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Developing A Content Architecture: Aligning Content With Buyer Stages And Needs


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Developing A Content Architecture: Aligning Content With Buyer Stages And Needs

  1. 1. PRESENTED BY! #C2C14! Developing Effective Content Fueled Conversations ! Matt Papertsian, Research Director, Demand Creation Strategies, Sirius Decisions!
  2. 2. Taking a buyer-focused, process-driven approach. Developing Effective Content Fueled Conversations
  3. 3. Agenda • A view of content from a demand perspective • Driving content effectiveness and leverage • Steps to develop a more efficient content strategy 3
  4. 4. A View On Content From a Demand Generation Perspective
  5. 5. SiriusPerspective: Buyer expectations for content, messaging and offers aligned to their specific needs have never been greater and thereby require a more integrated approach. Empowered, Online Buyers Accentuate the Need for Content © 2014 SiriusDecisions. All Rights Reserved 5 Up/Cross Sell Loyalty Retention Tools Content Validation Sales Enablement Outbound Email Direct Mail Mobile Push Original Recycled Reconstituted Nurture Web/ Portal/ Microsite Mobile Ads, SMS, MMS, Apps Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Marketing Online Chat Online Advertising Directory Listings Social Media Blogs Content Syndication/ Curation Company Web Sites
  6. 6. The Current State Of B To B Content of buyer interactions are digital in nature, 6 fuels these conversations, yet of b to b content is never used to close a deal
  7. 7. SiriusPerspective: Utilize the six actions listed below to increase content leverage, effectively scale your content strategy and to track and measure its effectiveness. Six critical actions to drive content effectiveness and leverage © 2014 SiriusDecisions. All Rights Reserved 7 1.  Target and offer alignment 2.  Determine when to engage 3.  Discover what buyers are seeking 4.  Align conversations with buyer needs 5.  Scale the content process 6.  Track and measure effectiveness
  8. 8. Determine Which Audience(s) you are Speaking With (Not To)
  9. 9. The SiriusDecisions Content Inventory Framework SiriusPerspective: The most critical element of a content strategy is determining with whom you are speaking. 9 Audiences Requirements Influencers Buyers Customers Sales Employees Education PublicizePerspectiveAnalysis Education EngagementSelectionSolution Initiate AdvocateActualizeParticipate Prepare ProveEngageConnect Attract EnableInformDevelop
  10. 10. Understand When You Are We Engaging With Them
  11. 11. The SiriusDecisions Buying Cycle Framework Loosening of the Status Quo Committing to Change Exploring Possible Solutions Committing to a Solution Justifying the Decision Making the Selection 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. SolutionEducation Selection 11
  12. 12. Buying Processes and Demand Type SiriusPerspective: While it’s true buyers are involving sales later in their cycles, they don’t always have the ability to do so. 12 New Concept New Paradigm Established Market •  Disruptive product/ service •  No budgetary line item •  Requires issue creation •  Retools existing processes •  Solves current problem better •  Replaces current line item •  Necessary offering •  Highly contested market •  Price, features, service are ways to compete Buyer very unfamiliar Buyer very familiar Buyer ControlLOW HIGH Seller EntryEARLIER LATER Changeability factors: Size of company, geography, industry
  13. 13. Discover What They Are Seeking
  14. 14. Engage in ‘Deal Forensics’ By Leveraging Touch Analysis SiriusPerspective: Most companies are siting on a wealth of data to guide the content process, yet rarely fully leverage it to extract buyer intelligence to drive alignment. 14 •  Discover what messaging, content and offers are resonating with specific buyer roles •  Develop buyer journey maps to sequence content •  Align tactics, content and formats to buyer preferences •  Build and/or enhance personas to guide content •  Create more relevant, integrated, online and offline ‘conversations’ Examine opportunity and deal anatomy
  15. 15. EngagementSelectionSolution The SiriusDecisions Content Inventory Framework Audiences Education Decision Inflection Points What is the nature of this problem? How are others solving this problem? How do all the options stack up against each other? How can I shorten my time to value? Information Components Asset Formats Delivery Channels Outcomes Sequencing Buyers Persona 1 Persona 2 Persona 3 Persona 4 Persona 5
  16. 16. Architecture and Analysis Asset Title Format Buying Cycle Stage Delivery Channel  Acme and Me: A Love Story Case Study Education Web site Acme’s Smarties Tell All White Paper Solution Sales  Why Acme is Better than KaBlamo Solutions Article Selection Influencers  Acme in Action! Video - Demo Engagement Web site  Acme Scores “Only Slightly Sucky” on Snooty Analyst Report Analyst Report Education Social Acme’s Widget Brochure Selection Sales Audience: Buyers Sub-Category: Healthcare CMO, North America Process Stage: Education Knowledge Requirement: How are other companies solving XYZ problem? Asset Title Key Knowledge Component Asset Format Delivery Mechanism Objective Campaign Theme Offering Publish Date Source SiriusPerspective: Conduct a qualitative evaluation and alignment exercise of content against framework
  17. 17. Align content conversations from the buyer’s perspective.
  18. 18. SiriusPerspective: Two lessons we can learn from librarians. Like, real ones. Beyond Shushing: Big Librarian Ideas Controlled Vocabularies Form vs. Aboutness
  19. 19. Scaling The Content Process: The Three Phases Of Content Leverage
  20. 20. SiriusPerspective: Most companies are siting on a treasure trove of content, yet due to a lack of buyer insight, content is not being leveraged effectively. Phase One: Reuse Content © 2014 SiriusDecisions. All Rights Reserved 20 Content Asset Intended Audience Reach New Audiences Original Content Reused Content+ =
  21. 21. SiriusPerspective: By deconstructing existing assets into their component parts, new assets may be created from existing ones to increase content leverage. Phase Two: Repurpose Content © 2014 SiriusDecisions. All Rights Reserved 21 Content Asset Intended Audience Deconstruct Content To Build New Formats/Assets Extend Your Reach And Content Leverage
  22. 22. SiriusPerspective: Modular content starts small with each asset audience-tested and designed for multiple purposes to enable content leverage. Phase Three: Modular Content – A Different Approach © 2014 SiriusDecisions. All Rights Reserved 22 Begin with the building blocks of short-form content Use successful short- form content assets and combine them to build new assets Continue to test and develop new assets from the building blocks Continually track buyer interactions to enable the development of new assets LEVERAGE
  23. 23. Tracking and Measuring Content Effectiveness
  24. 24. SiriusPerspective: The first step toward content measurement is defining the objectives of each content asset in order to measure how well the content achieves its objectives. Measuring Content Effectiveness © 2014 SiriusDecisions. All Rights Reserved 24
  25. 25. Getting Started 25 •  Conduct touch analysis to augment buyer personas to guide your content strategy •  Leverage the SiriusDecisions Content Framework to guide the process of content creation and alignment •  Utilize modular content to more effectively align with buyers and to leverage and scale efforts •  Encourage continual testing, targeting to enhance buyer insight •  Assign specific goals to each content piece to enable effective measurement