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Fire-Breathing ABM: Orchestrating Target Account Plays “In-Fuze-d” With Rich Purchase Intent 


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This webinar, featuring Ken Evans, Senior Director of Marketing Operations of Fuze, and John Steinert, CMO of TechTarget, showcases how a leading player in the unified communications space (UCaaS) has accomplished this by infusing real purchase intent insight into its operations as both a shared foundation for better collaboration and fuel for enhanced sales and marketing performance.
In the presentation you will learn how to:
• Think pragmatically about what it takes to achieve ongoing alignment;
• Organize around a mutually agreed view of the truth;
• Identify and penetrate accounts based on rich ICP detail, assigned rep-specific inroads and critical activity insights;
• Diagram specific plays to engage key buyer personas based on intent to purchase more effectively; and
• Arm sales teams with “on the go” insights to make smarter decisions and drive more productive conversations.

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Fire-Breathing ABM: Orchestrating Target Account Plays “In-Fuze-d” With Rich Purchase Intent 

  1. 1. #bii18 Fire-Breathing ABM: Orchestrating Target Account Plays “In-Fuze-d” With Rich Purchase Intent SPONSORED BY:
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  5. 5. How are we doing? #bii18 Questions, Tweets, Resources, Survey
  6. 6. #bii18 Speakers Ken Evans Fuze John Steinert TechTarget Will Pringle Fuze Brian Anderson Demand Gen Report
  7. 7. ©TechTarget 7 Fire-Breathing ABM: Orchestrating Target Account Plays “In-Fuze-d” with Rich Purchase Intent Ken Evans, Fuze, Sr. Director, Marketing Ops Will Pringle, Fuze, VP Worldwide Demand Gen John Steinert, TechTarget, CMO July 12, 2018
  8. 8. ©TechTarget 8 • “Fire-breathing” ABM: Better Activation from Better Alignment & Enablement (Orchestration) ⎻ Where this learning comes from ⎻ Mini case studies for getting there • Fuze ⎻ Where we started ⎻ Key “ahas” and actions ⎻ Where we are • Updates and wrap up ⎻ Priority Engine™: Real purchase intent enablement updates ⎻ Takeaways and Q&A Agenda
  9. 9. ©TechTarget 9
  10. 10. ©TechTarget 10 Priority Engine: The intent-based foundation for better ABM Mission-critical component of customer initiatives & success Wide-scale adoption across geos and market segments • 76% of customers upload named account lists • 8.2M exported active prospects from Priority Engine in the last year • 19K ABM lists created – delivering weekly prospects and fueling specific marketing/sales needs (avg = 48) • Supporting 5,400 custom ABM campaign streams (avg = 14) • 400+ customers across 9 geos • 85+ Data Center / Cloud Infrastructure customers • 85+ Business Applications customers • 75+ Security customers • 70+ Storage customers • 50+ Network Infrastructure customers • 35+ End-user computing customers
  11. 11. ©TechTarget 11 3. Build insights2. Identify contacts 4. Create relevant messaging 5. Drive relevant interactions 6. Execute coordinated plays 1. Define accounts With Intent in place, it’s about Aligning for and Enabling Activation Activation
  12. 12. ©TechTarget 12 Greater success comes from better activation
  13. 13. ©TechTarget 13 To Operationalizing better activation From Source: Druva • No explicit sales goals or incentives to sell a new offering • Immature “SLAs” and feedback processes between Marketing and Sales • Etc. • Sales goals and teams assigned by product • Agreed end-to-end “SLAs” • Fully transparent, purchase intent-informed feedback processes
  14. 14. ©TechTarget 14 • Built a BI tool to track and analyze performance end-to- end • Weekly GTM meetings between the Demand Gen team and SDRs for alignment • Weekly Phoenix tiger team meetings with Product, PMM, Sales, Marketing Maintaining continuous alignment & enablement Source: Druva Executive Support (CEO/Board) Demand Generation Team Sales Team
  15. 15. ©TechTarget 15 Results Highlights 30% growth in shortlist consideration 120+ sourced or influenced opportunities within quarter 350% increase in Quarter over Quarter revenue 33x more productive than comparable program cost-per-opportunity Source: Druva. FY18 Q3 TechTarget AWS segment; (10-1-17 to 12-31-17)
