Retail TouchPoint- Lead Generation Via Custom Content


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Retail TouchPoints delivers custom content to drive demand and leads.

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  • I could live without the bursts. Maybe make the Top Headline bigger. Don’t know if we need both headlines. We could add Ardath Ablee’s book on eMarketing.
  • Can we add some growth stats—circ for newsletter has grown 20% year over year. Web traffic has gone from xxx.
  • Can we add some growth stats—circ for newsletter has grown 20% year over year. Web traffic has gone from xxx.
  • Don’t think the Schedule makes sense as a graphic—maybe we should add a separate slide that talks about A Turnkey process
  • Don’t think the Schedule makes sense as a graphic—maybe we should add a separate slide that talks about A Turnkey process
  • Don’t think the Schedule makes sense as a graphic—maybe we should add a separate slide that talks about A Turnkey process
  • Don’t think the Schedule makes sense as a graphic—maybe we should add a separate slide that talks about A Turnkey process
  • Retail TouchPoint- Lead Generation Via Custom Content

    1. 1. Connecting Buyers & Sellers via<br />Content Marketing<br />
    2. 2. “80% of ALL BtoB Buyers Find Vendors – <br />Not Vice-Versa.” <br />~ Sirius Decisions, May 2009~<br />Our digital communication network consists of:<br /><ul><li>Newsletter – We communicate to over 17,000 LOB titles on a WEEKLY basis. Our subscriber base is growing at the rate of 20% per year!
    3. 3. Website – The main hub of all our communication - our site has consistently seen double digit growth in visitors and page views.
    4. 4. Targeted Content - Content is king, we provide our readers with timely, relevant content on a weekly basis.</li></li></ul><li>We Work With Many of the Industry Leaders Helping Them To Drive Demand & Lead Generation<br />
    5. 5. Content marketing is the marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined target audience.<br />AAFES - VP Corporate Compliance<br />Ace Hardware - CRM Promotional Supervisor<br />ACE-Hellas S.A - CEO<br />Adam&apos;s - VP Sales<br />Aeropostale - VP-IT<br />Aerosoles - VP of Direct Marketing<br />Aerosoles - CTO/CIO<br />Affluent Insights - President<br />Alfa Insurance - VP Marketing Resources<br />American Apparel - Director, Corp. Finance & Dev.<br />American Eagle -Director Strategic Planning<br />Ann Taylor Director, Store Systems<br />Ashley Furniture - Market Operations specialist<br />AutoZone Director Of Merchandising Supp<br />Bad Ass Coffee VP of Marketing & Product Dev.<br />Baker&apos;s Footwear - COO<br />Barnes & Noble - Marketing Specialist<br />Bebe Stores, Inc. - VP, IS & Technology<br />Benjamin Moore - Dir. of Company Owned Stores<br />Best Buy Canada - Director of Marketing Services<br />Best Buy Co., Inc. - Director of Online Operations<br />Bon Ton Stores Inc - Director<br />Borders Group, Inc. - SVP-Operations<br />Brooks Brothers - VP - Strategy & Bus. Dev.<br />Brown Shoe Co. - GM, Intl Sales & Licensing<br />Burlington Coat Factory - Regional VP<br />Canadian Tire - SVP - Merchandising, CTR<br />Caremark Inc. - VP - Corporate Development<br />CarMax , Inc. - AVP, Retail Service<br />Century 21 Dept. Stores - CIO<br />Chico&apos;s - Dir.Mktg, Forecasting & Analysis<br />Clarks Companies - VP<br />ClosetMaid - Dir. Marketing<br />COACH - Director Retail Technology<br />Coach, Inc. - Director, Direct Marketing<br />Coldwater Creek – VP, Marketing<br />Cosi, Inc. - VP & GC, CCO, CLO<br />Costco Wholesale - SVP, Corporate Controller<br />Del Taco, Inc - VP of Marketing<br />Disney - VP, Research<br />Dollar Tree - VP Information Systems<br />Eastern Mountain Sports - CMO<br />El Pollo Loco, Inc. - Vice President, Marketing<br />Elephant Pharmacy - CEO and President<br />Family Dollar Stores - VP - Solution Delivery<br />Food Lion - Director<br />FurnishNet - VP<br />These represent a small sampling of the retail executives who have registered to download our content.<br />
    6. 6. ALL of our Custom Content Programs Include Lead Generation Goals ~ <br />We Promote it Until The Goals Is Reached!<br />We worked with Escalate on creating a custom web seminar/white paper campaign that generated close to 500 combined registrants. In addition to writing & designing the white paper, Retail Touch Points produced the landing pages to capture the registrants.  Escalate now owns the white paper & the on-demand web seminar to use for collateral, SEO, etc.<br />The Bottom LineEscalate Investment = $15,000(Lead Goal = 200)<br />Actual Lead Generation = 500<br />The Results: : The campaign generated more than 500 downloads, <br />including several high profile executives, such as: <br /><ul><li>CTO of Lerner New York
    7. 7. VP of Marketing for Coldwater Creek
    8. 8. VP of Operations for Lands End
    9. 9. Director of E-Commerce for Crabtree & Evelyn
    10. 10. VP of Ops at Target
    11. 11. SVP of Staples</li></li></ul><li>Regardless of Size or Budget we work with our partners to develop performance-based, cost-effective campaigns that drive results.<br />Being a small, but rapidly growing firm, Hawkins Strategic was looking for innovative ways to connect with new customers with a limited budget.<br />Hawkins was looking to RTP to develop a cost-effective lead nurturing campaign to increase awareness and drive leads for a series of white papers. <br />“…RTP provided us with constant updates and feedback throughout the process, ensuring a professional release that went to the right industry executives. Our download goal was exceeded by 170%. From release design, to target executives, to the number downloads achieved, RTP impressed us at every step of the process. We will work with them again.”<br />
