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10 Retailers Win 2014 Channel Innovation Awards

For the fourth year, Retail TouchPoints is proud to present the Channel Innovation Awards. This award program is designed to honor retailers who are achieving cross-channel success in today’s challenging retail environment.

This year’s 10 winners run the gamut of industry segments, from apparel and toys to wine and home improvement products. They are both U.S. and internationally based retail companies. Most of the winners are selling their products via both brick-and-mortar and e-Commerce web sites, in addition to mobile web sites and other channels.

The 2014 winners’ latest efforts are centered on improving the business through targeted channel strategies. Those strategies feature in-store mobile and digital technology innovations; social media efforts; personalization programs and more. All winners are successfully integrating the benefits of successful channel marketing and services to their customers, and delivering impressive results.

2014 Retail TouchPoints Channel Innovation Award Winners include:

Platinum winners:
-Stage Stores
-Clarks Footwear

Gold winners:

Silver winners:
-Toys R Us Canada

Bronze winners:
-B&H Photo
-Wine Enthusiast
-Country Club Prep

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Retail TouchPoints 2014 Channel Innovation Awards

  1. 1. presented by
  2. 2. For the fourth year, Retail TouchPoints is proud to present the Channel Innovation Awards. This award program is designed to honor retailers who are achieving cross-channel success in today’s challenging retail environment. 2014 Channel Innovation Award winners will demonstrate achievements in some or all of the following areas: • Sales gains, particularly within emerging channels • Meeting consumer demands with convenient cross-channel shopping opportunities • Cross-channel marketing • Customer recognition, including social media feedback • Technology innovations This year’s 10 winners run the gamut of industry segments, from apparel and toys to wine and home improvement products. They are both U.S. and internationally based retail companies. Most of the winners are selling their products via both brick-and- mortar and e-Commerce web sites, in addition to mobile web sites and other channels. The 2014 winners’ latest efforts are centered on improving the business through targeted channel strategies. Those strategies feature in-store mobile and digital technology innovations; social media efforts; personalization programs and more. All winners are successfully integrating the benefits of successful channel marketing and services to their customers, and delivering impressive results. We know you will be as impressed with the 2014 CIA winners as we are! Debbie Hauss Editor-in-Chief Retail TouchPoints 2 • Channel Innovation Awards 2014 retail touchpoints channel innovation awards
  3. 3. 3 • Channel Innovation Awards 2014 retail touchpoints channel innovation awards Platinum Winner: Stage Stores. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Platinum Winner: Clarks Footwear . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Gold Winner: bebe. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Gold Winner: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Silver Winner: Toys R Us Canada. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Silver Winner: Kidrobot . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Silver Winner: Sears. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Bronze Winner: B&H Photo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Bronze Winner: Wine Enthusiast. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Bronze Winner: Country Club Prep. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 platinum gold silver bronze
  4. 4. 4 • Channel Innovation Awards Stage Stores offers moderately priced, nationally recognized brand name apparel, accessories, cosmetics, and footwear. The company has stores in 40 states and approximately 14,500 employees. The Houston, TX-based company operates the Bealls, Goodys, Palais Royal, Peebles, and Stage brands. Steven Hunter, EVP and CIO, led several major IT implementations in 2013 to improve the company’s ability to provide a seamless online-to-store shopping experience that meets and exceeds customer expectations. Within a six-month timeline, the company replaced its legacy online platform with a new best in class e-Commerce platform that provided a better, more personalized customer experience while doubling the number of products available (the company continues to add products to the site in 2014). The site went live without issues in about six months and in time for the 2013 peak holiday selling period. Stage Stores’ cloud-based e-Commerce platform is designed to mirror as closely as possible the company’s store experience while supporting the company’s omnichannel strategy, including direct-to- consumer sales. The new e-Commerce site is integrated with the company’s Order Management System which provides company-wide visibility into