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Bingeing on Demand: The New Engagement Equation for B2B Buyers


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Content saturation changes the way B2B buyers engage. They can’t read everything, so it may look like your content marketing engagement is declining, but it’s really a matter of timing. Once an initiative is activated, your buyers will read all the relevant content they can get their hands on. They will binge.

Enabling bingeing on demand puts buyers in control of how they engage with your company. It also answers that elusive right time, right channel, right content, right person challenge. To make this happen, you’ll need to present your content in a way that allows buyers to connect the dots, see the value, and mitigate the risk via swift immersion—exactly when they want it.

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Bingeing on Demand: The New Engagement Equation for B2B Buyers

  1. 1. #B2BMX Bingeing on Demand: The New Engagement Model for B2B Buyers Ardath Albee, B2B Marketing Strategist Marketing Interactions, Inc. @ardath421
  2. 2. #B2BMX Your buyer finds your email compelling… @ardath421
  3. 3. #B2BMX But she’s waiting… @ardath421
  4. 4. #B2BMX And then he goes to look elsewhere… @ardath421
  5. 5. #B2BMX § Buy faster § Find information quickly § Help others buy in § Mitigate risk § Understand how to solve the problem § See the increased value in doing so Buyers want to… @ardath421
  6. 6. #B2BMX § More people are involved § Risk is a bigger deal § Other projects take priority § They can’t find the right info § Status quo is safer § Vendors are slow to respond But they can’t because… @ardath421
  7. 7. #B2BMX Only 42% of B2B Buyers say it’s easy to find the next piece of relevant content. Easy Impossible Why Your Website Fails Buyers, 2017 @ardath421
  8. 8. #B2BMX Content Activation is Critical for Engagement @ardath421
  9. 9. #B2BMX Content Activation: Pages per person… Not people per page @ardath421
  10. 10. #B2BMX Let them binge on demand binge informal verb indulge in an activity to excess. @ardath421
  11. 11. #B2BMX@ardath421
  12. 12. #B2BMX Products A B Solutions X Y Resources White Papers Videos Infographics Webinars Blog About History Team Customers Case Studies Contact Most Websites are Not Built for Buyers @ardath421
  13. 13. #B2BMX § They expect your website to deliver relevant experiences § Even if they’re conducting research anonymously Buyers want to Choose their Customer Journey @ardath421
  14. 14. #B2BMX Activation Hubs Facilitate Bingeing Products A B Solutions X Y Industries Finance Technology Retail Healthcare Business Value Speed Time to Market Drive Growth with Collaboration Increase User Adoption By Role Product Manager Human Resources IT Resources White Papers Videos Infographics Webinars Blog About History Team Customers Case Studies @ardath421
  15. 15. #B2BMX § 81% of buyers conduct research before contacting a vendor (Content Marketing Institute) § Buyers view at least 10 content assets before engaging a vendor (CEB) § 71% want content that’s easier to access (Content Preferences Survey 2017) § 62% value content that speaks to their problems (Content Marketing Institute) Why you need activation hubs: @ardath421
  16. 16. #B2BMX Problem-to-Solution Activation Hub Challenge Status Quo and Validate the Problem Set the Vision for Future State Educate the Buyer Answer Questions Share Best Practices Consensus Content For Persona B For Persona C 82% of buyers share information with colleagues via email during the buying process @ardath421
  17. 17. #B2BMX § Perspective on the job to be done § Obstacles that keep them from achieving objectives § Relationships with stakeholders § Orientation – time in career, carrot or stick § Questions by stage Personas Inform Activation Hubs @ardath421
  18. 18. #B2BMX Create a Narrative with Momentum Why should I care? What happens if we do nothing? What are our competitors doing? What do I need to know? What are best practices? What are my choices? How do we get everyone to agree? What tradeoffs can we agree to? Consider Change: Is Problem Worth Solving? Prepare for Change: How should we solve it? Embrace Change: Gain Consensus Who needs to be involved? Can we fix it internally? What could go wrong? What else does it impact? What will the future look like? @ardath421
  19. 19. #B2BMX Bingeing for ABM § Without ABM - Monologue • Content only for her • Treated as a siloJulie • Content only for him • Treated as a siloDave • Content only for him • Treated as a siloSam § With ABM - Conversations Julie Dave Kerry Sam @ardath421
  20. 20. 62% of buyers prefer prescriptive content - Content Preferences Survey 2017 By Function: Marketing
  21. 21. By Industry: Higher Ed
  22. 22. By Role: IT Professional
  23. 23. #B2BMX Thank You! Ardath Albee, B2B Marketing Strategist Marketing Interactions, Inc. @ardath421
  24. 24. #B2BMX
  25. 25. #B2BMX Lunch Time! At The Princess Plaza