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Check out the J-9 Focal Point! Spring 2013 Newsletter!

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J-9 Focal Point! Newsletter April 2013

  1. 1. Volume 4 15 April 2013Issue 1 A Newsletter Production of the J-9 Joint and Family Services Directorate THE MONTH OF THE MILITARY CHILD April is the “Month of the Military Child,” an event formally created in 1986 by Defense Secretary Casper Weinberger to pay tribute to these youngest heroes. Two of our feature articles this month highlight the MILITARY CHILD! Read on… See Pages 2 and 6 Strong Winds, Heavy Rains, Tornadoes and Features Flooding…Oh My! Ms Morgan The GNGSF – “Pick an Amount and Make It Count! By Melissa Dalton Melissa Strong Winds, Hea vy Dalton Ra ins, Torna does a ndCool heads prevailed during the Flooding…Oh My!recent storms across the State of Georgia. Your Family Melissa Who You Gonna Call?Assistance Center Specialists were busy during two major Daltonweather events in February. The team was busy reaching out toour military families to check on their status and make sure that USHistory. Booker T. org Washingtonthey were not affected by the storms destruction. Melissa Give Voice to Our YouthIn the North Georgia, Deborah Kelley, Christine Schwartz and DaltonKim Garrett worked to contact the families to check on their CW2 Light It Up BLUE forsafety. Tornadoes tore through the towns wreaking havoc J. Long AUTISM AWARENESSdowning trees, producing power outages and other unsafe Melissa Honor Our Childrenconditions. Your FAS team responded by immediately Daltoncontacting the families to insure that all our families were safe Melissa Sexu al A ssaul tand sound. Dalton A ware ness Mo nt h Continued on Page 4 Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. • Helen Keller
  2. 2. FOCAL POINT! SPRING 2016 Spring 2013 Reach for theIn 1984, Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis released a movie Georgia Familycalled “Ghost Busters” with the often quoted line of “Who yougonna call?” How many times have you wondered who do you Assistance Centerscall for guidance or assistance?In the Georgia National Guard, you could call a number ofindividuals for potential assistance. But, how do you identifythe right contact for the right issue?For a variety of questions and issues you can contact your local FamilyAssistance Center Specialist.The Family Assistance Center Specialists (FAS) are fulltime GeorgiaDepartment of Defense employees located throughout the State. Likethe Ghost Busters, they are waiting on your call requesting assistance.Family Assistance Specialists are an integral part of the GeorgiaNational Guard J9 Joint and Family Services Team. Their mission is toprovide information, resources and referrals to all geographicallydisbursed members of the GA National Guard, their families, as well Find Our Team at:service members from all branches living within the state. The FASoperate under the directives of the GA National Guard’s Joint and www.georgiaguardfamilyprogram.orgFamily Services Director and National Guard Bureau’s FamilyProgram.…Continued on Page 5 HONOR OUR CHILDREN According to the Month of the Military Child Website, Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger initiated the custom of recognizing our Nation’s smallest warrior by designating “April as the Month of the Military Child” in 1986. Military installations worldwide began hosting activities and events to recognize the military child for his or her sacrifices as a military family member. Each year a different The Military Child faces challenges that far outstrip the theme is chosen to honor our nation’s youngest heroes emotional and spiritual challenges most of our children face with celebrations varying from parades to carnival today. In spite of these challenges, the military child tends themed events. Regardless of the theme, the subject to have a grip on life that most other children lack. Make an effort to know and support the children of our military matter is the same. We honor the courage and members and our veterans…you might learn something. sacrifices of our Military Children and Youth. Picture courtesy of the Army Press Service at www.army.mil 2 …Continued on Page 8
  3. 3. 21 FOCAL POINT! SPRING 2016 Spring 2013 The Georgia National Guard Family Support Foundation "Freedom" by Steve Penley FREEDOM is a stirring and penetrating tribute to American soldiers, from the Minute Men to the 48th Brigade, captured on canvas by renowned Georgia artist, Steve Penley, to benefit the Georgia National Guard Family Support Foundation. Remaining signed prints are available at a reduced cost of $ 35.00 each, plus shipping and handling. More information Pick an Amount and Make it Count If you have not filed your taxes, simply check the box on the Georgia Income Tax form and Did you know that our Georgia Guardsmen enter an amount to make a commitment to have their own version of Army Emergency helping your fellow Service Members and their Relief Fund? In 1994, The Georgia Guard Families. Family Support Foundation, Inc was established to provide emergency financial assistance to our If you have already filed your taxes, make a Georgia Guardsmen and Families in need. donation to the Foundation pledging your support for your fellow Georgia Guard members The Georgia National Guard Family Support and Families. You can easily make a Foundation, Inc, a 