Augusta Area Job Listings January 17, 2013


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Augusta Area Job Listing.


Go to:
Click on "JOB SEEKERS"
Click on "FIND A JOB"
Next, look at the bottom of the screen (JOB NUMBER SEARCH) Type the Job Numbers only here. It will take you to the requirements of the job. If you meet all the requirements write down the job numbers and come in and ask to see an employment specialist.
You may also apply on line for a referral - create or use your PIN - then hit the PROCEED TO REFERRAL button at the bottom of the page - in the SKILLS block, tell us (the Dept. of Labor) how you meet the employer's MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS (KISS - Keep It Short and Simple - If you do not show that you meet the employer's MINIMUM SKILLS & EDUCATION requirements 100%, you will not be given a referral, you will receive a reject email instead.) You will receive an email back from the Dept. of Labor ( telling you either that you are qualified and how to contact the employer; you're not qualified and the reason why or the vacancy has closed out.

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Augusta Area Job Listings January 17, 2013

  1. 1. Current Job Order O*NET Search ListingThursday January 17, 2013 at 07:59:44 ET.124 Job Orders foundClick on Order Number to receive additional information.Job Orders where Job Title is displayed with an aqua background refer to TrainingOpportunity Job Orders.Job Orders where Job Title is displayed with a yellow background refer to WIA/OJT JobOrders. Augusta Career Center 601 Greene Street Augusta, Georgia 30901 Order Order Employer Name Title Number Date inVentiv Medical Director, National BusinessGA8068508 12/17/2012 Management Development MERCHANDISING SPECIALIST -GA8069267 12/20/2012 Anderson Merchandisers Augusta, GA - Asset Management Project Manager/Project TaskGA8071020 01/07/2013 Analysis Grou ManagerGA8070726 01/04/2013 Augusta Data Storage Route Delivery DriverGA8069601 12/26/2012 Averitt Express Regional Driver - AUG Augusta, GAGA8071986 01/11/2013 AAFES FOOD SERVICE WORKER PROPERTY AND CASUALTYGA8071821 01/10/2013 ACE INSURANCE AGENCY INSURANCE AGENTGA8071687 01/10/2013 ADP Client Service Team ManagerGA8070835 01/07/2013 ADP HR/Payroll Specialist I JobGA8071922 01/11/2013 ADP Migration Implementation Specialist Production Support Analyst I /GA8071572 01/09/2013 ADP Garnishme Talent Solutions Services - AccountGA8070838 01/07/2013 ADP MgmtGA8069706 12/27/2012 AMERICANWORK House Parent AUGUSTA CONCRETEGA8071446 01/09/2013 DUMP TRUCK DRIVER BLOCK COMPANYGA8067493 12/10/2012 BARON HR SERVICES MIG WELDER/FABRICATORGA8067763 12/11/2012 BARON HR SERVICES SeamstressGA8069268 12/20/2012 Courier Express, Inc. Commercial CDL Driver
  2. 2. GA8069266 12/20/2012 Courier Express, Inc. CDL Class A DriverGA8045465 08/15/2012 CANNON FARMS Farm Labor Equipment OperatorGA8071276 01/08/2013 CLARION SUITES MAINTENANCE SUPERVISORGA8072072 01/11/2013 COBB LANDSCAPING Landscape WorkersGA8071238 01/08/2013 COMPUTER OUTLET Sales Clerk CONSUMER CREDITGA8068250 12/13/2012 CSRA Branch Manger COUNSELING OF DEPARTMENT OFGA8071176 01/08/2013 Correction officer JUVENILE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT OF High School Language Arts orGA8064779 11/21/2012 JUVENILE JUSTICE Science Tea DEPARTMENT OFGA8069710 12/27/2012 JUVENILE CORRECTIONAL