JOINT STAFF, GEORGIA DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE                                                                            A Ne...
Page 2"The very essence of            The J-9 Joint and Family               only does the Chaplain provide        Airmen....
Volume 3, Issue 12                                                                                                        ...
Volume 3, Issue 12                                                                                                        ...
Volume 3, Issue 12                                                                                                        ...
Volume 3, Issue 12                                                                                                    Page...
Volume 3, Issue 12                                                                                                     Pag...
Serving the Georgia DoD, The U.S. Military, and our Veterans, One Family at a Time.                                       ...
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The J-9 "FOCAL POINT!" Newsletter - a product of the Joint and Family Services Directorate - 13OCT12


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The J-9 "FOCAL POINT!" Newsletter - a product of the Joint and Family Services Directorate - 13OCT12

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The J-9 "FOCAL POINT!" Newsletter - a product of the Joint and Family Services Directorate - 13OCT12

  1. 1. JOINT STAFF, GEORGIA DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE A Newsletter Production of theSpecial points of interest: J-9 Joint and Family Services Directorate We Are J-9! Volume 3, Issue 12 October 13, 2012 What Does the J-9 The J-9 Annual Conference at CRTC Do? by CW2 Barry D. Long J-9 Teams The J-9 Staff met at the Geor- through the application of some well Find the Georgia Guard gia Air Guards Combat Readi- needed training and sharing. Our support FOUNDING FATHERS SE- ness Training Center (CRTC) to personnel are now more than ready to Family Program on Face- RIES build a better program for you! support you. Our next step is to do just book: that. Budgets are usually the obstacle October in History ref=logo#!/ The staff of the J-9 Directorate gathered that keeps us from providing the best NO LAUGHING MAT- at the GA CRTC in Garden City, GA from services, but our staff worked diligently to GeorgiaGuardFamilyProgram TER 24-26 September to create a more inte- make a little go far, and we have ready grated and cohesive support team for the resources to provide the “Best Care GA DoD, the Veterans of GA, their Fami- Anywhere: (to quote from the motto of the Our Armed Forces members, retirees, lies, and the Georgia military backbone. 1970’s-1980’s television blockbuster Veterans, families, and all the folks we Frankly, it worked. The mindset going M.A.S.H. support are the best people anywhere. forward is now one of clarity, comprehen- They work in a tough world, in hostile or sive knowledge and dedication. How can we help you? Read on, my difficult environments at home and friends. This newsletter spotlights the abroad, and then get less support than The meetings started with each section of sections, and begins a series of article they deserve from the outside commu- the J-9 presenting the Director, J-9 (COL that will give you the “straight-poop!” on nity. They deserve our best and they will Mark London) with an overview of their our capabilities and care we can provide. continued to receive it. capabilities, their successes, and needed This directorate is not your “old-Inside this issue: changes, their material needs, the 24 fashioned” Family Readiness Section, nor So, when you need Military Transition month plan, and their ideas for the future is it the old “Soldier Support Division.” Assistance, Job Support, Tricare Help, of their section and the J-9. This was This is the new (and vastly improved) Deployment Support, Youth Support and 1 particularly successful as it improved Joint and Family Services Directorate. Services, Counseling, Financial HelpWe Are J-9! each section’s understanding of the capa- “Joint...Services” means just exactly what and Guidance, and a huge variety of bilities of the rest, opened dialogue about it says, “Joint!” But, more than that, we additional assistance capabilities, justBy CW2 Barry Long integration points and key areas contact us. We are here to surprise where we may be missing an overlap, you with our services and efficiency.What Does the 2 and it produced an understanding of where we were missing a key support This conference underlined thatJ-9 