work
  12. 12. A Digital Dashboard for People and Communities Allows teams to focus, work efficiently, and connect with relevant resources and expertise throughout the organization.
  13. 13. Communities Creation  Choose to layer social features in as needed, such as a presentation library, wikis, blogs, calendars etc.
  14. 14. Personal Blog Write multiple blog articles on your profile page Allow others to write articles on your profile pageControl who can comment on your Blog articles
  15. 15. Social Search Search results bucketed into three categories – Content, People & Community Ability to filter content based on various parameters
  16. 16. Follow PeopleFollow people from their user profile, mini profile, search results, activity feed etc View a list of your followers & people following you
  17. 17. Online presence & Instant Messaging Online presence available from along with the user name across the site Click on the presence icon to start a chat session Provided using a integration with “Ignite OpenFire”
  18. 18. File Library – Collaborative document management  Create folders & nested folders  Upload multiple versions of multiple document types  Lock, Check in & Check out files  Comment, rate & tag files
  19. 19. What is it? Is it right for me? VM Ware Private cloud instance for social Preference for software and services to be collaboration to connect my teams and managed and supported externally work more effectively Subscription license (incl. maintenance) Easy to buy, easy to use , quick to deploy Immediate implementation and deployment Includes on going management of l client upgrades ,device support , and OT Cloud Can add additional storage as required services No new infrastructure requirements (ex. new Includes cloud storage servers)
  20. 20. Why Tempo Social, Cloud Editions? Unique Selling Propositions  Flexible deployment options: Available on-premise and private cloud  Greater security: Tempo Social uses a private cloud with a dedicated customer installation whereas most cloud apps leverage a multi-tenanted deployment. Tempo Social has the same quick and easy deployment with maximum security.  Consistent service at all level user thresholds: Tempo Social is deployed with enterprise level security and features from 100 to 50,000+ users.  Social Workplace Out of the Box: A unique combination of activity feeds, communities, and dashboards, as well as individual and team profiles. An application that is easy to use, intuitive and requires little training.
  21. 21. Same User Experience Web On Premise Installation ..... Now with flexible deployment options On Premise Edition Cloud Edition
  22. 22. Tempo Social, licensing and pricing CPU | Extranet Per User | Intranet Cloud Edition  Perpetual license  Perpetual license  $30.00 per user per month  Plus maintenance  Plus maintenance  Program fee of  Starting at 500 $210,000. Includes users @ $200.31 first two CPU core  Subject to volume and 2 additional discounts  Subject to volume discounts
  23. 23. Coming Soon | Tempo Social + Tempo BoxFiles that are :  On the move and available on multiple devices  Available within the context of your departmental or business communities  Access, edit and upload from web, mobile or desktop  Secure, safe & regulatory compliant  Provide social engagement – rate, tag, comment , Activity feed etc.