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Current Job Order O*NET Search ListingThursday February 28, 2013 at 08:13:43 ET.191 Job Orders foundClick on Order Number ...
Grou                           Developer                       Asset Management Analysis      SmartPlant FoundationGA80788...
SmartPlant FoundationGA8079711 02/21/2013 Billeter Professional Solution                                                  ...
GA8075220 01/30/2013 ELIAS FLORES                   Farm WorkerGA8077596 02/11/2013 EVANS FARMS G.P                FARMWOR...
FGI                         14710BRGA8080542 02/26/2013 J&R BAKER FARMS               FARMWORKER DIVERSIFIEDGA8075987 02/0...
GA8080474 02/26/2013 RODRIGUEZ Harvesting, LLC FarmworkersGA8078625 02/15/2013 RODRIGUEZ Harvesting, LLC FarmworkersGA8053...
(AugustGA8076453 02/06/2013 US LAWNS OF AUGUSTA           Irrigation TechnicianGA8076481 02/06/2013 US LAWNS OF AUGUSTA   ...
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Augusta Area Job Listing as of 28 Feb 2013


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Job Postings Augusta CC (28 Feb 2013)



Go to:

Click on "JOB SEEKERS"

Click on "FIND A JOB"


Next, look at the bottom of the screen (JOB NUMBER SEARCH) Type the Job

Numbers only here. It will take you to the requirements of the job. If you

meet all the requirements write down the job numbers and come in and ask to

see an employment specialist.


You may also apply on line for a referral - create or use your PIN - then

hit the PROCEED TO REFERRAL button at the bottom of the page - in the SKILLS

block, tell us (the Dept. of Labor) how you meet the employer's MINIMUM

REQUIREMENTS (KISS - Keep It Short and Simple - If you do not show that you

meet the employer's MINIMUM SKILLS & EDUCATION requirements 100%, you will

not be given a referral, you will receive a reject email instead.) You will

receive an email back from the Dept. of Labor (

telling you either that you are qualified and how to contact the employer;

you're not qualified and the reason why or the vacancy has closed out.

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Augusta Area Job Listing as of 28 Feb 2013

