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Job Posting (Augusta Career Center) (UNCLASSIFIED)

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: FOUO

See attached Job Listing for the Augusta Area.

Go to:
Click on "JOB SEEKERS"
Click on "FIND A JOB"
Next, look at the bottom of the screen (JOB NUMBER SEARCH) Type the Job
Numbers only here. It will take you to the requirements of the job. If you
meet all the requirements write down the job numbers and come in and ask to
see an employment specialist.
You may also apply on line for a referral - create or use your PIN - then hit
the PROCEED TO REFERRAL button at the bottom of the page - in the SKILLS
block, tell us (the Dept. of Labor) how you meet the employer's MINIMUM
REQUIREMENTS (KISS - Keep It Short and Simple - If you do not show that you
meet the employer's MINIMUM SKILLS & EDUCATION requirements 100%, you will
not be given a referral, you will receive a reject email instead.) You will
receive an email back from the Dept. of Labor (
telling you either that you are qualified and how to contact the employer;
you're not qualified and the reason why or the vacancy has closed out.

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Augusta Job Listings (Augusta Career Center)

  1. 1. Current Job Order O*NET Search ListingFriday August 24, 2012 at 08:38:30 ET.187 Job Orders foundClick on Order Number to receive additional information.Job Orders where Job Title is displayed with an aqua background refer to TrainingOpportunity Job Orders.Job Orders where Job Title is displayed with a yellow background refer to WIA/OJT JobOrders. Augusta Career Center Augusta, Georgia 30901 Order Order Employer Name Title Number DateGA8047374 08/23/2012 iNTELLITREX SIGINT Geospatial Analyst All-Safe Industrial Svcs,GA8045873 08/16/2012 ABRASIVE BLASTER/PAINTER Inc All-Safe Industrial Svcs,GA8045875 08/16/2012 Mechanical Insulator Inc All-Safe Industrial Svcs, TRUCK DRIVER/MATERIALGA8045923 08/16/2012 Inc HANDLERGA8046587 08/20/2012 Alstar, Inc. International Delivery Driver/Warehouse WorkerGA8046170 08/17/2012 Alutiiq 3SG, LLC Computer Support American Heart Director of Development, HeartGA8046105 08/17/2012 Association Ball/PlayGA8046210 08/17/2012 AmeriPath, Inc. Pathologist Assistant RETAIL MEDIA MERCHANDISER -GA8041428 07/26/2012 Anderson Merchandisers (Part Time) Quality Assurance/Quality ControlGA8039478 07/18/2012 Angelo Group, Inc Analys Asset ManagementGA8042758 08/02/2012 Lead Administrative Specialist Analysis Grou Asset ManagementGA8045945 08/16/2012 Program Manager Analysis Grou Asset Management Records Management Clerk,DigitalGA8047455 08/23/2012 Analysis Grou Process Asset ManagementGA8040170 07/20/2012 Resource Broker Analysis GrouGA8041573 07/27/2012 Asset Management Senior Project Controls Engineer
  2. 2. Analysis Grou Asset ManagementGA8047409 08/23/2012 Software Engineer Analysis Grou Asset ManagementGA8045938 08/16/2012 Transportation Coordinator Analysis Grou Augusta Engine Parts,GA8046448 08/20/2012 Shipping & Receiving Expediter Inc.GA8040692 07/24/2012 ABACUS STAFFING Groundsmen/landscapingGA8041142 07/25/2012 ACRUX HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR Client Support Specialist / SpanishGA8046340 08/20/2012 ADP speaGA8044770 08/13/2012 ADP Forecasting Analyst Intern JobGA8044786 08/13/2012 ADP Garnishment Specialist I Job HR/Payroll Specialist I- SpanishGA8045335 08/14/2012 ADP speakin Integration Specialist / CarrierGA8044713 08/13/2012 ADP Connect Lead Manual Check Processor &GA8044761 08/13/2012 ADP Auditor / Manager-Provisioning ServiceGA8044687 08/13/2012 ADP Center