The October 2012 Issue of the J-9 "FOCAL POINT!" NEWSLETTER


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The October 2012 Issue of the J-9 "FOCAL POINT!" NEWSLETTER

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The October 2012 Issue of the J-9 "FOCAL POINT!" NEWSLETTER

  1. 1. CA L POINT! JOINT STAFF, FO GEORGIA DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE A Newsletter Production of theSpecial points of interest: J-9 Joint and Family Services Directorate THE GEORGIA GUARD SUPPORTS SCHOOLS Volume 3, Issue 13 October 30, 2012 RCA Car Show Halloween Safety The Best and Worst Hallow- een Candy FOUNDING FATHERS SE- RIES GEORGIA Pictured left to Right: SPECIAL EVENTS NATIONAL GUARD Kathy Conger - Parent Involvement Coordinator and JROTC DONATES SCHOOL Secretary BREAST CANCER SFC John Roland - Georgia Army National Guard Recruiter AWARENESS SUPPLIES Dr. Russ Chesser - Principal STOP.WALK.TALK SFC John Roland, recruiter with Dr. April Smith - Assistant Principal the Georgia Army National Alex Apperson - Student Guard and Partner in Education Sgt. Major Russ Beard - JROTC Instructor and Athletic Di- with Worth County High School rector delivered school supplies for the Georgia York - Math Teacher 2012-13 school year.Inside this issue:THE GEORGIA 1GUARD SUPPORTSOUR SCHOOLSRCA Car Show 2Halloween 3SafetyThe Best and 4Worst HalloweenCandyFounding Fathers: 4Button GwinnettSPECIAL EVENTS 5BREAST CANCER 5AWARENESS From the Worth County School System Website at: file:///C:/Users/CHIEFBEAR/ AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/Temporary%20Internet%20Files/STOP.WALK.TALK 6 Content.Outlook/BH2JP0N7/Worth%20County%20Schools.htm
  2. 2. Page 2By CW2 Barry Long You can imagine my elation when the GA Dept of Defense Public Affairs Office and the Flight Control Officer for the Georgia Army National Guard’s 78th Aviation Troop Command contacted me with news that CW3 Hedrick and 1LT Matos would be bringing a HH-60M “Mike Model” MEDEVAC Blackhawk to the event. The “Mike Model” MEDEVAC is the Army’s latest tool for bringing our military personnel safely out of life-or-death situations. The life-flight capa- bilities on this aircraft provide “better-than-ever” capabilities to save Serviceperson’s lives. Although, like all such systems, it has its up and downs, it is an amazing machine. To see thousands of children, young adults and parents experiencing our incredible tool for life was amazing.Every year the Rockdale Career Academy in Con-yers, GA holds a car show to enhance its footprint The children dreamed dreams of flying, the teenagersin the community, call attention to the out- and young adults re-evaluated their futures, and thestanding programs it offers, showcase its Public adults variously reminisced about their past historySafety, Culinary and Automotive Repair Pro- (as veterans or kids) when they experienced such agrams, and to provide non-profit financial sup- machine. The local lifesaving helicopter teams cameport to non-funded programs and student needs. over from their corporate base and issued “oohs!”The Rockdale Career Academy is an integral part and “aahs!” over the massive and amazing toolof the Rockdale County School System, providing provided to save military and civilian lives.enhanced college-level skills programs that givehigh school students a wider range of opportuni- The event was a resounding success, our flight crewties for college acceptance, technical school access, had fun, and amazing came alive for everyone. Enjoyand jobs in the community. the pictures, they speak louder than words.Since both of my sons attend RCA this year, andboth are deeply involved in many of the programsshowcased at the Car Show, RCA contacted me forthe second year in a row to gain a cake-toppershowpiece for the show. They requested a heli-copter. Last year they received a Lakota helicop-ter for the show. This year, with a fun fair added,and the local law-enforcement and Fire Depart-ments also engaged in the program, I decided toask for a MEDEVAC Blackhawk.
