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My child project_natsuki_2


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My child project_natsuki_2

  1. 1. ChildrenJust LikeMe ProjectHouda’s familyBy Natsuki
  2. 2. Name Houda Elazhar  Natsuki Higuchi
  3. 3. Age Houda Me (Natsuki) Houda is 10 years I am 9 years old. old.
  4. 4. Country Houda lives in I am from Tokyo in Morocco in North Japan but now, I Western Africa. live in Manila, Philippines.
  5. 5. Family - Names Houda  Me Her dad: Ahmed  My dad: Hisaya Her mom: Sellemia  My mom: Yuko Her little sister: Iman  My older sister: Her little brother: Miho Ayoub Big sister: Fatema Big brother: Younes
  6. 6. Pets Theydon’t have  We also don’t any pets. have pets.
  7. 7. Favorite thing/ Hobby Thecourtyard is her  Myhobbies are favorite part of the playing computer house, Houda’s and playing with favorite subject is my friends. reading.
  8. 8. School  I go to schoolAt Houda’s school , called Inter-the children play in national Schoolthe large court- Manila-ISM.yard where lots of  We have a bigflowers grow. playground in the school.Houda learnsArabic, French,reading, grammar,math and religion.
  9. 9. Clothes When I go to school,Houda wears I wear a schooljeans, shirts and uniform and when there is no school, Ijackets. wear jeans and a shirt or a long shirt.
  10. 10. HouseHouda’s family lives in a  I have a house intraditional house Japan and the(Moroccan style). Philippines. In Japan, IThe rooms are built have a house and it is all white. And in thearound a large court- Philippines, I live in anyard, which has apartment. It has manypatterned tiles on the pools and there is awalls and floor. garden.
  11. 11. FoodHouda’s family often Natsuki -eats tajine which is In the Philippines,made of meat, fish we eat Japaneseand vegetables. food like rice andHouda’s favorite soup.meals are chickenand French fries.
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  13. 13. Vocabulary Courtyard- It is an open area surrounded by walls. Architecture- 1. The activity of designing buildings. 2. The style in which buildings are designed. Slippery-smooth, oily or wet and very hard to grip onto. Prophet-1. A person who speaks or claims to speak for God.