7th issue of the J-9 FOCAL POINT! Newsletter


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7th issue of the J-9 FOCAL POINT! Newsletter!

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7th issue of the J-9 FOCAL POINT! Newsletter

  1. 1. JOINT STAFF, GEORGIA DEPARTMENT A Newsletter OF DEFENSE Production of the J-9 Joint and Family Services Directorate Special points of in- Volume 3, Issue 7 July 20, 2012 terest: - Editorial: CW2 Barry D. Long  HIDDEN PAIN  ...Girls Allowed! gage our resources, engage families, and solicit help from engaged family The hardships of war, dysfunctional tion or proper training sometimes.  Traumatic Brain Injury organizations (which means leader- families, unintentionally poor leader- Indeed we need more emphasis in ship MUST support Family Pro- ship, PTSD . . . What is the reason for teaching personnel how to recognize  THE BUZZ! grams, Chaplain Counseling and this chain of suicides and family our unique problems. Yet, we do marriage support initiatives, and a breakdowns we are experiencing? have support, we have volunteers, we  FOUNDING FATHERS SE- cultural shift to make getting help a have avenues for safe and confiden- RIES “GREAT EVENT” and not a taboo We continue to hear the media hype tial help, we have an incredible force subject). We have to listen to, men- about the myriad of issues causing for help and for reason, and we have  2012 BACK-TO- tor, teach, watch, and engage our the suicides. Among these are the services in place to engage outside SCHOOL BRIGADE personnel in all of these types of trauma causing the PTSD, the deploy- support. Where is the problem, then? programs so that we can easily avoid ments causing the family failures, and Can’t we help ourselves? future problems. Most of all, we ineffectual leadership. Beyond the The problem is apathy, mission lag, must “WORK WITH” our personnel, media hype is the hearsay and rumor fear of reprisal, misunderstanding so that great, well trained, expensive about leaders, units, mistakes in han- among troops and leaders of the human assets, do not get lost be- dling crises, and lack of funding and problem, and lack of interest in the cause they are considered assetsInside this issue: effort for care of the Servicemen and process. The person with the “this instead of people. YOU ARE HUMAN families. will never happen to me” and “this is and you have problems, too. In a recent Time Magazine Article a weakness we cannot afford” men- entitled "The Insidious Enemy: Why tality, hinders our helping support. A Reach for your local resources firstEDITORIAL: 1,3 Soldier should never wait on a hot- and best! The J-9 Joint and Family the Pentagon is losing the war against line for 45 minutes for a suicide call Services Directorate teaches, sup-HIDDEN PAIN military suicide." (Mark Thompson & Nancy Gibbs, 22-31), some very sur- (as stated in the Time Magazine arti- port, engages, and empowers leader- cle) when there is a trained suicide ship with a huge toolbox of highFrom S1Net: 2 prising numbers are released con- counselor, and lots of partially energy tools, like:...GIRLS cerning the loss of Military lives to trained fellow service-members 1. Military Transition self-inflicted wounds. In fact the titleALLOWED! available. Local communities have Assistance Advisors (MTAA) – Bene- by-line on the cover of the magazine support channels, as well, but the fit and counseling support for retir- is “One A Day,” and one quote statesTraumatic Brain 2 that a U.S. Veteran dies by his or her message is not getting out. The poor ing and transitioning personnel. example of our brothers and sisters, Here you will also find educationalInjury own hand every 80 minutes. and leaders who may not understand assistance, VA benefits counseling, how to show compassion hurts the GI Bill for veterans support, and a Numerous magazine articles, web outreach mission, as well. connection to all J-9 and Army-wide 2 quotes, and exposes’ on TV state al-ARTICLE: Services for Vets and Retirees. most unbelievable statistics on PTSD What is the answer to this dilemma? 2. The Yellow Ribbon issues, military marital failures, adul-THE BUZZ! tery, divorce, Soldiers and Marines How can we reach the masses? How Program (YRP)– A versatile program attacking civilians, leaders killed or can we break the silence of ingrained of deployment support services,Founding Fathers: 3 fear or poorly placed loyalties, while counseling, Job/Educational Assis- stripped of their ranks, and Service-John Adams members in pain. The common reinforcing the values each Airman, tance, and training for deployed, Soldier, Sailor, Marine, and Coastie deploying and returning military thread is lack of funding, lack of care, (and every Veteran), hold dear to personnel and their families. lack of engaged leadership, the un- 4 their hearts? 3. The State Youth Ser-OPERATION emotional “You are weak if you need vices Program – Counseling for mili- help” mentality, and improper appli-HOMEFRONT cation of services. The military has The answer is here already. The tary youth, training for leadershipLAUNCHES 2012 resources are our leadership, our and families, and support for mili- seldom, in its history, looked less families, our employers, civilian sup- tary personnel concerning theBACK-TO- compassionate and less proactive. port organizations, and (my favorite) unique issues of our youngest mem-SCHOOL BRI- The reality is somewhat different, our J-9 Joint and Family Services bers of our service family.GADE however. Indeed there are leadership Directorate. The fancy names and issues with understanding, compas- odd organizational tiles will not con- CONTINUED ON PAGE 3... sion and emotion, but these are fuse folks if we speak plainly, so here changing. Indeed we are not funding is the plain truth. these issues as well as we should with Leaders, know that you might be in a budget that is so cramped we can the same situation in which you find barely afford normal military opera- your personnel. All levels must en-
