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Sales & Marketing Alignment Awards 2010


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One of the most critical elements of any successful demand generation program is a common set of goals, measurements and processes among the sales & marketing departments. To work cohesively, each team must align its efforts with one another to streamline the marketing and selling process. In this special DemandGen Report, we are profiling 6 leading organizations as part of our second annual Sales & Marketing Alignment Awards.

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Sales & Marketing Alignment Awards 2010

  1. 1. One of the most critical elements of any successful demand generation program is a common set of goals, measurements and processes among the sales & marketing departments. To work cohesively, each team must align its efforts with one another to streamline the marketing and selling process. In this special DemandGen Report, we are profiling 6 leading organizations as part of our second annual Sales & Marketing Alignment Awards. This year’s winners get kudos for their innovations and ability to step outside the traditional selling box. These companies have seized the opportunity to generate leads and close deals when it mattered the most. The winners cover an array of industries — from financial services to intelligent logistics. The common ingredients among these firms is their success in using tools such as lead scoring, email/web tracking and social media tactics to increase the efficiency of their sales and marketing teams and demonstrate ROI. © 2010 DEMANDGEN REPORT
  2. 2. 2 Here’s a look at the winners: Nortel (now Avaya) 3 CaseCentral 4 Dun & Bradstreet 5 Dematic 6 The Savings Bank Life Insurance 7 Company of Massachusetts BreakingPoint 8 © 2010 DEMANDGEN REPORT
  3. 3. 3 Seizing the Moment: Driving Wins Before an Acquisition Sales Success: The Nortel sales team was not looking for new leads but to convert sales accepted leads to closed Company: Nortel (Now Avaya) deals, as they aimed to hit Q4 numbers despite the headwind caused by the company’s bankruptcy filing earlier in the year. Location: Close alignment between the Nortel marketing and sales Toronto, Ontario teams was critical. “Our sales team told us: We need to close the funnel,” said Nortel’s Americas Demand Generation Fast Track Metrics: leader, Chris Waldo. Specific message tracks, lead scoring $365 million in closed deals in just six on profile and behavioral data, and playbooks for each type weeks of message helped the sales team prioritize and engage for Market Positioning: maximum impact. Nortel took the opportunity to optimize its last minute revenue by designing a Before Avaya would acquire the company, Nortel challenged program to convert sales accepted leads to itself to close as much business as possible in six weeks. The closed deals – with just six weeks before sales team tapped Bulldog Solutions to design the “Close being acquired by Avaya. the Pipeline” program, a multimodal, integrated approach to convert leads already in the Nortel pipeline within the short time frame. The company worked with Bulldog to establish a program that would engage and convert leads deep in the funnel. The program’s methods included in-person events, online events and social media tactics to reach prospects and customers. There were three message tracks: targeting prime accounts, select accounts and “other” accounts. The program impacted one-third of a $1 billion-plus pipeline. The pipeline was about $1.6 billion when Nortel started the program. The marketing tactics were credited with impacting $365 million of that pipeline, according to Nortel. The company said more than $365 million in closed deals were in some way touched by the integrated Close the Pipeline activities. © 2010 DEMANDGEN REPORT
  4. 4. 4 Moving from Manual Standards to Making Sales History Sales Success: Case Central used Genius marketing automation integrated with CRM to send out marketing Company: campaigns, prioritize leads and instantly track prospect history to net CaseCentral more qualified connections and conversions to sales. Location: For CaseCentral, generating leads was not a problem, but qualifying San Francisco, CA them was daunting because the company managed everything manually. The company struggled to efficiently sift through and qualify enormous piles of leads to uncover those that were ready Fast Track Metrics: to buy. The “smile and dial” lead qualification tactics needed an Improved industry standard email open upgrade. rate from 15% to almost 20%; increased live connections to 13 per hour with Marketing leveraged to automate its efforts and send a 63% conversion rate from phone out trackable, personalized emails to their large database. Through conversations to client meetings. the Genius Tracker and web replay functionality, marketing and sales could both instantly indentify which prospects opened the Market Positioning: email, if they went to the web site and what pages they visited. A leader in secure, cloud-based CaseCentral reps could gauge which prospects had the highest eDiscovery software for corporations interest — from cold to warm to hot. The cold leads were