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How To Orchestrate Your Messaging Across Channels To Drive Engagement - #SPS2015

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How To Orchestrate Your Messaging Across Channels To Drive Engagement - #SPS2015

  1. 1. #SPS2015 How  to  Orchestrate  Your   Messaging  Across  Channels  To   Drive  Engagement   SPONSORED BY:
  2. 2. #SPS2015 Follow  This  Webinar  on  LinkedIn  &  Twi5er   #SPS2015     Demand  Gen  Report:    @DG_Report   Oracle  MarkeAng  Cloud  :  @OracleMktgCloud   Chris  Lynch:    @cglynch   Andrew  Gaffney:    @agaffney  
  3. 3. #SPS2015 About  Demand  Gen  Report   •  Tracking  best  pracAces  in  lead   generaAon  since  2007   •  Newsle5er  has  grown  to  more  than   30,000  readers   •  Offering  a  menu  of  research  and  best   pracAces  reports     •  New  audio/video  podcasts  at   @DG_Report   h5p://    
  4. 4. #SPS2015 QuesAons,  Tweets  &  Resources   Submit  your   quesOons  here   Download     today’s   resources   Join  the   conversaOon   #SPS2015  
  5. 5. #SPS2015 Panelists   Chris  Lynch   Senior  Director,  Product  MarkeAng   Oracle  MarkeAng  Cloud   @cglynch   MODERATOR:   Andrew  Gaffney     Editor,  Demand  Gen  Report  
  6. 6. Copyright  ©  2014  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Oracle  ConfidenAal  -­‐  Restricted   6  6  Copyright  ©  2014  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   How  to  Tame  the  Complexity  of   Digital  MarkeAng    The  path  to  creaAng  data-­‐driven,  individualized  customer  experiences   Chris  Lynch  (@cglynch)   Head  of  Product  &  Industry  MarkeAng   Oracle  MarkeAng  Cloud    
  7. 7. Copyright  ©  2015,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   7   of  the  Fortune  500  from  1955   sOll  remain  there  today.       12%     MARKETING   CUSTOMER   Sources:  McKinsey  and  AEI   Today’s  customers  evolve  faster  than  markeAng   The  Rise  of  Digital  Darwinism  
  8. 8. Only   12%    of  marketers  believe  their   markeAng  is  real-­‐Ame   enough  to  drive  adequate   business  results.   -­‐EConsultancy   For  B2B  Marketers,  Pre-­‐Determined  “Journeys”  Have  Abrupt  Endings   ?!
  9. 9. What’s  slowing  marketers  down?  
  10. 10. Copyright  ©  2015,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   The  Rim  Between  Digital  and  Offline  InteracAons   Fractures  View  of  Customer   10   DESKTOP   OFFLINE   MOBILE  APP   MOBILE  WEB   11%   Marketers  who  have  high   confidence  in  the  audience   they’re  targeAng.   -­‐Nielsen  
  11. 11. Copyright  ©  2015,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |     The  Division  Between  Anonymous  and  Known   MarkeAng  Data  Prevents  Relevance     11   85%   Of  CMOs  say  fragmented   data  prevents  cross-­‐channel   consistency.   -­‐  CMO  Club     Greg  Jones,  Chicago     Past  Purchase:     1  Year  So`ware  License       ANONYMOUS   KNOWN  
  12. 12. Copyright  ©  2014  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Of  marketers  have  silo’d   teams  and  technologies   by  channels                                                                                 -­‐eConsultancy   93%   MarkeOng   Companies  Lack  Centralized  Hub  to  Orchestrate   Customer  InteracAons  and  Content  Across  Lifecycle   Agency   EMAIL   WEB   SOCIAL   MOBILE   CONTENT   SEARCH   CREATIVE   MEDIA  
  13. 13. Copyright  ©  2014  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Companies  Struggle  to  Scale  Content  Across  Channels   EMAIL   WEB   SOCIAL   MOBILE   CONTENT   SEARCH   CREATIVE   MEDIA   25%  Average  porAon  of   markeAng  budget  aimed  at   content   70%   Amount  of  markeAng   content  that’s  wasted    -­‐Content  Marke4ng  Ins4tute  Study  
  14. 14. MEDIA   DATA   ChaoAc  Ecosystem  Overwhelms  MarkeAng   Strategy  &  Planning     APPS   Total  MarkeAng  Tech   Landscape  size:   1,876   vendors  across   43  categories   -­‐  ChiefMarTec  