inventory across its entire network. Additionally, this functionality gives Stage the ability to provide customers Buy Online/ Ship in Stores and cross-store fulfillment. Stage also implemented a new POS Direct-to- Consumer solution that is integrated with the new web site, making previously “online-only” inventory visible to store employees. Associates can fulfill requests for products and sizes not carried in stores in support of Stage Stores’ “endless aisle” strategy to better serve customers. The company also is implementing a new workforce management solution from Reflexis Systems to better align work schedules with customer demand (right person working right time), control labor costs, and increase efficiency (e.g., store managers freed of the hours per week they previously spent writing the weekly schedule). The system’s new Employee Self Service module will enable employees to view schedules online and receive alerts about changes, improving associate satisfaction. Lastly, Stage recently completed the implementation of a store-level pricing system using SAS Optimization technology that assigns pricing to items at a store/item level based on individual store and customer demand. This functionality gives Stage the ability to drive sales and save margin dollars. it transformation prepares stage stores for omnichannel success COMPANY NAME: Stage Stores WEBSITE: NUMBER OF STORES: 900+ ANNUAL REVENUE: $1.6 billion in 2013 fiscal year sales platinum winner
  5. 5. 5 • Channel Innovation Awards clarks boosts shoe sales with video Clarks was able to implement a modern and holistic online video program to educate and engage online shoppers and ultimately to drive significant sales. With strategic high quality video, Clarks was able to engage nearly 10% of its online shoppers, and those 10% were five times more likely to translate to purchase. “Video clearly has value – both to our consumers who can acquire the information they seek to guide them to purchase, and to Clarks for its significant return on investment,” said Rick Almeida, Director of E-commerce at Clarks Americas. Working with Invodo, Clarks introduced online product videos, distributed across product pages on the Clarks USA web site. The content of these videos was carefully planned to demonstrate the value, features, and benefits of the shoe as it would apply to the consumer lifestyle in a more meaningful and complete way than text descriptions or still photography. Actors in the videos were carefully selected to fit the brand identity, and used a conversational tone while focusing on the benefits of each item. With a strong emphasis on creating an enjoyable in-store shopping experience through knowledgeable and friendly employees, Clarks aimed to transfer a similar experience to its online channel to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Given the limitations of shopping for shoes online, that was quite the challenge. The videos developed using Invodo’s holistic video platform and strategic direction ultimately provided customers with a virtual omnichannel shopping experience, in terms of not only seeing the shoes in real world situations, but also giving them something to engage with. Thanks to Invodo’s advanced analytics engine, Clarks was able to gain powerful insight into how shoppers interact with video and how the program influences their purchasing decisions. The bottom line for Clarks was that shoe shoppers engage with video. Invodo’s Conversion Tracking™ and Watch Metrics™ features showed that nearly 10% of visitors to Clarks USA product pages viewed videos, and that 3 out of 4 viewers watched to 90% completion. Shoppers who watched videos were 5 times more likely to make a purchase. COMPANY NAME: Clarks Footwear WEBSITE: NUMBER OF STORES: 250+ ANNUAL REVENUE: £1,433m for fiscal year ending 1/31/13 platinum winner
  6. 6. 6 • Channel Innovation Awards mobile drives omnichannel achievements at bebe In 2013, bebe embarked on a multi-channel rebranding effort, focusing on a unified customer experience by aligning messaging and unique shopping offerings across channels. With the rebrand, bebe experienced a surge in sales and a massive shift to mobile. No effort was exclusively mobile; all efforts were omnichannel considerations. Since the rebrand, bebe’s mobile app visits have grown 80%, and, during holiday, m-Commerce sales have grown 267% — more than 9 times the industry benchmark. Weekly visits increased by 70%, and in-app actions more than doubled — indicating twice the level off user engagement post re-branding. The mobile percentage of total digital visits reached 27% — a 200% increase over 2012. The average app review in both Apple and Google Play stores is now 4.5 stars. Bebe’s unique shopping offerings are now replicated across all channels, so a customer will encounter the same brand experience whether she is shopping via mobile, online, or in-store. Shoppers can redeem in-store coupons directly from their smartphones. The mobile experience includes local inventory lookup and full integration of club bebe, the retailer’s