Do? mission, added momentum to a function. super, excited and motivated team,J-9 Teams 3, 4, Once this was accomplished, the next and readied us for another year of 5, 6, phase began: We began discussing serving YOU! 7 “The way ahead” for the J-9 director- ate. This discussion lasted for hoursFounding Fathers: 3 and culminated with CSM PhillipAbraham Baldwin Stringfield (now the GA State Com- mand Sergeant Major) and several formerly deployed personnel giving SPC Josh Tinnan, J-9 Yellow Ribbon Team, receiving the coveted 560th BFSB CSM’s coin for OutstandinOctober in History 4, 8 the staff a “Servicemember’s-eye” Service to the J-9 Mission, the Military Member in view of the process of deployment Georgia, and their Families from CSM Phillip String- and redeployment, key needs and field, then the CSM of both J-9 and the 560th BFSB, issue during deployment, the reality of currently the State Command Sergeant Major. death, reasons for suicides and mari-NO LAUGHING 5, 7 tal failures, PTSD, and more. This “eye- care for families of “ALL” Service Mem-MATTER opening” dialogue was an amazing addi- bers and their families. We support tion to the conference and helped to build veterans, former guard and reserve, and the framework for a better J-9. even DoD, State, and contract civilians, too. Moreover, we work for the Director What is the next step, you may ask? of the Joint Staff and the TAG, so we Well, it is more than business as usual. have the means to do the BEST work for The Joint and Family Services Directorate the best people. (J-9) gained a new lease on its mission
  2. 2. Page 2"The very essence of The J-9 Joint and Family only does the Chaplain provide Airmen. The primary focus ofleadership is that you have Services Directorate is the support for spiritual needs for this position is to provide qualitya vision. Its got to be a greatest asset the GA DoD Servicemembers contacting the J- leadership to young troops, andvision you articulate clearly has, but nobody knows 9 for help, this leader also pro- to provide excellent Yellowand forcefully on every what it does… vide support to comfort and guide Ribbon Programs for our de-occasion. You cant blow an the leadership and staff of the J-9 ploying/non-deploying person-uncertain trumpet." when the mission gets tough and nel and their families.~ Reverend Theodore M. THE J-9 COMMAND the hours get long. In the service 10. The Staff S-4 is an Army orHesburgh GROUP of the Members of our Armed Air Force Non-Commissioned This unique organiza-"One man with courage is a Services, their families, and the Officer, trained in Logistics tion has a unique senior staff.majority." Veterans, life gets tough. Spiri- Management. This person man- We rack-up a huge quantity of~ George Washington tual support gets us back on track ages the material needs of the J- experience, but there’s more: to succeed. 9 and provides for mission sup- 1. Supervising and managing a"I pray Heaven to bestow 7. A Senior Financial/Budget port vehicles, equipment, sup-the best of blessing on this diverse organization’s unique Advisor, who is skilled in manag- plies, (the White House) staff creates the need for unique ing budgets, credit cards, travel, 11. The Staff Administrativeand on all that shall leadership team. Since the staff staff support and plans. This Assistant provides administra-hereafter inhabit it. May is mostly a quantity of Contrac- staff member is on task to keep tive help and support for thenone but honest and wise tors, Federal Employees, State us on budget, flying, moving, and Director, Deputy Director andmen ever rule under this Employees, ADOS Personnel,roof!" tracking events. This may be the the CSM. and AGR Personnel the staff has~ John Adams most important asset, or at least 12. The FRSA Team Lead is the to be just as unique. one of them, on the team. key leader for the Family Readi- 2. We have Military leadership (a"The truth is that all men 8. The S1 (Warrant Officer Hu- ness Support Assistant Team. Colonel, a CSM, a Chaplain, ahaving power ought to be man Resources Tech), who is 13. The FAS Team Leader leadsmistrusted." Chief Warrant Officer, a Sergeant also trained in Safety Manage- the Family Assistance Specialist~ James Madison First Class), some military and ment, Anti-Terrorism Support, Team. This team runs the re- civilian support team of the high- Force Protection, Information gional Family Assistance Cen-"May our country be always est caliber, and several Civilian Security, HIPAA, Data Systems ters supporting all military mem-successful, but whether Leaders.successful or otherwise, Management, Public Affair Sup- bers and their families within