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A Newsletter Production of the
J-9 Joint and Family Services Directorate

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J-9 Focal Point! Newsletter

  1. 1. JOINT STAFF, GEORGIA DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE A Newsletter Production of the Special points of in- J-9 Joint and Family Services Directorate terest: Volume 3, Issue 9 August 17, 2012  FINDING A PLAN...  SMA Message on - CW2 Barry Long Suicide I am a Scout leader. Working with both Boy Our Boy Scout Troop subscribes to the “Old Once completed, the plan gets re-written  An adaptive-bike Scouts and Cub Scouts is always a treas- School” method of service projects. Each into a project book that includes, pictures, for Ashleigh… ure, and keeping up with them is a test of rank requires some service time in the write-ups, spreadsheets, financial sheets, faith and strength. The one huge problem community anyway, but Star Scouts and letters, and other supporting documents,  FOUNDING FA- we always face as leaders in Boy Scout Life Scouts have to plan (with plenty of and then goes through a full approval labeled organizations, and from my experi- leader help) and lead (also with leader process, eventually culminating in a re- THERS SERIES ence any other organization where you help) a 30 to 100 man-hour service project view board of senior Scout Council mem- manage a group of dissimilar people, is that improves something in the community. bers and executives. These plans are  WATCH YOUR BACK! coming up with a plan. You are constantly The project must be approved by the Scout- hard to design and even harder to come battling with what to do, and when to do it. master (the senior leader in the Boy Scout by. Then Private Murphy (or as the Boy Scouts Troop), the Troop Committee, and the sometimes say, “Tenderfoot Scout Mur- Charter Organization (a Lion’s Club, CONTINUED ON phy”) comes along and changes all the Church, Elks Club, Masonic Lodge, or other PAGE 3 ...Inside this issue: rules. For example: That five day scout such organization). camping trip in the Great Smoky Mountains The badge of Eagle Scout, like the Girl becomes that great water-logged, Scout’s Gold Award, requires a massive project and a massive plan. FINDING A 1,3 PLAN... miserable week in the one leak-free tent An Eagle Scout project takes between 25 with 22 drippy, cold and miserable boys. and 200 pages of planning, pictures, de- Sure, any good Scout Leader can turn that signing, and drawing paperwork. The planFrom S1Net: 2 misery into a great learning experience for has to be proposed to all the Troop Leader-SMA Message leaders and boys. Between breaks in heavy ship (and subsequently approved), thenon Suicide rains, the troop can hold competitions in sent as a packet to the Troop Committee two-match-only, wet wood firemaking, and/ (and approved), then signed by the Scout-An adaptive- 2 or you can have a troop cooking and knot master, then approved by the Scoutingbike for Ash- tying competition (or all of the above). District Representative and the Councilleigh… Representative. The entire plan and project Some Soldiers/Scout Leaders would push must take resources and budgeting, overARTICLE: ONLY A 2 the boys onward, into the freezing rain. But 100 total man-hours of work, and theHEARTBEAT then calmer heads must remind the “Gung- project must complete an effort to improveAWAY Ho” leader that the boys do have to attend the community, a charitable organization, school next week, and parents will be very or the lives of a sizable quantity of people. upset if they come home with hypothermia,WATCH YOUR BACK! 4 or worse, pneumonia. As usual, we struggle to find a plan… andFounding Fathers: 3 parents, kids, charter organizations andAlexander Hamil- other leaders with less experience (orton strange ideas) often cause plans to be less than stellar, or to fail. Then it comes to projects.