JobGA8044849 08/13/2012 ADP Payroll Consultant JobGA8044804 08/13/2012 ADP Payroll Specialist II Staffing Coordinator III / FrenchGA8046020 08/17/2012 ADP speakiGA8047385 08/23/2012 AKIMA TRAVEL CLERK IIGA8045194 08/14/2012 ASCO Numatics Engineer AUGUSTA PLASTICGA8042299 07/31/2012 REGISTERED NURSE SURGERY ASSOCI AUGUSTA STATEGA8039440 07/18/2012 Equipment Operator II UNIVERSITY Brockington and Archaeological Lab TechnicianGA8047422 08/23/2012 Associates, In Training f Brockington and Archaeological Lab TechnicianGA8040319 07/23/2012 Associates, In Training f BAND OF GOLDGA8045714 08/16/2012 Shrimp Boat Deckhand FISHERIES INCGA8043961 08/08/2012 BARNHILL INC Metal Erection Crew MemberGA8029608 06/04/2012 BURTS FARM LLC Agricultural Equipment Operators Chasonys ConcessionGA8041442 07/26/2012 Carpenter Trailers Chasonys ConcessionGA8041443 07/26/2012 Sales Representative Trailers Chasonys ConcessionGA8041446 07/26/2012 Web Developer TrailersGA8046166 08/17/2012 Coca-Cola Bottling Conventional Merchandiser-
  3. 3. Company Uni OnPremiseGA8045465 08/15/2012 CANNON FARMS Farm Labor Equipment OperatorGA8026983 05/22/2012 CISCO PRODUCE FARMWORKER, VEGETABLE II CSRA MEDICAL FRONT OFFICE/ MEDICALGA8043051 08/03/2012 ASSOCIATES ASSISTANTGA8045879 08/16/2012 E. Powell Enterprises INC. Flatbed DriverGA8045321 08/14/2012 Engility Corporation Bengali CAT II Linguist - Kuwait CAT II Pashtu Linguist - FortGA8045315 08/14/2012 Engility Corporation Gordon CAT III Chechen Linguist - FortGA8045266 08/14/2012 Engility Corporation Gordon CAT III Kazakh Linguist - FortGA8045271 08/14/2012 Engility Corporation Gordon CAT III Pashtu Linguist - FortGA8045278 08/14/2012 Engility Corporation Gordon CAT III Persian Farsi Linguist - FortGA8045288 08/14/2012 Engility Corporation Go CAT III Uzbek Linguist - FortGA8045295 08/14/2012 Engility Corporation Gordon Dari Interpreter - AfghanistanGA8045328 08/14/2012 Engility Corporation (Light LiGA8045548 08/15/2012 Engility Corporation Hindi CAT II Linguist Kurdish-Arabic CAT II LinguistGA8045609 08/15/2012 Engility Corporation -OCSIGA8045616 08/15/2012 Engility Corporation Nepalese CAT II Linguist - Kuwait Persian Farsi CAT III Linguist - FortGA8045296 08/14/2012 Engility Corporation GoGA8045311 08/14/2012 Engility Corporation Punjabi CAT II LinguistGA8045325 08/14/2012 Engility Corporation Singhalese CAT II Linguist - Kuwait Somali CAT III Linguist - FortGA8045308 08/14/2012 Engility Corporation GordonGA8045621 08/15/2012 Engility Corporation Tamil CAT II Linguist - KuwaitGA8045625 08/15/2012 Engility Corporation Telugu CAT II Linguist - Kuwait Engineering Solutions andGA8046300 08/20/2012 NETWORK FSR/INSTRUCTOR ProdGA8042909 08/03/2012 EASTER SEALS EAST GA PROJECT ASSISTANT IGA8004080 02/16/2012 EVANS FAMILY FARM FARMWORKER, FRUIT IIGA8042901 08/03/2012 EXEL FORKLIFT OPERATORGA8042927 08/03/2012 FPL FOOD LLC PRODUCTION WORKER FRANKS FAMILYGA8045880 08/16/2012 Cook RESTAURANT Garcia and SonsGA8011903 03/19/2012 FARMWORKERS Harvesting, In (64627)Physical Therapist AssistantGA8042872 08/03/2012 Gentiva Health Services -in
  4. 4. (64630)Licensed Practical Nurse -GA8042873 08/03/2012 Gentiva Health Services LPN inGA8042977 08/03/2012 Gentiva Health Services (64675)Hospice RN Clinical Liaison HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER -GA8042342 07/31/2012 Georgia Pacific 009769 Sales Representative, CorrugatedGA8047290 08/23/2012 Georgia Pacific Packagi Grayco DetentionGA8047320 08/23/2012 Detention Equipment Technician Equipment, In Grayco DetentionGA8047307 08/23/2012 Operations Manager Equipment, In GEORGIA FAMILY CRISIS LICENSED PROFESSIONALGA8043857 