501{c} (3), nonprofit, contribution by going to their website at: provides emergency assistance via grants or https://www.georgiaguardfamily.org/contribute. loans to our Georgia Guardsmen and Families. php. According to Ms. Harriet Morgan, the Georgia National Guard Family Support Foundation, Here is a Cause for your FaceBook page. Inc. provided $248,695 in emergency assistance Challenge all your FaceBook Friends to make a last year helping 225 of our military families. donation to the Foundation and post it when Although, the number of applications for they are done. All they have to do is go to the emergency assistance arriving daily varies, Ms. website above and pick their amount. In the Morgan processed 26 applications in January type of donation section, enter FaceBook 2013 for more than $20,000. Challenge or FBC. Come on every one; let’s see what we can do! The current limit is $1000 for each loan or grant for one time emergency assistance. We can all It’s not too late to pick an amount and make it help to increase the amount of available count! assistance. There are simple ways that YOU can help. 3
  4. 4. FOCAL POINT! Spring 2016 SPRING 2013Continued from Page 2…Later in the month the South Georgia Family AssistanceSpecialists responded to flooding and other damages resultingfrom torrential rainfall in excess of 20 inches in less than twoweeks. Tinie Stringfield, Laura Howard, Tommy Eaton and HelpMelissa Dalton outreached to the families in the affected area Wanted!to verify their safety and wellbeing. Do you know someone that is in need of a job? Are you seeking a career change?We are happy to report that there were no casualties impacting Did you know that the J9 Familyour families and that there was no major damage to their homes Programs can help? Employment assistance is a key focusresulting from the storms. The FAS team worked with the for the J9 Family Program staff. Teammilitary chain to send reports to Senior Leadership verifying members from all areas of the programour families’ statuses. are working with Service Members and Families to offer support in this area.Providing support to military families and communicating with Service Members and Family MembersSenior Leadership during natural disasters is just a small part can contact their local FAS directly or seek a referral from his or her chain ofof our jobs, but it is a large part of what it means to provide command, FRG or the FRSA team tosupport to our families overall. If there is one pitfall to offering obtain assistance with his or her jobsuch support, it is the frustration felt when we do not have search. Staff can be contacted via phone,good contact information for the family. Our plea to everyone email, in person, program websites or FaceBook for any person needing helpis to please keep your information current with your unit and with finding a job.FAS team, so that we can be there when bad things happen. Lacy Turner recently joined the J9 team to help with Governor Nathan Deal’s employment initiative for our Veterans and families. Together with Penelope The Free and the Brave! Harbour and our TAA team, Service Members and Families have moreNAME: Booker At the dawn of the 20th century, nine out options to obtaining assistance with of ten African Americans lived in the South. everything from building a resume toTaliaferro Washington Jim Crow laws of segregation ruled theOCCUPATION: Educator, Civil connecting with employers seeking land. The Supreme Court upheld the power immediate hires. The J9 staff works inRights Activist of the Southern states to create two "SEPARATE BUT EQUAL " societies with its conjunction with the State EducationBIRTH DATE: April 05, 1856 1896 PLESSY V. FERGUSON opinion. It would Office to offer opportunities forDEATH DATE: November 14, be for a later Supreme Court to judge that professional growth and development.1915 If you or anyone that you know is in they fell short of the "equal" requirement.EDUCATION: Hampton Normal Although empowered to vote by the need of employment assistance, pleaseand Agricultural Institute, Wayland Fifteenth Amendment, POLL contact your local FAS to start on theSeminary in Washington, D.C. TAXES,LITERACY TESTS, and outright journey toward employment. Our staff violence and intimidation reduced the is standing by and waiting on your call. voting black population to almost zero.Economically, African Americans were primarily poor sharecroppers trappedin an endless cycle of debt. Socially, few whites had come to accept blacks You may also contactas equals. While progressive reformers ambitiously attacked injustices, it Ms Charlene Anderson through ourwould take great work and great people before change was felt. One man Hero2Hired Website:who took up the challenge was BOOKER T. WASHINGTON. https://h2h.jobs/ or…continued on Page 7 https://www.facebook.com/H2H.Jobs?sk =wall&filter=2 4