  2. 2. Page 2 PUBLIC SERVICE AN- by Ms, Kimberley M. Garrett NOUNCEMENT WITH SMA Family Assistance Center Manager- Family friend- CHANDLER ON THE SUI- CIDE PREVENTION American Legion Post 251 Auxiliary Member LEADERS GUIDE. The Sergeant Major of the Army, SMA Raymond F. Chandler III, shows his support for health promotion, risk reduction and suicide prevention in a public Ashleigh Coleman isn’t your typical service announcement (PSA) on American teenager. She is an the "Suicide Awareness: Guide earthbound angel. When she was pathology, occupational and physi- for Leaders." The SMA empha- born her parents SFC Charles & cal therapy to assist her in meeting sizes leadership involvement at fine and gross motor skills neces- Sharon Coleman were told she all levels and the need for sary to function independently. liquids were tube fed due to pri- leaders to know their available would only be here for a short mary aspiration (15months), while and not to expect too much Ashleigh has managed to meet all local and national resources. crawling (18 months), walking Leaders are highly encouraged from little Ashleigh. In spite of the goals set for her over the last 16 years with the exception of one, (26months), graduate of Chal- to embrace and communicate doctor’s diagnosis, Ashleigh has lenged Child and Friends special this message. been touching hearts for the last 16 riding a bicycle. So as most sixteen needs school (6 years), kindergar- years, giving everyone she comes in year olds are wishing for a new car and passing their drivers test, Ash- ten graduate (8 years), ALL tube https://forums.army.mil/ contact with hope and inspiration feedings ended and gastric feeding communitybrowser.aspx? that anything is possible as long as leigh and her parents only wish tube removed (9years), Lions Club id=1797353&lang=en-US you have faith in God and believe in was for her to meet the only goal Writing Award (11 years, 5th miracles. left unaccomplished, to independ- ently ride a bicycle. grade), Rotary Club Middle ***MUST BE A MEMBER OF School Leadership Award This is Ashleigh’s story: (15years, 8th grade), Camp Brave- S1 NET and USE CAC*** Ashleigh Coleman is a freshman at It is not possible for Ashleigh to ride a normal 2 wheeled bike. So a heart Courage Award (15 years, Jackson County Comprehensive 8th year camper first time com- High School with a career concen- family friend went on a mission to find away to make Ashleigh’s pleting the zip line) and her most tration in Early Childhood educa- recent accomplishment Riding a"I refuse to accept the view tion and development, an active Sweet 16th birthday extra special. bike Independently (16years). member of Living Word Worship This friend went to American Le-that mankind is so Center where she participates in all gion Post 251 and told them how Throughout her life endeavors, developmental delays and manytragically bound to the Youth Group activities and volun- amazing Ashleigh was and that for painful procedures she has contin- teers with Smallville ages 3-5 years. her 16th birthday we could help herstarless midnight of racism She volunteers with her father’s reach yet another milestone. They ued to grow spiritually in her faith in God, love of her family andand war that the bright Military Family Readiness Group were totally on board! The Ameri- friends and continues to always assisting with Events and activities can Legion went out in search ofdaybreak of peace and for the youth. Ashleigh enjoys sing- this special bike for Ashleigh. They keep a positive outlook on life with a happy personality.brotherhood can never ing, dancing, listening to music and ordered the bike and it finally ar- making new friends. rived on Wednesday August 9,become a reality... I believe 2012. Jack Theilman, one of our Ashleigh is the daughter of SFCthat unarmed truth and Ashleigh was born with multiple devoted members, put all the parts Charles & Sharon Coleman the birth defects to include a cardiac together to form this bike. Thankunconditional love will have defect, lung, digestive system and you Jack!! sister of Haleigh, CJ & Gabriel Coleman.the final word." limb deformities. She has endured The Coleman family was asked to Sergeant First Class Coleman is 15 surgeries and a magnitude of~ Martin Luther King, Jr. various other medical procedures come to the American Legion Post currently serving with Echo Com- pany, 148th Brigade Support Bat- to sustain her multiple medical 251 in Duluth, GA for a secret sur- prise for Ashleigh! When the Cole- talion, 48th Infantry Brigade, of conditions. Her most recent diag-"Those who can win a war nosis of aplastic anemia has caused man family arrived the American the Georgia National Guard. SFC Legion, American Legion Auxiliary, Coleman began his military careerwell can rarely make a good the need for many blood transfu- in 1990 with the Marine Corps. He sions over the last year and will and Kim Garrett, Family Assis-peace and those who could eventually lead to the need for a tance Coordinator, GA, National served in support of Operations Guard presented Ashleigh with a 3 Desert Storm, Desert Shield, andmake a good peace would bone marrow transplant. Recently wheeled bike she could ride inde- Liberation of Kuwait with the her three siblings were tested to Marine Corps. SFC Coleman tooknever have won the war." ~ see if they were a bone marrow pendently! a break in service from 1994 toWinston Churchill match, however the results were 2000. In October 2000 SFC