  3. 3. Page 3 By CW2 Jennifer Long who we are opening our door to. come entangled in webbing or CO, A Co, 4/1, GSDF This is especially important extension cords, which are"What fearful shapes and when the young children are harmful if ingested. Save theshadows beset his path, finished trick-or-treating, and candy for the kids. Chocolate isamidst the dim and only the “big” people are still toxic for both cats and dogs, andghastly glare of a snowy roaming around. candy containing xylitol can also A majority of Halloween cause them problems. Our furrynight! With what wistful costumes are made of dark companions will be excitedlook did he eye every material. Make sure your about the evening, which couldtrembling ray of light child has a flashlight, reflec- make them bolt when the doorstreaming across the tive material, or glow sticks opens. Keeping them in anotherwaste fields from some to help them be seen. Props room will ensure they do not getdistant window! How such as swords should be lost. If they walk with you, they flexible and not actually have may be more protective thanoften was he appalled by Our teenage boys are getting sharp edges. Also, make sure any usual due to the number of peo-some shrub covered with excited about Halloween! masks or hoods do not impair ple walking around in the dark.snow, which, like a Though they are a little old for their vision. Take extra care Always keep them on a leash. Ifsheeted spectre, beset his Trick-or-Treating, they really when driving, particularly when they appear stressed, it would be enjoy transforming our home passing parked cars in a best to end their trick-or-very path! How often did into a haunted house that is a neighborhood. The kids are ex- treating activities for the eve-he shrink with curdling favorite destination for kids in cited and possibly already on a ning.awe at the sound of his our neighborhood! If you plan on sugar rush, so they may not be Unfortunately there are peo-own steps on the frosty participating in Halloween activi- watching out for you.crust beneath his feet; and ties this year, there are some Speaking of the dreaded sugar suggestions to help make it a safe rush…Feed your kids a heartydread to look over his and fun evening. meal before they go out in searchshoulder, lest he should Everyone loves jack-o-lanterns! of treats, and they will be lessbehold some uncouth There are carving kits available likely to devour the whole bagbeing tramping close that do not use sharp blades and before they return home! It isbehind him! and how often are a great choice for kids. You still a good idea to check the could also have your child draw treats before allowing them towas he thrown into the face they want on the pump- eat them. Look for signs of tam-complete dismay by some kin, and you do the carving for pering, spoilage, or candy that is ple out there who do not haverushing blast, howling them! There are lots of other not wrapped. Homemade treats good intentions. Get on theamong the trees, in the ways to decorate a pumpkin should only be accepted from internet to check the sex of-idea that it was the without cutting into it, such as relatives or extremely close fender registry for your area, painting the face on, using Mr. friends. and make sure your kids do notGalloping Hessian on one Potato Head pieces, or dressing it Pets are often included in the go to those houses. Childrenof his nightly scourings! “ up in a mask of its own! Illumi- should always trick-or-treat in nating the jack-o-lantern also groups, and be supervised by a~ Washington Irving presents many options. If you trusted adult. Caution shouldFrom The Legend of Sleep opt for a candle, make sure the be taken when approachingHollow pumpkin will not tip over and is parked cars with someone in- away from drapes or decorations. side. Never allow your child to Glow sticks or battery operated enter a stranger’s home, no“’Tis now the very candles also provide a spooky, matter how cool the decorations safe glow. are. Many malls and commu-witching time of night, Though our house has scary nity centers offer safe alterna-When churchyards yawn decorations and sound effects, it tives to door-to-door trick-or-and hell itself breathes out is also well-lit. This is not only festivities, and there are safety treating. Also make sure yourContagion to this world. for the safety of the trick-or- tips just for them. If they will be kids know the difference be-Now could I drink hot treaters, but for us as well. in costume as well, try it on them tween playing tricks and vandal- Think about it…on no other a few days in advance. You can ism. If they are caught vandal-blood night would you allow your child see if they will tolerate it well, izing someone’s property, makeAnd do such bitter to approach a stranger’s dark and they will be more comfort- them clean up the mess theybusiness as the bitter day home, so don’t make an excep- able also. Take care around have made.Would quake to look on.” tion. The smallest pirates and decorations too. Many kittens princesses are not as afraid to and puppies are burned by can- Have a safe and Happy~ Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 2, ring the doorbell on our brightly dles when curiosity gets the bet- Halloween!William Shakespeare lit porch, and we can also see ter of them. They can also be-
