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The 11th Full-Issue of the 3rd Volume - The J-9 "FOCAL POINT!" Newsletter


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The 11th Full-Issue of the 3rd Volume - The J-9 "FOCAL POINT!" Newsletter

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The 11th Full-Issue of the 3rd Volume - The J-9 "FOCAL POINT!" Newsletter

  1. 1. JOINT STAFF, GEORGIA DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE A Newsletter Production of theSpecial points of interest: J-9 Joint and Family Services Directorate PINK HEALS Volume 3, Issue 11 September 14, 2012 Are you Ready? By Ms Tommy Eaton, Family Assistance Preparedness Month: A Year Center (FAC) Specialist -Round Responsibility The Savannah, Georgia, Family As- will be getting his son’s surprise visit Check out the Guardians of FOUNDING FATHERS SE- sistance Center teams up with soon! He is now in remission! Cady the Ribbon on Facebook: RIES Guardians of the Ribbon – Savan- was instrumental in the planning for!/ Specially Prepared nah, GA Chapter two other spouses to visit their Soldiers PinkHealsSavannah this summer in the Savannah area and Francis Scott Key As the Family Assistance Center Man- that was a total surprise for both. ager for the Savannah Region, Ms. National POW-MIA Rec- Tommy Eaton has a family that is dedi- ognition Day 2012 cated to the support of our Service- Organizing Email members and their Families. So, when her daughter, Catherine (known as “Cady”), aged out of the Youth Program for the Georgia National Guard/GeorgiaInside this issue: Department of Defense, she needed to get her a new volunteer position which 1 still engaged her in service to the menPink Heals: and women of the GA Guard.Guardians of She found that purpose with the Pink Heals: Guardians of the Ribbon - Sa- ^^^^^^^^^ Mrs. Beverely Jones, spouse ofthe Ribbon SGT Archie Jones of HHB 1/118th FAR (in the vannah, GA, Ms Tommy pink camo bandana) and Cady on the right,Eaton during a recent home visit with Pink Heals.Are you Ready? 2 For more information about Pink <<<<<<<<<< Heals Guardians of the Ribbon con-By CW2 B. Long tact: Catherine "Cady" Eaton at Cady along with CPT Clay 3 and CSM Tyler of the HHBPreparedness: 1/118th Savannah and America bringing the “Cares EnoughMonth from the to Wear Pink”• and Pink Heals Move- members of Pink HealsAir Force News ment to a city near you! We simply during the staging for theFounding Fathers: 3 provide a program for your community escort of the 9/11 MemorialWilliam Few Flag in Savannah. leaders to adopt, helping them fund- raise for people rather than causes. Catherine now volunteers countless We focus our labor of love on theSpecially Prepared, an 4-6 hours as the chapter’s Secretary, while women of this country and wage wararticle planning home visits to GA Guard Pink Heals Mission Statement: We on anything that may harm her starting spouses, other military personnel, drive pink fire trucks and pink police with cancer! families and others in the community. cars across America bringing theSeptember 13th, 4 Along with the team of volunteers from “Cares Enough to Wear Pink”• and1814 the Chapter, she spends hours at Pink Heals Movement to a city near events raising awareness to help those you! We simply provide a programNational POW- 5 in need. This past summer, Catherine for your community leaders toMIA Recognition was participated in planning a blood adopt, helping them fundraise for drive for the son of LT Marcus people rather than causes. We focus McMullen, B Btry 1/118th FAR. He was our labor of love on the women ofOrganizing E-mails 5 diagnosed with AML and Thyroid can- this country and wage war on any- cer at Fort Stewart, GA (FSGA) while thing that may harm her starting LT McMullen was at FSGA for Annual with cancer! National Guard Training (AT). Marcus
  2. 2. Page 2" The time to repair theroof is when the sun is Welcome to National tion and resources for successful ity to make much out of very emergency planning. little to fill a need.shining. Preparedness Month!~ John F. Kennedy Since September 2001, by Presi- 4. Also from FEMA: The Na- Some ideas? Try: dential Proclamation, September tional Readiness and Prepared-"Luck favors the mind is National Preparedness Month, ness Website is: http:// a. Start by listing some occur-that is prepared." It is designated as the month to rences that could affect your~ Louis Pasteur remind Americans that disasters Here you can find tools, games, family or your community. happen. Whether manmade or kit lists, and ready-made family What could these be? Try: natural, disasters are part of"Theres no disaster that life, and we must prepare our- plans. Flooding, Tornado, Fire, Severecant become a blessing, selves and our neighbors for the Storm Damage, Break-ins, Pub-and no blessing that cant worst. This does not mean that 5. Two U.S. Air Force Articles lic Disruption (rioting, looting), we must terrify everyone we on National Preparedness Ice Storms, etc.become a disaster ." meet. The real point