08/08/2012 SOLUTION COUNSELORGA8042000 07/30/2012 GEORGIA FARMS LLC Farm worker and LaborerGA8044147 08/09/2012 GEORGIA OXIDE BARTON OPERATOR GREEN MOUNTAINGA8045899 08/16/2012 Tree Planter FORESTRY LLC GREGORIO TLACUATL,GA8037810 07/11/2012 FARMWORKERS, FIELD CROP FARM LABORGA8040139 07/20/2012 H&R Block Tax Professional HealthCare PrincipalsGA8044977 08/13/2012 PERSONAL CARE ASSISTANT (PCA) Group House of HawkGA8045540 08/15/2012 OTR Team Driver TransportationGA8010634 03/13/2012 HAMILTON GROWERS INC Farm worker and LaborersGA8039084 07/16/2012 J Oak Transportation OTR Truck DriverGA8036058 07/02/2012 J&R BAKER FARMS FARMWORKER DIVERSIFIEDGA8025953 05/17/2012 Joel Salgado Farmworker Diversified IIGA8031815 06/14/2012 JASON G. HERNDON Farmworkers & LaborersGA8041553 07/27/2012 Kratos Defense Sr. Network Technician - On-Call Medicare Advantage InsuranceGA8043523 08/07/2012 KATHY EDRY INSURANCE AgentGA8037091 07/09/2012 KEN CORBETT FARMS, LLC FARMERWORKER,DIVERSIFIED KIDZ FORTRESSGA8045195 08/14/2012 DAYCARE TEACHER CHILDCARE L Walters Farms & SonsGA8043951 08/08/2012 Agricultural Equipment Operator #2 L.G. HERNDON JR. FARMS,GA8045792 08/16/2012 Farm Worker Equipment Operator INC. Lenons AutomotiveGA8042645 08/02/2012 Mechanic Repairs Sales Representative - Augusta, GAGA8047301 08/23/2012 Liberty Mutual Insurance - 326GA8041314 07/26/2012 LUIS MARTINEZ Farm worker and LaborerGA8043977 08/08/2012 Maria Perez DIVERSIFIED WORKER II
  5. 5. Morgans First ClassGA8042994 08/03/2012 Commercial Truck Driver Trucking, MABUS CONSTRUCTIONGA8040434 07/23/2012 Cement Truck Driver CO INCGA8002219 02/08/2012 MASON PECANS FARMWORKER MOORE S SEED & GRAINGA8014580 03/29/2012 FARM MACHINE OPERATOR FARMS, IN MORIJA CREW FARMGA8036643 07/05/2012 Farmworkers and Laborers PICKING INCGA8043867 08/08/2012 Nightingale Staffing, Inc Schedule Coordinator NORTON WELDING WAREHOUSE AND CUSTOMERGA8047273 08/23/2012 SUPPLY SERVICE MANUFACTURING RELIABILITYGA8040584 07/24/2012 NUTRASWEET ENGINEERGA8040569 07/24/2012 NUTRASWEET SENIOR FERMENTATION SCIENTISTGA8040551 07/24/2012 NUTRASWEET STAFF ACCOUNTANT PATRICK FARMSGA8039706 07/19/2012 Farm Worker PARTNERSHIPGA8044153 08/09/2012 PEAK EMPLOYMENT MACHINE OPERATOR PHYSICIANS PRACTICEGA8047427 08/23/2012 MEDICAL ASSISTANT GROUP PRECISION CONCRETEGA8040162 07/20/2012 FINISHER CONSTRUCTIO PRECISION CONCRETEGA8040147 07/20/2012 FORM CARPENTER CONSTRUCTIO PRECISION CONCRETEGA8040159 07/20/2012 IRONWORKER CONSTRUCTIOGA8031564 06/13/2012 QUALITY PRODUCE, LLC Farmworker Vegetable I Reeves Construction Heavy Equipment FieldGA8040128 07/20/2012 Company Mechanic/WelderGA8046010 08/17/2012 Ricoh-USA Account Executive RICHMOND/BURKE JOBGA8047067 08/22/2012 YOUTH CAREER ADVISOR TRAINING AU RIVERSTONEGA8045236 08/14/2012 Maintenance Supervisor RESIDENTIAL GROUP RIVERSTONEGA8045219 08/14/2012 Maintenance Technician RESIDENTIAL GROUP RLM Communications,GA8045199 08/14/2012 Information Assurance Instructor Inc.GA8021665 04/30/2012 RSF Harvesting Corp FARMWORKER Driver - OTR Truck Driver - Class AGA8043592 08/07/2012 Schneider National CDL Driver - Team Truck Driver - Sign-GA8043582 08/07/2012 Schneider National On Bon Truck Driver - Tanker OwnerGA8043553 08/07/2012 Schneider National Operator
