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Spotting Buying Signals At All Stages: Applying Predictive Analytics Across The Customer Lifecycle #LLCSeries


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Demand Gen Report's Lead LifeCycle Series session brought to you by SalesPredict


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Spotting Buying Signals At All Stages: Applying Predictive Analytics Across The Customer Lifecycle #LLCSeries

  1. 1. #LLCSeries #LLCSeries Spo$ng  Buying  Signals  At  All   Stages:  Applying  Predic7ve   Analy7cs  Across  The  Customer   Lifecycle   SPONSORED  BY  
  2. 2. #LLCSeries Follow  this  webinar  on  LinkedIn  &  Twi>er   #LLCSeries     Demand  Gen  Report:    @DG_Report   SalesPredict  :  @SalesPredict   Forrest  Leighton  :    @ForrestLeighton   Yaron  Zakai-­‐Or:  @yzakai  
  3. 3. #LLCSeries #LLCSeries  Prize  Box   For  each  live  session  you  a>end  from  the  #LLCSeries,   you  will  be  entered  to  win  an  item  from  the  Prize  Box!   Up  to  12  entries  per  registrant  allowed.   MicrosoW  Surface  3   Apple  Watch  Sport   Fitbit  Flex   Three  #C2C16  Tickets  
  4. 4. #LLCSeries About  Demand  Gen  Report   •  Launched  in  2007  to  track  best  prac^ces  in                   lead  genera^on   •  Newsle>er  has  grown  to  more  than  30,000   readers   •  We  also  offer  a  menu  of  research  and  best   prac^ces  reports     •  New  audio/video  podcasts  at   @DG_Report   h>p://    
  5. 5. #LLCSeries On24  Logis^cs     • Whitepaper   • Datasheet   • Contact  Us  Link   • Whitepaper   • Datasheet   • Contact  Us  Link  
  6. 6. #LLCSeries Panelists   Forrest  Leighton   Vice  President  of  Marke^ng   MarcomCentral   MODERATOR:   Carol  Kroll       Editor-­‐in-­‐Chief,  Demand  Gen  Report   Yaron  Zakai-­‐Or Co-­‐founder  &  CEO SalesPredict    
  7. 7. Yaron Zakai-Or Co-Founder & CEO Finding Hidden Buying Signals Throughout the Customer Lifecycle
  8. 8. Buyers Research Independently Predictive Distills Hidden Buying Signals The Revenue Challenge Interest can be Gauged Outside Marketing Automation + CRM
  9. 9. Millions Wasted on Demand Gen & Churn • B2B Cost-per-Lead (CPL): $11-$100 • Slow response = low conversions • 21x decrease between 5-30 mins. • 35%-64% of leads never get called! • New customer acquisition costs 4x-10x retaining a customer
  10. 10. Who’s Likely to Buy? Who’s Likely to Buy More? Who’s Likely to Churn? How Predictive Technology Can Help
  11. 11. 1x/min 1x/Week Score + Insights Success Model Opportunity Automated Predictive Scoring & Insights Wins Losses External Data Sources Internal Data Sources Demographics | Firmographics | Behavioral
  12. 12. Qualified Pipeline Lead Qualification Speed Conversion Rate 1.3x 8x 2.75x Typical Results with SalesPredict Renewal Rate +10%
  13. 13. SalesPredict helps us by finding new opportunities within a huge haystack of old leads. Jeff Campbell Chief Revenue Officer Scientific Approach Yields Results
  14. 14. Stop Fighting About “Qualified” Leads Conversion Increase 1.75x SalesPredict is a lifesaver at filling the gap between sales and marketing!   Jim Herkert, CEO
  15. 15. 2x 9x +25% Conversion RateLead Qualification SpeedQualified Pipeline Case Study: Customer Lifecycle Intelligence Renewal Rate +10%
  16. 16. InsideView: Predictive Lifecycle SalesPredict allowed us to reach 100% accuracy on renewal predictions for key segments of our customer base.This allowed me to allocate resources more effectively & increase renewal rates by 10%.                                    Mike Gettman Director,Customer Success
  17. 17. Thank You @yzakai @salespredict
  18. 18. Forrest Leighton Vice President of Marketing MarcomCentral July 21, 2015
  19. 19. Agenda •  About Us •  Our Marketing Approach •  Technology Stack •  Why Salespredict •  Insights
  20. 20. About PTI & MarcomCentral §  Long Track Record –  Incorporated in 1999 –  Over 8,300 MarcomCentral Sites –  Nearly 2,000,000 MarcomCentral User Accounts –  Many of the Fortune 500 use MarcomCentral §  Outstanding People –  Dedicated to Software Development & Services –  80+ Employees –  Solana Beach, CA HQ –  Development Office in Chicago –  Total Commitment to Client Success
  21. 21. MarcomCentral •  Branded Web Portal •  Centralized Marketing Materials •  Controlled Versioning •  Intelligent User Access •  Marketing Personalization •  Automated Workflows •  On-Demand Campaigns
  22. 22. Marcom Central Portal Examples
  23. 23. Marcom Central Portal Examples
  24. 24. MarcomCentral •  MarcomCentral manages and customizes marketing pieces across your entire organization. Control your brand and distribute any kind of asset – when and how you need it.
  25. 25. Marketing Approach •  Generate qualified leads using various channels •  E-mail, PPC, Display, Etc… •  Lead Qualification Specialists qualify leads before passing to sales •  Field Sales Organization •  Goal is for aggressive growth
  26. 26. Technology Stack A few of the key ones… •  Marketo – Marketing Automation •  SalesForce - CRM •  InsightSquared – Analytics (new) •  SalesPredict – Predictive (new) •  Bizible – Search Analytics
  27. 27. Marketing Channels E-mail SEO/PPC Organic Web Social Events Webinars PR Referral
  28. 28. Example: Organic Search
  29. 29. Marketo Campaign
  30. 30. Activity Tracking – SFDC Updates
  31. 31. Challenges •  Large database •  Highly reactionary lead generation •  How to identify and target the best opportunities for outbound and inbound •  Sales reps and LQS’s need to generate their opportunities not provided by Marketing •  Campaign approach needs help •  Data acquisition •  Social targeting i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook
  32. 32. SalesPredict – “Conversation Starter”
  33. 33. Preliminary Results •  Great insights for Sales – focus time on the right opportunities •  LQS can dig deeper •  Future purchases of only “A” leads •  The model will continue to learn
  34. 34. Forrest Leighton
  35. 35. #LLCSeries Q  &  A  //  Panelists   Forrest  Leighton   Vice  President  of  Marke^ng   MarcomCentral   MODERATOR:   Carol  Kroll       Editor-­‐in-­‐Chief,  Demand  Gen  Report   Yaron  Zakai-­‐Or Co-­‐founder  &  CEO SalesPredict    
  36. 36. #LLCSeries Thanks  for  a>ending  this  webinar!   NEXT  SESSION: