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Rtp rsp16-distil networks-final-deck


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The Retail Strategy and Planning Series is designed to provide retail executives with the tactical tips, insights, metrics and trend data needed to guide 2017 strategies. Tune into Are Bot Operators Eating Your Lunch? and learn how to protect your brand image, reputation and SEO rankings from bad bots:

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Rtp rsp16-distil networks-final-deck

  1. 1. #RSP16 Are Bot Operators Eating Your Lunch? SPONSORED BY:
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  4. 4. #RSP16 How Are We Doing?
  5. 5. #RSP16 About Retail TouchPoints ü Launched in 2007 ü Over 30,000 retail subscribers ü To provide executives with relevant, insightful content across a variety of digital medium Sign up for our weekly newsletter:
  6. 6. #RSP16 Panelists MODERATOR: Adam Blair Executive Editor Retail TouchPoints Brian Gress Director of IT Governance Hayneedle, Inc @BrianGress Rami Essaid CEO & Co-Founder Distil Networks @ramiessaid
  7. 7. Are bots eating your lunch on your ecommerce site?
  8. 8. Agenda Bots 101 The growing bot problem How bots are eating your lunch! Hayneedle case study Selection criteria for a bot detection solution Q & A
  9. 9. Good Bots Search Engine Crawling Power APIs Check system connectivity and status Bad Bots Steal content Scan for vulnerabilities Perform fraud etc. The Basics of Bots A “Bot” is an automated program that runs on the internet Traffic Distribution by Type, 2016
  10. 10. High Profile Web Scraping in the Ecommerce Industry QVC is an American television home shopping network and online ecommerce site. Aggressive price and inventory scraping by shopping aggregator app resulted in the following repercussions for QVC ● Two day website outage ● Loss of $2M in revenue ● Highly publicized lawsuit ● Damage to QVC Brand
  11. 11. Traffic by Size, Ecommerce Sites, 2014 vs 2015 Small and medium ecommerce sites saw about a 100% increase in bad bots between 2014 and 2015
  12. 12. Majority of Bots are Advanced Persistent Bots (APBs) APBs have one or more of the following abilities: Advanced Mimick human behavior Load JavaScript Load external resources Support cookies Browser automation (Selenium, PhantomJS) Persistent Dynamic IP rotation Distribute attacks across IP addresses Hide behind anonymous and peer-to-peer proxies 2016 Distil Bad Bot Report
  13. 13. Why the Massive Increase in APBs? Online data has increased in value Pricing information, product availability, product descriptions, and vendor reviews are changing daily and highly valuable to competitors Anyone can get in the game Cheap or free virtual servers, bandwidth, easy-to- use tools, and scrapers for hire Bots no longer tied to IP addresses Bots cycle through random IP addresses Bots hide behind anonymous proxies Consumer IPs now infected with bot traffic too
  14. 14. Loading Assets & Bots Mimicking Humans % of bots able to load external assets (e.g. JavaScript) % of bots able to mimic human behavior These bots skew marketing tools such as (Google Analytics, A/B testing, conversion tracking, etc.) These bots fly under the radar of most security tools
  15. 15. That Majority of Bad Bots Now Use Multiple IP Addresses Bots which dynamically rotate IP addresses, or distribute attacks are significantly harder to detect and mitigate
  16. 16. Bad Bots Cause the Majority of Website Problems 19% of Traffic Causes the Following Problems
  17. 17. How Bots Eat Your Lunch How bots are eating your lunch!
  18. 18. How Bots Eat Your Lunch LOST PROFITS Decreased Customer Loyalty Reduce Findability Lost Cross/Upsell Opportunities Decreased Customer Satisfaction Increased Costs Increased Fraud
  19. 19. Bots and Competitive Data Mining Duplicating your Product Portfolio Bots can easily gather product and supplier lists for replication elsewhere Undermining your Prices Bots monitor your prices, ensuring competitors can undercut with lower price listings Availability Tracking Identifying when your supply has been exhausted provides competitors a unique opportunity to raise the price of their goods.
  20. 20. Negative SEO Attacks Damage Relevancy Bots steal content, product lists, and prices for duplication elsewhere on the Internet Duplicated content reduces your company’s uniqueness and thus quality score SEO damage may result, especially if ○ Your prices are undercut ○ The content is repurposed on a more popular site Duplicate Content Results in Diminished SEO
  21. 21. Common hacking tools like network mappers and vulnerability scanners are automated programs Once a victim’s network has been mapped, automated vulnerability scanning can be used to find security flaws that can be exploited These bots let hackers scale their operations Vulnerability Scanning and Target Exploitation
  22. 22. Bots Make Large Scale Account Takeover Possible Over 1 billion usernames, passwords combinations exist in the wild Bot operators create bots to test millions of username/password combinations from breaches at other websites to find the credentials that work on your site Newly compromised accounts are then used for various forms of fraud/theft
  23. 23. Automated Stolen Credit Card Testing Enables Fraud “Carding” uses micro-transactions on stolen credit cards against e-commerce sites to test their validity Carding results in poor user experiences and lots of expensive chargebacks
  24. 24. Bots Plant Malicious Links in Fake Comments Comment spam is frequently used to redirect users to malicious websites Malicious Site
  25. 25. Hayneedle Case Study Hayneedle Case Study
  26. 26. About Hayneedle Leading online retailer for indoor and outdoor home furnishings and decor 1,000s of top brands - including Hayneedle exclusive designs - and millions of products for every space, style, and budget
  27. 27. Hayneedle Bad Bot Challenges Bad Bot Challenges Business Impact Competitive price scraping Competitors attempt to undercut pricing Automated CVV guessing games Fraudsters use stolen credit cards in carding attacks Time investigating and reporting the problem Bot traffic competing with real customers Web performance and the user experience Skewed analytics Conversion funnel optimization A/B testing Inefficient DIY approach “Battle-of-the-bots” ate up 20% of team resources Only 30% effective (at best) Quality of life issues
  28. 28. Hayneedle Bad Bot Challenges Constant game of bad bot “Whack-a-mole” Log file analysis and performance monitoring Agent-string analysis IP blocking Traffic redirects Tarpits ...but the bad bots keep changing their identities, scripts, and IP addresses
  29. 29. Hayneedle Bot Selection Criteria Bot Detection and Mitigation Solution Requirements No impact on human visitors “Self tuning” for defending against emerging and unknown threats Crowd-sourced threat intelligence model Seamlessly co-exist with existing solutions (CDN, WAF, etc.) No “black boxes”
  30. 30. Traffic Overview Report On August 7th bad bot traffic: ● Spiked ~10x ● Was 4x human traffic
  31. 31. Total Traffic vs CAPTCHAs Served CAPTCHAs served was 73% of overall traffic served that day!
  32. 32. CAPTCHA Failed Attempts and Solved Out of 17,000,000+ CAPTCHAs served, only 78 were solved
  33. 33. How to Manage Transactional Traffic Best Practices and Lessons Learned Monitor (don’t CAPTCHA) traffic on your checkout and account subdomains Review Threats by Organization Understand the rationale of scrapers Selectively Block nefarious organizations
  34. 34. Blocking Nefarious Organizations Can probably block traffic coming from this data center, especially when 70% of the traffic is from Automated Browsers and/or Known Violators
  35. 35. Hayneedle Results with Distil Networks Eliminated competitive data mining Intercepting bot traffic with negligible false positives Clean analytics for funnel optimization and A/B testing Distil is a key piece of our fraud detection and prevention suite of tools Upstream HTTP Errors Report highlighted an issue with our CDN provider Web infrastructure dedicated to serving humans Boosted team morale!
  36. 36. The Only Easy and Accurate Way to Protect Web Applications from Bad Bots, API Abuse, and Fraud
  37. 37. Browser Validation Detects all known browser automation tools, such as Selenium and Phantom JS Protects against browser spoofing by validating each incoming request as self reported Advanced Bot Detection Increases Accuracy Behavioral Modeling and Machine Learning Machine-learning algorithms pinpoint behavioral anomalies specific to your site’s unique traffic patterns Self optimizing algorithms improve bot detection and mitigation without manual configuration
  38. 38. Sticky Bot Tracking With No Impact On Real Users Device Fingerprinting Fingerprints stick to the bot even if it attempts to reconnect from random IP addresses or hide behind an anonymous proxy or peer-to-peer network Tracks distributed attacks that would normally fly under the radar Without Distil With Distil Without Impacting Users Sharing the Same IP Avoids blocking residential users or organizations that might share the same NAT as the bot or botnet
  39. 39. Threat Intelligence From All Distil-Protected Sites Known Violators Database Real-time updates from the world’s largest Known Violators Database, which is based on the collective intelligence of all Distil-protected sites Distil customers are automatically protected against new threats discovered anywhere on the network
  40. 40. Automated Attackers Leverage APIs as an Attack Vector Web Applications API Endpoints When blocked from a website, Bots frequently use APIs as an attack vector APIs tend to have access to the same content, but without as many security controls
  41. 41. ○ Install on virtualized or bare metal appliance(s) ○ High availability configurations with failover monitoring ○ Heartbeat up to Distil Cloud ○ Deploys in days Flexible Deployment Options ○ Automatically compresses and optimizes content for faster delivery ○ 17 global datacenters automatically fail over when a primary location goes offline ○ Automatically increases infrastructure and bandwidth to accommodate spikes ○ Deploys in hours Physical or Virtual Appliances Content Delivery Network
  42. 42. Dedicated Analyst Team Fully Managed Service (aka High Touch Services)
  43. 43. So, is a bot eating your lunch?
  44. 44. #RSP16 Please Share Your Feedback
  45. 45. #RSP16 Q&A // Panelists MODERATOR: Adam Blair Executive Editor Retail TouchPoints Brian Gress Director of IT Governance Hayneedle, Inc @BrianGress Rami Essaid CEO & Co-Founder Distil Networks @ramiessaid
  46. 46. #RSP16 Thanks for attending PLEASE JOIN US FOR OUR NEXT SESSION: Tomorrow at 12 PM ET / 9 AM PT