  6. 6. GA8046578 08/20/2012 Sizemore Janitorial Day PorterGA8040071 07/20/2012 Sizemore Janitorial Floor TechnicianGA8047373 08/23/2012 Sizemore Staffing CarpenterGA8043722 08/07/2012 Sizemore Staffing Industrial PainterGA8043863 08/08/2012 Sizemore Staffing Instrumentation TechnicianGA8044060 08/09/2012 Sizemore Staffing Legal Secretary / Legal AidGA8045174 08/14/2012 Sizemore Staffing Mig WelderGA8047433 08/23/2012 Sizemore Staffing Welder / Fabricator St. Stephens Ministry of Assistant Resident Manager-GA8047295 08/23/2012 Augu Transitional Support Solutions ofGA8042929 08/03/2012 Direct Care Worker GeorgiaGA8046857 08/21/2012 SAM DONG, INC Machine Operator SHAW FINANCIALGA8046366 08/20/2012 ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT GROUP, LLC SHAW FINANCIAL EDUCATION CONSULTANTGA8046354 08/20/2012 GROUP, LLC ASSISTANT FLOOR COVERING SALESGA8039451 07/18/2012 SHERWIN WILLIAMS REPRESENTATIVEGA8046309 08/20/2012 Textron Inc Branch Mechanic - 206684GA8045966 08/16/2012 Textron Inc Buyer/Planner - 202165 Design Engineer Plastics/MechanicalGA8041610 07/27/2012 Textron Inc E-Z-GA8042737 08/02/2012 Textron Inc Financial Analyst - 205970GA8044533 08/10/2012 Textron Inc Financial Analyst E-Z-GO - 206210GA8042353 07/31/2012 Textron Inc Group Leader - 205814GA8045973 08/16/2012 Textron Inc Group Leader - 206637 Senior Product Strategy Manager -GA8044289 08/10/2012 Textron Inc 206448 Strategic Sourcing Specialist -GA8041209 07/25/2012 Textron Inc 204805 Supplier Quality Engineer -GA8045130 08/14/2012 Textron Inc Mechanical -GA8041222 07/25/2012 Textron Inc Toolmaker A - 205536 Director/Developmental DisabilitiesGA8046001 08/17/2012 The Berry Center, Inc. Prof The Renaissance GroupGA8047344 08/23/2012 Paraprofessional Family a The Renaissance Group Registered Nurse/Licensed PracticalGA8047369 08/23/2012 Family a Nurs The Rock Ranch, LLC dbaGA8017325 04/10/2012 FARMWORKER The Ro TERRY & JOE BAKERGA8037278 07/09/2012 FARMWORKER FARMSGA8045027 08/13/2012 TYCOR FARMS, LLC Farm workers and Laborers
  7. 7. GA8042937 08/03/2012 UHS-Bethany of Millen Certified Nursing AssistantGA8043531 08/07/2012 UHS-Bethany of Millen Licensed Practical NurseGA8047323 08/23/2012 UHS-Bethany of Millen RN-Weekend Supervisor Veteran Enterprise Military Budget Analyst - MIPRGA8040727 07/24/2012 Technology Experienc Veteran EnterpriseGA8040855 07/24/2012 Software Programmer/Developer TechnologyGA8040428 07/23/2012 VOGUE CLEANERS PRESSERGA8041568 07/27/2012 Weirich Consulting Sr. Project Controls Engineer Weirich ConsultingGA8046560 08/20/2012 Senior Computer Support Analyst Services Weirich Consulting Construction Field EngineerGA8047465 08/23/2012 Services, I (Electrical Weirich Consulting Construction Field EngineersGA8047271 08/23/2012 Services, I (Pipe/Mecha Weirich Consulting Emergency Planning HazardsGA8046551 08/20/2012 Services, I Assessment An Weirich ConsultingGA8047347 08/23/2012 Instrumentation Analyst Services, I Weirich ConsultingGA8042749 08/02/2012 Lead Administrative Specialist Services, I Weirich ConsultingGA8047328 08/23/2012 Software Engineer Services, I Weirich Consulting Technical Safety RequirementsGA8047362 08/23/2012 Services, I (TSR) Writ Weirich ConsultingGA8039072 07/16/2012 Technical Support Specialist Services, I Weirich ConsultingGA8044045 08/09/2012 Drafter Services, IGA8041677 07/27/2012 West Fraser Maintenance Master MillwrightGA8047439 08/23/2012 WestCare Program AssistantGA8044672 08/13/2012 Worldwide Photography Santa- Christmas Photo SetGA8046198 08/17/2012 Yancey Bros. Company Electric Power Generator TechnicianGA8046192 08/17/2012 Yancey Bros. Company Inside Parts Sales RepresentativeGA8043621 08/07/2012 Yates Construction Iron WorkerGA8042940 08/03/2012 Yates Construction Millwright HelperGA8042997 08/03/2012 Yates Construction Pipe Fitter - JourneymanGA8047275 08/23/2012 Yates Construction Pipe Welder - JourneymanGA8047414 08/23/2012 Yates Construction ScaffoldGA8043615 08/07/2012 Yates Construction Structural Welder