The 10th Issue of Volume 3 - The J-9 "FOCAL POINT!" Newsletter


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The 10th Issue of Volume 3 - The J-9 "FOCAL POINT!" Newsletter

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The 10th Issue of Volume 3 - The J-9 "FOCAL POINT!" Newsletter

  1. 1. JOINT STAFF, GEORGIA DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE A Newsletter Production of the Special points of in- J-9 Joint and Family Services Directorate terest: Volume 3, Issue 10 August 31, 2012  All in the Family  Mrs Julie Mackim, Family Readiness  The Army Support Assistant Leader: At a Loss With just one percent of Ameri- dinator and all members of the port of FRGs and maintaining for Words. cans serving in the military, it’s FRG key leadership team follow their continuity and stability more important than ever for the the guidelines of the Privacy Act through changes in personnel.  The History of La- families to have a place to turn of 1974 to ensure privacy for the While the main task of the FRSA bor Day for support. Military families can military members and their fami- is to assist command in support rely on Family Readiness Groups lies. of their FRGs, the FRSA also  SAVING THE DAY! (FRG’s) for support, information supports the SRPs for their  FOUNDING FA- and camaraderie, as well as being units, are a resource for the together with those that have Yellow Ribbon team during THERS SERIES been through similar experi- those events and are available to ences. provide additional training to The concept of an FRG can be the family members. For exam- traced back to the Revolutionary ple, OPSEC/social media and MyInside this issue: War, when Martha Washington Life in a Box, just to mention a would rally the wives of service couple. members in her husband’s com- Please reach out to a FRSA if mand. Today FRG’s provide a you have any questions regard- All in the Fam- 1 vital connection among military ing the recruitment of an FRG ily by Mrs Julie families, commanders and the for your unit, or any additional Mackim, Fam- community. They are an exten- training. ily Readiness sion of the unit, making sure all Support Asst. information disseminated through their networks is trustworthy.The Army 2 The FRG is the commander’sLeader: At a program and that’s where theLoss for Words. FRSA (Family Readiness Support Assistant) comes into play. TheThe History of 3,5 FRSA is part of the J-9 Director-Labor Day ate, State Family Programs Of- fice. Each FRSA is assigned a MACOM (Major Command) andFounding Fathers: 3 are tasked with working with theAbraham Baldwin commander’s of their units to recruit, train and charter FRG’s for each. While the main task of the FRG is outreach to the familyArticle from the GSDF: 4 One of the main responsibilities members, each commander has aSaving the Day! of the FRG is to act as a central vision for his/her FRG that they communication point for its want to meet. It is the responsi- members. That means the com- bility of the FRSA to maintainSeptember 3rd, 4 munication coordinator maintains that vision and assist the FRG1783 an up to date list of phone num- key leadership team in attaining bers, email addresses and other and maintaining that goal. The contact information so members FRSA works with the com- can be contacted quickly if neces- mander and RDNCO, providing sary. The communications coor- administrative assistance in sup-
  2. 2. Page 2 - CW2 Barry Long"Let us seek for comfortwhere alone it may befound, let us learn a Every Army leader is trained to be resources. Remember to avoid this proficient in counseling, mentoring Once a Soldier, Marine, Airman, effect. Stay impassive if you cannotdutiful acquiescence in and evaluating. Every Army leader Sailor, etc becomes a leader, the show empathy. Do not act like awhatsoever proceeds is drilled on handling Sexual As- training is supposed to add a more robot. If you must, follow thefrom that Great Being saults, deviant behavior, suicide human face to the Serviceman. The scripted words from the manualsfrom whom we ourselves watch, and many other scenarios, to training is supposed to make a men- and videos you remember fromproceeded and who being a certain extent. Every Army leader, tor, leader, coach, sometime dictator, training. Your best effort at tough however, faces those times when and occasional supporter, out of the and reasonable will do for the firstthe sole Author of all our training is not enough, where com- rough and ready, hardcore, man or time out.enjoyments has an passion is required, or where the woman in uniform. This, however,undoubted Right to problem is completely out if his/her does not easily counter that hardcore Some leaders are prone to a kind ofwithdraw them in his experience. frame of mind, and it breeds an internal remorse as well. Either the internal struggle. leader was “that stupid” as a youngown good time and The problem the leader faces may be SM or the leader failed to correctwhose Goodness so with his or her family, another Sol- The leader asks, “Do they see me as the problem or help someone inconspicuous in his dier, a leader (above or below his/her weak?” “Am I portraying softness by need before. Get over the remorseGeneral Providence may position), or someone outside the showing any compassion?” Does it and fix it this as eminent for aught fold. The problem can be internal. hurt my image to be the It can be something in the leader’s ‘understanding’ leader?” The most important part of all ofwe know though not so personal experience that he or she this is to seek help. Seek help fromplainly discerned even cannot reconcile. These issues place Then the moment arrives we all fear. your mentors, from trustworthywhen He deals to us the us in a very peculiar problem that Trouble pops up, but it is not an sources, from counselors, or frombitter cup of affliction." does not exist outside of law enforce- enemy, a terrorist, or a trap. The close friends. Admit your weakness ment, Emergency Response or mili- trouble is a Service Member (SM (es) and get better with help. As a tary organizations, and the mentality from now on) who has a weakness. leader, do not fear any stigmata of~ John Blair, Founding of personnel in those organizations is The weakness is family trouble, loss asking for help in dealing withFather, appointed by so vastly different than the organiza- of a girlfriend, a death in the family, someone else’s problem, nor inGeorge Washington a tions and people we call “Civilians” financial trouble, suicidal tenden- dealing with your method of copingSupreme Court Justice that we cannot relate it to each other, cies, sexual assault or improper with those problems. Leaders can or to outside counselors. sexual behavior, drunkenness, or one get help, too. of many similar problems. Training This article will focus mainly on kicks in, and the leader usually Stop the process of denying weak- military personnel and leaders, but it follows the report channel, recom- ness and gain strength from getting could be applied, with minor editing, mends or orders the specifically support/help from a counselor/"To laugh often and to any of the organizations in our required help or counseling, etc. mentor.much; to win the respect society that we consider “Non-of intelligent people and Civilian.” These are organizations Training kicks in… When that moment arises, and itthe affection of children; with a vaguely military-type struc- will; that moment will arise whento earn the appreciation ture, such as: Law Enforcement Training, however, does not always you have no words to say; that mo- Organization, First Responder Emer- teach empathy. The leader is at a ment when you cannot express yourof honest critics and gency Organizations (Fire, EMT, loss for words. emotions, do not simply fall back onendure the betrayal of etc), and Civil Defense Organiza- training. Fall back on being hu-false friends; to tions. This article cannot teach empathy, man. Observe the successes ofappreciate beauty; to compassionate behavior, or (most others and implement change.find the best in others; to The military has a way of teaching its importantly) damage control, but it personnel to be strong, steadfast, can bring the emphasis to the front, Lead the way, and be a leader ofleave the world a bit zealous, impervious to pain or irrita- and make the leader think. Think consequence. Fix the problems thatbetter, whether by a tion, self-reliant, loyal, and brave. about what you would want to hap- created the problems…healthy child, a garden In this process self-denial and lack pen. You may not find it appropriatepatch, a redeemed social of compassion/empathy are also to show compassion, but at least Get help. Learn to understand thecondition; to know even trained into our personnel, because remain impassive and avoid the needs of others, never forget where of the competitive nature of the appearance of distaste. Many lead- you came from, but always remem-one life has breathed training and the shear strenuous ers show a distasteful attitude, either ber how you would like to beeasier because you have nature of the service. Some of the because they do not know what else treated.lived. This is to have effect is intentional and some is not, to do or say, or because the event/succeeded." but the effect is there, nevertheless. issue is simply a strain on their Thank you for your service!~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