is: we Month may be found at: http://~ Richard Bach must be physically, mentally and b. Discuss each of these with spiritually ready to meet the id=123316523 and http:// your family members,"When a man arrives at worst that man and environ- ment can dish out. neighbors, or friends. This cangreat prosperity God did id=123317845 (Be sure to copy help you discover more issues,it: when he falls into This month, you should plan, and paste, or to enter the whole or simply begin ironing outdisaster he did it pack, organize and prepare your web address). These articles plans.himself." family, neighbors, school and show fundamentals, bases that community for disaster, in all its~ Mark Twain forms. The best way to begin, is are getting "into the act," and c. Iron out details: What do you resources for U.S. Air Force need? Where do you go? What to start learning, start building"Those who hammer plans for various dangers, teach personnel. if this hallway is blocked? How the plans, review the plans, im- do we get water? How manytheir guns into plows, prove the plans, and teach 6. The Georgia Dept of Public days of water do we need andwill plow for those who again. Assemble a ready kit Health is in on the act, with where do we store the rations?do not." that contains the various sup- great disaster preparedness Etc.~ Thomas Jefferson plies needed to get through a links and tools, at: http:// disaster. d. Write it all down. Yes, write"It is not often that a Some resources to get you emerprep/ down every can make started are:opportunities for himself. 7. Are you Ready, Georgia? e. Seek ideas and resources, 1. From FEMA: You can receiveBut he can put himself in Well, the Georgia Ready Website online sites, phone apps, monthly preparedness tips by can help you out, at: http:// neighbors or friends withsuch shape that when or texting “PREPARE” to 43362 knowledge, etc.if the opportunities come (4FEMA). (*msg/data rateshe is ready." apply). 8. GEMA (the Georgia Emer- f. After youve learned,~ Theodore Roosevelt gency Management Agency) planned, stored stuff, and read- 2. What is National Prepared- provides tools, instructions, vid- ied yourself, neighbors and"Private-sector ness Month to the Army? http:// eos, and kit lists, at: http:// family?? Teach.preparedness is not a; it is a cost of issue.php?issue=2012-09-04 by CW2 Barry D. Longdoing business in the All in all, we need to hone ourpost-9/11 world. It is 3. The Ready Army website, skills at discovering hope and building opportunities. Survivalignored at a tremendous readyarmy, provides recom- during a man-made or naturalpotential cost in lives, mended supply lists for 48-72 disaster requires strength ofmoney and national hour individual and family sur- spirit, dedication to each other,security." vival kits. Ready Army also of- material readiness, and the abil-~ The 9/11 Commission fers various sources of informa-Report
  3. 3. Volume 3, Issue 11 Page 3 Posted 9/6/2012 Updated 9/6/2012 by John Burt Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency 9/6/2012 - TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE, nicely into that. Between the two campaigns, NCO in charge for Air Force emergency Fla. (AFNS) -- With September designated it helps raise awareness and prompts people management integration. "If every Airman as National Preparedness Month, Air Force to take action to be prepared for whatever will take these steps, effects from disasters Emergency Management experts are em- the threat." can be minimized and lives can be saved." phasizing the tools available to help Air- men and their families "Be Ready." Air Force emergency managers are trained Rude said there is a comprehensive set of to support base communities by preventing, resources available on the Air Forces "Be National Preparedness Month is an annual preparing for, responding to and recovering Ready" website. campaign to raise awareness on the im- from emergencies. This includes educating portance of disaster preparedness. The base members on what to do if they encoun- "This site is available to the public and event was instituted by the Federal Emer- ter a hazard, whether its a natural disaster offers checklists that can assist users in gency Management Agency and the De- or man-made incident such as a major acci- properly planning for whatever contin- partment of Homeland Security a year dent or terrorist attack. gency arises. There is even a Be Ready after the devastating events of 9/ll. Kids section where you can download "One of the first things Airmen should know activity sheets to help educate younger With a theme of "Pledge to Prepare: is where their installations emergency man- family members," he said. Awareness to Action," the goal of this agement office is," Connors said. "The instal- years commemoration is to encourage all lation emergency management office is the For more information and resources to Americans to take specific steps to be pre- place to go for emergency information. The help prepare for any disaster, Air Force pared for all