loyalty program. Bebe’s app is integrated with Apple Passbook, where customers can access both special offers and their loyalty card. Bebe has infused mobile into brick-and-mortar locations. The retailer uses geo-fencing to send customers targeted offers via push notification when they are near a store, and its in-store network technology is beacon-enabled to provide the ultimate personalized shopping experience. This year, customers will have the ability to further engage with the brand by opting into Bluetooth low energy (BLE) communication (beacons) when they enter a bebe store. Bebe utilizes a breadth of reporting and monitoring tools across channels, including Omniture, Keynote and GPShopper Analytics. Tracking metrics include in-app engagement, vicinity tracking (how many users engage with the app within a set proximity of the store), push notification performance, location, and traditional e-commerce metrics. Bebe’s location- based reporting features require explicit user opt-in to ensure customer safety, security and trust. Technology integrations such as PayPal, social, Micros (commerce), multi-channel reporting (including Omniture integration), account management and purchase history allow bebe to tailor the individual customer experience. QR code scanning at registers drives mobile engagement among both shoppers and employees within store locations, speeding club bebe cardholder recognition and redeeming coupons from a smartphone.COMPANY NAME: bebe WEBSITE: NUMBER OF STORES: 312 ANNUAL REVENUE: $485 million gold winner
  7. 7. 7 • Channel Innovation Awards expands with third-party marketplaces is an Internet Retailer Top 100 company and the largest home improvement retailer without a brick-and-mortar store. The company was created by Christian Friedland in 2000 as his master’s project at California State University. now offers more than 700,000 brand-name products in a variety of home improvement categories. has continued to grow since its inception, but most recently the company has seen a 580% YOY increase in sales on online marketplaces. Build. com has developed a solid foundation on Amazon, eBay, Newegg and Sears to complement its digital marketing strategy. The company also recently launched on Shopping. Additionally, as cross-border trade continues to increase across the e-Commerce industry, is exploring several opportunities to sell internationally through marketplaces such as MercadoLibre. Because of its success on marketplaces and rapid growth in the past year,’s marketplace division is now the fastest growing department in the company. To ensure quality customer service, employs 155 product specialists who are easily accessible via phone and through the company’s Live Chat support program; these two channels represent approximately 40% of’s annual revenues. complements its performance on marketplaces with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that focuses on selling products via comparison shopping engines (CSEs), PLA’s and through affiliate partnerships. increases the visibility of its products by sending its product feeds to CSEs, resulting in an increase in revenue. Through its digital marketing efforts, gets tens of thousands of visitors each day and processes hundreds of thousands of orders a month. The Marketplace Team will run the same promotions on Amazon and eBay that are currently being run on’s flagship web site. Marketplaces are a key channel component for and represent roughly half of the new liquidation business’s revenue. Having already developed a strong relationship with ChannelAdvisor through ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing, wanted to test the waters with ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces to expand its online presence and reach more customers more efficiently. employed ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces, allowing the company to automate its product data feeds and listings, monitor product quantities and streamline its fulfillment process through ChannelAdvisor’s unified platform. Selling on marketplaces complements’s digital marketing strategy by accelerating the company’s online growth and expanding its consumer base to shoppers who wouldn’t have visited the company’s web site directly.COMPANY NAME: WEBSITE: NUMBER OF STORES: 0 ANNUAL REVENUE: N/A gold winner
  8. 8. 8 • Channel Innovation Awards toys r us canada grows e-commerce while boosting in-store offerings Toys R Us Canada’s e-Commerce business has grown by between 25-30% each year for the past three years and is on pace to do so again in 2014. Additionally, mobile (tablet and phone) revenue is up more than 50% and now accounts for between 20% and 25% of Toys R Us Canada’s e-Commerce revenue. Toys R Us Canada is taking advantage of cutting edge technology to create unique shopping experiences for its customers both in-store and online: CROSS-CHANNEL: • In-store kiosks to offer shoppers access to their national registry and wish list program • Tablets for in-store associates to enable them to lookup product information and place orders for products not in the store giving customers access to an endless aisle, with the offer of free shipping. • Reserve online pick up in store functionality ONLINE: • Mobile web site driving more than 20% of revenue • Dedicated store on eBay Canada Marketplace • Ability to create and manage online registry and wish list • Online personalization via Monetate • Ask Emma Q&A functionality • Digital gift cards to make gift-giving easy! FULFILLMENT: • Ship-from-store • Drop ship • In-store pickup rolling out in 2014 Babies R Us Canada 15th Anniversary Sale Cross Channel Program: BRU wanted to raise awareness of their upcoming 15th Anniversary. They created a 15 Day sale event to give back to their loyal customer base who has been shopping with them throughout the years. Each day a new, high demand product was featured on site and also across digital channels and In-Store to create engagement and keep customers returning to the site/store. 360 DEGREE PLAN ELEMENTS INCLUDED: • Daily Customer Emails to their database, with particular focus on their most engaged user base • Customized audience segmentation plan • Initially targeting the entire database and then shifting to focus to loyal customers • Eventually narrowing the audience to those customers that opened the prior day’s mailing • The result was a lower unsubscribe rate and a higher conversion rate on the daily deal • Paid Search Support – Dedicated ad copy and Sitelinks • Retargeting Display campaign focusing on the 15 days of daily deals • Affiliate Channel Newsletters and a Homepage presence on the high reaching RMN.CA • Continuous Homepage presence – Desktop / Tablet and Mobile • Viral video • Social presence / posts– BRU Canada Facebook / BRU Canada Twitter accounts • In-Store / POS activations COMPANY NAME: Toys R Us Canada WEBSITE: NUMBER OF STORES: 70+ ANNUAL REVENUE: N/A silver winner
  9. 9. 9 • Channel Innovation Awards improved search delivers sales growth for kidrobot Working with SLI Systems, Kidrobot improved search, integrated social content and increased SEO and site traffic after implementing SLI Systems’ e-Commerce acceleration solutions: • Orders on increased 13% with SLI’s solutions in place; • Conversions quadrupled for visitors using SLI- powered search box; and • Traffic is up and 87% of visitors now find what they want in the first five site search results. In November 2013, Kidrobot implemented several of SLI Systems’ e-Commerce acceleration solutions — including SLI Learning Search, SLI Rich Auto Complete and SLI Site Champion – to improve the relevance of search results, integrate social content and video into search and drive more traffic to its site. Learning Search has created a better overall user experience, and when visitors use Rich Auto Complete, it opens their eyes to all that we Kidrobot has to offer – they’re three to four times more likely to click on a search suggestion. By automatically presenting relevant products, images and other information in autocomplete results, SLI’s Rich Auto Complete helps Kidrobot shoppers identify the preferred product as quickly as they can type in a name. SLI Learning Search continually increases the relevancy of search results by learning and improving based on users’ site activities. Kidrobot gives its products unique names, and it used to be that if customers didn’t get the spelling correct for an on-site search, they wouldn’t find the product they were looking for. Visitors would search for something as simple as a t-shirt and get one result when in fact the site offers over 20 t-shirt styles. Chris Munro and team turned to SLI Systems because its hosted site search solution uniquely met all of Kidrobot’s business requirements, and then some. SLI also incorporates Kidrobot’s videos, Instagram posts and other social media content into site search results pages. That is important for the brand given the high volume of activity on social media channels among its fans — for example, Kidrobot frequently sees more than 1,000 Likes on Instagram posts and more than 10,000 views of its YouTube videos. Such popular social content often cements a shopper’s buying decision, resulting in more orders. Showing Vimeo and YouTube videos through its site search was something Kidrobot couldn’t do before SLI, as its custom-built platform could not support it. COMPANY NAME: Kidrobot WEBSITE: NUMBER OF STORES: 3 ANNUAL REVENUE: $15-30 million silver winner
