Coca-Cola Freestyle: Location Marketing For Brands And Channels


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Join Scott Cuppari, Senior Marketing Manager at Coca-Cola as he talks about the Coca-Cola Freestyle team's experience using location-based marketing techniques and technologies to drive traffic and influence consumer behavior at quick serve restaurant locations in the Coca-Cola channel. Cuppari will discuss the Coca-Cola Freestyle location marketing campaign and share best practices for using this new approach for marketing to consumers when and where they are located as a means to create more meaningful context, engagement and business results for the brand and their channel members. This session is brought to you by Digby, the leader in location-based marketing technology for retailers and brands.

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Coca-Cola Freestyle: Location Marketing For Brands And Channels

  1. 1. #LocationMKTG Coca-Cola Freestyle: Location Marketing For Brands And ChannelsPresented by Sponsored by #LocationMKTG
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  5. 5. Panelists Scott Cuppari Eric NewmanSenior Marketing Manager VP of Products & Marketing Coca-Cola Digby MODERATOR Debbie Hauss Editor-in-Chief Retail TouchPoints #LocationMKTG
  6. 6. Coca-Cola Freestyle Location-Based Marketing Pilot Scott Cuppari Senior Marketing Manager Coca-Cola Freestyle Eric Newman VP Products & Marketing Digby© 2012 Digby. CONFIDENTIAL  
  7. 7. Introduction to Coca-Cola Freestyle® •  Coca-Cola Freestyle is a revolutionary fountain machine that offers 100+ brands to consumers via an interactive touch screen •  Of the 100+ drinks, the majority are low/no calorie which provide consumers with unprecedented choice while dining out •  70+ brands are exclusive to Coca-Cola Freestyle – can’t find the drinks in bottle/can •  Coca-Cola Freestyle can be found in 1000s of locations – restaurants, movie theatres, sports venues, colleges/ universities, convenience stores, retail, drug stores, etc.© 2012 Digby. CONFIDENTIAL  
  8. 8. Coca-Cola Freestyle® Mobile App Strategy Build  a  mobile  platform  for  long  term  consumer  engagement   Driving  Consumer  Engagement,  Personalization,  and  Repeat  Customer  Visits   Strategic  Pillars   “Put  Fans  First”   UTILITY PARTICIPATION ENTERTAINMENT REWARD •  Location Finder •  Memory Game •  Memory Game •  Game Badges •  Game •  Partner Offers Leaderboard •  Social Sharing© 2012 Digby. CONFIDENTIAL  
  9. 9. We’ve done our own research to validate the strategy Source: March 2011 Communispace: Coca-Cola Teen Community Insights Research Scope: Global Audience© 2012 Digby. CONFIDENTIAL  
  10. 10. Coca-Cola Freestyle’s® Goals in Launching a Localpoint Campaign •  Deliver rewards/value to consumers and Coca- Cola super-fans seeking a Coca-Cola Freestyle location •  Deliver value to customer outlets in pilot markets by testing new technologies •  Leverage push notifications and geo-fences to reach new consumers and drive incremental traffic into our customer locations© 2012 Digby. CONFIDENTIAL  
  11. 11. Summary of Coca-Cola Freestyle’s® Localpoint Pilots The Coca-Cola Freestyle team leveraged Digby Localpoint within the mobile app to drive fans to nearby “Customer Locations” during meal hours through rich push notification campaigns. By accessing consumer’s time and location through geofencing, we were able to connect with our fans in a way that was relevant and personal. Coke sent messages to fans within a two to three mile radius of a restaurant during lunch. We also launched targeted campaigns to local colleges/ universities and sports venues to drive traffic back to the customer location. In Coca-Cola Freestyle’s first pilot, we drove consumers to the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine with exclusive specialty drink recipes to try. In the second pilot, we drove consumers into outlet by food and drink coupons.© 2012 Digby. CONFIDENTIAL  
  12. 12. Campaign & Offer Development •  We worked closely with our foodservice teams and pilot customers on the program and fulfillment. •  Each pilot was designed to last 6-8 weeks, with a variety of offers rotating through the period •  Each customer location was fenced twice, once 2-3 miles away and a 2nd fence on the parking lot •  To maintain consistency and avoid consumer confusion, each offer was date stamped and presented exclusively within the mobile app© 2012 Digby. CONFIDENTIAL  
  13. 13. Coca-Cola Freestyle’s® Campaign Results •  Coca-Cola Freestyle gathered analytics on its campaign in real-time, discovering how many push notifications were delivered to app holders, how many notifications were opened, how many visited a store, how long they stayed, and what other pilot locations they visited. •  Overall Coca-Cola Freestyle found the mobile campaign results to be comparable to loyalty email campaigns, and higher than paid-mobile ad click-thru rates. •  Positive results from our first restaurant pilot in 2Q, resulted in another pilot in 4Q.© 2012 Digby. CONFIDENTIAL  
  14. 14. Key Learning from 2012 Location Pilots •  When planning locations to be geofenced, the populations must be large enough and specific enough to have a materialized impact on traffic. Too small of a population of users in a given area won’t give desired results. •  Create engaging, appealing offers. Offers that are contextual and relevant excite users to enter a store. •  When developing a campaign, results must be able to be tracked. A campaign’s success can be determined through push notifications received and offers clicked through, and resulting store visits.© 2012 Digby. CONFIDENTIAL  
  15. 15. Digby Corporate Overview “Digby helps brands and retailers accelerate channel convergence” Digby Innovation Firsts First Live Location 2012 Engagement Deployment First Location Engagement Platform 2010 First Mobile Web mCommerce Platform 2008 First Rich Application mCommerce Platform© 2012 Digby. CONFIDENTIAL  
  16. 16. Bricks & Mortar Retail Must Adopt New StrategiesContextually meaningful shopper engagement… To The Right Person At The Right Time In The Right Place With The Right Value …grows store traffic, sales, AOV and customer satisfaction© 2012 Digby. CONFIDENTIAL  
  17. 17. By Leveraging Mobile’s Power With LocalpointTargeted Digital EngagementPlatform For The Physical World Localpoint Analytics develop unique understanding of shoppers and store performance with web-style analytics for bricks & mortar locations Localpoint Outreach drive store traffic with highly contextual offers based on the consumer’s location Localpoint Venue influence consumers with triggered 1:1 engagement on entry, exit & during their visit© 2012 Digby. CONFIDENTIAL  
  18. 18. Thank You The Digby Difference -  Sophisticated location detection -  Broad support for location-based engagement use cases -  Enterprise grade services & products -  Ready to integrate with retailer systems Eric Newman 866.802.0298© 2012 Digby. CONFIDENTIAL  
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  20. 20. Q&A // Panelists Scott Cuppari Eric NewmanSenior Marketing Manager VP of Products & Marketing Coca-Cola Digby #LocationMKTG
  21. 21. Thank You For Attending This Webinar You can download this presentation at: #LocationMKTG