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  • Throughout our presentation we encourage you to interact with our speakers by typing in questions and comments using the questions pane. We will be answering questions live both during the event and after the presentation.
  • This is the biggest thing to impact retailers and manufacturers in the last 10+ years and this is why an ecomm strategy is as integral to a manufacturer as it is to a retailer.
  • We – humans are evolving, if you think about it – we want to maximize our own efficiency
    We want to leverage technology to improve our own lives

    Service when we need it
    Personal or not
    Automation and convenience rule
    Give up personal information as long as there is something in it for me

    Cisco study Results show 61 percent of global consumers are willing to shop in an omni-channel, self-service, completely automated store, and 52 percent prefer self-service stations for faster check-out lines

    Desire for more personal customer service: Although many shoppers want automation when purchasing, consumers are evenly divided, with 58 percent of consumers preferring help from an in-store associate. And when shopping online, slightly more consumers prefer to instant-message with a sales associate (30 percent), or call one on the phone (28 percent) than send an email (27 percent).

    Mobile shopping experience: Consumers slow to adopt retailer apps
    •Half of consumers use mobile phone when shopping: Majority 54 percent of consumers use mobile phones when shopping in a store, yet only 27 percent of consumers said they use retail mobile applications.
  • An Opt in is the first indication of a customer’s desire to engage
  • Fueling Brand Advocacy And Engagement With Mobile App manthan final use this alicia july 17 fv