  10. 10. 10 • Channel Innovation Awards Sears Creates Integrated Cross-Channel Business Model Sears Holdings is changing from a traditional retail business model, into a member-centric business model which leverages data and technology platforms to provide benefits to its loyalty members through Integrated Retail, with the goal of building lasting relationships with members, not just transactions. SEARS HOLDINGS IS POSITIONED TO PROVIDE AN INTEGRATED RETAIL EXPERIENCE BY LEVERAGING STRENGTHS SUCH AS: • More than 1 billion visits per year to stores and online; • 14 million member homes; • 60 million interactions each year in call centers; • More than 120 million products online; • A robust supply chain that connects all these channels, and can ship the most in-demand products to 99% of the country in two days or less. Today, 60% of Sears online transactions are multichannel transactions and more than two-thirds – 69% – of all transactions at Sears and Kmart were made by Shop Your Way members in 2013. Buy online pickup in-store, initiated in 2001, has evolved to include same-day pickup, giving members online access to inventory on store shelves and today is backed by a “Ready in 5” guarantee. OTHER SEARS INNOVATIONS INCLUDE: • Returns and exchanges that can be initiated online and completed in store in less than five minutes • Transitions from physical receipts to eReceipts, paper coupons to eCoupons, and POS checkout to mobile checkout • Shopping Recap – allowing associates to send an email recap of products they showed to members in-store…providing a direct link to the product for more information and to buy when they’re ready. • Digital signs to replace paper signs and RFID to improve inventory management (both in a limited, but rapidly expanding, number of stores) IN 2014 SEARS LAUNCHED ADDITIONAL SERVICES FOR OUR MEMBERS INCLUDING: • In-vehicle Pickup – powered by the Shop Your Way mobile app, this service enables members to pick up their online purchases at any Sears store within five minutes of arrival, without ever leaving the car • Get Advice and Member Assist -- Get Advice allows members to post product-related questions and get answers from any of thousands of Sears’ knowledgeable associates across the country. Member Assist, an innovative crowd-sourced approach to customer service, lets members tap the millions-strong Shop Your Way community for help. COMPANY NAME: Sears Holdings WEBSITE: NUMBER OF STORES: 2,400+ ANNUAL REVENUE: $39.9 billion silver winner
  11. 11. 11 • Channel Innovation Awards b&h photo focuses on omnichannel fulfillment Since B&H implemented the CBX Vendor Portal, the photo and video retailer on-boarded nearly 1,000 vendors and continue to add approximately 10 new vendors each week. With no additional headcount, B&H has seen a significant rise in transactional accuracy of 3-way matching, much fewer stock outs on popular consumer items and consistent adherence to compliance standards. Vendors are benefiting as well in being able to better support the omnichannel fulfillment strategies required including ship-to-DC, ship-to-store, drop shipment and cross-dock. The new vendor portal is available to all vendors in the cloud. The concept of the portal itself does not speak to the innovation of the strategy. Many retailers attempt to provide an automated transaction capability to vendors and they invoke mandates for vendors to become compliant. Typically, adoption is low and vendors avoid the “mandate” because the retailer forces the vendor to seek out, implement and incur the cost of their own solution. B&H utilizes a “retailer-sponsored” model and provides the platform, access and training to their vendors at no cost. The portal facilitates requirements for day-to-day functions such as ordering, inventory management, shipping advice and invoicing. Additionally, the portal serves as a central repository for compliance documentation such as factory audits, inspections, commercial agreements and digital assets. Global sourcing and fulfillment involves many activities and transactions between large teams of stakeholders within a retailer’s operation as well as the vendors and factories that serve them. Vendor performance has a direct and lasting impact on a retailer’s ability to deliver the best possible product offering; on time, on trend and on budget. In addition to requirements on vendors in the production and order process, retailers must also manage compliance of social, ethical and safety issues such as child labor, clean working conditions, discrimination, shift length, fire protection and structural integrity. Effectively managing a large number of geographically dispersed vendors across multiple time zones and countries requires consistent processes that support regular communications and enable collaborative relationships. Managing this information exchange without the right tools can lead to inefficiency, errors and delayed product delivery. COMPANY NAME: B&H Photo WEBSITE: NUMBER OF STORES: 1 superstore in NYC ANNUAL REVENUE: $1 billion+ (estimate) bronze winner
