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How does a 126% increase in revenue impact sound? For marketing executives looking to improve their revenue contribution, the first place to start is increasing conversion rates at different stages of the funnel.

In this upcoming webinar titled, "Rev Up Your Lead Gen Engines," we'll hear from Brian Conway, Director of Marketing Operations at CEB. CEB is the world's leading member-based advisory company, serving 16,000 senior leaders from more than 6,000 organizations across 60 countries with the insights and actionable solutions they need to respond quickly to evolving business conditions and transform operations. Brian will share insights into how the company optimized their forms to achieve a 105% increase in form conversion and 126% increase in revenue impact.

Attend this webinar to learn how CEB:
Improved scoring accuracy and lead treatment
Engaged audiences through form personalization
Freed up page real estate for additional data capture
Enabled richer sales conversations and downstream segmentation

This is a complimentary webinar, but seating is limited so please take a moment to register today.

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Dgr demandbase webinar_7-2013_final_draft

  1. 1. Presented  by   Rev  Up  Your     Lead  Gen  Engines   #B2BLeadGen Sponsored  by   How  CEB  Increased  Conversions  And  Revenue  
  2. 2. Welcome  Webinar  A:endees   Type  ques>on  here  
  3. 3. Follow  this  webinar  on  Twi:er   #B2BLeadGen   Demand  Gen  Report:   @DG_Report   Demandbase:   @Demandbase   Shari  Johnston:   @ShariAJohnston   CEB:   @CEB_News  
  4. 4. About  Demand  Gen  Report   •  Launched  in  2007  to  track  best   pracGces  in  lead  generaGon   •  NewsleKer  has  grown  to  more   than  26,000  readers   •  We  also  offer  a  menu  of  research   and  best  pracGces  reports     •  New  audio/video  podcasts  at   DemandGenReport.com       @DG_Report http://linkd.in/DG_Specialists
  5. 5. Panelists   Brian  Conway,   Director  of  MarkeGng  OperaGons,   CEB     •  CerGfied  SFDC  and  Eloqua   Administrator  since  2007   Moderated  by:     Shari  Johnston,     Director  of  Integrated  MarkeGng,   Demandbase     •  Eloqua  user  since  2006   Andrew  Gaffney   Demand  Gen  Report  
  6. 6. Rev Up Your LeadGen Engines: How CEB Increased Conversions and Revenue
  7. 7. Slide 7 @shariajohnston @demandbase @CEB_News Buyer 2.0 §  Every  Sale  Touches  the  site   –  70% of buyers have indicated that a vendor’s web site was the most influential channel in making the purchase decision. –  §  Web  is  the  center  of  the  customer  experience   –  Who  are  we  missing?  Who  visits  and  abandons  early  before  engaging?   –  Who  and  why  are  they  not  converGng?  
  8. 8. Slide 8 @shariajohnston @demandbase @CEB_News “Website  Engagement  Is  the  Single     Biggest  Predictor  of  Buying  Intent”     -­‐CI  Insights     Website Engagement
  9. 9. Slide 9 @shariajohnston @demandbase @CEB_News   A  CEB  study  of  more  than  1,400  B2B  customers  across  industries   revealed  that  57%  of  a  typical  purchase  decision  is  made  before  a   customer  even  talks  to  a  supplier.     Buyer 2.0
  10. 10. Slide 10 @shariajohnston @demandbase @CEB_News §  Typical  B2C  Conversion  –  Purchase   •  Web  experience  guides  you  to  the  purchase   •  Designed  to  show  you  things  you  WANT  to  purchase   •  AnalyGcs  tracking  the  purchasing  funnel  to  figure  out  when  you  decided  to   purchase  or  leave   §  Typical  B2B  Conversion  –  RegistraGon/Lead  Capture   •  No  purchase  usually  required,  only  your  contact  informaGon   •  Web  experience  does  NOT  guide  you  to  conversion   •  Only  landing  pages  are  opGmized  to  convert   •  Conversion  funnel  analyGcs  usually  limited  to  one  page  rather  than  the  whole  site     The Goal Conversions