Cole- not what her family hoped for. man joined Charlie 1st of the 121st Ashleigh will be placed on the bone Ashleighs life milestones and ac- complishments have included her Infantry Regiment Mechanized in“Friendships born on the marrow registry once she reaches support of Operation Enduring the critical phase of needing blood first open heart surgery (5weeks),field of athletic strife are transfusions every two weeks, per first stomach surgery and gastric Freedom. He has been married 21 years to his wife Sharon. feeding tube placed (2 months),the real gold of competition. her physician. first foot surgery (5 months), sit-Awards become corroded, Over the last sixteen years Ashleigh ting up unsupported (11 months), has worked with multiple disci- speaking first words (13 months),friends gather no dust.” plines to include speech language eating solid foods by mouth; all~ Jesse Owens (AmericanOlympic Athelete, 1936)
  3. 3. Volume 3, Issue 9 Page 3 - An Editorial by CW2 Barry D. Long Project ideas include: The battle for the plan, whether in the military or in an organization 1. Sensory Rooms to benefit like scouting, requires input and children with special needs (such as ideas that will (hopefully) create Autism). “buy-in” from the leadership, the 2. Conservation of lakes, person creating the plan, and the parks, nature trails, etc. individuals who will carry the plan to 3. Building community picnic fruition. or learning shelters for churches, schools, or sports teams. This is where Scout Leaders differ 4. Etc. from military leaders. We cannot easily order young boys or girls to Famous Eagle Scouts? Famous Girl complete a project they have no Scouts? Look here: stake in, or that they do not like. http://usscouts.org/eagle/ Potential Eagle Scouts struggle to bsfamous.asp or http:// find projects that speak to their www.girlscoutsdiamonds.org/ needs and the spirit of scouting Volunteer/Alumnae/ within them. FamousFormerGirlScouts.aspx I ask you, as Soldiers and leaders, Support Scouting! Help Find (and seek out the Scouting organizations Build) the Plan! and get to know them. Look for large (not outrageous or overly ex- pensive) community projects to im- prove the lives of others, and help a Scout “buy-in” to your ideas. You can change the world, starting with one Eagle Scout. Alexander Hamilton was born Born: November 20, firm in St. Croix, the bright and ambitious young lad quickly impressed Restless in his desk job, in 1781 Hamilton convinced Wash-circa January 11, 1755 or 1757 (the his employer. Hamilton’s boss, businessman Nicolas Cruger, pooled ington to let him taste some action on the battlefield. With Washing- 1755, Nevisexact date is unknown), on the island Died: July 12, 1804, his resources with a minister named Hugh Knox to send Hamilton to ton’s permission, Hamilton led a victorious charge against theof Nevis, British West Indies. In America for an education British in the Battle of Yorktown. Cornwallis’ surrender during this1777, he became General George New York City battle would eventually lead to the signing of the Treaty of ParisWashington’s assistant. In 1788, he Party: Federalist Party In 1773, when he was around 16 years old, Hamilton arrived in and the Treaties of Versailles in 1783.convinced New Yorkers to agree to Spouse: Elizabeth New York, where he enrolled in King’s College (later renamed Colum- Find more from: http://www.biography.com/people/alexanderratify the U.S Constitution. Hamilton Schuyler Hamilton (m. bia University). Despite his gratitude toward his generous patrons, -hamilton-9326481?page=1served as the first secretary of the with the American colonies on the brink of a revolution, Hamilton wastreasury, from 1789 to 1795. On July1757–1854) Books: A Farmer Re- drawn more to political involvement than he was to academics. In1, 1804, in New York City, 1774, he wrote his first political article defending the Patriots’ cause he died of a gunshot wound futed, A Full Vindication “The sacred rights of mankind are not to be rummaged for among old against the interests of pro-British Loyalists. parchments or musty records. They are written, as with a sunbeam, in thesustained during a duel with Aaron of the Measures of A quick learner, Hamilton deemed himself quite capable of whole volume of human nature, by the Hand of Divinity itself, and canBurr. Congress, More becoming a self-made man. Intent on learning through hands-on never be erased or obscured by mortal power.” Children: James Alex- experience, he left King’s College before graduating to join forces with - ALEXANDER HAMILTON Founding Father Alexander ander Hamilton, William the Patriots in their protest of British-imposed taxes and commercialHamilton was born circa January 11, business regulations.1755 or 1757 (the exact date is S. Hamilton “The constitution shall never be construed...to prevent the people of theunknown), on the island of Nevis in In 1775, when the Revolutionary War broke out, Alexander United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.”the British West Indies. Hamilton was the product of an adulterous Hamilton became part of the New York Provincial Artillery Company - ALEXANDER HAMILTONaffair. His mother, a Frenchwoman named Rachel Fawcett Lavine, and fought in the battles of Long Island, White Plains and Trenton.was married to someone else when Hamilton was born. “On the other hand, it will be equally forgotten that the vigor of govern- In 1777, after Hamilton fought in that year’s battles of