    1. 1. Fueling Brand Advocacy And Engagement With Mobile Apps #ManthanMobility Webinar Sponsored by
    2. 2. #ManthanMobility Welcome Webinar Attendees
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    5. 5. #ManthanMobility Panelists Anand Sri Ganesh Senior Vice President and Business Head for Customer Analytics Manthan Systems MODERATOR Greg Girard Program Director, Merchandise Strategies IDC Retail Insights Alicia Fiorletta Senior Editor Retail TouchPoints
    6. 6. Omni-Channel Commerce: The Context for Mobility in Marketing Greg Girard July 2014
    7. 7. Moore’s Law  Gordon Moore, Intel co-founder  Computing power doubles every 18 months © IDC Retail Insights Visit us at IDC-ri.com 7 30 Cycles = 2^30 = 1.07 billion-fold increase 69% critical shopping tool 70% will use more next year
    8. 8. Shoppers use smartphones everywhere but fewer use them in stores than elsewhere 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% Get advice or ask a question via a social network (e.g., Facebook, Twitter) Check in via Foursquare, Facebook, or other Buy from another retailer Check the latest deals via apps Check reviews Check the latest deals via web browsing on my smartphone Call, text, or message a friend or family member Check prices % performed function with smartphone Anywhere In-Store Q1. Which of the following did you do on your smartphone during the holiday shopping season from any location (work, home, etc.?) Q2. Which of the following did you do on your smartphone during the holiday shopping season while inside a retail store? (Select all that apply) N = 511
    9. 9. © IDC Visit us at IDC.com and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 9 The Five “I” Persona....in ALL roles of life  Instrumented - Through mobile devices  Informed – Through “Always-on” internet access  Interconnected – Through social communities  In-place – In-store, in public, or at home  Immediate – In their ability to take action Source: IDC Retail Insights ...as Shopper
    10. 10. Why is the customer omni-channel?  To maximize efficiency!  For convenience  Because I want what I want when I want it  For faster (& more or less) service – self determined  For price compare/validation  To obtain complete and trusted information  To get product recommendations & personalized offers  To be treated as the unique shopper I am
    11. 11. Omni-channel Customer Centricity Omni- channel Customer Stores Outlets Kiosk Brand shops Sales associates Other staff Call center Online chat Internet TV Portals Facebook Social networking Email Website Mobile Site Mobile Apps Virtual Stores Twitter Pinterest Location based interactions IoT Competitive data Collaboration Fulfillment partners XML/EDI Affiliates Market research TV placements Online auctions Marketplaces Magazines Marketing collateral Catalogues Integrators Dealers Agents Franchisees Resellers Logistics Partners Retailers Home advisors/installers Shop in Shop Pop up store
    12. 12. © IDC Retail Insights Visit us at IDC-ri.com Learn to Earn
    13. 13. Physical Digital Convergence 13 ONLINE Enhancements INSIDE Enhancements Social Mobile Connected Interactive Augmented ConvergenceAbstraction  Platform  Order Mgmt  Product Info Mgmt • Multimedia Shelf Edge • Video Analytics  GPS Inside  Augmented Reality  Search & Send  Content Mgmt  Search/Navigation  Ratings/Reviews  Remote Experts  Associate Mobility  Interactive Displays  Shopping Apps  Dynamic QR Codes Social and Mobile Commerce  Mobile Marketing  Social Brand  Big Data  Content and Curation  Crowdsourcing
    14. 14. © IDC Retail Insights Visit us at IDC-ri.com 14
    15. 15. Six C’s of Customer Engagement Old Paradigm Dimension New Paradigm Products Centricity Customers Calendars Fixed Cadence Roles | Missions | Occasions Fluid The Plan Context My Life Transaction| Loyalty Criteria Lifetime Value Product Lifecycles Category Management Localization Criticalities Customer Lifecycles Segment Management Personalization Multi-Channel Channels Omni-channel © IDC Retail Insights Visit us at IDC-ri.com 15
    16. 16. IDC Retail Insights Top 10 Predictions for 2014 Digital Transformation Business Transformation Fulfillment © IDC Retail Insights Visit us at IDC-ri.com 16 Single Department or Business Unit Company-wide/ Industry-wide 0-12 12-24 24+ Multiple Departments or Business Units Time (months) to Mainstream OrganizationalImpact 2 6 5 1 4 9 3 10 8 1-Omni-channel Experience 2-ERP and Merchandising Transformations 3-Immersive Commerce 10-Same day Fulfilment Prerequisites 6- Hyperpersonalized promotions 4-Big data & analytics 9-Omni-channel Fulfilment 8 – PLM and Sourcing 4 –Marketing Technology Investment 7- Commerce Investments7 Bubble Size = complexity / cost to address
    17. 17.  Omni-channel path to purchase  Journey mapping analytics  Omni-channel store analytics  Privacy concerns © IDC Retail Insights Visit us at IDC-ri.com 17 Prediction 3: By 2016, Leading Omni-Channel Retailers Will Improve Same-Shopper Sales with Immersive Commerce, Driving Additional Revenue Growth of 1.5% and Margin Growth an Additional 3% Set a New North Star — Immersive Commerce for Same Shopper Sales
    18. 18. © IDC Retail Insights Visit us at IDC-ri.com 18 Prediction 4: Technology Investment in Marketing and Advertising Will Increase by 50% by 2017 Invest in Marketing and Advertising Technology and Governance 66% Internet Ad Spending 276% Mobile Display & Search 59% Internet Ad Spending/ Capita Digital Halos • Algorithmic advertising • Segmentation and personalization • Context and conversational marketing • Harmonization of themes and messages $3.8 B M&A Tech in 2017 • CIO CMO tension yields to partnerships • Technology-intensive creative agencies • 50% of marketing hiring driven by IT skills • Creative license and governance
    19. 19. To sum up: © IDC Retail Insights Visit us at IDC-ri.com 19
    20. 20. © IDC Retail Insights Visit us at IDC-ri.com 20 Greg Girard, Program Director ggirard@idc.com @gregorydgirard www.idc-ri.com https://idc-insights-community.com/retail “Thank you!”
    21. 21. Mobility for Marketers Anand Sri Ganesh SVP & Business Head, Customer Analytics 21
    22. 22. 42% of marketers are planning to build customer loyalty among mobile device users** 36% of In-Store Sales Driven by Mobile and Social* * Media Post, Deloitte Digital - 28th May **2014 report “Getting Mobile Right” by Brand Republic and Netbiscuits 71% of marketers currently use mobile as part of multichannel brand experiences** Mobile channels, integrated with other communication channels, has become a force multiplier Mobility is now mainstream 22
    23. 23. Building blocks of mobile marketing ACCESS Convert anonymous consumers to identified customers. Opt-ins create channels and permissions to communicate INSIGHTS Understand your customers, buying behavior, digital channels are critical to timely shopper conversion ENGAGEMENT Target unique buying behaviors and interest groups. Communicate when customer is most receptive 23
    24. 24. Access: Converting anonymous consumers to identifiable customers “Opt-in” = the first indication of a customer’s desire to engage Extends the member program or becomes a surrogate for the member program Permission to communicate offers & promotions, brand and marketing messages 24
    25. 25. Insights: Understanding the path to purchase 25 Understanding the “always on” customer Behavioral understanding • Preferences • Seasonality – pre-season vs in-season vs markdown Intent – triggers to purchase • Location preferences – proximity to home vs store • Timing – time of day, day of week • Purchase choices Usage behavior • In-app browsing patterns • Social sharing behavior Bringing in Big Data analytics to understand & respond to consumers in real time
    26. 26. Engagement: Managing traffic, conversion & advocacy Ubiquitous yet non-intrusive - right time + right message Influence the shopping list with pre-purchase targeting Encourage social sharing Leverage geo-fencing Notify based on multi-channel interactions Targeting & personalization Coupons based on behavioral insights Localized offers and promos Preference based communication Product trials “most likely to buy” 26
    27. 27. Beyond promotions: marketing discovery 20% OFF 27 Consumer panel • Stratified samples based on behavioral insights Consumer insights • New product introduction • Packaging and messaging • Price discovery Real-time feedback • Implicit feedback • In-app preferences and favorites • Customer surveys 30% OFF 25% OFF
    28. 28. $2B retailer capitalizes on mobile engagement opportunity to enhance loyalty program Cross format retailer adopts Loyalty247 to:  Extend their loyalty card program to include bi-directional engagement  Execute cross-channel targeting and personalization  Co-marketing & targeted advertising in partnership with CPG suppliers  Integrate with existing customer analytics infrastructure to gain comprehensive customer visibility across formats and channels Succeeding with mobile engagement 28
    29. 29. Worldwide leader in retail & CPG analytics Vision Be the Chief Analytics Officer for the top companies in the retail & CPG industry Method We bring fundamental change in the way analytics are bought, used, applied, and benefitted from CUSTOMER ANALYTICSMERCHANDISE ANALYTICS Store Ops Finance eCommerce Analytics Know your Customer… Establish a Dialogue Optimize buying, selling, pricing, assortments, placement DATA & PROCESS COLLABORATION PLATFORM & ANALYTICS Analytics Platform for Data Insights, Monetization and Collaboration TargetOne Loyalty247 Customer360 Vendor Insights Vendor LinkFuel Analyzer Chief Analytics Officer for 120 businesses
    30. 30. 30 www.manthansystems.com/ca anand.ganesh@manthansystems.com Questions?
    31. 31. #ManthanMobility Q & A / Panelists Anand Sri Ganesh Senior Vice President and Business Head for Customer Analytics Manthan Systems MODERATOR Greg Girard Program Director, Merchandise Strategies IDC Retail Insights Alicia Fiorletta Senior Editor Retail TouchPoints
    32. 32. #ManthanMobility Thanks for attending! Download and view this presentation on-demand at: http://rtou.ch/manthanweb