  4. 4. Volume 3, Issue 13 Page 4 From the Website: Eat This, Not That, at: 2 g fat (1.5 g saturated) Eat This Instead! 10 g sugars Tootsie Roll (3 pieces) 70 calories and-worst-halloween-candy 4. Worst Classic Fruit Candy 1.5 g fat (.5 g saturated) Brachs Airheads (3 pieces) 9.5 g sugars A cocker spaniel weighs about 24 pounds. You know what else 140 calories weighs 24 pounds? The heft of candy the average American 1.5 g fat (1 g saturated) 2. Worst Chewy Candy gobbles down each year, and you can bet a big chunk of that falls 19 g sugars Brachs Milk Maid Caramels (4 pieces) within the month of October. It’s as if we think we’re impervious 160 calories to sugar calories so long as we’re disguised as zombies, witches, Here’s the basic formula for an Airhead: Sugar and filler carbohy- 4.5 g fat (3.5 g saturated) or cast members from Glee. Consider these numbers: Three drates, artificial colors and flavors, and partially hydrogenated 16 g sugars miniature Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups fill your belly with more oils—the source of trans fat. Dum Dums might not be nutritional sugar than a glazed doughnut; half a pack of Skittles has more paragons, but they do have two noteworthy advantages over Air- Doesn’t Milk “Maid” sound a lot like Milk “Made”? But rest sugar than a scoop of Haagen-Dazs Cookies and Cream Ice heads: 1. No heart-wrecking oils, and 2. They’re made from hard assured—they’re not the same. This candy contains a couple Cream; nine Twizzlers carry as many calories as a Wendy’s candy. That means they dissolve slowly on your tongue, letting you milk derivatives (whey and “lipolyzed butter fat”), but it hardly Double Stack Burger. enjoy the sweetness over time and preventing you from feverishly constitutes a dairy product. Plus, 90 percent of the fat is satu- tearing through Airheads. rated. That’s bad news for your heart. If you enjoy the challenge Thats scary! So unless you follow the Michael Phelps workout of fighting chewy candy out of your teeth, switch over to Now and regimen, you’re going to suffer for your sweet tooth. Make every Eat This Instead! Laters and save more than 100 calories per serving. swap outlined here just once and you’ll save nearly 400 calories. Spangler Dum Dum Pops (3 pops) Do them multiple times and keep yourself out of the fat-man suit 77 calories Eat This Instead! this Halloween. 0 g fat Now and Later (4 pieces) 105g sugars 53 calories And you haven’t already, pick up a copy of Eat This, Not That .5 g fat (0 g saturated) 2012! It’s completely updated and on sale now! 3. Worst Miniature Candy Bars 10 g sugars Twix Miniatures (3 pieces) 5. Worst "Fun Size" Candy Bar 150 calories 1. Worst Seasonally Themed Candy Butterfinger Bar (fun size bar) 7 g fat (4 g saturated) Reeses Pumpkin 100 calories 15 g sugars 170 calories 4 g fat (2 g saturated) 10 g fat (3 g saturated) 10 g sugars Twix has the worst saturated fat profile of any candy in your kid’s 16 g sugars trick-or-treat bag. Think about it like this: Each serving of these bite Aren’t food marketers clever? By calling it “fun,” they’ve pulled -sized candies carries 20 percent of the saturated fat you should This one should send your gimmick radar into the red zone. If it your attention away from the fact that candy bars are flab- consume in an entire day. Switch to Tootsie Rolls and you’ll cut your were flavored with pumpkin puree that would be one thing, but inducing logs of concentrated fats and sugars. There’s nothing calories by more than half and trim your total fat intake by a whop- it’s not. It’s an oversized peanut butter cup shaped in a pumpkin- fun about that. ping 79 percent. like mold. And what price do you pay for such fanciful novelty? Nearly two-thirds more calories than a regular Reese’s peanut Eat This Instead! For more fast and informative nutritional and health tips, follow Eat butter cup. Let’s face it—half the candy purchased at Halloween 3 Musketeers (fun size bar) This, Not That! on Twitter. is used to create a festive atmosphere. Stick with Candy Corn 63 calories and you’ll save yourself the calorie hangover. Born: circa 1732-1735where he hoped to gain appointment, once Birthplace:Down again, to the leadership of the Georgia militia. "A good government implies two things; first, fidelity to Hatherly, England The appointment went instead to his rival. the objects of the government; secondly, a knowledge of the Education:Mercantile.Gwinnett served in the Georgia legislature means, by which those objects can be best attained." Work: Commander of where he was involved in drafting a constitution - Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833 Georgias Continentalfor the new state, but also in strenuous efforts Battalion, Elected toto destroy