left in the and law firms, CaseCentral reported its marketing pool for further campaigns while the hot leads received best quarter in the company’s history by immediate attention from sales via a personalized email or phone aligning its sales & marketing efforts. call. CaseCentral’s marketing team now has visibility into prospect’s responses to campaigns — whether they opened the email, downloaded a white paper or visited the web site — what pages they went to on the web site, and how long they stayed there. With these timely updates the rep is equipped with information generated from marketing to understand which are leads are ready for a sales call or email. “We are now making good headway in qualifying that growing bucket of leads, finding more quickly, those who are ready to buy”, said Joe Schwartz, Corporate Sales Manager at CaseCentral. With Genius in place CaseCentral marketing was able to improve the industry standard email open rate from 15% to almost 20%. Genius intelligence also enabled sales to be more targeted in their follow up, increasing their live connections to 13 per hour, resulting in a remarkable 63% conversion rate from phone conversations to client meetings. Ultimately the partnership amounted to an enormous increase in sales where they posted the best quarter in the company’s history. © 2010 DEMANDGEN REPORT
  5. 5. 5 Marketing Metrics: Demonstrating Value with Hard Numbers Sales Success: By aligning their sales & marketing efforts, Dun & Bradstreet took advantage of its full Integration with to allow reps to drive nurture process through Company: new opt-in check boxes and special lead and contact views. Dun & Bradstreet Location: The company, which taps Eloqua for its marketing automation Short Hills, NJ solutions, saw fast time to value upon aadopting the new technology. Their team was trained within a month and had Fast Track Metrics: their solutions fully up and running within 60 days. Within the 190 qualified leads generated in 3 weeks; first two weeks of adoption, the company’s lead nurture opt-in 300% higher open and click through rates list reached over 2,000 contacts. achieved. Market Positioning: The company also takes a page from the strategic playbook The world’s leading source of commercial of The Pedowitz Group. Via sales operations, technology information and insight on businesses. and leadership, Dun & Bradstreet forged a deeper sales & marketing alignment using marketing automation as a trigger. The company generated 90 qualified leads in the first three weeks of implementation based on a lead scoring program sent directly to (70) reps. The sales team adapted positively and quickly, to book over 10 appointments in the first week of following up on leads. The company also ramped up its email efforts and saw a 300% increase in open and click through rates compared to its previous email. © 2010 DEMANDGEN REPORT
  6. 6. 6 Tapping Intelligence to Drive Segmentation Sales Success: Over the last two years, Dematic had to completely overhaul its approach to lead management. Company: While the company has always had the necessary market Dematic intelligence, they lacked the ability to leverage the intelligence Location: for segmenting marketing data. Grand Rapids, MI Dematic’s current lead qualification process came about as Fast Track Metrics: a result of a joint summit between sales and marketing two Defined a business model to set years ago. The goal of the summit was to work together in management definitions, qualification partnership to jointly define Dematic’s lead management rules and lead scoring. process. Facilitated by The Annuitas Group, stakeholders Market Positioning: from sales, marketing, and executive teams gathered for A global leader providing a range of a 3-day summit to define lead management definitions, intelligent logistics and materials handling qualification rules and a lead scoring model. The model used solutions. today, supported by marketing automation, is largely based on the results of that summit. Dematic had the market intelligence, but needed to leverage that intelligence as a basis for segmenting their marketing data, and subsequently, their marketing programs. Today, with a segmented marketing database, they can focus their marketing messages per segment, per industry, per “pain point,” etc. Marketing is now able to nurture leads and be confident that the leads being passed off to sales are qualified. Today, Dematic implements multiple campaigns focused on target audiences. Those campaigns include pre- and post-tradeshow follow and monthly email campaigns. The key is that, unlike in the past, there is a synergy between marketing and sales whereby qualified leads are being identified and followed up in a more timely fashion than ever. © 2010 DEMANDGEN REPORT