kinds of disasters and emer- EM staff has the expertise to provide you the members should contact their installation gencies. knowledge and materials you need to be emergency management office or visit prepared." The message of personal readiness is one that Airmen should heed year round, ac- Emergency managers recommend some ba- From: cording to Air Force emergency managers. sic steps Airmen should take now that could id=123316523 make a big difference in the event of a disas- "National Preparedness Month is a FEMA- ter. sponsored event," said Mike Connors, the Air Force emergency manager. "The Air "Three things that we constantly stress to Force has its Be Ready initiative, which is our Airmen is (to) get a kit, make a plan and a year-round campaign that dovetails be prepared," said Master Sgt. Ernie Rude, United States Sena- their safety. Despite his lack of formal education or U.S. commissioner of loans. He became involved tor from Georgia any legal training, Few successfully won admission in the citys financial growth, as a director of the to the Georgia bar. During the Revolution he Manhattan Bank and president of City Bank. Until In office: March 4, 1789 served as a lieutenant colonel in the dragoons, his death in 1828, Few was also an active philan- – March 3, 1793 demonstrating natural leadership abilities. He gravi- thropist. Succeeded by: tated toward politics, serving in the Georgia pro- James Jackson vincial congress and after independence in the state Article provided by: assembly. He was appointed surveyor-general and Born: June 8, 1748 Indian commissioner in the late 1770s. Few was studying-the-constitution/founding-fathers/ Maryland one of six men chosen as delegates to the Philadel- georgia#few phia convention, although only four ultimately at- Died: July 16, 1828 tended. Two of his states delegates left before the (aged 80) convention adjourned, and Few was absent during "He was one of those men, "few and far between," Fishkill-on-Hudson July and much of August attending the Confedera- who effect more by solid weight of character thanWilliam Few, Jr. tion Congress. Although he did not participate in many can by eloquent speech or restless action." Few was one of the conventions rare self-made the convention debates, Few proved his value tomen whose fortune came from his own enterprise the nationalists in the end. He was influential in - James V. Marshall:rather than marriage. Born in Maryland into a poor persuading the Confederation Congress to approve From the "The United States manual of biography andfamily, Few received little education. When he was the Constitution. history: comprising lives of the presidents and vice presi-ten years old, his family moved to North Carolina, Few was one of Georgias first U.S. senators, dents of the United States, and the cabinet officers, from the adoption of the Constitution to the presentwhere his father hoped to improve their economic serving from 1789 to 1793. At the end of his term, day. Also, lives of the signers of the Declaration of inde-situation. In North Carolina Few, his father, and his he returned to the Georgia assembly. He became a pendence, and of the old Articles of confederation, ofbrother became members of the Regulators, the federal judge for the Georgia circuit in 1796 but the framers of the Constitution of the United States,backcountry farmers who sought more responsive resigned three years later when he moved to New and of the chief justices of the Supreme court of the United States. With authentic copies of the Declarationand less corrupt government in their frontier area. York City. The move to New York did not slow of independence, the Articles of confederation, and theFews brother was hanged for his protest activities, Fews political career. He served four years in the Constitution of the United States. To which is prefixedthe family farm was destroyed, and Fews father New York assembly and was appointed to a num- an introductory history of the United States," Publishedbecame a fugitive, moving the family to Georgia for ber of positions, including inspector of prisons and January 1856
  4. 4. Volume 3, Issue 11 Page 4 Article by ent, so we talk with teachers and school the tornado sirens were going off. A per- CW2 Jennifer Long administration to make sure everything is son with visual impairments would not Commander, A Co., 4th BN, 1st BDE, in place for severe weather emergencies or see the rising water in the yard or base- Georgia State Defense Force evacuations. Planning for elderly family ment. You can assist by getting to know members or those at home with special their neighbors, explaining to them needs is handled in much the same way. about the special needs, and asking them If you have personally met either me or to help alert your family member in the my husband, you have no doubt heard us Make sure to have a list of medications event of an emergency. In many commu- speak of my grandparents. My mother (including names of meds, dosage, and nities you can also talk with the local