a 3. Our Colonel (the Director) isalways right." port, Some OPSEC, Joint Agency region. combat experienced, Infantry and~ John Quincy Adams Support, Disaster Support, Bene- 14. Additional ADOS Tempo- Operations Trained, and has a fits, Standing Operations Proce- rary Support Staff. These Per-"America, with the same background in senior leadership dure (SOPs) and Regulations, sonnel perform various supportvoice which spoke herself all the way up to State Staff level. some legal training, some minis- duties to take pressure of the Srinto existence as a nation, 4. Our CSM is qualified at Bri- try training (civilian) etc. This Leadership. [Drive, Assist Sup-proclaimed to mankind the gade Level Staff, Casualty Op- team member is the go-to person ply (S-4), etc.]inextinguishable rights of erations, Combat Leadership, for information and supporthuman nature, and the only Administrative Leadership, and in a variety of areas. Thelawful foundations of has a background all-the-way upgovernment." person manages all the the ranks (even working with~ John Quincy Adams evaluation, awards, person- experience), nel, strength, HR needs 5. Our Deputy Director is a Civil-"Always vote for principle, tracking, etc. The newslet-though you may vote alone, ian, but he is former Military. ter comes from here.and you may cherish the Deployment time and Operations/ 9. The Sergeant First Classsweetest reflection that Plans experience make this per- is the Yellow Ribbon Pro-your vote is never lost." son a major player in leading the gram Team Leader. This~ John Quincy Adams organization. leader is well versed in 6. A Chaplain makes this organi- Your 2012 J-9 Senior Staff minus the leading young Soldiers and Yellow Ribbon, FRSA and FAS Team zation staff a major team! Not
  3. 3. Volume 3, Issue 12 Page 3 THE AIR NATIONAL GUARD (ANG) FAMILY GA FAMILY ASSISTANCE CENTERS (FAS FAMILY READINESS RESOURCE ASSIS- ASSISTANCE TEAM TEAM) TANTS (FRSAs) The ANG Family Assistance Team is the The FAS Team provides regional Family As- FRSAs are the J-9 direct link to command- heart of the Georgia Family Readiness Pro- sistance Centers for the military members, ers. FRSAs are assigned directly to a Major gram for the GA Air National Guard. These Families, Veterans, and retirees in Georgia. Subordinate Command (MSC) and they Team members manage Yellow Ribbon These personnel are not directly assigned to provide a core link between the resources Programs, Family Support Groups, Youth a command, but they are assigned to a geo- above the MSC level and the individual Support Programs, and information flow graphical area. They run an office at an ar- command. Where FAS personnel are re- for the GA Air National Guard (GA ANG) mory or GA Guard facility in a region of Geor- gionally linked, FRSAs are linked to a Bri- units within GA. Everything the families, gia, and provide a “Store-Front” style service gade, HRF or Troop Command. These per- members and youth of the GA ANG need center to assist our people connecting with sonnel provide resources and advice to starts here. the services to get their lives back together, Family Readiness Groups (FRGs). They deal with the deployment of family mem- are the commander’s sounding board for bers, find employment opportunities, utilize all matters related to benefits, FRGs, Em- EMPLOYER SUPPORT OF THE GUARD AND their benefits, and keep aware of the avail- ployment Support, finance and legal help, RESERVE TEAM (ESGR) able resources afforded to them. FAS per- and Counseling support for youth and The ESGR team of the J-9 is the one-stop sonnel are the local-direct link between you families. These personnel are the FRG’s access point for support of military mem- and the help you need. best friend, too. bers and employers for GA DoD members. The ESGR team works to help our military personnel and their families with maintain employment, working with unsupportive employers, awarding supportive employ- ers, providing job fairs and resume’ writ- ing workshops, and keeping the GA Guard connected with the GA Business Communi- ties. In short, they keep GA Guardsmen, GA Military members and their families employed. United States Repre- duties after the war, he turned to the study of law and in 1783 gained 1798 when Franklin College was founded. Modeled after Yale, it sentative and Senator admittance to the bar at Fairfield, CT. became the nucleus of the University of Georgia. from Georgia Within a year, Baldwin moved to Georgia, won legislative Baldwin, who never married, died after a short illness during In office: approval to practice his profession, and obtained a grant of land in his 53d year in 