  1. 1. Current Job Order O*NET Search ListingThursday February 28, 2013 at 08:13:43 ET.191 Job Orders foundClick on Order Number to receive additional information.Job Orders where Job Title is displayed with an aqua background refer to TrainingOpportunity Job Orders.Job Orders where Job Title is displayed with a yellow background refer to WIA/OJT JobOrders. Order Order Employer Name Title Number Date A World of Hope ChristianGA8076285 02/05/2013 Lead Teacher Chil Director of Development - CSRAGA8077311 02/08/2013 American Heart Association (Aiken/Au American Train Company,GA8080925 02/27/2013 Operator Inc Asset Management AnalysisGA8080581 02/26/2013 Civil Structural Design Engineer Grou Asset Management Analysis Collection System SoftwareGA8080583 02/26/2013 Grou Developer/Ana Asset Management AnalysisGA8079773 02/21/2013 Computer Security Engineer Grou Asset Management AnalysisGA8078895 02/18/2013 I & C Design Engineer Grou Asset Management AnalysisGA8076506 02/06/2013 Lotus Notes Developer Grou Asset Management Analysis Mechanical HVAC DesignGA8078874 02/18/2013 Grou Engineer Asset Management AnalysisGA8080585 02/26/2013 Occupational Medicine Physician Grou Asset Management AnalysisGA8075606 01/31/2013 Person In Charge Grou Asset Management AnalysisGA8080698 02/27/2013 Project Control Senior Engineer Grou Asset Management AnalysisGA8076497 02/06/2013 Registered Nurse GrouGA8079792 02/21/2013 Asset Management Analysis Senior Web Applications
  2. 2. Grou Developer Asset Management Analysis SmartPlant FoundationGA8078890 02/18/2013 Grou Developer and Admi Asset Management Analysis Waste CTF/GeneratorGA8076573 02/06/2013 Grou Certification Offici Asset Management AnalysisGA8075625 01/31/2013 Work Control Planner GrouGA8078371 02/14/2013 Augusta Budget Inn Housekeeper Augusta HospitalityGA8074844 01/28/2013 Maintenance Repairer ManagementGA8074758 01/28/2013 Averitt Express Regional TL Driver - AugustaGA8074724 01/28/2013 ABN Technologies Technical Writer Data Entry Operator/MetalGA8079202 02/19/2013 ACRUX FabricationGA8079476 02/20/2013 ACRUX MAINTENANCE TECHNICIANGA8075577 01/31/2013 ADP Data Research Analyst JobGA8078435 02/14/2013 ADP Efficiency Analyst Intern JobGA8079728 02/21/2013 ADP Executive Assistant I JobGA8078812 02/18/2013 ADP HR/Payroll Specialist Job Implementation Specialist II /GA8075830 02/01/2013 ADP Payroll JGA8077289 02/08/2013 ADP Installation Specialist Job Major Accounts Client ServiceGA8078849 02/18/2013 ADP Intern Job Manager - HR Shared ServiceGA8080456 02/26/2013 ADP Center JobGA8080573 02/26/2013 ADP Manager, PMC JobGA8078830 02/18/2013 ADP Mgr. - HR Business Partner JobGA8078766 02/18/2013 ADP Payroll Specialist II Job Summer Internship - ClientGA8078381 02/14/2013 ADP Service Job Summer Internship - DealerGA8078864 02/18/2013 ADP Services Job Tech Application and ClientGA8077302 02/08/2013 ADP Service Anal SUPERVISOR,GA8077075 02/08/2013 AKIMA TRANSPORTATION Client Associate (Fully Paid) -GA8077983 02/13/2013 Bank Of America Part Tim Personal Banker - CenterwestGA8077842 02/12/2013 Bank Of America Banking CenGA8075615 01/31/2013 Best Trucking Job Truck driver TraineeGA8079661 02/21/2013 Billeter Professional Solution I & C DESIGN ENGINEER Mechanical HVAC DesignGA8079687 02/21/2013 Billeter Professional Solution Engineer