  5. 5. 21 FOCAL POINT! SPRING 2013 Spring 2016 Continued from Page 2… “Who You Gonna Call?” Georgia National Guard Family Assistance Specialists continuously receive training to hone their support skills and offer current information to all Service Members and The J-9 SGM’s Corner families. There are currently eight FAS assigned throughout the State with regionally located offices and Recently, I watched a UTUBE video entitled “What to assigned areas of support. They specialize in providing do with a Drunk Girl.” I must admit, I was reluctant to resources and referrals for six essential services, which watch the video in fear of what I might encounter. The include the following: video opened with a young lady lying on a sofa. The main character, a young man, was talking on the video. o DEERS  and  ID  Cards   He highlighted the young lady was intoxicated and o TRICARE  Information  and  Referral   stated “guess what I am going to do to her?” o Financial  Information  and  Referral   o Legal  Information  and  Referral   He proceeded to place a pillow under her head and o Crisis  Intervention  and  Referral   cover her with a blanket. Then, he set a stool next to the o Community  Information  and  Referral   sofa with something to drink on it. Subsequently, he stated, “real men treat women with respect.” I love the The FAS team can be contacted via the GANG J9 website moral of the video. We should treat others with respect at http://georgiaguardfamilyprogram.org/ or contact your and not take advantage of those who may be vulnerable. local FAS by clicking on the “Your Team” link under the We should treat others the way we would like to be “Mission” tab on the website. You can contact each FAS treated. by email, telephone, FaceBook or for more personalized service visit their Family Assistance Center. Regardless of Alcohol use is a common factor in sexual assault cases. the contact method, please know that our staff is here to Alcohol lowers our inhibitions; we tend to overlook assist you with whatever questions you may have. warnings. Both the victim and perpetrator do things they would not otherwise do after using alcohol. Our Family Assistance Specialists bring a wealth of Alcohol simply clouds our decision making process. knowledge, community contacts and problem resolution skills designed to help you become more resilient and self Additionally, there are often battle buddies, wingmen reliant. As a team, the FAS provide support to the Yellow and shipmates observing risky behavior unfold. Ribbon Team, local units and the community by providing Unfortunately, sometimes action is not taken to stop it. briefings, SRP support and other support events to inform When we see situations unfolding, we should ask, what not only Service Members and families about concerns, but would I want others to do if that was my son, daughter, offer education to the community to help them understand wife, husband or best friend? Then we are called to take the unique needs of our Citizen Heroes and families. action accordingly. Doing so can prevent a great deal of pain and life struggles for both a victim and perpetrator. Remember: your FAS team is here to help no matter the question or concern. We encourage you to make contact Remember sexual assault is serious business and we with your FAS during the early stages of a problem to should maintain a vigilant mindset. Bottom-line, we are prevent crises. Also, as a Family Member or Service charged to embrace, “NOT ON MY WATCH.” Member of the GA National Guard, keep your contact Together we can have an impact on sexual assaults in information current. Family Assistance Specialists provide our organization. proactive/direct support during mobilizations and natural disasters. By building and maintaining relationships with our staff, you allow us to better serve you. SGM CALLIE LEAVER J-9 Joint and Family Services So the next time you need help, “Who you Gonna Call”? Directorate SGM Georgia DoD 5
  6. 6. FOCAL POINT! SPRING 2013 Spring 2016 Giving Voice to Our YouthMany times our youth feel that they are neither seen nor heard.The J9 Youth Program offers support and services thatspecifically targets our military youth. This team works withour Youth and adult Military Family Life Consultants, FAS, From the J-9 ChaplainFRSA and other service divisions to provide event support andactivities to all military children. I love Spring. I love stepping outside after aAs part of the program initiatives, the Youth Program staff cold and dormant season to find that God has,offers briefings to educate others on the unique needs of themilitary child. During the past months, Kara Coleman, Mark seemingly overnight, sprinkled the earth withRichards and Daryl Beard have been out and about at various warmth and life and color. In those moments Ievents to educate and outreach to the community, program am overwhelmed with joy and a deep sense ofstaff, units and youth. Kara Coleman and Mark Richards how much God loves His creation and Hisjoined the FAS/FRSA teams during their training in Februaryto brief on program services and share upcoming event people. I am overwhelmed at how much Godinformation. They also attended events that have been hosted loves me! The great thing about God is thatby the Military Child Education Coalition to help build He shares that exact same love for you…and itsupport networks and learn new skills to enhance youth is unconditional! It isn’t based upon howsupport programs. much time you spend at work or how manyThe Youth Program team has also been busy working Yellow good deeds you do, or how many rules youRibbon events offering support and training to our military follow. God just loves you because you areyouth impacted by all areas of mobilization and reintegration.Despite the misconception, the team offers more than child you! It took me a long time to reallycare during such events. They work to offer programs that understand that concept. I spent much of myeducate