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New Campaign Models Panel


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During this powerful panel discussion, two award-winning marketers will present case studies and insights from successful campaigns where they took audience-centric approaches to engage targeted industries.

This session will share how creative new approaches to content and messaging are driving acquisition, as well as lead nurturing campaigns.

Published in: Marketing
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New Campaign Models Panel

  1. 1. #B2BMX New Campaign Models Leslie Cozatt | Optum Sr. Campaign Director, OptumIQ Email: Twitter: @lesliecozatt Stacy Gardner | Bottomline Director of Marketing Programs Email: Twitter: @sgardner10
  2. 2. #B2BMX NEW CAMPAIGN MODEL the evolution of Data in Focus Interim Campaign OptumIQ Campaign
  3. 3. #B2BMX OptumIQ™ powers intelligence across the health care system and is infused into all our products and services. It represents our unique combination of data, analytics and applied expertise that measurably improve health and better manage cost. Data covering 230M+ consumers, 180M lives of claims data 98M lives of electronic health record (EHR) data 26K+ analytics experts, spanning clinical, financial, actuarial and technology domains 20 of the top 25 US health plans leverage Optum analytics 30 research partners collaboratively researching and innovating with OptumLabs
  4. 4. #B2BMX Data in Focus ‘Moment’ 4 13.6 Million+ impressions Day of viewing • 4,109 live stream feeds • 64% registration to attendee conversion rate (industry benchmark of 46%) • 78% attendees continued watching over an hour into the session and 69% stayed through a full 90 minutes. Industry average completed view time for live webinars is 55 minutes. • 61 social mentions during the event • 5,630 unique visitors to following the livestream; driven by a combination of brand ads, social and follow-up email promotions (as of 8/20)
  5. 5. 5 Event reach 13.6 million+ impressions Pre: 9,111, 300 I Post: 4,518,554 25,230 unique site visits Pre: 19,600 I Post: 5,630 7,742 next step engagements Registrations: 5,022 I Post-event video visits: 2,720 4,818 views 4,109 livestream I 709 video plays 886 new contacts added to Eloqua since 6/17
  6. 6. #B2BMX October 11 EMAIL #2 SUBJECT: Data and analytics key to STARS CTA: Listen to Webinar OFFER: Consulting Assessment *Payer only GATED ASSET: aign/pa-me/stars-improvement- measures- 2017/confirmation.html?redirec t=thank-you SEGMENT: Payer Interim Campaign: Follow Up Series of Portfolio Aligned Stories • Bi-weekly/regular email deployments to set list from Data In Focus • OptumIQ™ featured to push ingredient brand marketing strategy • Goal is to drive awareness and engagement to place prospects into the appropriate segment nurture for MQL development (based on information from the progressive form submittals) September 27 EMAIL #1 SUBJECT: OptumIQ™ explained and value to customers across health care CTA: Download FAQ UNGATED ASSET: ons/prod-nav/optumiq.html SEGMENT: Cross October 25 EMAIL #3 SUBJECT: How an integrated data and analytics approach can solve health care's biggest challenges CTA: IDC Write-up GATED ASSET: n/co-ci/optumiq-b/idc-health- insights-report.html SEGMENT: Cross November 8 EMAIL #4 November 29 EMAIL #5 December 13 EMAIL #6 SUBJECT: Predictive analytics driving personalized care CTA: Learn more GATED ASSET: paign/co-ci/optumiq- b/personalized- recommendations-improve- outcomes.html SEGMENT: RX SUBJECT: Leveraging data + analytics to improve in-network utilization CTA: Topic Spotlight GATED ASSET: NYUPN Topic Spotlight In-Network Utilization paign/co-ci/optumiq-b/nyupn- topic-spotlight.html SEGMENT: Provider SUBJECT: Patient care improvements driven by big data CTA: Review our library of studies GATED ASSETS: mpaign/labs/discovery- insights.html SEGMENT: Labs (Provider and Payer) Social promotion starts ……………………………………............................................................... Campaign continues thru 2/14……………………….
  7. 7. #B2BMX Results Email Performance - Open: 32.91% (2,100) - CTR: 3.65% (233) - Click-to-Open:11.10% - Forwards: 2.07% (132) - Unsubscribe: .24% (15) 9/27 6,382 delivered Email Performance Gated - Opens: 1,968 (31.66%) - CTR: 229 (3.68%) - Click-to-Open:11.64% Not Gated (111 contacts) - Opens: 62 (55.86%) - CTR: 14 (12.61%) - Click-to-Open: 22.58% Form Submission - Completion Rate: 47% 10/25 - 6,328 delivered6,343 delivered Email Performance - Open: 31.94% (2,026) - CTR: 3.26% (207) - Click-to-Open: 10.08% - Forwards: .79% (71) - Unsubscribe: .24% (15) 10/11 - Optum Comparison Data: Opens: 10%; CTR: 0.83%; Click-to-Opens: 7.8%
  8. 8. INTEGRATED data & analytics thought leadership campaign (Launch February 28, 2018)
  9. 9. #B2BMX Goals 2018 OptumIQ Integrated Marketing Campaign Success Measures Educate the Market & Build Awareness of OptumIQ (Personas: Organizational, Technical, Consumer) Objectives Strategy Upper funnel 30M Brand Impressions. 20M+ Social Media Imp. 6K+ New contacts to d/b (subscription) 10+ Speaking engagements Lower funnel 1000+ contacts added to lead nurture tracks Generate net new engaged prospects (via form submits) to feed our cross-segment nurture campaigns & subscription track • Establish in the market that Optum is the leader in Health Care Data & Analytics Educate and enable growth office (Internal Communications) Build and deploy ‘always-on’ integrated marketing thought leadership-focused campaign Develop best-in-class cross-Optum data & analytics related thought leadership content and customer stories to educate the market Develop and execute social strategy with agency support and internal collaboration Align with brand Identify and leverage earned media opportunities Align to segment campaigns, generating engaged prospects through thought leadership content promotion Incorporate reporting process to ensure high quantity inquiry generation Growth office has a baseline of knowledge of OptumIQ campaign Best practice communication/collaboration across the business CFO, CEO, COO THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR ORGANIZATIONAL STABILITY CTO, CIO THOSE RESPONSIBLE TECHNOLOGY/ INFRASTRUCTURE CMO, CHRO, BENEFITS DIR THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR EMPLOYEES OR CONSUMERSPersonas:
  10. 10. #B2BMX Campaign strategies • Launch enterprise-wide thought leadership program that sits below the brand campaign but outside specific segment campaigns • Integrate key elements of campaign into segment campaigns for congruency • Use integrated marketing campaign approach (tactic mix) with multiple persona tracks + subscription • Maximize relevant content, events/sponsorships across segments • Identify and integrate strong PR initiatives • Integrate/align OptumIQ branding strategy and messaging
  11. 11. #B2BMX New Campaign Models Leslie Cozatt | Optum Sr. Campaign Director, OptumIQ Email: Twitter: @lesliecozatt Stacy Gardner | Bottomline Director of Marketing Programs Email: Twitter: @sgardner10