  15. 15. Copyright  ©  2015,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Vision  for  Modern  MarkeAng     15   Connect  Online  and  Offline   InteracOons  to  One  Customer   Tie  interacAons  to  one  customer   across  all  devices  and  channels   Bridge  Anonymous  and     Known  MarkeOng     Connect  all  proprietary  and  3rd  party   data  to  increase  relevance     Create  AdapOve  MarkeOng  with   Behavior-­‐Based  OrchestraOon   Empower  the  customer  to  dictate   their  own  path  
  16. 16. Copyright  ©  2014  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   16   How  We  Get  There   Build  an  ID  Graph  That  Spans  Anonymous  and  Known  Data       Intelligently  Orchestrate  Micro-­‐Moments         Make  Content  CollaboraAon  Channel  AgnosAc      
  17. 17. Copyright  ©  2014  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   17   How  We  Get  There   Build  an  ID  Graph  That  Spans  Anonymous  and  Known  Data       Intelligently  Orchestrate  Micro-­‐Moments         Make  Content  CollaboraAon  Channel  AgnosAc      
  18. 18. Connect  with  Individual  Customer  Across  All  Channels  &  Devices   Desktop   Mobile  Web   Mobile  Apps   Social   CRM  Data   Email     ID  GRAPH  
  19. 19. Copyright  ©  2014  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Oracle  ConfidenAal  -­‐  Restricted   19   Build  an  ID  Graph  That  Spans  Anonymous  and  Known  Data   Oracle  ConfidenAal  -­‐  Restricted   19  Copyright  ©  2014  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   19   Age:  29   In  Market:  Casual  Urban  Wear   Offline  Purchase:  Jeans       ANONYMOUS   KNOWN   TV   SEARCH   DISPLAY   VIDEO   SMS   EMAIL   WEB   SOCIAL  
  20. 20. Copyright  ©  2015,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   1.  Event/Offline   3.  Enterprise  Systems   2.  First-­‐Party  Digital   Body  Language   4.  Third  Party  Data   Connect  All  Your  Data  Sources  
  21. 21. Copyright  ©  2015,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   21   Leverage  Profile  Data  to  Find  Customers  That  Look   Like  Your  Ideal  Ones.   2.  Look  Alike  Modeling   3.  Target  Anonymous   Users   1.  IdenAfy  Ideal   Customers   EMAIL   AUTOMATION   CRM  
  22. 22. Copyright  ©  2015,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   22   Business  Challenges   Scaling  niche  audiences     Intel  wanted  to  idenAfy  their  top  consumer  segments  by   technology  autudes  and  prioriAes,  and  to  scale  those  segments   online  to  target  via  programmaAc  display.     Increasing  engagement   The  company  wanted  to  increase  engagement  with  link  acAvity,   content  expansion,  and  content  browsing.     Insight   They  also  aimed  to  drive  a  deeper  level  of  onsite  product   research.       Intel’s  Challenge:  Develop  Profiles  of   Technology-­‐Savvy  Consumers  
  23. 23. Copyright  ©  2015,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   23   Intel  Boosts  Engagement  by  AcAvaAng   Look-­‐Alike  Models   •  Data  Management  Plagorm   •  Look-­‐alike  modeling     Look-­‐alike  audiences   surpassed  campaign   benchmarks  by  75%   75%  Look-­‐alike  audiences  were   more  cost  efficient  than  the   average  campaign  by  48%   48%   Key  Results  SoluAon  
  24. 24. Copyright  ©  2014  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   24   How  We  Get  There   Build  an  ID  Graph  That  Spans  Anonymous  and  Known  Data       Intelligently  Orchestrate  Micro-­‐Moments         Make  Content  CollaboraAon  Channel  AgnosAc      
  25. 25. Copyright  ©  2014  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Oracle  ConfidenAal  -­‐  Restricted   25   Intelligently  Orchestrate  Micro-­‐Moments  with  Both  Behavioral  and   Purchase  InteracAons   Oracle  ConfidenAal  -­‐  Restricted   25  Copyright  ©  2014  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |  