    12. 12. Once The Goal Has Been Reached,<br />You Own IT! <br />Oracle custom e-book – The Store: The Last Mile In Delivering Customer Centricity . The campaign went on to exceed the pre-set lead goal (300+) and Oracle owns the rights to the paper, which they continue to promote through various channels, and in several different languages. <br />The Bottom LineOracle Lead Goal = 225<br />Actual Lead Generation = 325 and counting!<br />The Results: : The campaign generated more than 300 downloads, <br />including several high profile executives, such as: <br /><ul><li>Adam's Super Food Stores -VP Sales
    13. 13. Alpine Shop, Ltd. - President
    14. 14. American Eagle - Director Strategic Planning
    16. 16. Baker's Footwear - COO
    17. 17. Beauty Brands -VP Corp. Dev.
    18. 18. Borders Vice President, Sales Promotion </li></li></ul><li>Uniquely Qualified to Assist You in Your Content Marketing Needs…<br />DemandGen Report - Our sister publication is solely focused on sales & marketing automation - we understand the best practices of lead generation.<br />Demand Creation Specialists –Providing a menu of emarketing services, DCS offers clients strategic direction on the types of content which generate qualified leads and the tools and process which help convert those leads to closed business.<br />
    19. 19. Developing Targeted Deliverables That Reinforces Thought Leadership &<br /> Drives Lead Generation <br />Refresh existing material to increase SEO<br />A fresh new way to educate & gain leads<br />Custom Newsletters<br />White Papers<br />Case Studies<br />Increase your thought leadership position<br />E-Books<br />Communicate regularly with your prospects<br />
    20. 20. We work with you and your team to build integrated lead generation programs. <br />Custom Content<br />Custom Landing Pages<br />Qualified Lead Generation<br />
    21. 21. Our Process Is Collaborative, Turn-Key and Proven<br /><ul><li>“Develop Messages Your Buyers WANT to Hear”– We work together to hone your message and add third-party credibility
    22. 22. You have scheduled Input & Approval throughout the process – we provide an abstract, outline, and 1st & 2nd drafts- so you are informed all along the way.
    23. 23. Our Results Speak Volumes – In addition to researching, writing anddesigning we’ll develop a lead gen program that has an agreed upon lead goal.</li></li></ul><li>Working As Outsourced Partners:<br />Developing Content To Support Your Marketing & Lead Generation Goals.<br />Discuss your current marketing initiatives & lead generation goals, and develop complementary programs.<br />Evaluate your existing collateral – look to re-purpose collateral to generate new leads.<br />Develop a cost effective plan to increase your thought leadership collateral .<br />Deploy a drip marketing campaign with a series of offers attached to clear lead generation goals.<br />Evaluate & Adjust the plan on a monthly basis to insure success.<br />Marketing<br />DemandGen<br />Lead Mgmt.<br />Sales<br />
    24. 24. In addition to our own readership, we tap into the power of social media. <br />We utilize Web 2.0 capabilities by circulating our content via social networks and syndicated partners.<br />Over 1,900 Followers<br />Close to 1,000 Followers<br />
    25. 25. “Content marketing is the art of understanding exactly what your<br />customers need to know and delivering it to them in a relevant<br />and compelling way..” <br />~ Joe Pulizi, Junta42~<br />Content Marketing is ALWAYS ON and ALWAYS at work!<br />
    26. 26. If Content Marketing Isn’t Part of Your Current Plans…You Are Likely Being Left Out of the Buying Process<br /><ul><li>“Over 90% of buyers use the internet as part of their decision making process.”– If you are not there, you may get left out of the consideration phase.
    27. 27. “Only 30% of Spend Currently Goes to Custom Content.”
    28. 28. Beware the Anonymous Buyer–”Educated buyers now have the ability to acquire information in numerous ways, often and now, most times, before ever coming in contact with your company. This includes…Google searches, online portals, engaging in blogs, through offline and online word of mouth, and going direct to company branded websites for product and service information.”</li></li></ul><li>Marketers Need to Adapt their Plans to Respond to the “Shift to Self-Education”<br /><ul><li>“Contagious Content Increases Engagement”– Content should be easy to convert to blogs, social media, etc.
    29. 29. “Relevance Is King”--Our knowledgeable team has expertise in developing custom content which will greatly increase the odds that your paper will be downloaded, read and passed along by prospects.
    30. 30. “6 Things To Change About Your Content & Communications”</li></ul>Feeds and Speeds<br />Preaching to the Choir <br />Impersonalized Outreach<br />The Fantasy of Control<br />One-Off Messaging<br />Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt<br />
    31. 31. “YOU are the Industry Expert!” <br />Does The Content You Create Reflect That?<br />When prospects come to your site do you have credible collateral that makes the business case for your solution?<br />Do you have content available to drive web conversions?<br />Are your prospects finding you?<br />
    32. 32. We Work Closely With You To Build Programs That Apply The <br />New Rules of Marketing.<br /><ul><li>“You ARE what you PUBLISH”– You are the industry expert – let your content portray that.
    33. 33. “Developing Content & Thought Leadership”-
    34. 34. White Papers
    35. 35. E-Books
    36. 36. Executive Briefings
    37. 37. “Know the Goals & Let Content Drive Action “– We’ll work with you to develop a drip marketing campaign that walks prospects through your sales funnel.</li></li></ul><li>Let’s Discuss Ways Retail TouchPoints Can Complement Your Lead Generation Efforts…<br />To schedule a call to review your current marketing/lead generation initiatives contact us at:<br />Andrew Gaffney ~ 201-257-8528<br /><br />Sal LoSauro ~ 845-497-3642<br /><br />Ed Cleary~ 814-833-2620<br /><br />