  3. 3. Volume 3, Issue 10 Page 3 From The U.S. Department of Labor Webpage growth of labor organizations, and in Labor Day: How it Came About; Many believe that Matthew Maguire, a 1885 Labor Day was celebrated in What it Means machinist, not Peter McGuire, founded many industrial centers of the coun- the holiday. Recent research seems to try. Labor Day, the first Monday in Sep- support the contention that Matthew tember, is a creation of the labor Maguire, later the secretary of Local 344 Labor Day Legislation movement and is dedicated to the so- of the International Association of Ma- cial and economic achievements of chinists in Paterson, N.J., proposed the Through the years the nation gave American workers. It constitutes a holiday in 1882 while serving as secre- increasing emphasis to Labor Day. The yearly national tribute to the contribu- tary of the Central Labor Union in New first governmental recognition came tions workers have made to the York. What is clear is that the Central through municipal ordinances passed strength, prosperity, and well-being of Labor Union adopted a Labor Day pro- during 1885 and 1886. From them our country. posal and appointed a committee to plan developed the movement to secure a demonstration and picnic. state legislation. The first state bill Founder of Labor Day was introduced into the New York leg- The First Labor Day islature, but the first to become law More than 100 years after the first was passed by Oregon on February Labor Day observance, there is still The first Labor Day holiday was cele- 21, 1887. During the year four more some doubt as to who first proposed brated on Tuesday, September 5, 1882, states — Colorado, Massachusetts, the holiday for workers. in New York City, in accordance with the New Jersey, and New York — created plans of the Central Labor Union. The the Labor Day holiday by legislative Some records show that Peter J. Central Labor Union held its second La- enactment. By the end of the decade McGuire, general secretary of the bor Day holiday just a year later, on Connecticut, Nebraska, and Pennsyl- Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners September 5, 1883. vania had followed suit. By 1894, 23 and a cofounder of the American Fed- other states had adopted the holiday eration of Labor, was first in suggest- In 1884 the first Monday in September in honor of workers, and on June 28 of ing a day to honor those "who from was selected as the holiday, as originally that year, Congress passed an act rude nature have delved and carved proposed, and the Central Labor Union making the first Monday in September all the grandeur we behold." urged similar organizations in other cit- of each year a legal holiday in the Dis- ies to follow the example of New York trict of Columbia and the territories. But Peter McGuires place in Labor Day and celebrate a "workingmens holiday" history has not gone unchallenged. on that date. The idea spread with the ...Continued on Page 4 Baldwin was born at Guil- debts and educate, out of his own pocket, his half- Modeled after Yale, it became the nucleus of the Uni-ford, Conn., in 1754, the second Born: November 22, brothers and half-sisters. versity of Georgia.son of a blacksmith who fa- 1754, Guilfordthered 12 children by 2 wives. That same year, Baldwin attended the Constitutional Baldwin, who never married, died after a shortBesides Abraham, several of Died: March 4, 1807, Convention, from which he was absent for a few weeks. illness during his 53d year in 1807. Still serving in thethe family attained distinction. Although usually inconspicuous, he sat on the Commit- Senate at the time, he was buried in Washingtons Washington, D.C.His sister Ruth married the poet tee on Postponed Matters and helped resolve the large- Rock Creek Cemetery.and diplomat Joel Barlow, and Education: Yale small state representation crisis. At first, he favoredhis half-brother Henry attained representation in the Senate based upon property hold- Universitythe position of justice of the ings, but possibly because of his close relationship with constitution_founding_fathers_georgia.html#FewU.S. Supreme Court. Their Siblings: Henry the Connecticut delegation he later came to fear alien-ambitious father went heavily ation of the small states and changed his mind tointo debt to educate his chil- Baldwin "It should therefore be among the first objects of those who representation by state.dren. wish well to the national prosperity to encourage and support the principles of religion and morality, and early to place the After the convention, Baldwin returned to the After attending a local village school, Abraham youth under the forming hand of society, that by instruction Continental Congress (1787-89). He was then electedmatriculated at Yale, in nearby New Haven. He graduated they may be molded to the love of virtue and good order." to the U.S. Congress, where he served for 18 yearsin 1772. Three years later, he became a minister and tutor (House of Representatives, 1789-99; Senate, 1799-at the college. He held that position until 1779, when he - ABRAHAM BALDWIN 1807). During these years, he became a bitter oppo-served as a chaplain in the Continental Army. Two years nent of Hamiltonian policies and, unlike most otherlater, he declined an offer from his alma mater of a pro- native New Englanders, an ally of Madison and Jeffer- "When the minds of the people in general are viciously dis-fessorship of divinity. Instead of resuming his ministerial son and the Democratic-Republicans. In the