the office of McIntosh. The legisla- "Another not unimportant consideration is, that the powers Continental Congress,ture adjourned in February of 1777 and handed of the general government will be, and indeed must be, 1776; President of the control over the Council of Safety. Gwinnett principally employed upon external objects, such as war, Georgia Council of peace, negotiations with foreign powers, and foreign com- succeeded Archibald Bulloch as president of the Safety, 1777. council soon afterward. He then lead an abor- merce. In its internal operations it can touch but few ob- Died: May 19, 1777 tive attempt to invade Florida, in order to se- jects, except to introduce regulations beneficial to the com- cure Georgias southern border. That adven- merce, intercourse, and other relations, between the states, ture was thwarted by Lachlan McIntosh and his and to lay taxes for the common good. The powers of the Button Gwinnett was born in England around brother George, and Gwinnett was charged states, on the other hand, extend to all objects, which, in1735. He came to America, residing briefly in with malfeasance. He was cleared of wrongdo- the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives, and liber-Charleston, and in 1765 acquired a large tract of ing as he ran an unsuccessful campaign for Gov- ties, and property of the people, and the internal order,land in Georgia. Gwinnett enjoyed little success in ernor. Soon afterward, his honor challenged in improvement, and prosperity of the state."farming or business, but found a footing in the revo- public by McIntosh, he offered a duel. They met - Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833lutionary politics of his adopted colony. He was outside of Savanna on May 16, 1777, whereengaged in a long-standing political rivalry with "Before a standing army can rule, the people must be dis- both were wounded. McIntosh ultimately sur-Lachlan McIntosh, a soldier and leader who would vived, Button Gwinnett died three days later at armed; as they are in almost every kingdom of Europe. Theattain highest rank in the Georgia militia and in state the age of 42. supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws bypolitics. Gwinnett was respected figure, however. In the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed,1776 he was appointed commander of Georgias and constitute a force superior to any band of regular Article provided by: troops that can be, on any pretence, raised in the Unitedcontinental militia (a post that he was forced to, owing to political faction), and also elected gwinnett.htm States."to attend the Continental Congress. Quite soon - Noah Webster, An Examination into the Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution, 1787after he signed the Declaration, he returned home,
  5. 5. Volume 3, Issue 13 Page 5 equipment will be provided to you at no Wednesday 7am - 5:30pm Wednes- The Georgia National Guard VIP cost. day night training 5:30pm - 8pm Thurs- Welding Program will conduct inter- day 7am - 5:30pm views next week to select the next If interested, please register and contact class. These interviews will be held the ladies below though email. Each day the students have 4 - 10 min November 5 & 6 at the VIP Welding Register at this link (https:// breaks, two before lunch and two af- School, located at 1445 Trae Lane, ter. Lithia Springs Ga 30122. The 2 year employmenthelp). Lunch is from 11:50am - 12:40pm program of instruction has been re- Please pass on to all who may be inter- duced to a special program of 18 ested. If you have additional question contact weeks. The School Staff will select the one of the below. Make sure you get top candidates to participate in the If selected for the course, class will com- on the roster for an interview. class. The Georgia National Guard has mence on November 26th, 2012. If you 10 slots. This program is for current have welding skills already, you will be LT Eboni Walker, serving National Guardsmen only. tested and accelerated. Job placement This is a civilian class, not a military will be made for all graduates. class. This means you are not on or- LT Jasmine Griggs, jas- ders, receive no pay and will not col- Weekly Schedule lect per diem. It is, however, an op- Monday 7am - 5:30pm portunity for employment and it is all Tuesday 7am - 5:30pm Lacy Turner, free. Yes, I said free. All classes andThe National Breast Cancer and treatment, there remains much From the NBCAM Website:Awareness Month (NBCAM) is a to be accomplished. Today, we re-collaboration of national public ser- main dedicated to educating and http://www.nbcam.orgvice organizations, professional empowering women to take chargemedical associations, and govern- of their own breast health.ment agencies working together topromote breast cancer awareness, Although October is designated asshare information on the disease, National Breast Cancer Awarenessand provide greater access to ser-Month, NBCAM is dedicated to rais-vices. ing awareness and educating indi- viduals about breast cancerSince its inception more than 25 throughout the year. We encourageyears ago, NBCAM has been at you to regularly visit these sites tothe forefront of promoting aware- learn more about breast cancer,ness of breast cancer issues and breast health, and the latest re-has evolved along with the na- search developments. Click on anytional dialogue on breast cancer. of the websites below for more in-NBCAM recognizes that, although formation.many great strides have beenmade in breast cancer awareness