  2. 2. Page 2 ...GIRLS ALLOWED! ARMY DIRECTIVE (AD) 2012- 16 (CHANGES TO ARMY Traumatic Brain Injury POLICY FOR THE ASSIGN- - 9 July 2012. (from S1 Net) MENT OF FEMALE SOL- DIERS), 27 JUN 12. This AD advises that, effective 14 May 12, ALARACT 182/2012, MOD these changes and an up- the portion of the 1994 DOD 01 TO ALARACT 193/2010 dated POC list. https:// Direct Ground Combat Defini- tion and Assignment Rule that HQDA EXORD 253-10, forums.army.mil/ permits the Services to bar the assignment of women to units MANAGEMENT OF CON- communitybrowser.aspx? and positions doctrinally required CUSSION / MILD TRAU- id=1787854&lang=en-US to physically collocate and re- main with direct ground combat MATIC BRAIN INJURY units was rescinded. Thus, effec- tive 14 May 12, AR 600-13 is (MTBI) IN THE DEPLOYED ** In order to read this Note: You must have Army revised to remove references to and information regarding appli- SETTING, DTG 052029Z entire message you Knowledge Online access to cation of the collocation provi- JUL 12. This message modi- should join the S1 Net register for this site. Civil- sion, and better to align Army military forum and you ians will require a military policy with that of the DOD as fies medical guidance in both sponsor to get AKO access. indicated in this Army Directive. See the AD for specifics. the deployed and clinical must have a CAC. ** settings. See the message for https://forums.army.mil/ SECURE/ CommunityBrowser.aspx? id=1783535 ***MUST BE A MEMBER OF S1 NET and USE CAC*** By CW2 Jennifer Long, A Co CO, 4/1 GSDF Georgia is home to a great  If the sting in on an extrem- number of species of ants, bees, ity, elevate to reduce swelling. and wasps. As families try to enjoy the last weeks before the Take care, and enjoy kids return to school, many the rest of the summer! people will find themselves crossing paths with these in- sects. While most stings cause only minor problems, stingsDuty, Honor, Country. from these insects account for  If you receive a bee sting, more deaths in the UnitedThose three hallowed States than from any other quickly scrape the stinger with a blunt-edged object such aswords reverently dictate envenomation, including spi- the edge of a credit card to re- ders and snakes. move it from the skin. Neverwhat you ought to be, what squeeze it or remove it with Bees, such as honey bees, areyou can be, what you will only capable of stinging once tweezers, as this will release more venom. Treat a stingbe. since they leave the stinger from a wasp, hornet, yellow behind. The bigger danger is jacket, or ant by skipping this- Gen. Douglas that bees often attack in a step. swarm. Wasps, including hor- MacArthur nets and yellow jackets, can  Monitor for signs and symp- sting again and again because toms of anaphalaxys. These they do not lose their stingers. include itching, hives, swelling,Build me a son, O Lord, who Yellow jackets actually cause wheezing, difficulty breating, the greatest number of allergic and weakness. This can pro-will be strong enough to know gress rapidly. If the victim has reactions. Fire ants can alsowhen he is weak, and brave sting multiple times. They a known allergy to stings and latch on with their mouth and has an EpiPen, assist them withenough to face himself when administering it. Call 911 im- then sting as they rotate. Youhe is afraid, one who will be may have also seen large, fuzzy mediately. Medical attention is black and red ants. These are urgently needed for stings in-proud and unbending in volving the nose, mouth, lips, known by many names such ashonest defeat, and humble velvet ants and cow killers, tongue, or throat, or for multi- however they are not ants at ple stings.and gentle in victory. all. Rather they are flightless  Wash the area with soap and- Gen. Douglas wasps, and pack a powerful water, and apply a cold pack. sting. MacArthur