OFFICER JUVENILE JUSTICEGA8062403 11/06/2012 DICKEY FARMS,INC FARMWORKER, FRUIT IGA8067864 12/11/2012 Eduardo Garcia Ruiz Farm WorkerGA8071810 01/10/2013 Engility Corporation Field Software Engineer - Ft. Gordon Industrial Pretreatment ProgramGA8069106 12/20/2012 ESG Operations, Inc ManagerGA8069105 12/20/2012 ESG Operations, Inc Operations Manager- Wastewater Family Dollar Stores of Store Manager Augusta Georgia -GA8067725 12/11/2012 Georgi STO25893 Family Dollar Stores of Store Manager Millen Georgia -GA8067734 12/11/2012 Georgi STO258934 Family Dollar Stores of Store Manager Sandersville GeorgiaGA8067737 12/11/2012 Georgi - STO Family Dollar Stores of Store Manager Sylvania Georgia -GA8067742 12/11/2012 Georgi STO2589 Family Dollar Stores of Store Manager Waynesboro GeorgiaGA8067746 12/11/2012 Georgi - STO25GA8068124 12/13/2012 FAMILY CARE INC. CNA/PCA (68773)Hospice Registered NurseGA8067905 12/12/2012 Gentiva Health Services Full Tim RELIABILITY MANAGER - BOXGA8069688 12/27/2012 Georgia Pacific PLANT - 012964 Sales Representative, CorrugatedGA8070713 01/04/2013 Georgia Pacific Packagi Georgia Regents Equal Employ OpportunityGA8072413 01/14/2013 University Specialist/AA Georgias Families inGA8064723 11/21/2012 Licensed Clinical Social Worker Transiti Golden Harvest FoodGA8072563 01/15/2013 Transportation/Manna Supervisor Bank Healthcare ServicesGA8070865 01/07/2013 Cook Group, IncGA8072761 01/16/2013 Hope House of Augusta Job CoachGA8072767 01/16/2013 HukariAscendent, Inc. Electrical/I&C Design Engineer
  3. 3. 2013-016- PrDepartment Training CoordinatorGA8069532 12/26/2012 HukariAscendent, Inc. 2012-2 Electrical & InstrumentationGA8071535 01/09/2013 International Paper TechnicianGA8071477 01/09/2013 International Paper Mechanical Maintenance Mechanic IAP World Services, Inc. -GA8071550 01/09/2013 Heavy Truck Driver - 14644BR FGI Jenkins CorrectionalGA8072224 01/14/2013 Corrections Officer Center L Walters Farms & SonsGA8043951 08/08/2012 Agricultural Equipment Operator #2 L.G. HERNDON JR.GA8045792 08/16/2012 Farm Worker Equipment Operator FARMS, INC. La Nopalera MexicanGA8072041 01/11/2013 Food Preparation Worker Restaurant Sales Representative - Augusta, GAGA8070694 01/04/2013 Liberty Mutual Insurance - 340GA8062128 11/05/2012 LANE PACKING, LLC FARMWORKER FRUIT IGA8069429 12/21/2012 LINZEY HEATH WELDING Certified Stick Welder Mail Contractors ofGA8067190 12/07/2012 Seasonal Driver # 00369 AmericaGA8068179 12/13/2012 Manpower Class B CDL driverGA8064757 11/21/2012 Marc Younts Tire Pros Automotive Service TechnicianGA8069656 12/26/2012 Maria Patricio Farm WorkerGA8070705 01/04/2013 MedNet America CPC CoderGA8072505 01/15/2013 Mobility Transit REPAIR TECHNICIAN MCCORKLE NURSERIESGA8072562 01/15/2013 Nursery Worker INC MONTERRY MEXICANGA8071702 01/10/2013 KITCHEN HELPER RESTAURANT Newell Recycling ofGA8070465 01/03/2013 Road Inspector Augusta, GGA8071194 01/08/2013 Nightingale Services, Inc. Personal Care Assistant (PCA)GA8072496 01/15/2013 OFFICE TEAM ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTAGA8072500 01/15/2013 OFFICE TEAM Tech Support AssistantGA8068172 12/13/2012 Palmetto GBA Sr Provider Education Consultant Peak EmploymentGA8070179 01/02/2013 Maintenance Mechanic Solutions Truck Driver - Overhead - PCK592-GA8072259 01/14/2013 Pike Electric, Inc 16116 PATRICK FARMSGA8039706 07/19/2012 Farm Worker PARTNERSHIPGA8065287 11/27/2012 PEARSON FARM FARM WORKER FRUITGA8070623 01/04/2013 PRICE IS RIGHT AUTO Sales Person