  3. 3. SmartPlant FoundationGA8079711 02/21/2013 Billeter Professional Solution Developer and Admi Blocker Daycare & LearningGA8077301 02/08/2013 Lead Teacher CenGA8076650 02/06/2013 BCRS Investments, LLC FARMWORKER FRUIT BLAND FARMS ProductionGA8074818 01/28/2013 FARM WORKER and Pac Business Development/SalesGA8080497 02/26/2013 BMB Representativ Community Centered Veteran Leader Corps ProjectGA8076171 02/05/2013 Foundation Coord. (AmeGA8077305 02/08/2013 Construct Corps ElectricianGA8045465 08/15/2012 CANNON FARMS Farm Labor Equipment OperatorGA8074179 01/24/2013 CASTRO HARVESTING HARVEST CONTRACTORGA8075247 01/30/2013 CATARINA GARCIA, FLC HARVEST WORKER, FRUITGA8076091 02/04/2013 CHRISTOPHER MARTIN FIELD CROP WORKERGA8076303 02/05/2013 CISCO PRODUCE FARMWORKER, VEGETABLE IIGA8078924 02/18/2013 CKT PRODUCE, LLC FARMWORKERGA8078927 02/18/2013 COPPER STATION FARMS FARMWORKER, FRUIT I FARMWORKER DIVERSIFIEDGA8077910 02/13/2013 COURSON Family Farms CROPS II Retail Florist Designer /GA8077310 02/08/2013 D & K Gift and Frame Shop AssociateGA8076087 02/04/2013 David Martinez HARVEST WORKER, FRUITGA8075838 02/01/2013 Drug Transport, Inc. Truck DriverGA8077015 02/07/2013 DELIA ROJAS Farm Worker DEPARTMENT OF JUVENILEGA8075284 01/30/2013 Juvenile Correction officer 1 JUSTICE DEPARTMENT OF JUVENILEGA8075288 01/30/2013 Teacher JUSTICEGA8075581 01/31/2013 DICKEY FARMS,INC FARMWORKER, FRUIT IGA8062403 11/06/2012 DICKEY FARMS,INC FARMWORKER, FRUIT IGA8075653 01/31/2013 DONNA M. HERNANDEZ Blueberry HarvesterGA8075912 02/04/2013 DRY BRANCH, INC FARMWORKERGA8075822 02/01/2013 DRY BRANCH, INC FARMWORKERGA8076016 02/04/2013 DSI Security Services Security officerGA8067864 12/11/2012 Eduardo Garcia Ruiz Farm Worker Dedicated truck driver offGA8078898 02/18/2013 Emcee Driver Personnel weekends Field Software Engineer (ASAS)GA8080123 02/22/2013 Engility Corporation Ft Gordon Field Software Engineer -GA8075787 02/01/2013 Engility Corporation DCGS-A (MobileGA8078966 02/18/2013 Engility Corporation Network AdministratorGA8078968 02/18/2013 Engility Corporation Systems Test Analyst
  4. 4. GA8075220 01/30/2013 ELIAS FLORES Farm WorkerGA8077596 02/11/2013 EVANS FARMS G.P FARMWORKER, FRUIT II Family Dollar Stores of Store Manager Augusta GeorgiaGA8077568 02/11/2013 Georgi - STO25978 Family Dollar Stores of Store Manager HephzibaGA8077564 02/11/2013 Georgi Georgia - STO2597 Family Dollar Stores of Store Manager ThomsonGA8077567 02/11/2013 Georgi Georgia - STO25978GA8075621 01/31/2013 Farmers Furniture Sales AssociateGA8075658 01/31/2013 G & R Farms Farmworker & Laborer Garcia and Sons Harvesting,GA8080617 02/26/2013 FARMWORKERS InGA8074788 01/28/2013 Gentiva Health Services (68886)Hospice Clinical Liaison (69948)Hospice RegisteredGA8075820 02/01/2013 Gentiva Health Services Nurse Full Tim PCS Coordinator/PlantGA8074833 01/28/2013 Georgia Pacific Scheduler- 014152 RELIABILITY MANAGER - BOXGA8075575 01/31/2013 Georgia Pacific PLANT# - 01296GA8078793 02/18/2013 Georgia Pacific Sales Manager - 013173GA8076632 02/06/2013 GLASS MASTERS Auto Glass TechnicianGA8075788 