1807. Still serving in the Senate at the time, he was (Rep) March 4, 1789 – Wilkes County. In 1785 he sat in the assembly and the Continental buried in Washingtons Rock Creek Cemetery. March 3, 1799 Congress. Two years later, his father died and Baldwin undertook to (Sen) March 4, 1799 – pay off his debts and educate, out of his own pocket, his half-brothers Article provided by: and half-sisters. March 3, 1807 constitution_founding_fathers_georgia.html Born: November 22, That same year, Baldwin attended the Constitutional Convention, from which he was absent for a few weeks. Although usually incon- 1754 (Connecticut) spicuous, he sat on the Committee on Postponed Matters and helped "When the minds of the people in general resolve the large-small state representation crisis. At first, he favored are viciously disposed and unprincipled, and Died: March 4, 1807 representation in the Senate based upon property holdings, but their conduct disorderly, a free government, (aged 52) possibly because of his close relationship with the Connecticut delega-Abraham Baldwin tion he later came to fear alienation of the small states and changed will be attended with greater confusions and Baldwin was born at Guilford, Conn., in 1754, the second son of a his mind to representation by state. evils more horrid than the wild, uncultivatedblacksmith who fathered 12 children by 2 wives. Besides Abraham, state of nature. It can only be happy whenseveral of the family attained distinction. His sister Ruth married the After the convention, Baldwin returned to the Continental the public principle and opinions are prop-poet and diplomat Joel Barlow, and his half-brother Henry attained the Congress (1787-89). He was then elected to the U.S. Congress, whereposition of justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Their ambitious father erly directed and their manners regulated. he served for 18 years (House of Representatives, 1789-99; Senate, This is an influence beyond the reach ofwent heavily into debt to educate his children. 1799-1807). During these years, he became a bitter opponent of Hamiltonian policies and, unlike most other native New Englanders, laws and punishments and can be claimed After attending a local village school, Abraham matriculated at an ally of Madison and Jefferson and the Democratic-Republicans. In only by religion and education"Yale, in nearby New Haven. He graduated in 1772. Three years later, the Senate, he presided for a while as president pro tem. - Abraham Baldwin, United States Founding Father, Signerhe became a minister and tutor at the college. He held that position of the Constitution, Member United States House of Represen-until 1779, when he served as a chaplain in the Continental Army. Two By 1790 Baldwin had taken up residence in Augusta. Beginning tatives - Bill of Rights, "Biographical Sketches of the Delegatesyears later, he declined an offer from his alma mater of a professor- in the preceding decade, he had begun efforts to advance the educa- from Georgia to the Continental Congress", Charles C. Jones,ship of divinity. Instead of resuming his ministerial or educational tional system in Georgia. Appointed with six others in 1784 to over- (Boston and New York: Houghton, Mifflin and Company, 1891), pp. 6-7 see the founding of a state college, he saw his dream come true in
  4. 4. Volume 3, Issue 12 Page 4 their roles and responsibilities regarding THE GEORGIA SARC TEAM is THE GEORGIA SEXUAL ASSAULT the care and treatment of sexual assault ready to help you: RESPONSE COORDINATOR victims (GA-SARC)  Ensure that leaders understand their JFHQ-GA SARC roles and responsibilities in thoroughly The SARC is your “go-to” team for help con- SARC Cellphone: 404.308.7945 investigating and reporting allegations of cerning all forms of Sexual Harassment and sexual assault DOD Safe Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence. The Helpline: 877.995.5247 National Guard Bureau (NGB) defines this job  Create a climate that encourages like so: victims to report incidents of sexual as- Website: sault through the chain of command The National Guard Bureau is commit- ted to eliminating incidents of sexual  Establish systems that, should an incident of sexual assault occur, victims assault by instituting a comprehensive receive the sensitive and immediate policy that focuses on increasing comprehensive care and treatment they awareness through prevention and need to restore their health and well- education, victim centered support, being intimidation free reporting, thorough investigation, and accountability for  Ensure that sexual assault crimes those who commit sexual