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OpenText Social Workplace (OTSW) creates a fast and effortless environment for team collaboration. It helps teams to focus, work efficiently, and connect with relevant resources and expertise throughout the organization.

OTSW crosses geography, hierarchy and the fast pace of work to bring together the right people at the right time to get their jobs done. It helps people form, think, and act as a team.

We know that the real key to organizational success, however, is in getting people on board with the mission - the purpose, the impact, the cause of the organization. This unlocks people's true interest in contributing, and activates real collaboration. We'd like to help you show the world what a purpose-driven organization can do when it's enabled with the right technology.

It's easy to use, easy to own - and it supports the real needs of an enterprise: mobility, security, and information governance. OTSW runs out of the box, in the cloud or in your IT facility.

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