  11. 11. Slide 11 @shariajohnston @demandbase @CEB_News Fields, Fields and More Fields
  12. 12. Slide 12 @shariajohnston @demandbase @CEB_News Example Short Form (5 Fields) Medium Form (7 Fields) Long Form (9 Fields) 13.4% Conversion 12% Conversion 10% Conversion $31.24/Conversion $34.94/Conversion $41.90 Conversion Each Additional Field ~ $2.00 Additional Cost Phone Number ~ $5.00 Additional Cost
  13. 13. Slide 13 @shariajohnston @demandbase @CEB_News B2B Forms Best Practices
  14. 14. Slide 14 @shariajohnston @demandbase @CEB_News CEB Overview CEB is the world’s leading member-based advisory company. We have a unique view into what matters — and what works — when capitalizing on drivers of business performance. With 30 years of experience working with top companies to share, analyze, and apply proven practices, we begin with great outcomes and reverse engineer to help you unlock your full potential. More than 87% of the Fortune 500 turn to CEB to tackle emerging and recurring business challenges:
  15. 15. Slide 15 @shariajohnston @demandbase @CEB_News CEB Business Case How to strike the balance between too many and too few fields while still accomplishing marketing objectives and keep sales happy at the same time? Low completion rate Poor data quality Wider rift between marketing and sales
  16. 16. Slide 16 @shariajohnston @demandbase @CEB_News CEB Results – CEB Forms Before Cumbersome Interest box shows little relevance to the individual, and leads to inaccurate selection and potential for misaligned opportunities Field name headers add to the overall length of the form Firmographics can be resolved on the backend using Demandbase
  17. 17. Slide 17 @shariajohnston @demandbase @CEB_News CEB Research – Basis for Challenger Marketing B2B buying will never be the same.
  18. 18. Slide 18 @shariajohnston @demandbase @CEB_News CEB Results – CEB Forms After (Multi-Step) Not Resolved by Demandbase Resolved by Demandbase Function-dependent Areas of Interest
  19. 19. Slide 19 @shariajohnston @demandbase @CEB_News CEB Results – CEB Forms After (New Real Estate) Demandbase frees up page real estate for additional data capture Resolved by Demandbase
  20. 20. Slide 20 @shariajohnston @demandbase @CEB_News CEB Results – Conversion Rates Forms increased 105%Total Fields decreased 38% 0 5 10 15 Before After Number of Fields 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% Before After Form Completion Rate Before After Revenue from Form Submit Revenue increased 126%
  21. 21. Slide 21 @shariajohnston @demandbase @CEB_News CEB Solution Recap Solution: Shorter, multi-step, personalized form enabled by Demandbase •  Fewer manual fields à increased completion rate •  More page space à additional functionality •  Standardized, validated firmographics à improved scoring accuracy and lead treatment •  Richer sales conversations •  Healthier pipeline •  Better downstream segmentation •  Demand for universal form updates
  22. 22. Slide 22 @shariajohnston @demandbase @CEB_News More about CEB Challenger Marketing Email: bconway@executiveboard.com LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/bconway/ CEB Marketing: www.executiveboard.com/marketing CEB Challenger Marketing ebook: http://ceburl.com/challenger-marketing THANKS!
  23. 23. Welcome  Webinar  A:endees   Type  ques>on  here  
  24. 24. Q&A    //    Panelists   Brian  Conway,   Director  of  MarkeGng   OperaGons,   CEB   Moderated  by:     Shari  Johnston,     Director  of  Integrated   MarkeGng,   Demandbase   Andrew  Gaffney   Demand  Gen  Report  
  25. 25. Thank  You  For  A:ending  This  Webinar!   Download this presentation at: http://http://dg-r.co/b2bleadgenweb