  26. 26. Copyright  ©  2014  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Build  Consensus  For  One  Canvas  for  Customer  Experiences   26  Copyright  ©  2014  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   All     Preferences     All  Profile  Data   From  ID  Graph   All     InteracOons    
  27. 27. Copyright  ©  2015,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Deliver  new  customer  acquisiAon  through  on-­‐going  nurture.     1.  Lead  Scoring  Based     on  Profile  and  Behavior   2.  Create     Buyer’s  Journey   3.  Nurture  Prospects   Through  Journey   A1   27  
  28. 28. Copyright  ©  2014  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   28   Business  Challenges   Poor  segmentaOon  and  targeOng   The  markeAng  team  for  Thomson  Reuters’  IP  &  Science  division  was   taking  a  batch-­‐and-­‐blast  email  approach  for  lead  generaAon  rather   than  sending  targeted  markeAng  messages     Inadequate  lead  scoring,  lead  leakage   Leads  were  being  routed  to  sales  based  on  the  campaign  they   responded  to,  rather  than  their  quality   Misalignment  of  sales  and  markeOng     Sales  mistrusted  the  markeAng  generated  leads  they  were  being   passed  and  began  their  own  disAnct  lead  generaAon  acAviAes.  It   became  apparent  that  a  partnership  between  the  two  teams  was   needed   Thomson  Reuters’  Challenge:     Improve  Lead  Management  Process  
  29. 29. Copyright  ©  2014  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   29   Thomson  Reuters  Aligns  Sales  and   MarkeAng  Teams   •  Lead  Scoring   •  Standardized  Data  Capture   •  Customer  Personas     Increase  in  revenue   a5ributed  to  markeAng   175%     Key  Results  SoluAon   10%   72%  Increase  in  leads   sent  to  sales   ReducAon  in  lead   conversion  Ame  
  30. 30. Copyright  ©  2014  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   30   How  We  Get  There   Build  an  ID  Graph  That  Spans  Anonymous  and  Known  Data       Intelligently  Orchestrate  Micro-­‐Moments         Make  Content  CollaboraAon  Channel  AgnosAc      
  31. 31. Copyright  ©  2014  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Oracle  ConfidenAal  -­‐  Restricted   31   Content  and  ExecuAon  Tied  to  Channels   31  Copyright  ©  2014  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |  
  32. 32. Copyright  ©  2014  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   Oracle  ConfidenAal  -­‐  Restricted   32   Make  Content  CollaboraAon  Channel  AgnosAc   32  Copyright  ©  2014  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |  
  33. 33. Copyright  ©  2015,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   33   Business  Challenges   Deepening  Local  RelaOonships   As  Bass  expands  its  footprint,  how  could  it  deepen  customer   relaAonships  in  local  stores?     Contextualized  Engagement   How  could  Bass  deliver  an  individualized  experience  to   customers  who  engaged  with  any  one  of  its  60  stores  across   North  America?     Tapping  into  Staff  ExperOse   How  could  Bass  capture  the  knowledge  of  passionate   outdoorsmen  and  women  in  their  stores?   Bass  Pro  Shops’  Challenge:   Facilitate  Local  InteracAons  
  34. 34. Copyright  ©  2015,  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  All  rights  reserved.    |   34   Bass  UAlizes  Oracle’s  Content  MarkeAng   to  Engage  Between  TransacAons   ü  Local  store  accounts  drive   relevant  content   ü  SEO-­‐driven  organic  content   instead  of  ads     ü  Easy-­‐to-­‐use  interface  for  non-­‐ technical  users     Pickup  Rate   (Conversion  Lim)     15%  Website   Engagement   3x  Key  Results  Key  Benefits  
  35. 35. #SPS2015 Q&A    Panelists   Chris  Lynch   Senior  Director,  Product  MarkeAng   Oracle  MarkeAng  Cloud   @cglynch   MODERATOR:   Andrew  Gaffney     Editor,  Demand  Gen  Report  
  36. 36. #SPS2015 Thank  You  For  A5ending   Register  for  more  sessions  now  thru  November  20th!