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Rtp rsp16-good data-finaldeck


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The Retail Strategy and Planning Series is designed to provide retail executives with the tactical tips, insights, metrics and trend data needed to guide 2017 strategies. Tune in to Harness the power of Distributed Analytics for revenue, CX & supply chain excellence at #RSP16

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Rtp rsp16-good data-finaldeck

  1. 1. #RSP16 How Retailers Can Harness Distributed Analytics To Drive Revenue, CX And Supply Chain Excellence SPONSORED BY:
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  4. 4. #RSP16 How Are We Doing?
  5. 5. #RSP16 About Retail TouchPoints ü Launched in 2007 ü Over 30,000 retail subscribers ü To provide executives with relevant, insightful content across a variety of digital medium Sign up for our weekly newsletter:
  6. 6. #RSP16 Panelists MODERATOR: Andrew Gaffney Editorial Director Retail TouchPoints Blaine Mathieu Chief Marketing & Product Officer GoodData @BlaineMathieu
  7. 7. #RSP16 Impact of Customer Experience #RSP16
  8. 8. Top Business Priorities Customer Experience Personalization Big Data Multichannel Campaign Management Content Marketing Mobile Marketing Automation Location-based Services Video Social Figure 4: Looking ahead five years, which one area do you see as the single most exciting opportunity for your organization? B2B B2C 22% 19% 16% 18% 13% 16% 12% 12% 11% 6% 6% 9% 6% 7% 5% 3% 4% 5% 5% 5% #RSP16
  9. 9. #RSP16 Collecting And Analyzing Data According to a report from Aberdeen Group, 41% of leading retailers analyze site search data to personalize the e-Commerce experience.
  10. 10. #RSP16 Number of Suppliers Retailers are Sharing POS (and/or Inventory) Data With: None Less than 10 Between 10 and 50 All my suppliers
  11. 11. #RSP16 Top 10 Benefits of Data Sharing 2015 Retailer Benefits 1 More accurate demand forecasts 2 Lower inventory and safety levels 1 Improving on shelf availability 4 Improving promotion forecasting and execution 5 Better category management 6 Improved joint replenishment 7 Improving the shopper experience 8 Better new product introductions 9 Better store execution 10 Improved planogram management
  12. 12. #RSP16 Monetizing Data The retail analytics market size is estimated to grow from $2.2 billion in 2015 to $5.1 billion by 2020, at an estimated Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 18.9% from 2015 to 2020.
  13. 13. How Distributed Analytics Help Retailers Drive Revenue
  14. 14. Digital Transformation is Crucial for Retail Competition is fierce, but your data can create enormous opportunities ▸ A 2015 study concluded that more than $200B in retail sales are now influenced by digital interactions, and that retailers whose services fail to meet customers’ expectations could lose close to $16B a year ▸ In order to meet increased consumer expectations, retailers need to transform their omni- channel experience to match their customers purchasing preferences ▸ Your data can be your most valuable asset in this process, and can be harnessed to enhance CX, customer loyalty, and the profitability of your entire retail network
  15. 15. GoodData Confidential: 2016 GoodData Corporation. All rights reserved. 1990 20152004 2020 customer review sites POS & billing ERP/CRM social media mobile marketing automatio n loyalty programs facility managemen t analytics IoT Dramatic Increases in Retail Data Value & Volume
  16. 16. GoodData Confidential: 2016 GoodData Corporation. All rights reserved. 1990 20152004 2020 customer review sites POS & billing ERP/CRM social media mobile marketing automation loyalty programs facility management analytics IoT Majority of retail data is untapped Your Data is an Underutilized, Undermonetized Asset
  17. 17. Unleash the Value Contained in Your Data Distributed analytics can accelerate growth and differentiation Increase visibility into consumer preferences and buying behavior Benchmark product sales for brands to drive more revenue Create new revenue stream with high value insights for advertisers and brands
  18. 18. Empower Your Network to Drive Change Get actionable insights to the people that need them most Getting analytics into the hands of the managers, operators and partners that keep your retail business network running can drive immediate change and profitability by allowing retailers to: ▸ Consistently track KPIs known to impact critical business objectives: Sales, CX, Guest Demographics, CSAT, Labor, Sell Through, etc. ▸ Benchmark individual location performance against all others ▸ Deliver actionable insights to implement changes that improve margins ▸ Provide tracking to implement new programs and track success
  19. 19. "With GoodData, we are able to distribute analytics to our more than 915 Firehouse Subs restaurants with a scorecard grading 10 key metrics. This awareness helps sales performance, guest satisfaction scores, being proactive during downturns, and improve franchise efficiency." - Danny Walsh, Firehouse Subs PROBLEM Struggled to get clear visibility into location- specific KPIs and revenue forecasts SOLUTION Distributed Analytics: “Station Pulse” RESULT ▸ Delivered analytics to 900+ locations ▸ 8% increase in “scorecard” grade ▸ 3% increase in customer satisfaction ▸ 2% increase in quality of food generic scorecard example
  20. 20. Our Top Data-Driven Recommendations ▸Bring on the Data! ▸ The insights in your customer data can inform your digital strategy. Uncover them! ▸Get the insights into the hands of the people on the front lines ▸ Get systems in place ASAP to connect the dots between your data and analytics and your operations ▸Put analytics in context and embed them into workflows to accelerate operations ▸ There are so many decisions that need to be made throughout the course of a retail supply chain; analytics can accelerate and automate many of these
  21. 21. Thank You! Blaine Mathieu, CMO, @BlaineMathieu
  22. 22. #RSP16 Please Share Your Feedback
  23. 23. #RSP16 Q&A // Panelists MODERATOR: Andrew Gaffney Editorial Director Retail TouchPoints Blaine Mathieu Chief Marketing & Product Officer GoodData @BlaineMathieu
  24. 24. #RSP16 Thanks for attending PLEASE JOIN US FOR OUR NEXT SESSION: Today at 2 PM ET / 11 AM PT