  3. 3. Volume 3, Issue 7 Page 3 mentoring and leadership engagement with ...Continued from Page 1. our personnel. We should also maintain an empathic and sometime sympathetic ear and ily Support Foundation (GNGFSF) – If you read visage, a willingness to make accommodations 4. ANG Family Assistance – Family the last issue of the “J-9 FOCAL POINT!” you al- to maintain the hardest workers in best work- Guidance, Counseling and Support for our Air ready know that this organization provides finan- ing condition by supporting special needs, and Force Specific personnel and their unique cial relief to get Soldiers and Families through a a willingness to be human in front of our per- circumstances. short term crisis, counseling, and direction for sonnel so that they can truly follow the exam- 5. Family Assistance Specialist (FAS) receiving assistance long-term financial crises. ple of human leaders with real-world values. – Family Guidance, Counseling and Support for That direction may be as simple as a referral to all of our military personnel, but specifically our next tool in the toolkit (#9). Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, Sailors, Coasties, tailored to Army National Guard Units and 9. The Joint Services Family Assistance Vets, and Families must also change. The val- their leadership. These are your local, regional Program (JSFAP) – The State-Level link to the ues don’t stop at the door when you leave duty. Family Assistance Centers (FACs), and they are huge variety of Family, Suicide, Financial Coun- The help that is available will not get stronger your primary contact/resource at the regional seling, Personnel counseling, and military unique and more effective if you do not use it. You level to train, support, and assist unit leader- total health and behavioral resources available to cannot fix the broken parts of lives, hearts, ship and military families in building a terrific all members of the Georgia National Guard, all children, families and careers if you do not bond. Look here for the keys to all of our re- U.S. Military Services, their families, their chil- seek help. sources. dren, and their loved ones. 6. Family Readiness Support Assis- 10. Employer Support of the Guard and Reach out! The resources are here, today. tants (FRSAs) – These personnel support the Reserve (ESGR) – This is the poorly used link They may not be as strong as we would wish Major Subordinate Commands (MSCs), also between leadership at every level, the civilian them to be, but we can improve them by using known as Brigades, Troop Commands, Major employers of our personnel, and the military them, engaging them, and proving that they Headquarters, and Staffs in providing the re- personnel we all support and serve. work. We are always here and ready. Do not sources of the J-9 across the board. These This ten-piece toolkit for Military Members, suffer, do not be ashamed (there is no shame team members are dedicated to engaging sen- Families, leadership at every level, civilian em- in seeking help), mend the broken pieces, and ior leadership in the mission of solving the ployers, military benefits, and much, much more, know that you are special. “HIDDEN PAIN” crisis, and ensuring that lead- is here now! The “HIDDEN PAIN” must not con- ers remain connected to both the unit level tinue. Know that where you are weak, another is FAC/Family Readiness Group (FRG)/Training strong. mission, and the State Level Resourcing/ We can train our units and take them to war. We Leader Training/and resources for Service can encourage a “no fear and no emotion” atti- Do not hide the pain anymore! Member, family and youth care. tude. We can hide our weaknesses to maintain a 7. The Georgia Sexual Assault Coor- status quo, and preach values without truly living Article Reference: dinator (GA-SARC) – This is your resource for them by an acceptable standard. All of these Mark Thompson, Nancy Gibbs. "The Insidious help when you, or your loved one, is experi- things lead to failure. People will eventually Enemy: Why the Pentagon is losing encing, or has recently experienced, sexual suffer because of this, commit suicide, commit harassment, sexual assault, or a questionable crimes, quit, watch marriages fail, and distrust the war against military suicide." situation of sexually charged origin. their leadership. We must keep the Home-Front Time Magazine. 23 July 2012: 22-31. 8. The Georgia National Guard Fam- working well, and maintain a direct, face-to-face Print. John Adams was a leading the stirring language of the document itself, would forever change in living to see his son, John Quincy Adams , elected president advocate for the separation the world and its concept of liberty and equality. in 1825. of the American colonies from England. A native of Over the next decade, when he wasnt busy writing and This spotlight article obtained in full from the Smithsonian Braintree, Massachusetts, assisting with the war effort at home, Adams conducted official Institution at http://www.smithsonianeducation.org/spotlight/ he received an education at business abroad. Then, in 1785, he was named Americas first july4.html Harvard before studying ambassador to England. During these long periods away from law. As a young attorney in home, Adams exchanged frequent letters with his wife, Abigail. As to the history of the revolution, my ideas may Boston, Adams saw grow- These published letters and Adamss diary paint a delightful be peculiar, perhaps singular. What do we mean ing political unrest in New picture not only of John and Abigail and their family, but of their by the Revolution? The war? That was no part of England and throughout the candid reactions to the historic events of the time. colonies. He frequently the revolution; it was only an effect and conse- fueled anti-British sentiment quence of it. The revolution was in the minds of In 1789, Adams received the second highest number ofwith newspaper editorials and other writings that defended the electoral votes in the bid for the presidency, hence