Brandy- ment is essential to the security of liberty; that, in the contemplation of a When Rachel’s husband threw her out of the house, she moved wine Creek, Germantown and Princeton, he was promoted to lieuten- sound and well-informed judgment, their interest can never be separated;in with Alexander Hamilton’s father, a Scottish trader named James. ant colonel of the Continental Army. During his early service in the and that a dangerous ambition more often lurks behind the specious maskBut the living arrangement did not last long. James abandoned the fight for American independence, Hamilton caught the attention of of zeal for the rights of the people than under the forbidden appearancefamily when Alexander was still a baby, leaving Alexander and his of zeal for the firmness and efficiency of government. History will teach us General George Washington, who made Hamilton his assistant andmother impoverished. John Adams would one day come to illustrate that the former has been found a much more certain road to the intro- trusted advisor. For the next five years, Hamilton put his writing skills duction of despotism than the latter, and that of those men who haveHamilton’s rise from humble beginnings by describing the young to work. He wrote Washington’s critical letters and composed numer-Hamilton as “the bastard brat of a Scottish peddler.” overturned the liberties of republics, the greatest number have begun ous reports on the strategic reform and restructuring of the Continen- their career by paying an obsequious court to the people; commencing tal Army. During this time, Hamilton also married Elisabeth Schuyler, demagogues, and ending tyrants.” Determined to improve his lot in life, Alexander Hamilton took his who was from an affluent New York family. - ALEXANDER HAMILTON, The Federalist Papersfirst job at the tender age of 11. Working as a clerk in an accounting
  4. 4. Serving the Georgia DoD, The U.S. Military, and our Veterans, One Family at a Time. The J-9 Joint and Family Services Directorate and The Georgia Guard Family Program:J-9 JOINT ANDFAMILY SERVICESDIRECTORATEGeorgia Department of Defense Our directorate services the military community of Georgia, providing those1388 First Street, Bldg 840 (Finch Bldg) services, support and information that are vital to their care. Our staff is com-1000 Halsey Avenue, Bldg 447, mitted to providing the best care, in a timely manner, and followed-thru to aMailroomMarietta, GA 30060 successful conclusion so that Military Personnel, their families, and Veterans in Georgia will have the resources, help, and information they need to thrive.Point of Contact:CW2 Barry D. LongHuman Resources/Systems/ATSO/Safety Officerbarry.long@us.army.mil We are on the web: “Military Personnel, www.georgiaguardfamilyprogram.orgFamilies, and Veterans First!” Article byNATIONAL GUARD BUREAUFamily Programs (NGB-FP) CW2 Jennifer J. Long, CO, A Co, 4th BN, 1st BDE,Mission: To establish and facilitate GSDFongoing communication, involvement,support, and recognition between Na-tional Guard families and the National Everyone who has suffered with ing. Place your feet shoulder width you more control over the load, andGuard in a partnership that promotesthe best in both. back pain will agree that it affects apart with one slightly in front of the utilizes the large muscles of your legs every part of your life. When your other (like a karate stance). Squat more than the long, thin muscles ofFamily Programs Web SitesGuardFamily.org - The National Guard back hurts you can have trouble sleep- down to the level of the object, get a your back.Family Program ing, have trouble staying focused at good grip on it and keep it close to your work, and have a much shorter fuse body. Tighten your abdominal mus- The question usually comes upGuardFamilyYouth.org - The NationalGuard Family Youth Program with those around you. Common back cles, keep your back straight, and lift regarding the use of back belts. injuries can be prevented with a few with your legs. If you will look slightly These belts alone will not prevent anNewslettersAir National Guard Family Guide [PDF] simple rules. upward it will aid in keeping your back injury. They are better thought of as in good alignment. Also avoid bending, a reminder to use good body mechan- The old adage that “Prior Planning jerking, or twisting motions. ics If you do suffer from back pain,Contact InformationPhone: (888)777-7731 Prevents Poor Performance” holds see your health care provider beforeFax: 703-607-0762 true in preventing back injuries. Stop It is also important to know your you do something to make it worse.Email: ngb.J1.fp@ng.army.mil and think about what you are trying to limits. Large, heavy, or odd-shaped do and develop a plan for it. Is the items should be lifted with assistance. object large, unbalanced, or odd When performing shaped? Is it positioned in a way that a 2-person lift, will allow you to get a good grip on it? one person Where does it need to go? Would it should count be easier or safer to move it with assis- aloud so both lift tance or mechanically on a dolly or together, and handtruck? If you are lifting with again when set- another person, make sure you both ting the object understand the plan before you start. down. In using Posture is key to injury prevention. a dolly or hand- The muscles in your back are de- truck, it is better signed for stability instead of power. to push than to Get in close to whatever you are lift- pull. This gives