Moving Beyond CRM & BI To Improve The Customer Experience


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The consumer is now driving the ways retailers respond to current product trends and customer service demands. Retailers need to shift from a product-centric to a customer-centric focus in order to compete with the variety of retail channels available to today’s connected shoppers. This session will focus on best-in-class strategies around using analytics to define customer segments and deliver a more personalized shopping experience.

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Moving Beyond CRM & BI To Improve The Customer Experience

  1. 1. Moving Beyond CRM & BI To Improve The Customer ExperiencePresented by Session sponsored by
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  6. 6. Today’s Panelists Kevin Permenter Joe Dalton Research Associate, Supply CMO Chain Management PivotLink Aberdeen MODERATOR Andrew Gaffney Publisher Retail TouchPoints#CCSeries12
  7. 7. Integrating the Voice of the Customer across Channels Kevin Permenter Aberdeen Retail and Consumer Markets Practice© AberdeenGroup 2009
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  11. 11. “Customer Loyalty is really all about is putting the customer at the center of all decisions…we’re bringing customer data into what historically have been merchandising decisions. ” Macy’s CMO Peter Sachse at NRF’s Big Show January 2012© © AberdeenGroup 2009 AberdeenGroup 2011 11
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