he became the people, and this was effected ... before arights of colonial citizens against the distant authority of the vice president to George Washingtons first presidency of the drop of blood was shed.British Crown. In 1774, after serving in the Massachusetts United States of America. After serving eight years as vice presi-House of Representatives, Adams was appointed a delegate to dent, in 1797 he succeeded Washington as president. During - JOHN ADAMS, letter to Thomas Jefferson,the newly formed Continental Congress. these years, a debate raged over the proper size and function of Aug. 24, 1815 the federal government, and two political parties emerged to During the next few years, Adams became deeply involved battle the issue. Adams aligned himself with the Federalists, ledin the steady colonial march toward separation from Britain. by Alexander Hamilton, who favored a stronger central govern-Once the Continental Congress officially voted for independence ment. The opposing Democratic-Republicans, led by Thomas Laws for the liberal education of youth, espe-on June 7, 1776, Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Jefferson, were more egalitarian, and favored a sharply limited cially of the lower class of people, are so ex-and two others were chosen to draft a manifesto declaring federal authority. Eventually Adams alienated members of both tremely wise and useful, that, to a humane andindependence. After a lengthy debate in which Adams vigor- parties, and left the presidency in bitter disappointment. Adams generous mind, no expense for this purposeously defended the document before his fellow delegates, retired to his Massachusetts farm and quickly regained his stat-Congress accepted and ratified the final version of the Declara- ure as one of this countrys elder statesmen and a founder of would be thought extravagant.tion of Independence on July 4, 1776. By denouncing the au- American democracy. However, Adams took particular pleasurethority of the Crown, the signers of the declaration were commit- - JOHN ADAMS, Thoughts on Governmentting a dangerous act of treason. Nevertheless, their actions, and
  4. 4. Serving the Georgia DoD, The U.S. Military, and our Veterans, One Family at a Time. The J-9 Joint and Family Services Directorate and The Georgia Guard Family Program:J-9 JOINT ANDFAMILY SERVICESDIRECTORATEGeorgia Department of Defense Our directorate services the military community of Georgia, providing those1388 First Street, Bldg 840 (Finch Bldg) services, support and information that are vital to their care. Our staff is com-1000 Halsey Avenue, Bldg 447, mitted to providing the best care, in a timely manner, and followed-thru to aMailroomMarietta, GA 30060 successful conclusion so that Military Personnel, their families, and Veterans in Georgia will have the resources, help, and information they need to thrive.Point of Contact:CW2 Barry D. LongHuman Resources/Systems/ATSO/Safety Officerbarry.long@us.army.mil We are on the web: “Military Personnel, www.georgiaguardfamilyprogram.orgFamilies, and Veterans First!” OPERATION HOMEFRONTNATIONAL GUARD BUREAUFamily Programs (NGB-FP) LAUNCHES 2012 BACK-TO-Mission: To establish and facilitate SCHOOL BRIGADEongoing communication, involvement,support, and recognition between Na-tional Guard families and the National — From OperationHomeFront.orgGuard in a partnership that promotesthe best in both. Operation Homefront is ex- being short-handed becauseFamily Programs Web Sites cited to launch the 2012 Back- one parent may be deployed. If you have any questionsGuardFamily.org - The National Guard to-School Brigade, our pro- At the events, kids receive a or would like to discuss otherFamily Program gram that provides school sup- free backpack and enough sponsorship levels or oppor-GuardFamilyYouth.org - The NationalGuard Family Youth Program plies to military kids. Through school supplies to get them tunities, please contact Nata- distribution events around the started on their first day of sha Carter at 800-722-6098.NewslettersAir National Guard Family Guide [PDF] country, military families are school. given supplies to help them get Find out more about the pro-Contact Information ready for the upcoming school We hope you will consider gram.Phone: (888)777-7731Fax: 703-607-0762 year. supporting our back to schoolEmail: ngb.J1.fp@ng.army.mil program this year. Here are If you are a military family Today, the context of military ways you can help: interested in receiving back- service includes a higher op- volunteer to pick up supplies packs and supplies, you can eration tempo, increased de- learn when events open for  help distribute supplies at ployments, relocations, and registration by visiting your an event (more details coming) local office website and/or family separations. In short, military families are facing follow them on Facebook. If more stress than ever before. donate to the event you have any other questions This program can relieve some about the Back-to-School Bri- of the financial stress and the become a national corporate gade, contact our Programs expense of having to get ready sponsor (if you would like to Department at 800-722-6098. for school in the middle of support a local event, click here PCSing, financial struggles or to find your local office)