law and I are their caregivers now that they frequency) and physicians’ names and enforcement or emergency personnel are in their late 80s, and they are a huge numbers in their wallet or purse along and ask them to place certain addresses part of the lives of our family. Papa, a D- with their insurance information and on their Special Needs lists. Day combat medic, has hearing loss and emergency contacts. You should also in- requires a walker for mobility. Granny clude on the list any medical devices they has low vision and requires total assis- require, such as hearing aids, CPAP ma- tance for mobility. So how do you pre- chines, portable oxygen canisters, diabetic pare for emergencies when you have testing equipment, or catheter supplies. If elderly family members or those with their medical needs are complex, another special needs? suggestion is to put all important informa- tion on a USB flash drive. My grandparents The first thing to remember is that you have numerous prescriptions, so we keep think much more clearly when you are their medicine bottles in a container that not under stress. Make your plans now, can be grabbed quickly to take along. so that they are established well before they are actually needed. Part of my job If your elderly/special needs family mem- with our local school system is to plan ber does not live with you, how would they for emergency procedures for special be notified of emergency messages? A … Continued on Page 5 needs students. Each student is differ- hearing impaired person would not knowFrom the website land. He became a successful lawyer in Mary- cated about eight miles away. After a day, land and Washington, D.C., and was later ap- the British were unable to destroy the fortOn this day in 1814, Francis Scott Key pens a pointed U.S. attorney for the District of Colum- and gave up. Key was relieved to see thepoem which is later set to music and in 1931 bia. American flag still flying over Fort McHenrybecomes Americas national and quickly penned a few lines in tribute toanthem, "The Star-Spangled On June 18, 1812, America what he had witnessed.Banner." The poem, originally declared war on Great Britaintitled "The Defence of Fort after a series of trade dis- The poem was printed in newspapers andMcHenry," was written after agreements. In August 1814, eventually set to the music of a popular Eng-Key witnessed the Maryland British troops invaded Wash- lish drinking tune called "To Anacreon infort being bombarded by the ington, D.C., and burned the Heaven" by composer John Stafford Smith.British during the War of 1812. White House, Capitol Building People began referring to the song as "TheKey was inspired by the sight of and Library of Congress. Their Star-Spangled Banner" and in 1916 Presidenta lone U.S. flag still flying over next target was Baltimore. Woodrow Wilson announced that it shouldFort McHenry at daybreak, as be played at all official events. It wasreflected in the now-famous After one of Keys friends, Dr. adopted as the national anthem on March 3,words of the "Star-Spangled William Beanes, was taken 1931.Banner": "And the rockets red prisoner by the British, Keyglare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof went to Baltimore, located the ship where Francis Scott Key died of pleurisy on Januarythrough the night that our flag was still Beanes was being held and negotiated his re- 11, 1843. Today, the flag that flew over Fortthere." lease. However, Key and Beanes werent al- McHenry in 1914 is housed at the Smith- lowed to leave until after the British bombard- sonian Institution’s Museum of AmericanFrancis Scott Key was born on August 1, ment of Fort McHenry. Key watched the bomb- History in Washington, D.C.1779, at Terra Rubra, his familys estate in ing campaign unfold from aboard a ship lo-Frederick County (now Carroll County), Mary-
  5. 5. Volume 3, Issue 11 Page 5 NATIONAL POW-MIA RECOGNITION DAY The President issued a proclamation commemorating the observances and remind- ing the nation of those Americans who have sacrificed so much for their country. Observances of National POW/MIA Recognition Day are held across the country on military installations, ships at sea, state capitols, schools and veterans facilities. It is traditionally observed on the third Friday in September each year. This obser- vance is one of six days throughout the year that Congress has mandated the flying of the National League of Families POW/MIA flag. The others are Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day and Veterans Day. The flag is to be flown at major military installations, national cemeteries, all post offices, VA medical facilities, the World War II Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the official offices of the secretaries of state, defense and veterans affairs, the director of the selective service system and the White House. A Pentagon ceremony for National POW/MIA Recognition Day was held on Friday, Sept.16, 2011. This ceremony featured troops from each of the military services. See