Senate, posed and unprincipled, and their conduct disorderly, a freeor educational duties after the war, he turned to the study he presided for a while as president pro tem. government, will be attended with greater confusions and evilsof law and in 1783 gained admittance to the bar at Fair- more horrid than the wild, uncultivated state of nature. It canfield, CT. By 1790 Baldwin had taken up residence in Au- only be happy when the public principle and opinions are gusta. Beginning in the preceding decade, he had properly directed and their manners regulated. This is an Within a year, Baldwin moved to Georgia, won legis- begun efforts to advance the educational system in influence beyond the reach of laws and punishments and canlative approval to practice his profession, and obtained a Georgia. Appointed with six others in 1784 to oversee be claimed only by religion and education"grant of land in Wilkes County. In 1785 he sat in the the founding of a state college, he saw his dreamassembly and the Continental Congress. Two years later, come true in 1798 when Franklin College was founded. - ABRAHAM BALDWINhis father died and Baldwin undertook to pay off his
  4. 4. Volume 3, Issue 10 Page 4 Article by CW2 Jennifer Long many people, and if the situation is es- remain in the car. They could have Commander, A Co., 4th BN, 1st BDE, calating, such as the involved parties injuries that could be made worse by Georgia State Defense Force getting into a heated argument. Also, moving them. If the car does burst do not hang up until the 911 operator into flames, remove the victim as tells you to do so. quickly as possible. Even if this ag- In the past month, Atlanta traffic has gravates an injury, you are still acting been tied up with three fatal accidents MYTH: “Injured accident victims who in the best interest of the victim and involving wrong-way drivers. The need help always want it.” When you leaving them better than they would morning traffic reports on the radio take any first aid or CPR class you are have been otherwise. What if the per- and the GDOT website are full of more instructed to ALWAYS ask first if you can son was ejected from the car during accident reports. If it is a minor help someone. A conscious person can the crash? Render aid wherever they fender-bender, most people know refuse your help. If they do, you have may be, and only move them if there what to do. But, in the case of a seri- to respect their request and wait for is an obvious threat to their life. ous accident, would you know how to emergency personnel. If the victim is a respond? child, an adult should give the consent. MYTH: “You should apply direct pres- With an unconscious victim, a rescuer sure to any bleeding wound.” When MYTH: “Someone has probably called has “implied consent.” This means that heavy bleeding is present, direct pres- 911 already, so I shouldn’t bother.” It the person would most likely ask for sure should be applied. However, in actually may benefit rescue efforts if your help if they were able to respond. the case of head trauma, light pres- multiple 911 calls are made. You may In this case, deliver aid to the limit of sure is preferred due to the possibility report observations from a different your training and knowledge. If you are of skull fractures. vantage point, or may have gotten a unsure of what to do, seek advice from better look at a license plate, so go the 911 operator. The key to responding to an acci- ahead and make the call. The opera- dent is to leave the victims in as tor will ask you a series of questions. MYTH: “You should always remove vic- good or better condition as you Respond with as much detail as you tims from a car because of the risk of found them. Your primary duty is can. Let them know of any hazards fire.” This is likely the worst course of to help protect the victims until you see, such as fire, downed power action you could take. If there is no professional help arrives. lines, or obvious injuries. Tell them immediate danger of fire, turn off the how many cars are involved, how engine and allow the injured victim to The American Revolution officially comes months later, the key details had been ham-to an end when representatives of the United In September 1782, Benjamin Franklin, along mered out and on November 30, 1882, the UnitedStates, Great Britain, Spain and France sign the with John Adams and John Jay, began official States and Britain signed the preliminary arti-Treaty of Paris on this day in 1783. The signing peace negotiations with the British. The Continen- cles of the treaty. France signed its own pre-signified Americas status as a free nation, as tal Congress had originally named a five-person liminary peace agreement with Britain on Janu-Britain formally recognized the independence committee--including Franklin, Adams and Jay, ary 20, 1783, and then in September of thatof its 13 former American colonies, and the along with Thomas Jefferson and Henry Laurens-- year, the final treaty