crimes. are thoroughly investigated and that of- fenders are held accountable for their crimes The goals of the Sexual Assault Preven- tion and Response Program:  Ensure that reporting mechanisms are in place to track trends in sexual as-  Establish sexual assault training sault and the effectiveness of response and awareness programs to educate capabilities Soldiers and Airmen  Track sexual assault training and  Ensure that leaders understand awareness programs to ensure compli- ance with NGB policy.From the website ening" religious revival in the American Birthday - American fighter pilot Ace Eddie Rick-calendar/october.htm colonies and later became president of Prince- enbacker (1890-1973) was born in Columbus, ton. Ohio. He commanded the first U.S. aero unit toOctober 1, 1908 - Henry Fords Model T, a "universal car" take part in World War I and was credited withdesigned for the masses, went on sale for the first time. Birthday - "Father of the Space Age" Robert 26 victories, becoming Americas leading Ace. He Goddard (1882-1945) was born in Worcester, was awarded the Medal of Honor. He later gotOctober 4, 1582 - The Gregorian Calendar took effect in Massachusetts. During his lifetime he was involved in auto racing and headed Eastern AirCatholic countries as Pope Gregory XIII issued a decree ridiculed by the public and the press over his Lines from 1934-63.stating the day following Thursday, October 4, 1582, would idea of constructing a space flight Friday, October 15, 1582, correcting a 10-day error accu- In 1926, he launched the worlds first liquid-mulated by the Julian Calendar. Britain and the American fueled rocket on a farm near Auburn, Mass. Birthday - Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962) wascolonies adopted the Gregorian Calendar in 1752. In 1935, his liquid-fueled rocket surpassed born in New York City. She was the wife of the speed of sound. Other developments President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd U.S.October 4, 1957 - The Space Age began as the Russians included a steering apparatus for rocket President. As First Lady, she led an unprece-launched the first satellite into orbit. Sputnik I weighed just machines, staged rockets to reach high altitudes, rocket fuel dented independent life, striving to improve the lives of184 lbs. and transmitted a beeping radio signal for 21 days. pumps, and a self-cooling rocket motor. people all over the world. In 1933, she became the firstThe remarkable accomplishment by Soviet Russia sent a wife of a president to give her own news conference in theshockwave through the American political leadership result- White House. She traveleding in U.S. efforts to be the first on the moon. Birthday - Engineer and inventor George Westinghouse (1846- extensively on her own and 1914) was born in Central Bridge, New York. He developed air was affectionately calledOctober 5, 1813 - Shawnee Indian Chief Tecumseh was brakes for trains and was later responsible for the adoption of "First Lady of the world."defeated and killed during the War of 1812. Regarded as alternating current (AC) systems for electric power transmis- She served as a U.S. dele-one of the greatest American Indians, he was a powerful sion in the U.S. He was also the first employer to give his gate to the United Nationsorator who defended his people against white settlement. employees paid vacations. for many years and helpedWhen the War of 1812 broke out, he joined the British as a October 8, 1918 - During World War I in the Argonne Forest in write the Universal Declara-brigadier general and was killed at the Battle of the France, U.S. Sergeant Alvin C. York single-handedly took out a tion of Human Rights.Thames in Ontario. German machine-gun battalion, killing over a dozen and capturing 132. He was later awarded the Medal of Honor and Continued on Page 8 ….Birthday - Theologian Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) was the French Croix de Guerre.born in East Windsor, Connecticut. He led the "Great Awak-