the Defense Prisoner of War—Missing Personnel Officer Website at: Article by CW2 Barry D. LongEmail, like the majority of our other duties as Military Personnel and DoD Civilians, is something that must be attended to in an organized manner. In most cases, it is far moreappropriate to respond properly, then file the email, or mark the email for further processing.One method of marking emails (the one I use) is to take the emails that need further action and mark them unread, give them a status "Category" color, and mark them for "Follow-up" with a reminder. Emails that no longer need any action taken may be filed in a separate folder in your personal folders.Also remember not to lose track of the common customs and courtesies owed to senior personnel (or for that matter, everyone) by forgetting to answer them. Any answer is impor-tant, even if it is: "I will get back to you tomorrow before COB," or "Can I check on that and get you an answer by COB today?" Ensuring that an answer is given, and that it ispolite, thought out, appropriate, and relatively timely, is the most important part of the equation.I suggest that you:1) Get with your key leadership when you feel that you may be overwhelmed by more tasks than you can accomplish. They may have suggestions for achieving them more effec-tively, and they may be able to re-arrange assets and get you temporary support.2) Use your mentor/sponsor/Warrant Officer helpline if you feel that you may need some assistance in planning, managing, or organizing you tasks, as they have a great deal oftraining + experience in these subjects, and in teaching personnel. What is a mentor/sponsor/Warrant Officer helpline? Well, if you have to ask, you probably dont have a goodone, or dont have one at all. This concept describes the leader that has always been the one that walked you through the tough problems in your career. If you dont haveone...find one. Youll need a mentor one day, I promise.3) Respond to messages, emails, and requests in a prompt manner (mentioned above for emphasis), even if you have to politely ask that the task be reassigned, delayed or givenadditional support.4) Take a deep breath and attack the most pressing tasks first. Keeping suspenses is far better than getting the easy tasks completed first.5) Remember: Tracking is everything. Whether you use the "Unread Email" method, color coding, and flagging I mentioned above, or you have another method, find a way to keepthe replies tracking.GOOD LUCK!
  6. 6. Serving the Georgia DoD, The U.S. Military, and our Veterans, One Family at a Time. The J-9 Joint and Family Services Directorate and The Georgia Guard Family Program:J-9 JOINT ANDFAMILY SERVICESDIRECTORATEGeorgia Department of Defense Our directorate services the military community of Georgia, providing those1388 First Street, Bldg 840 (Finch Bldg) services, support and information that are vital to their care. Our staff is com-1000 Halsey Avenue, Bldg 447, mitted to providing the best care, in a timely manner, and followed-thru to aMailroomMarietta, GA 30060 successful conclusion so that Military Personnel, their families, and Veterans in Georgia will have the resources, help, and information they need to thrive.Point of Contact:CW2 Barry D. LongHuman Resources/Systems/ATSO/Safety We are on the web: “Military Personnel, www.georgiaguardfamilyprogram.orgFamilies, and Veterans First!”NATIONAL GUARD BUREAUFamily Programs (NGB-FP)Mission: To establish and facilitateongoing communication, involvement, ...Continued from Page 4support, and recognition between Na-tional Guard families and the NationalGuard in a partnership that promotes What about Service Animals? home health provider aboutthe best in both. In the case of an evacuation, backup plans for use. TheyFamily Programs Web - The National Guard emergency personnel need to can also assist you with identi- For more information,Family Program know that this animal is not fying resources in your com- here are some great - The National simply a pet and must be kept munity that can help. Family sources:Guard Family Youth Program with its owner. Keep copies members receiving in-homeNewsletters of the animal’s documenta- support services through pro- National Guard Family Guide [PDF] tion along with the family grams such as Life Alert or AoARoot/AoA_Programs/ member’s vital info. Don’t Meals-On-Wheels should talk HCLTC/Caregiver/docs/Contact InformationPhone: (888)777-7731 forget to pack pet food in the with them about what emer- Just_in_Case030706_linksFax: 703-607-0762 family disaster kit. gency planning options they .pdfEmail: can assist with as well. Not every emergency in- volves having to evacuate. sites/default/files/ What if the power simply FEMA_Disabilities_R- goes out for an extended pe- 6_web_june2012.pdf riod of time? If your family member uses an oxygen con- centrator, an infusion device, http:// an oral suction device, home dialysis, or another device MyDisasters/disability/ dependent on a continuous epips3cognitive.pdf power supply, talk with their