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Georgia National Guard Employment Opportunity/ Statesboro Job Listing DEC 2


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Statesboro Job Listing for 12-2-13

Go to:
Click on "JOB SEEKERS"
Click on "FIND A JOB"
Next, look at the bottom of the screen (JOB NUMBER SEARCH) Type the Job Numbers only here. It will take you to the requirements of the job. If you meet all the requirements write down the job numbers and come in and ask to see an employment specialist.
You may also apply on line for a referral - create or use your PIN - then hit the PROCEED TO REFERRAL button at the bottom of the page - in the SKILLS block, tell us (the Dept. of Labor) how you meet the employer's MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS (KISS - Keep It Short and Simple - If you do not show that you meet the employer's MINIMUM SKILLS & EDUCATION requirements 100%, you will not be given a referral, you will receive a reject email instead.) You will receive an email back from the Dept. of Labor ( telling you either that you are qualified and how to contact the employer; you're not qualified and the reason why or the vacancy has closed out.


Penelope Harbour | MPSC Contractor
GA National Guard * Employer Support Specialist
Office: 678-569-5738
Fax: 678-569-3910

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Georgia National Guard Employment Opportunity/ Statesboro Job Listing DEC 2

  1. 1. Job Listing 12/02/13 GA8139035 11/21/2013 Teller - Drive Thru GA8140724 11/27/2013 POULTRY DRESSER GA8135067 11/04/2013 Patient Care Technician GA8138640 11/19/2013 Clinical Manager (31) GA8141054 12/02/2013 CORRECTION OFFICER GA8140513 11/27/2013 CORRECTION OFFICER GA8137835 11/15/2013 Academic Advisor (Req. #0610100) GA8137871 11/15/2013 Academic Advisor (Req. #0610101) GA8137880 11/15/2013 Systems Support Specialist III (Req. #0610102) GA8140190 11/26/2013 Director (Req. #0610134) GA8140195 11/26/2013 Mechanical Engineer (Req. #0610133) GA8137903 11/18/2013 Supervisor GA8140729 11/27/2013 Assembler GA8140730 11/27/2013 Mig Welder GA8136260 11/08/2013 Scheduling clerk GA8136357 11/08/2013 Driver GA8140733 11/27/2013 Small Engine Mechanic GA8141049 12/02/2013 CNA or PCA GA8141047 12/02/2013 INSURANCE SALES GA8139665 11/22/2013 Sanitation Worker GA8139534 11/22/2013 Lumber Grader GA8139063 11/21/2013 Applicator GA8139108 11/21/2013 CDL Class A Driver GA8141059 12/02/2013 TRUCK DRIVER GA8138940 11/21/2013 Maitenance Technician GA8139271 11/21/2013 Resident Services Manager GA8139277 11/21/2013 Driver- RELIEF SCHEDULE GA8140476 11/27/2013 Maintenance B (Nights) GA8136354 11/08/2013 Registered Nurse