  5. 5. Volume 3, Issue 12 Page 5Article by than 300,000 am- on what they cannot have and whatCW2 Jennifer Long bulatory care visits to do if there is a reaction. TheirCommander, A Co., 4th BN, 1st BDE, yearly for people friends’ moms are all aware of theirGeorgia State Defense Force under the age of restrictions. The kids have becomeThe little boy had never had peanut 18. Many school awesome advocates for themselvesbutter because his mom didn’t like cafeterias have as well. Last week her son was eat-the stuff. Apparently he didn’t care “Peanut-Free ing with a friend at school. Thefor it either because he only ate one Zones” and some have banned peanut other boy had peanut butter on hisbite. Minutes later his teacher no- products completely. However, it is hand, and playfully pretended that heticed his eyes squinting almost shutin his now-puffy little face. Turns difficult to track what parents send in a was going to grab Andrea’s son. Theout, three year old David had an un- child’s lunch from home, and well- child was terrified because of thediagnosed peanut allergy. meaning children love to share with many times he has ended up in the their friends. emergency room after a severe reac-More than 3 million Americans re- tion.port being allergic to peanuts, tree A friend’s children have peanut, ses-nuts, or both. The CDC reports ame, or tree nut allergies. Andrea Continued on Page 7 …that food allergies result in more makes sure the schools are educated THE GEORGIA NATIONAL GUARD FAMILY SUPPORT FOUNDATION (GNGSF) The Georgia National Guard Family Support Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) charitable organization established for the primary purpose of providing assistance on an emergency relief basis to soldiers and airmen serving in the Georgia National Guard and other qualified military members living in the State of Georgia. The Foundation, although not a military organization, is recog- nized as an official support organization of the Georgia National Guard. This is a textbook definition. This is help for you and your peers. When you’re in trouble deep, there’s an ear to listen and a place the commander can send you to get help. Which leads to: THE JOINT SERVICES FAMILY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (JSFAP) JSFAP include Family Counseling Support, Finance Counseling and Guidance, and Military One Source support. These folks can fix your budget, help find marital counseling, help find youth support, help redirect military member to care for PTSD and social issues, and much, much more. TRANSITION ASSISTANCE ADVISOR (TAA) Soldiers, Airmen, and other military members coming to and from active duty (whether they are reserve personnel or active duty) need help. Individuals leaving military service, whether from a career or from a short tour, always find the need for help. These people need jobs, assistance with insurance, medical care help, future career and education guidance, and skill training support. This is the job of the TAA team.
  6. 6. Volume 3, Issue 12 Page 6 the focus was bringing families back to- Georgia Work Ready offers four certifica-THE YELLOW RIBBON PROGRAM gether and providing tools to help Soldiers tion levels: bronze, silver, gold, and get jobs. platinum. “Some companies will require(YRP) a certification level and others will re- quire a minimum score to be consideredDeployment is a terrifying word for mili- “The Adjutant General has been at the for employment,” explained Kuyk. Totary families. It means separation from legislature every day this week advocating earn their certifications, Soldiers weretheir loved ones, uncertainty, and for for Veteran’s jobs” said London in his tested in reading for information, appliedmany, loss of income. opening remarks.“ London related recent mathematics, and locating information. success stories for Guard Soldiers seeking Each test section took 55 minutes toThe Yellow Ribbon Program (YRP) is the jobs but also noted the importance of the complete and featured real-world ques-answer to this problem. In an Article from reintegration aspect of yellow-ribbon. “If tions.the Georgia DoD Web, the Yellow Ribbon you’re like me when I came back from IraqProgram is described in detail as it applies you are still looking for IEDs along the sideto a deploying command: (http:// of the road. Does that sound familiar?” London asked to a sea of head nods. “We Specialist Roger Carnes took the will help you reintegrate but we are also along with his wife Vicki who could bearchives/532) here to make sure that you do not have to heard encouraging her husband through face these things alone.” the testing process. Their perseveranceCLAY NATIONAL GUARD CENTER, ultimately paid off as both Roger andMarietta, Ga., Feb. 02, 2012 – Since Vicki scored at the Gold certificate leveltime immemorial, Warriors have been Soldiers and family members were pro- with two out of three scores in the plati-welcomed home from distant battlefields. vided with two-and-a-half days of classes. num range. “These are very impressiveOn a sunny January weekend in Savan- Some of these classes dealt with the issues scores,” Kuyk noted. The Rabun Countynah, the Georgia Army National Guard of reuniting families following a combat couple hopes the scores will