our youth and intervene when issues are uncovered. early Christian walk feeling guilty aboutThe staff works with the youth using various tools and choices I made in my past and even issues inactivities to provide the skills that our youth need to be selfreliant and resilient as they grow within the military world. my present; however, one day I came to theThese events also allow an opportunity for them to connect amazing revelation that just like God createsand share experiences with other military children experiencing new life every spring, He also creates new lifesimilar issues and concerns. in us…but He does it every day. LamentationsThe FAS and FRSA team are working together to host four 3:22-23 tells us that, “Because of the Lord’sregional events across the State of Georgia to honor the great love we are not consumed, for Hismilitary child. April is the Month of the Military Child and mercies never fail. They are new everyseveral events and activities are being planned to celebrate the morning. Great is your faithfulness.” So asmilitary child. The Youth Program staff is working on events aswell to offer support and assistance. They are continuing to you celebrate spring, also celebrate God’soffer support through the Yellow Ribbon Program Events as great love for you. Thank Him for hiswell. compassion and trust Him with your dailyUpcoming Youth Events include: needs. He will be faithful to supply what you need according to His richness in mercy, and 1. GA Youth Symposium: 18-19 May at Stone He will do it without judgment or expectation Mountain, GA of anything in return! 2. OMK Youth Camp: http://www.4- hmilitarypartnerships.org/doc15262.ashx Chaplain (CPT) Leslie Nelson J-9 Joint and Family Services Check us out! Directorate Chaplain Georgia Department of Defense 6
  7. 7. 21 FOCAL POINT! SPRING 2013 Spring 2016 The Free and the Brave! …Continued from Page 4 Founding Tuskegee argued that when whites saw African Americans contributing as productive members of society, Institute equality would naturally follow. Born into slavery in 1856, For those dreaming of a black utopia of freedom, Washington had Washington declared, "Cast down your bucket where experienced racism his you are." Many whites approved of this moderate entire life. When stance, while African Americans were split. Critics emancipated after the called his speech the Atlanta Compromise and Civil War, he became one of the few African accused Washington of coddling Southern racism. Americans to complete school, whereupon he became Still, by 1900, Washington was seen as the leader of a teacher. the African American community. In 1901, he Believing in practical education, Washington published his autobiography, UP FROM SLAVERY. He established a TUSKEGEE INSTITUTE in Alabama at the was a self-made man and a role model to thousands. age of twenty-five. Washington believed that In 1906, he was summoned to the White House by Southern racism was so entrenched that to demand President Theodore Roosevelt. This marked the first immediate social equality would be unproductive. His time in American history that an African American school aimed to train African Americans in the skills leader received such a prestigious invitation. that would help the most. Despite his accomplishments, he was challenged Tuskegee Institute became a center for agricultural within the black community until his death in 1915. research. The most famous product of Tuskegee His most outspoken critic was W. E. B. DuBois. was GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER. Carver concluded FIND THIS ARTICLE AND MORE AT: that much more productive use could be made of agricultural lands by diversifying crops. He discovered U.S. HISTORY on the web… hundreds of new uses for sweet potatoes, pecans, and www.ushistory.org peanuts. Peanut butter was one such example. http://www.ushistory.org/us/42d.asp Washington saw a future in this new type of agriculture as a means of raising the economic status of African Americans. The Atlanta "Compromise" "I have learned that success is to be measured In 1895, Washington delivered a speech at not so much by the position that one has the ATLANTA EXPOSITION. He declared that African reached in life as by the obstacles which he has Americans should focus on VOCATIONAL EDUCATION. had to overcome while trying to succeed." Learning Latin and Greek served no purpose in the – Booker T. Washington day-to-day realities of Southern life. African Americans should abandon their short-term hopes of social and political equality. Washington 7
  8. 8. 21 FOCAL POINT! SPRING 2013 Spring 2016 HONOR OUR CHILDREN …continued from Page 2 partners, volunteers and members of the Family Readiness Groups came together to create events that offer a games and activities free to our children allowing them a chance to have fun and unwind. If you know or encounter a Military Child or Youth please tell them thanks for his or her service and sacrifice. They give up so much of what many of us take for granted. They often get left behind as a parent or loved one moves forward to ensure that we all sleep safely at night. This is our chance to recognize them for all that they do in support of our nation. So we say to all our Military Children and Youth out there, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE! Events were held earlier in the month prior to the publication of this newsletter. The two Honoring Military Children events remaining are scheduled on 27 April … continued from Page 2. 