  16. 16. ©TechTarget 16 Think it through, up front
  17. 17. ©TechTarget 17 25,000+ Leads!!!! From Focused on the Channel To Serving Customers based on their preference
  18. 18. ©TechTarget 18 25,000+ Leads!!!! Objectives and measurements out of sync Source: Masergy “These leads are bad” “Wrong person” “We’re not interested” “Remove me from your list” “These guys are competitors” “We just signed a contract” “I don’t manage that”
  19. 19. ©TechTarget 19 • Realize real $$$ • Clearly defined ABM Total Addressable Market (TAM) • Meaningful Sales conversations Operationalizing “Fire-Breathing” ABM Goal Strategies Source: Masergy Awareness + Predictive + Intent + Outreach
  20. 20. ©TechTarget 20 Responsibility & routing • BDR support across all • Tier based routing • TAM account queue • Collect and utilize intent Activation: Aligned/Enabled ABM Source: Masergy TAM Accounts Predictive Scoring Intent Indicators
  21. 21. ©TechTarget 21 Named account penetration ~7X Opportunity Creation 50% Higher Opportunity MRR 10% Sales Cycle Reduction Results 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr NonTarget Target Account
  22. 22. The Fuze Journey • The journey to Sales and Marketing alignment • The How-to of launching a Target Account strategy • The orchestration and execution of Intent-based campaigns and enablement
  23. 23. 23 $484 Million Funding Average Deal Size $250k 1,800 Global Customers
  24. 24. Phase 1: Alignment & Shared Goals • People, processes (SLAs), definitions, and KPI’s 24 VP WW Sales VP EMEA Sales VP NA Sales VP WW Inside Sales VP Sales Ops VP WW Demand-Gen Dir EMEA Mkt Dir NA Mkt Dir WW Campaigns Sr Dir Mkt Ops
  25. 25. Phase 1: Tech Stack, Waterfall, …Action! • Baseline technology, workflows, alerts, nurturing, attribution, reporting/dash 25 Eloqua FullCircle Allocadia Seismic Tableau …EXECUTION!
  26. 26. Phase 2: Target Account Strategy & Set Up • Problem: Every sales rep is sacred! • Solution: Focus • Sales created profile…Marketing delivers • Final (and ongoing) step: Assigning “Top 200” Accounts 26 Focus Attribute Match Employee Size 350-5,000 Industries Technology, Retail, Finance, Professional Services, Healthcare Office locations 2+ Current IT infrastructure Existing cloud platforms (ServiceNow, etc.) Telephony infrastructure Legacy, on-prem PBX (Cisco, et al)
  27. 27. The Work…NOT Fire Breathing
  28. 28. The Work…NOT Fire Breathing 28
  29. 29. The Work…NOT Fire Breathing 29
  30. 30. Phase 2: New Execution 30 LinkedIn Nurturing New Contacts Marketing to Active Opportunities Retargeting
  31. 31. Phase 3: Fire Breathing • Account Scoring & Intent Signals 31
  32. 32. Updated Tech Stack Eloqua FullCircle Allocadia Seismic Tableau Intent Signals Engagio
  33. 33. New Execution & New Sales Enablement 33
  34. 34. Target Account Experience Is it Working?
  35. 35. Is it Working? 35 Source: Frost & Sullivan Synergy Research report for Q2 2017
  36. 36. Next Steps • Continue training and alignment • Improve alerts and reporting • Expand intent signals • Leverage signals for more targeted campaigns • Fail fast, fail forward 36
  37. 37. ©TechTarget 37 2 1
  38. 38. ©TechTarget 38 3 4
  39. 39. ©TechTarget 39 Priority Engine Activation benefits from real purchase intent Establish a better ABM foundation • See more demand; see it more completely • Treat accounts based on active demand reality, not only on scores or leads. • Build more responsive lists and more effective plays Boost productive activation • Real demand is understood – No “bad” leads, real information • Everyone knows exactly who to engage and what to talk about • All teams are primed with fresh “hooks” to improve every account interaction Operationalize alignment & enablement • SLAs can be built around a shared, strategic view of the truth • Easy-to-understand account view in Priority Engine and in • One-click portable URL – instant collaborative access to active demand information from anywhere
  40. 40. ©TechTarget 40 Thank you. Ken Evans Fuze, Sr. Director, Marketing Ops Will Pringle Fuze, VP Worldwide Demand Gen John Steinert TechTarget, CMO
  41. 41. #bii18 Q&A / Speakers Ken Evans Fuze John Steinert TechTarget Will Pringle Fuze Brian Anderson Demand Gen Report
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