  6. 6. Serving the Georgia DoD, The U.S. Military, and our Veterans, One Family at a Time. The J-9 Joint and Family Services Directorate and The Georgia Guard Family Program:J-9 JOINT ANDFAMILY SERVICESDIRECTORATEGeorgia Department of Defense Our directorate services the military community of Georgia, providing those1388 First Street, Bldg 840 (Finch Bldg) services, support and information that are vital to their care. Our staff is com-1000 Halsey Avenue, Bldg 447, mitted to providing the best care, in a timely manner, and followed-thru to aMailroomMarietta, GA 30060 successful conclusion so that Military Personnel, their families, and Veterans in Georgia will have the resources, help, and information they need to thrive.Point of Contact:CW2 Barry D. LongHuman Resources/Systems/ATSO/Safety “Military Personnel, We are on the web:Families, and Veterans First!” www.georgiaguardfamilyprogram.orgNATIONAL GUARD BUREAUFamily Programs (NGB-FP)Mission: To establish and facilitate OCTOBER 22, 2012. can develop and implement work- Georgia Vocational Rehabilitationongoing communication, involvement, Held each October, Disability Em- place policies and practices that Agency (GVRA)support, and recognition between Na- ployment Awareness Month is a foster employment opportunities Job Accommodation Networktional Guard families and the National national campaign that raises and increase workplace participation Cornell University Employment andGuard in a partnership that promotes awareness about disability employ- for people with disabilities, such as: Disability Institutethe best in both. ment issues. The opportunity to earn a living and be self-supporting  Developing recruiting methods U.S. Department of Labor - Office of Disability Employment PolicyFamily Programs Web Sites is a broadly held goal by Ameri- and advertising job positions that What Can You Do? The - The National GuardFamily Program cans. Work is a foundation of stabil- target people with disabilities for Disability - The National ity for individuals and can give one’s life meaning and pur-  Reviewing job requirements Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services - DisabilityGuard Family Youth Program (e.g. job descriptions, job analyses, pose. Unfortunately, the rate and Employment 101 tests, or other selection criteria) to level of employment for people withNewsletters verify that they are consistent withAir National Guard Family Guide [PDF] disabilities is staggeringly low. La- The clearly stated goals of the business necessity, actual job de- bor force participation is 22% for Americans with Disabilities Act are mands, and do not disparately im- people with disabilities as compared equal opportunity, independentContact Information pact people with disabilities to 69% for people without disabili- living, full participation and eco-Phone: (888)777-7731Fax: 703-607-0762 ties.  Establishing a structured proc- nomic self-sufficiency. BringingEmail: Disability employment is undoubt- ess for accommodations and provid- people into the employment main- edly complex, and a variety of fac- ing access to a full range of informa- stream is integral to fully realizing tors impact successful work out- tion on accommodation options these goals. comes for people with disabilities. These factors include the nature of  Providing training for managers About the Author: disability, education level, prior and human resource professionals Mike Galifianakis is the Americans work experience, family and social supports, availability and effective-  Establishing centralized accom- with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordi- nator for the State of Georgia. The ness of vocational rehabilitation modations funds so that costs are ADA Coordinator’s Office works programs, health care coverage, not a burden on local budgets with state agencies to promote full social security benefits and a num-  Providing flextime and telecom- and equal access to state govern- ber of other public policy factors muting options to employees ment programs, services and ac- that involve work incentives. How tivities for persons with disabilities. these factors fit in with structural  Ensuring that electronic and changes in the economy also mat- information technology is usable and Website: ters. accessible to people with disabilities While most of these factors are out Employers can also utilitze disability 22/october-national-disability- of employers’ control, employers employment resources, including: employment-awareness-month