  7. 7. 7 Selling Socially: Leveraging Web 2.0 Tactics With an integrated marketing approach, The Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts tapped social Company: media technology to capture leads. The company created The Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts a simple sign-up for content program to increase its house list and establish a lead nurturing program to capture leads Location: generated via search and the web site. The company collects Woburn, MA more than 500 contacts per week, of which 1% are converting to sales qualified leads. Fast Track Metrics: By integrating social media tools with Utillizing Eloqua’s marketing automation solutions, the marketing automation, the company can now deliver high-quality leads to its sales company also created email campaigns that automatically team. deliver consistent emails, personalized on behalf of the sales Market Positioning: person, designed to further them along in the sales process SBLI has the largest amount of life or through Consumer Education Specialists for SEM and web insurance in force in the state of traffic. The company wanted to capture leads from ad-spend Massachusetts. on sponsorships, contests and events, so they implemented a social media tool that is integrated with the company’s marketing automation platform. This allows for entrants to participate via SMS Text or via a landing page registration. Leads are now captured real-time and leverage the popularity of smartphone use. Prospects were forgetting the web site landing page URL; it was not as strong as real-time communications. This implementation enables viewers of advertising to register for giveaways via text or web. Information captured in marketing automation and lead nurturing to promote conversion. Now the company sales team works more effectively, records data more accurately and more often. All leads are now vetted based on where entry point began. This provides a higher quality lead to the sales team, which means they are delivered - deeper in the funnel. © 2010 DEMANDGEN REPORT
  8. 8. 8 Leveraging Social Technology: Segmenting & Automating Sales Success: One of the key drivers behind BreakingPoint’s leadership position in the cyber security space has been the company’s active role Company: in content marketing and thought leadership. Despite having a small marketing team of less than five full time employees, the company provides BreakingPoint an extensive resource library, including how-to guides, white papers and webcasts. Location: Austin, Texas With the company re-launching its web site and stepping up its social media efforts to support the launch of the new products and services, Fast Track Metrics: BreakingPoint’s VP of Marketing, Pam O’Neal, decided it was time for the company to invest in a solution that could better integrate its various efforts. The company posted revenue growth of 280% in 2009 and marked its eighth “From an execution standpoint we needed the ability to automate some of consecutive quarter of record revenues. the campaign functions our team had been performing manually,” O’Neal said. Market Positioning: A veteran of marketing automation deployments, having used Eloqua at a BreakingPoint recently doubled the previous company, O’Neal knew it was critical to find a solution that could easily integrate with the company’s Salesforce CRM system and also have size of its research and global sales a short learning curve for her team. “We had a limited budget and couldn’t organization by expanding its offerings afford an extensive training period or a lengthy rollout. We needed to be and with the launch of a new line of running quickly to support the expanding sales team,” O’Neal said. technologies, products and services. In February 2010, BreakingPoint signed on with Portland, OR-based Act- On Software, Inc., a provider of integrated online marketing services for the Fortune 5,000,000. O’Neal said key factors in choosing Act-On were the system’s ease of use and the built-in integration Act-On provides with and WebEx. While BreakingPoint’s marketing team had previously handled the invitations, reminders and registration reports for its webcasts manually, the Act-On tool integrates with the WebEx service platform and adds comprehensive pre- and post-event marketing capabilities around webinars. The solution sets up automated promotion and reminder programs to help drive attendance and then also simplifies the data management process on the back end with tools to provide prospect scoring and behavioral segmentation for follow- up. Reaping the Benefits In addition to setting up the core registration forms for web events, another key benefit is the ability to easily build other custom forms to track and measure sign-ups from different channels. Since BreakingPoint is actively promoting their webinars, content and thought leadership via social networks, the company has been tapping into Act-On’s new Twitter Prospector application. The ability to measure and track the activity of prospects from social networks via Act-On has been a key benefit, the company said. As BreakingPoint looks to continue its impressive growth streak, the sales team is focused on supporting growth by driving deeper intelligence and integration between Act-On and © 2010 DEMANDGEN REPORT
  9. 9. About DemandGen Report DemandGen Report is a targeted e-media publication spotlighting the strategies and solutions that help companies better align their sales and marketing organizations, and ultimately, drive growth. A key component of the publication’s editorial focuses on the sales and marketing automation tools that enable companies to better measure and manage their multichannel demand generation efforts.