02/01/2013 GRANADOS HARVESTING FarmworkerGA8074687 01/28/2013 GREGORIO TLACUATL, FLC FARMWORKERGA8075302 01/30/2013 H & B SERVICES Dining Facility ManagerGA8077875 02/12/2013 Happy Faces Personnel Drug CounselorGA8077312 02/08/2013 Happy Faces Personnel Drug Counselor House of HawkGA8079128 02/19/2013 OTR Team Driver Transportation I Hoyt Altman Blueberry Farm, FARMWORKER DIVERSIFIELDGA8080109 02/22/2013 LL CROPS II Mechanical/Civil Engineer 2013-GA8079106 02/19/2013 HukariAscendent, Inc. 035-HAINC Project Schedule Analyst 2013-GA8075580 01/31/2013 HukariAscendent, Inc. 029-HAINC-GA8074274 01/24/2013 HAMILTON GROWERS, INC Farmworker and LaborersGA8076591 02/06/2013 HAMILTON GROWERS, INC Farmworkers and Laborers HELPING HANDS CAREGA8078303 02/14/2013 Caregiver/CNA/PCA SERVICE FARMWORKERS, FARM ANDGA8073655 01/22/2013 HILLCREST ORCHARDS LLC RANCH ANIMALS Integrated Medical SystemsGA8080676 02/27/2013 Operating Room Liaison Int Integrated Medical SystemsGA8080684 02/27/2013 Sterile Processing Technician IntGA8078779 02/18/2013 IAP World Services, Inc. - Lead Heavy Equipment Opr II -
  5. 5. FGI 14710BRGA8080542 02/26/2013 J&R BAKER FARMS FARMWORKER DIVERSIFIEDGA8075987 02/04/2013 Joel Salgado Farmworker Diversified IIGA8078166 02/13/2013 Just Kids Learning Center Child Care Provider Kratos Technology andGA8077881 02/12/2013 Research Analyst TrainingGA8074054 01/23/2013 KATHERINE MILLS LUJAN NannyGA8078773 02/18/2013 KIDZ FORTRESS CHILDCARE DAYCARE TEACHER L.G. HERNDON JR. FARMS, Farm Worker EquipmentGA8045792 08/16/2012 INC. OperatorGA8079651 02/21/2013 Labor Finders of Augusta CARPENTERGA8080111 02/22/2013 Leading Edge Real Estate Bookkeeper Sales Representative - Augusta,GA8078900 02/18/2013 Liberty Mutual Insurance GA - 386GA8075784 02/01/2013 Luke & Associates Clinical Nurse Case ManagerGA8062128 11/05/2012 LANE PACKING, LLC FARMWORKER FRUIT IGA8075513 01/31/2013 LESLIE RENEE DREW, FLC HARVEST WORKER, FRUIT LG HERNDON JR FARMS,GA8077566 02/11/2013 FARMWORKER, VEGETABLE INC. LG HERNDON JR FARMS,GA8076307 02/05/2013 FARMWORKER, VEGETABLE INC.GA8074463 01/25/2013 LUIS MARTINEZ Farm worker and LaborerGA8078955 02/18/2013 Macksimum Alliance Certified Nursing AssistantGA8078948 02/18/2013 Macksimum Alliance Registered NurseGA8077213 02/08/2013 Mail Contractors of America CDL Driver Moseley Technical Services,GA8079561 02/20/2013 Trainer InGA8075520 01/31/2013 MARIA OLIVIA SERRATO HARVEST WORKER, FRUITGA8075748 02/01/2013 MASON PECANS FARMWORKERGA8072562 01/15/2013 MCCORKLE NURSERIES INC Nursery WorkerGA8073903 01/23/2013 MCLAIN FARMS, INC FARMWORKER VEGETABLE New Leaf LandscapeGA8080472 02/26/2013 Landscaping Crew Member ServicesGA8077175 02/08/2013 Nightingale Services, Inc. Personal Care Assistant (PCA)GA8076264 02/05/2013 ORNELAS HARVESTING, INC Farm workers and LaborersGA8078186 02/13/2013 Pro Source Inc Class A DriverGA8065287 11/27/2012 PEARSON FARM FARM WORKER FRUIT PRECISION CONCRETEGA8077207 02/08/2013 Bilingual Safety Representative CONSTRUCTIOGA8078366 02/14/2013 Red Carpet Inn HousekeeperGA8078483 02/14/2013 Resource Point Technical TrainerGA8065567 11/28/2012 RAMBO NURSERY LLC NURSERY WORKERS RICHMOND COUNTY HEALTHGA8075459 01/31/2013 Nutrition Manager DEPARTM
  6. 6. GA8080474 02/26/2013 RODRIGUEZ Harvesting, LLC FarmworkersGA8078625 02/15/2013 RODRIGUEZ Harvesting, LLC FarmworkersGA8053916 09/25/2012 RUDOLPH ROLLE Farm WorkerGA8078687 02/15/2013 RUPPERT LANDSCAPE Landscape LaborerGA8079738 02/21/2013 S&ME, Inc. Engineering TechnicianGA8076521 02/06/2013 S&ME, Inc. Field Services Supervisor Driver - OTR Truck Driver -GA8080442 02/26/2013 Schneider National Class A CDLGA8066528 12/04/2012 Sharon Mathis, FLC FARMWORKER, VEGETABLE IIGA8079733 02/21/2013 Sizemore Janitorial Floor TechnicianGA8074979 01/29/2013 Sizemore Janitorial Janitorial with BuffingGA8076093 02/04/2013 Sizemore Staffing Painter-General LaborerGA8079740 02/21/2013 Southeastern Turf Grass, LLC Sales AssistantGA8080369 02/25/2013 StandardAero Materials Controller Stone & WebsterGA8078373 02/14/2013 Construction Field Engineer 2 Construction SGA8078213 02/14/2013 SAM DONG, INC Enamel OperatorGA8078248 02/14/2013 SAM DONG, INC Quality InspectorGA8074379 01/25/2013 SELIA ORTIZ FARMWORKER, FRUIT II SHEPEARD COMMUNITYGA8078346 02/14/2013 CDL MOBILE DRIVER BLOOD CENTE SHEPEARD COMMUNITYGA8080090 02/22/2013 PHLEBOTOMIST BLOOD CENTE SHEPEARD COMMUNITYGA8080885 02/27/2013 TELEPHONE RECRUITER BLOOD CENTEGA8080258 02/25/2013 SHERWIN-WILLIAMS Counter Sales / Sales AssociatesGA8062786 11/08/2012 SPRING HILL PRODUCE, LLC FARMWORKER DIVERSIFIEDGA8080119 02/22/2013 The Haven at Reed Creek Leasing Specialist Part time OccupationalGA8075997 02/04/2013 The Mentor Network TherapistGA8076009 02/04/2013 The Mentor Network Part Time Physical Therapist Part Time Speech LanguageGA8076005 02/04/2013 The Mentor Network PathologistGA8077858 02/12/2013 The Renaissance Group ParaprofessionalGA8079194 02/19/2013 The Renaissance Group Supervised Therapists The Rock Ranch, LLC dba TheGA8073945 01/23/2013 FARMWORKER RoGA8062107 11/05/2012 TAYLOR ORCHARDS FARMWORKER FRUIT Customer ServiceGA8075510 01/31/2013 TELEPERFORMANCE, USA RepresentativeGA8074954 01/29/2013 TOStaffing Account ExecutiveGA8075357 01/30/2013 TOStaffing Network Forensic AnalystGA8075228 01/30/2013 TOStaffing Sr Analyst - iSeries ManhattanGA8079745 02/21/2013 United Way of the CSRA Community Outreach Volunteer
  7. 7. (AugustGA8076453 02/06/2013 US LAWNS OF AUGUSTA Irrigation TechnicianGA8076481 02/06/2013 US LAWNS OF AUGUSTA Landscape ForemanGA8076431 02/06/2013 US LAWNS OF AUGUSTA Landscape GardenerGA8078449 02/14/2013 Verizon Wireless Rep-Retail Sales Verns Wrecker andGA8076514 02/06/2013 Sales Representative Recovery Se Information AssuranceGA8079301 02/19/2013 VETS, LLC Specialist Information AssuranceGA8079307 02/19/2013 VETS, LLC SpecialistGA8070907 01/07/2013 Weirich Consulting Services Welding EngineerGA8076644 02/06/2013 WestCare Georgia TeacherGA8077316 02/08/2013 Workforce Capital LLC CNC MachinistGA8077314 02/08/2013 Workforce Capital LLC WelderGA8080101 02/22/2013 WESCO Distribution Senior Account RepresentativeGA8066235 12/03/2012 WILBANKS APIARIES, INC. BEE KEEPERGA8080097 02/22/2013 Yancey Bros. Company Heavy Duty Truck TechnicianGA8078116 02/13/2013 YESENIA MERINO, FLC FARM LABOR CONTRACTORGA8077746 02/12/2013 YESENIA MERINO, FLC FARM LABOR CONTRACTOR