The Blueprint

Top-Notch Holiday
Retail Execution
5 Steps To Deliver Success With
Retailer-Manufacturer Collaboration
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[Infographic] The Blueprint For Top-Notch Holiday Retail Execution


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To succeed during the highly competitive holiday season, overall communication and collaboration between retailers and suppliers must occur on an ongoing basis. With access to first-hand knowledge of in-store activities, both parties can work together and discover new ways to improve in-store marketing campaigns, promotions, assortment and overall customer experiences.
This infographic, courtesy of Gigwalk, spotlights five steps to guarantee effective retailer-manufacturer collaboration during the holidays.

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[Infographic] The Blueprint For Top-Notch Holiday Retail Execution

  1. 1. The Blueprint For Top-Notch Holiday Retail Execution 5 Steps To Deliver Success With Retailer-Manufacturer Collaboration Improved collaboration between retailers and manufacturers can create a win-win situation, especially during the highly competitive holiday season. Having access to real-time, first-hand knowledge of in-store activities will help these partners increase revenue and deliver more satisfied customers. 1 The Communication Connection By sharing information about what works and what doesn’t work, retailers and manufacturer partners can plan more effective in-store campaigns. 74% 48% of marketers are increasing digital promotions and of retailers believe digital displays and interactive kiosks enhance the shopping experience; and have implemented these tools. 47% 41% are increasing shopper marketing. – Symphony IRI 2012 – Symphony IRI 2013 2 Integrated Promotions A mobile team can uncover which promotions work in different parts of the country. Traditional trade promotion comprises 44% 44% of total manufacturer marketing spend and is nearly 60% of total marketing budgets. – Kantar Retail, 2012 3 Coordinated Merchandising Efforts In 2011, categories receiving merchandising support experienced average lift of 53% 87% – Symphony IRI 2012 A chain-wide, distributed workforce can deliver a collection of thousands of images that share insights on the success of different merchandising scenarios. of categories have experienced and increase in merchandising support. – Symphony IRI 2013 4 Consolidated Inventory Control 55% of CPG categories received an increase in price-only merchandising support. A mobile workforce can reveal misplaced products and mispricing – factors that can significantly skew inventory levels and sales expectations. $ $ $ - Symphony IRI 2012 5 First-Hand Knowledge Of Store-Level Activities Gigwalk’s retail execution platform can detect real-time store conditions and instantly implement fix notices. Powered by 400,000 smartphone-enabled workers who have performed 4 million tasks to date in more than 7,000 cities across the U.S., Canada, and U.K. Gigwalk is redefining retail execution with a technology platform that addresses the end-to-end process. By providing actionable retail data and fix notice integration Gigwalk delivers measurable ROI and ensures trade dollars don’t go to waste.