was signed by all threeboundaries of the new republic were agreed to handle the talks. However, both Jefferson and nations and Spain. The Treaty of Paris wasupon: Florida north to the Great Lakes and the Laurens missed the sessions--Jefferson had ratified by the Continental Congress on Janu-Atlantic coast west to the Mississippi River. travel delays and Laurens had been captured by ary 14, 1884. the British and was being held in the Tower of The events leading up to the treaty London. The U.S. delegation, which was distrust- back to April 1775, on a common ful of the French, opted to negotiate separately treaty-of-paris-signedgreen in Lexington, Massachusetts, when with the British.American colonists answered King George IIIsrefusal to grant them political and economic During the talks Franklin demanded thatreform with armed revolution. On July 4, 1776, Britain hand over Canada to the United States.more than a year after the first volleys of the This did not come to pass, but America did gainwar were fired, the Second Continental Con- enough new territory south of the Canadian bor-gress officially adopted the Declaration of Inde- der to double its size. The United States also suc-pendence. Five difficult years later, in October cessfully negotiated for important fishing rights1781, British General Charles Lord Cornwallis in Canadian waters and agreed, among othersurrendered to American and French forces at things, not to prevent British creditors from at-Yorktown, Virginia, bringing to an end the last tempting to recover debts owed to them. Twomajor battle of the Revolution.
  5. 5. Serving the Georgia DoD, The U.S. Military, and our Veterans, One Family at a Time. The J-9 Joint and Family Services Directorate and The Georgia Guard Family Program:J-9 JOINT ANDFAMILY SERVICESDIRECTORATEGeorgia Department of Defense Our directorate services the military community of Georgia, providing those1388 First Street, Bldg 840 (Finch Bldg) services, support and information that are vital to their care. Our staff is com-1000 Halsey Avenue, Bldg 447, mitted to providing the best care, in a timely manner, and followed-thru to aMailroomMarietta, GA 30060 successful conclusion so that Military Personnel, their families, and Veterans in Georgia will have the resources, help, and information they need to thrive.Point of Contact:CW2 Barry D. LongHuman Resources/Systems/ATSO/Safety We are on the web: “Military Personnel, www.georgiaguardfamilyprogram.orgFamilies, and Veterans First!”NATIONAL GUARD BUREAUFamily Programs (NGB-FP)Mission: To establish and facilitateongoing communication, involvement, ...Continued from Page 3support, and recognition between Na-tional Guard families and the NationalGuard in a partnership that promotes A Nationwide Holiday The character of the Labor Daythe best in both.Family Programs Web Sites The form that the observance and celebration has undergone a - The National Guard celebration of Labor Day should in recent years, especially in largeFamily Program take was outlined in the first pro- industrial centers where mass - The National posal of the holiday — a street pa- plays and huge parades have proved aGuard Family Youth Program rade to exhibit to the public "the problem. This change, however, is strength and esprit de corps of the more a shift in emphasis and mediumNewslettersAir National Guard Family Guide [PDF] trade and labor organizations" of the of expression. Labor Day addresses community, followed by a festival for by leading union officials, industrial- the recreation and amusement of ists, educators, clerics and govern-Contact InformationPhone: (888)777-7731 the workers and their families. This ment officials are given wide coverageFax: 703-607-0762 became the pattern for the celebra- in newspapers, radio, and television.Email: tions of Labor Day. Speeches by prominent men and women were The vital force of labor added materi- The Triangle Shirtwaist Fac- introduced later, as more emphasis ally to the highest standard of living tory Fire was placed upon the economic and and the greatest production the civic significance of the holiday. Still world has ever known and has The events on the Saturday after- later, by a resolution of the Ameri- brought us closer to the realization noon of March 25, 1911 at the can Federation of Labor convention of our traditional ideals of economic Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in New of 1909, the Sunday preceding Labor and political democracy. It is appro- York City stirred America to move Day was adopted as Labor Sunday priate, therefore, that the nation pay to protect workers. In less than 20 and dedicated to the spiritual and tribute on Labor Day to the creator minutes, 146 people were dead – educational aspects of the labor of so much of the nations strength, some burned to death; others movement. freedom, and leadership — the leaped to their deaths from 100 American worker. feet up – victims of one of the worst factory fires in Americas history.