2013. One is in Lawrenceville and the other The selected theme for this year is “PROUD, is in Cordele. READY, RESILIENT” and it is intended to be a Check out our Facebook Page for more tribute to our Military Children and Youth details. recognize his or her strength and ability to adapt in moments of adversary. Whether the http://www.monthofthemilitarychild.com/abo young warrior has to cope with relocations ut-this-month/ due to his or her parent’s reassignment for military duty or separation due to a parent being mobilized for combat or training, Military Children and Youth prove their “I learned as a ‘military brat’ to like and care for everyone, regardless of beliefs, creed, or race. I have strength every day. passed this value on to my daughter, and hopefully the students I teach see this in the way I treat all students Last year each Family Assistance Center equally.” –Catherine Jesch Wright Specialist hosted individual events throughout the state to pay homage to our young heroes. From the article: What Is A Brat? This year the GANG Family Assistance Center Posted on March 16, 2012 by imclellan Specialists and Family Readiness Support Assistance worked together to host four By Iain Woessner, Military Brat and Freelance Journalist regional events in our State. Community http://weservedtoo.wordpress.com/2012/03/16/what-is-a-brat/ 8
  9. 9. 21 FOCAL POINT! SPRING 2013 Spring 2016 LIGHT IT UP BLUE for Autism Awareness By CW2 Jennifer Long A Co CO, 4/1 GSDF Imagine the joy of bringing home a beautiful baby. adult and the challenges faced by emergency Some months later, you realize that your baby isn’t personnel in recognizing and responding properly responding like others the same age. You can call to help them. Autism doesn’t stop simply because his or her name with no response. He or she a child grows up. doesn’t babble or smile, and doesn’t seem to interact with others at all. Then you hear the “A” April is Autism Awareness Month. You probably word: Autism. already know a family with a member on the Autism Spectrum. Show your support by changing Autism is diagnosed in 1 out of 88 American an outside light bulb out for a blue one this month. children. It is four to five times more prevalent in Raise awareness inside your home as well. boys than in girls. According to Educate your family about autism. Teach your www.autismspeaks.org, more children are children that people with autism may behave diagnosed with autism each year than with juvenile differently, but they are no different from anyone diabetes, AIDS or cancer, combined. Autism is else. They need friends and need to be accepted defined as a group of complex developmental brain and loved instead of being bullied or laughed at. disorders – autism spectrum disorders – caused by There are many resources out there to help: a combination of genes and environmental influences. Autism is defined by challenges in The Exceptional Family Member Program: communication, social interactions and repetitive http://www.militaryonesource.mil/efmp behaviors. These challenges also can present Autism Speaks: www.autismspeaks.org safety risks including a tendency for some with autism to bolt or wander away from home or Autism Society: http://www.autism-society.org/ school. The AWAARE Collaboration: Imagine the fear you would feel if your 10 year old http://www.awaare.org/ child was missing. Most 10 year olds will recognize that they are lost. You probably had the chat about finding a police officer or security guard if you are lost, and made sure your child knew his "I see people with Aspergers syndrome as a bright thread in or her phone number and address. What if this the rich tapestry of life" child had autism? People on the autism spectrum - Tony Attwood. can range from completely non-verbal to high- functioning. A 10 year old on the severe end of the "It seems that for success in science or art, a dash of autism spectrum may be so engaged in repetitive behavior is essential" that they don’t know they have wandered away - Hans Asperger. from someplace safe. They don’t seek help or even "Nobel prize-calibre geniuses often have certain core respond to their name, and can’t tell you their autistic features at their heart" address or phone number. When upset, they may - Allan Snyder, director of Sydney Universitys Centre have outbursts or engage in self-injurious behaviors. Now imagine this lost person as an for the Mind. 9
  10. 10. 21 FOCAL POINT! SPRING 2013 Spring 2016 Sexual Assault Awareness Month By Melissa Dalton, Family Assistance Center Specialist, J-9 Joint and Family Services Directorate, GA DoD On March 29, 2013, the White House released the of the victim and prosecution of the offender. Presidential Proclamation designating April 2013 as National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention The J-9 Family Program is fortunate to have a member Month. The proclamation states that that we have of our team that serves in this capacity to offer support made great strides in addressing issues relating to and services to victims of sexual assault. For more sexual assault over the last 20 years. Victims of information about sexual assault Armed Forces sexual assault now have a means of recourse through Members and their families can obtain information by our legal system to seek justice and safety. The contacting