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"Transforming the Workforce from an Expense to a Competitive Advantage"


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The most successful store associates are brand ambassadors poised to win long-term customer loyalty and boost in-store conversions. Armed with mobile devices, store associates and managers can provide shoppers with the information they need to help close the sale. Workforce management should strive to optimize associate-to-shopper interactions in order to provide the best product expertise at the right time. Join Scott Knaul from Workforce Insights in this upcoming webinar that will help retailers empower associates, fuel employee retention and improve store profits. Click here to register for the webinar titled: Transforming The Workforce From An Expense To A Competitive Advantage.

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"Transforming the Workforce from an Expense to a Competitive Advantage"

  1. 1. Transforming The Workforce From An Expense To A Competitive AdvantagePresented by Session sponsored by
  2. 2. About CCS  8-part series (June 11-21)  Featuring industry analysts and consultants  Sessions covering Mobile, Social, In-Store, X-  Free for Retail executives Channel, and more
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  6. 6. Today’s Panelists Scott Knaul Liz Moughan Workforce Insight Kronos MODERATOR Andrew Gaffney Publisher Retail TouchPoints#CCSeries12
  7. 7. Key points• Current State | WFM & Customer Experience• Common Symptoms & Lessons Learned• Top Strategies to Bridge Gaps• Ongoing Measurement• Key Takeaways7
  8. 8. CURRENT STATE | WFM & CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Have you quantified your customer How effective is your Customer experience in terms of the payroll Service Model at driving improved required to deliver the defined vision? customer satisfaction? 67% 36% Room for YES Improvement or Unacceptable Source: Retail WFM Benchmarking Study - 20118
  9. 9. COMMON SYMPTOMS Familiar Symptoms? “ ” We don’t have enough time? “ ” We have too many tasks.9
  10. 10. COMMON CAUSES 3 Common Causes 1 Labor Standards not Defined 2 Excessive Workload 3 Store Variability10
  11. 11. COMMON CAUSES 3 Common Causes OPPORTUNITIES: 1 Labor Standards not Defined • Business Processes • Standard Operating Procedures • Labor Standards • Standardization 2 Excessive Workload 3 Store Variability11
  12. 12. Thank You For Your Interest In The Connected Consumer Series View the on-demand session on BrightTALK