improvecontinued that tradition. Lieutenant Col. tour. Chaplain Leslie Nelson taught a series employment prospects as Spc. CarnesMark London, Director of Soldier and of classes dealing with “emotions of reinte- starts college.Family Services, welcomed more than gration.” Steven Mansfield, a Military Fam-200 Soldiers of the 877th Engineering ily Life Consultant facilitated a discussionCompany, 221st ACE Team 2, and family on reintegration for single Soldiers. Yellow- “I was surprised at how much I learned,”members to the their first post- ribbon program manager Clovis McDowell said Staff Sgt. Peter Fontejon.deployment yellow-ribbon event. and Yele Olanyi also assisted Veterans andThe Georgia Guard’s yellow-ribbon pro- family members with questions. “They taught us how to translate militarygram serves as a series of stepping skills to civilian skills,” Sgt. Christopherstones to help reunite families and Sol- Attendees were given instruction in resume Wiley agreed. “This weekend has beendiers and reacclimatize Soldiers to the writing, personal finance and interview very helpful. There is a big mystery outcivilian world. Events are held 30 days techniques. Lisa Kuyk, a testing adminis- there. Soldiers don’t know all the re-prior to the return of a deploying unit trator with Savannah Technical College sources available to them. This eventand then at 30, 60, and 90 day intervals assisted nearly 50 Soldiers in obtain- helped bring it all to light.”following the unit’s return. At this event, ing Georgia Work Ready certifications. Story and photos by 1st Lt. William Carrawa Public Relations Office Yellow-ribbon programs assist Soldiers and Fami- Georgia Department of Defense lies with reintegration, jobs, education and more <<<<<<< The GA Yellow Ribbon Team at Training - GA CRTC Septem- ber 26th, 2012
  7. 7. Volume 3, Issue 12 Page 7 ARTICLE CONTINUED FROM PAGE 5.Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening con- the thigh and can be injected straight severe food allergies. They readdition caused by the body’s extreme through the clothing. It is common for labels, visit allergy specialists, carry epinephrine autoinjectors, and stayreaction to a substance. Nut aller- the person to have a rapid heart rate informed on the latest medical up-gies are only one cause. The symp- and feel very shaky after receiving epi- dates. The rest of us must do ourtoms include itching and hives, nephrine, and they still should receive part by educating our children aboutflushed skin, swelling of the tongue, medical attention. the reasons that some kids can’t eatface, and throat, a drop in blood or touch certain foods. They havepressure, anxiety, rapid pulse, and to understand that even pretendingdifficulty breathing. Symptoms can to give an allergen to or put an aller- gen on someone is actually bullying,begin almost instantly or can be de- and that any form of bullying islayed up to an hour after exposure. wrong.It is imperative to get immediate For more information:medical attention. Call 911, and askif the victim has an epinephrine The Food Allergy &Anaphylaxis Net- Parents like Andrea do a great job of work (FAAN): www.foodallergy.orgautoinjector (“Epi-Pen”). If they can- educating those who care for their Asthma and Allergy Foundation ofnot administer it to themselves, ask if children on preventing and treating America: www.aafa.orgyou can help. It is usually given in THE GEORGIA NATIONAL GUARD YOUTH PROGRAM (Article from The Georgia National Guard Youth Development Program serves children and youth 6-18 and provides opportunities for youth to develop their physical, social, emotional and cognitive abilities and to experience achievement, leadership, employment, friendship and recognition. Objectives: - To establish quality programs and services that directly impact Guard Youth of all ages. - To build character, strength, and resiliency by supporting the unique needs of our Guard Youth. - To enhance self-esteem by providing activities for healthy development. - Collaborate with organizations designed to support military youth such as Georgia 4-H, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and Operation Military Kids. - To promote networking opportunities, and peer support among Guard Youth in a safe environment. Mission Statement: - The Mission of the Georgia National Guard State Youth Program is to prepare our Guard Youth for success in a dy- namic global society, by providing leadership responsive to the unique needs of our military youth. We are committed to assist our Guard Youth by promoting programs and services focusing on emotional, social, educational, and character development.