  4. 4. SALESGA8065567 11/28/2012 RAMBO NURSERY LLC NURSERY WORKERS RICHMOND COUNTYGA8065890 11/30/2012 SCHOOL BUS DRIVER BOARD OF EDUCAGA8053916 09/25/2012 RUDOLPH ROLLE Farm WorkerGA8066528 12/04/2012 Sharon Mathis FARMWORKER, VEGETABLE IIGA8067407 12/10/2012 Sizemore Staffing Facilities Supervisor Stone & WebsterGA8069013 12/19/2012 Construction Field Engineer 2 Construction SGA8068149 12/13/2012 SAM DONG, INC Machine OperatorGA8068262 12/13/2012 SCOTTSDALE FARMS INC. NURSERY WORKER SHEPEARD COMMUNITYGA8070586 01/04/2013 PHLEBOTOMIST BLOOD CENTEGA8071992 01/11/2013 SOUTHERN GUNITE Gunite Top Finisher SPRING HILL PRODUCE,GA8062786 11/08/2012 FARMWORKER DIVERSIFIED LLCGA8067779 12/11/2012 STARBUCKS COFFEE Plant Maintenance ManagerGA8067802 12/11/2012 STARBUCKS COFFEE PROCESS ENGINEERGA8067810 12/11/2012 STARBUCKS COFFEE Safety and Health Manager Senior Operations ManufacturingGA8067822 12/11/2012 STARBUCKS COFFEE ManagerGA8067769 12/11/2012 STARBUCKS COFFEE SENIOR CONTROLS ENGINEERGA8069589 12/26/2012 Taxamize Accounting Tax PreparerGA8068595 12/17/2012 Textron Inc Electrical Engineer - 209937GA8067424 12/10/2012 Textron Inc Manufacturing Engineer - 211476 Mechanical Engineer - AdvancedGA8068597 12/17/2012 Textron Inc DevelopmeGA8068588 12/17/2012 Textron Inc Product Manager Golf - 211384GA8062107 11/05/2012 TAYLOR ORCHARDS FARMWORKER FRUIT Registered Nurse/ProgramGA8069563 12/26/2012 TSMK HEALTHCARE,LLC Coordinator US BATTERY MFG WASTEWATER/MAINTENANCEGA8069712 12/27/2012 AUGUSTA TECHNICIANGA8071739 01/10/2013 VETS, LLC Information Assurance SpecialistGA8071732 01/10/2013 VETS, LLC Intelligence Systems AnalystGA8071746 01/10/2013 VETS, LLC Systems AdministratorGA8070722 01/04/2013 Weirich Consulting Principal Engineers Weirich ConsultingGA8071802 01/10/2013 Architect Services Weirich ConsultingGA8070943 01/07/2013 Mechanical Engineer Services Weirich Consulting Principal Computer SoftwareGA8067702 12/11/2012 Services Analyst/ Dev Weirich ConsultingGA8071759 01/10/2013 Principal Industrial Hygienist Services
  5. 5. Weirich ConsultingGA8071756 01/10/2013 Principle Process Computer Analyst Services Weirich ConsultingGA8068537 12/17/2012 Radiological Control Inspector Services Weirich ConsultingGA8072282 01/14/2013 Scheduler Senior Engineer Services Weirich ConsultingGA8070911 01/07/2013 Senior Mechanical Designer Services Weirich ConsultingGA8071757 01/10/2013 Senior Software Engineer Services Weirich ConsultingGA8071776 01/10/2013 Software Developer/Analyst Services Weirich ConsultingGA8071011 01/07/2013 VMware/Storage Engineer Services Weirich ConsultingGA8070907 01/07/2013 Welding Engineer Services Weirich ConsultingGA8067720 12/11/2012 Construction Survey Field Engineer Services, I Weirich Consulting Mechanical / Process DesignGA8072756 01/16/2013 Services, I Engineer Weirich ConsultingGA8070899 01/07/2013 Pipe Support Engineer Services, I Weirich ConsultingGA8069700 12/27/2012 Principal Engineer - QA Services, I Weirich ConsultingGA8070871 01/07/2013 PDS Designer IV Services, I Weirich ConsultingGA8070894 01/07/2013 Structural Design Engineer Services, I WILBANKS APIARIES,GA8066235 12/03/2012 BEE KEEPER INC.GA8072589 01/15/2013 WSI-SRS Analyst, Cyber SecurityGA8072511 01/15/2013 WSI-SRS Analyst, Personnel Security