  12. 12. 12 • Channel Innovation Awards wine enthusiast tracks the path to purchase As a hard-core catalog company, the marketing team at Wine Enthusiast strives daily to ensure that the catalog offering is synchronized with the company web site, ensuring that the channels are properly aligned together. Wine Enthusiast also has a very large phone channel, so the web actually encourages people to call in and close their orders there 24 hours a day. Partnering with Convertro, Wine Enthusiast implemented a multi-touch attribution and optimization solution that tracks the path to purchase for Wine Enthusiast customers across all touch points and pulls actionable insights from that customer data. Convertro tracks each engagement and uses that data to attribute proper credit to each piece of the puzzle. From there, Convertro optimizes the campaigns accordingly to ensure each channel results in the greatest possible return on investment (ROI). For example, the Wine Enthusiast call center is central to its marketing efforts. The company employs eight wine storage consultants in a call center at its headquarters in upstate New York, and it is a highly important channel for Wine Enthusiast, as the average order among customers that speak with the contact center is $500. During calls, shoppers often are looking for advice on big-ticket purchases, such as wine storage. In order to tie its digital marketing with the telephone channel, Wine Enthusiast works with Convertro. A pixel is added to all order confirmations that come through the Wine Enthusiast call center. Once the order confirmation is activated, it sends a signal back to Convertro, which then matches that phone order back to the customer’s web activities. This data enables Wine Enthusiast to confidently defend its call center channel, as it found that there was a 15% incremental lift of online programs driving customers to dial the call center. Therefore Wine Enthusiast is able to connect the dots between a customer that Googled “wine refrigerator” and made the purchase over the phone. Wine Enthusiast also uses Convertro to measure display and paid search, but some of the best insights Wine Enthusiast discovered among its cross-channel campaigns relate to coupon affiliates. Convertro showed Wine Enthusiast that it was wastefully using affiliate sites for coupon that weren’t driving any conversions. After adjusting the marketing spend away from those inefficient channels, Wine Enthusiast saw a 16% increase in holiday revenue and an overall increase in ROI of 49%. COMPANY NAME: Wine Enthusiast WEBSITE: NUMBER OF STORES: 0 ANNUAL REVENUE: N/A bronze winner
  13. 13. 13 • Channel Innovation Awards niche online seller taps targeted customer base Country Club Prep Co-Founders Matt Watson and Steve Glasgow have created a niche by bringing brands together to sell to a very specific target audience: “preppy” shoppers. The online store is filled with more than 100 preppy-oriented fashion brands. Watson and Glasgow discovered that customers prefer customization as much convenience will not only spend more when they have access to multiple retail brands in one place — they become an even more loyal customer to the online store. Rather than spend time shopping individual sites, Country Club Prep customers can spend less time and money (thanks to lifetime free shipping) buying the style and category of clothes they want. In fact, Country Club Prep has seen frequency of repeat business increase annually, with customers making repeat purchases 3 or more times throughout the year. Country Club Prep, experiencing 600% yearly growth in sales since its launch in 2012, is a trailblazer in truly customized e-Commerce. In addition to the one-stop-shop convenience for customers, Country Club Prep’s retail brand partners such as Southern Proper see an increase in their sales from those customers who are more brand-loyal than style- loyal, while smaller, newer brands receive exposure, marketing and reach larger audiences. Country Club Prep also capitalizes on social channels by engaging brand ambassadors — customers who represent Country Club Prep as the face of the brand offline, at relevant and timely events. Brands like Lauren James, Blankenship Dry Goods and 39th Parallel have smaller marketing budgets, and in turn, have limited reach to their target audience. Now through Country Club Prep, any up and coming fashion label that meets the preppy style criteria has the ability to reach customers who are already proven to prefer this specific style by visiting, engaging and buying from countryclubprep. com. Without this channel, these retail brands would not reach as much of their target audience, completely miss their niche customers, or, even worse, remain unknown (and ultimately, irrelevant) on search engines. COMPANY NAME: Country Club Prep WEBSITE: NUMBER OF STORES: 0 ANNUAL REVENUE: $5.5 million bronze winner
  14. 14. 14 • Channel Innovation Awards about retail touchpoints Retail TouchPoints is an online publishing network for retail executives, with content focused on optimizing the customer experience across all channels. The Retail TouchPoints network is comprised of a weekly newsletter, special reports, web seminars, exclusive benchmark research, an insightful editorial blog, and a content-rich web site featuring daily news updates and multi-media interviews at The Retail TouchPoints team also interacts with social media communities via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. 411 State Route 17 South Suite 410 Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604 P: 201.257.8528 F: 201.426.0181 you may also like... (Click to view) 2014 Outlook Guide Social Commerce Survey Report Video Marketing Survey Report Omnichannel Survey Report