  8. 8. Serving the Georgia DoD, The U.S. Military, and our Veterans, One Family at a Time. The J-9 Joint and Family Services Directorate and The Georgia Guard Family Program:J-9 JOINT ANDFAMILY SERVICESDIRECTORATEGeorgia Department of Defense Our directorate services the military community of Georgia, providing those1388 First Street, Bldg 840 (Finch Bldg) services, support and information that are vital to their care. Our staff is com-1000 Halsey Avenue, Bldg 447, mitted to providing the best care, in a timely manner, and followed-thru to aMailroomMarietta, GA 30060 successful conclusion so that Military Personnel, their families, and Veterans in Georgia will have the resources, help, and information they need to thrive.Point of Contact:CW2 Barry D. LongHuman Resources/Systems/ATSO/Safety “Military Personnel, We are on the web:Families, and Veterans First!” Peace Prize. He donated the $54,000 in prize money to ...Continued from Page 4 October 12, 1492 - After a 33-day voyage, Christo- the Civil Rights movement.NATIONAL GUARD BUREAU pher Columbus made his first landfall in the New than being talked about and that is not being talkedFamily Programs (NGB-FP) World in the Bahamas. He named the first land Birthday - Pennsylvania founder William Penn (1644- about." sighted as El Salvador, claiming it in the name of the 1718) was born in London. In 1681, he received aMission: To establish and facilitate Spanish Crown. Columbus was seeking a western sea Royal charter with a large land grant in America from October 19, 1781 - As their band played The Worldongoing communication, involvement,support, and recognition between Na- route from Europe to Asia and believed he had found King Charles II. Penn, a Quaker, welcomed members Turned Upside Down, the British Army marched outtional Guard families and the National an island of the Indies. He thus called the first island of all religious faiths and established a democratic in formation and surrendered to the Americans atGuard in a partnership that promotes natives he met, Indians. form of government in his province which measured Yorktown. More than 7,000 British and Hessianthe best in both. over 50,000 square miles. troops, led by British General Lord Cornwallis, October 13, 1775 - The United States Navy was born surrendered to General George Washington. TheFamily Programs Web - The National Guard after the Second Continental Congress authorized the Birthday - Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890-1969) the 34th war between Britain and its American colonies wasFamily Program acquisition of a fleet of ships. U.S. President was born in Denison, Texas. He served effectively ended. The final peace treaty was signed two terms as President, from January 20, 1953 to in Paris on September 3, - The National October 13, 1792 - The cornerstone of the White January 20, 1961. Nicknamed "Ike," he was a WestGuard Family Youth Program House was laid by George Washington. The building, Point graduate and career Army officer who became October 21, 1879 - Thomas Edison successfully located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, is three Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe tested an electric incandescent lamp with a carbon-NewslettersAir National Guard Family Guide [PDF] stories tall with over 100 rooms, and was designed during World War II. He held the rank of Five-star ized filament at his laboratory in Menlo Park, New by James Hoban. In November of 1800, President General of the Army. Jersey, keeping it lit for over 13 hours. John Adams and his family moved in. The buildingContact Information was first known as the "Presidential Palace," but October 16, 1859 - Fanatical abolitionist John Brown October 21, 1915 - The first transatlantic radio voicePhone: (888)777-7731 acquired the name "White House" about 10 years seized the Federal Arsenal at Harpers Ferry with message was made by the American Telephone andFax: 703-607-0762 after its completion. It was burned by British troops about 20 followers. Three days later, Brown was Telegraph Company from Virginia to Paris.Email: in 1814, then reconstructed, refurbished and reoccu- captured and the insurrection was put down by U.S. pied in 1817. Marines under the command of Col. Robert E. Lee. Birthday - Jazz great Dizzy Gillespie (1917-1993) Brown was convicted by the Commonwealth of Virginia was born in Cheraw, South Carolina (as John Birks October 13, 1884 - Greenwich was established as the of treason, murder, and inciting slaves to rebellion, Gillespie). He was a trumpet player, composer, band universal time from which standard times throughout and was hanged on December 2, 1859. leader and one of the founding fathers of modern the world are calculated. jazz, known for his trademark puffed cheeks and Birthday - American teacher and journalist Noah bent trumpet. October 13, 1943 - Italy declared war on its former Webster (1758-1843) was born in West Hartford, Axis partner Germany after the downfall of Mussolini Connecticut. His name became synonymous with October 24, 1861 - The first transcontinental tele- and collapse of his Fascist government. "dictionary" after he compiled the first American gram in America was sent from San Francisco to dictionaries of the English language. Washington, addressed to President Abraham October 14, 1947 - U.S. Air Force Captain Chuck Lincoln from the Chief Justice of California. Yeager became the first man to break the sound Birthday - Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde (1854 barrier, flying in a rocket-powered research aircraft. -1900) was born in Dublin, Ireland. Best known for his Find more at: http:// comedies including; The Importance of Being Earnest. October 14, 1964 - Civil Rights leader Martin Luther And his novel The Picture of Dorian Gray in which he october.htm King, Jr., became the youngest recipient of the Nobel wrote, "There is only one thing in the world worse