www.Safe-Helpline.org or calling 1- 877- victims of sexual assault can now fight back against 995-5247. If you wish to speak with someone locally, their attackers. This month also seeks to increase contact Abigail Hutchinson, our staff Sexual Assault awareness of the issues of sexual assault and educate Response Coordinator or SARC by phone at 404-308- the public with the intent to empower victims to 7945. speak out and not suffer in silence. The prevention of Sexual Assaults is everyone’s The National Sexual Violence Resource Center responsibility. We can all help by supporting the offers tools and information to help combat these survivors and helping to break the silence surrounding violent assaults. The National Campaign this year the atrocious acts of degradation. If you see it or hear focuses on the prevention of child sexual abuse and it, report it! Don’t stand by and be a silent partner in health sexuality. They provide information relating these crimes! to legislation relating to technical assistance, the Stop Violence Against Women Grant and offender decision making research with the goal of aiding Sources: current victims and prevention of future crimes of this nature. http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press- office/2013/03/29/presidential-proclamation-national- In March 2013, President Obama reaffirmed the sexual-assault-awareness-and-preventi commitment to address sexual assault by signing the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act. This http://www.nsvrc.org/saam/sexual-assault-awareness- act strengthens laws and insures that the resources month-home and services are available to help victims of sexual assaults. These services will help to insure that The FOCAL POINT! Newsletter, Volume 4: victims receive the help that they need to obtain Change is often good, but scary and challenging. This newsletter justice, while holding offenders accountable for edition reflects a change in format, because of an imminent change their actions. for its editor. In order to facilitate future versions of this publication, I needed to change the program format in which this The Proclamation also renews the commitment to document is created. That done, the newsletter will again get prettier, and fancier as this editor, and future editors, can implement our Armed Services to insure that Service changes. Members are protected in the same way. Resources have been made available to insure that victims of CW2 Barry D. Long (ME) is medically retiring this July. I will still sexual assault within the military are available and support family programs and Servicemembers. I am still pursuing my that perpetrators will be prosecuted for his or her Masters in Divinity. And, of course, I still plan to produce this publication. Please wish me luck, and know that you are all actions. All Service Members receive training and continually in my prayers. are required to report such acts to aid in protection 10
  11. 11. FOCAL POINT! SPRING 2013 Good Things Happen When We Work Together The J9 Youth Programs Personnel, Family Assistance Center Specialists and Family Readiness Support Assistants joined together in February for team building and training to enhance service delivery to our families. The team met at the Lawrenceville National Guard Armory for four days of training and team building in the last week of February. Sharon Coleman, Senior FRSA and Kim Garrett, FAC Coordinator worked together to create a training event that brought the three teams together as one to discuss joint issues, obtain new skills and review strategies to build the program. The teams received training on topics ranging from Harassment, Resiliency, Social Media, Joint Support Services, behavioral health updates, employment initiatives and youth services. SGM Callie Leaver, J9 Senior Enlisted Advisor, met with the teams to discuss program goals, deployment and reintegration support as well as other possible program enhancements. The open forum discussion allowed the team members to elevate issues and concerns from the lower level of support to Senior Leadership to voice the needs of our military families. The training was balanced with team building activities and other activities that allowed the team members time to interact on a more personal level, during scheduled sessions and breaks. The team learned that hula hoops and string are great tools to illustrate how working together and using all of our resources we become more resilient. Team members contributed to the event by providing shared meals for one another, which allowed time to communicate and connect on a different level. J-9 JOINT AND FAMILY SERVICES DI RECTORATE “Military Personnel, Families, and Veterans First!”Georgia Departmentof Defense The J-9 Joint and Family Services Directorate and The Georgia Guard Family Program:1388 First Street, Bldg 840(Finch Bldg) Our directorate services the military community of Georgia,1000 Halsey Avenue, Bldg 447, providing those services, support and information that are vital toMailroom their care. Our staff is committed to providing the best care, in aMarietta, GA 30060 timely manner, and followed-thru to a successful conclusion so that Military Personnel, their families, and Veterans in Georgia will havePoint of Contact: the resources, help, and information they need to thrive.CW2 Barry D. LongHumanResources/Systems/ATSO/Safety Officerbarry.long@us.army.mil